CAMP: Chapter 27 Part 1

It had to be said that the response from the first episode of Burning Hot Assembly was more enthusiastic than expected. In just one day, it swept up almost the entire Weibo hot search. So when Jing Yuanzhou woke up the next day, he saw that the message notifications on his phone were about to be maxed out.

Some people in the professional players chat group had pinged him. This old group who chatted and gossiped all year round rarely talked about topics related to e-sports. The players in this group were all active players of the league. Some had a good relationship while others barely said a few words to each other. Some occasionally grumbled and others stayed quiet.

However, the transfer period had just ended and topics in the circle were somewhat sensitive during this time. Therefore, most people chose to be tactful and to lurk. The moment the avant-garde popular variety show was broadcast, someone took the lead to bring up the topic and the players who had been holding back for a long time naturally came out.

Jing Yuanzhou took his phone and walked into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth while reading through the chat history in front of him.

[The variety show that the league is doing this time is really good. At first, it was damaged but now it has blown up. It turned against the wind!]

[So did everyone see it?]

[Is this nonsense? Now if I don’t watch the e-sports variety show then I won’t understand the trends.]

[I watched it, I watched it yesterday! I have to say that the two of them are really outstanding @Luni @Titans.]

Luni was suddenly cued and he also came out.

Luni: [I just showed my face. What was so good about it?]

Everyone responded: [As the official player representative, your face is our face!]

Luni: [……]

Luni: [I’m nothing. At best, it was just a personal signboard. It is better to ask the former pro directly. How bad is it to say trash on this occasion? @Titans]

Jing Yuanzhou glanced casually and found that he had been @ many times. He couldn’t help chuckling.

The matter of his transfer had previously been circulated in the professional circle but no one had mentioned it in this group. They were all people who had been in the circle for many years and knew that some things were heartbreaking. They tacitly didn’t come to sprinkle salt on the wound. Now that the matter of his transfer to GH had been settled and they saw he was in a good mood on the variety show, they took advantage of this time to tease him.

Jing Yuanzhou read through the chat history and got a general idea. The mid-season hadn’t started yet and the pros were clearly idle. No, there was so much leisure and good taste that they were starting to watch variety shows. However, this also showed how popular the e-sports variety show Burning Hot Assembly had become.

Jing Yuanzhou wiped his face with a towel, casually picked up his phone and replied.

Titans: [@Luni, I said it with feelings. It wasn’t trash talk. Thank you.]

Titans: [In addition, this seems to be a group for professional players? As a former professional player, I don’t seem suitable for this group. I will leave first.]

The group chat that was in full swing just now fell silent. The next second, it was completely covered with question marks.

[It’s over. Titans is angry. Luni, you’re in trouble!]

[Why leave? If the annual best play isn’t suitable to stay, how can these weaklings be mixed in?]

Luni: [???]

Before Luni could say anything else, he watched the chat group decrease by one person. At the same time, he was the administrator so he received notification that someone left the group. Damn, he really left? For a time, Luni couldn’t pay attention to the player group that completely exploded. He quickly chased Jing Yuanzhou by sending a message.

Luni: [What’s wrong with you? I was just kidding!]

Jing Yuanzhou had just walked out of his room. He took a look at it and replied: [It has nothing to do with you. This is originally a fact. I’m not a professional player anymore.]

Luni had a headache. [It doesn’t need to be so simple! Didn’t you say that GH will enter the professional league soon or later? Is it fun to join and leave?]

Jing Yuanzhou: [It is fun. I will be GH.Titans when I’m added again.]

Luni wanted to say something so Jing Yuanzhou sent another one: [What do you want to do in the group? Inquire about our GH’s tactical layout? I’m not going to give you this opportunity before we even enter the professional league so you can develop coping strategies in advance.]

Luni: […You’re thinking too much.]

The two newcomers of GH did perform well in the first episode of the show but this was just compared to a third-rate team like ZX in the secondary league. In the eyes of professional players like them, it wasn’t enough to pay attention to.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t agree. [You will know later if I’m thinking too much.]

Luni saw that Jing Yuanzhou was determined and didn’t say anything else about it. He casually exchanged a few words before ending the conversation. Jing Yuanzhou put his mobile phone in his pocket, went downstairs and through the corridor to Area A. He saw Lin Yan commanding a group of people as they busily arranged something.

In order to better increase the popularity of the variety show, the program specifically arranged for staff to install cameras at the base. The major live broadcast platforms had opened live broadcast areas for all eight clubs, ready to show the daily live broadcasts at fixed times.

Lin Yan asked the staff to arrange the cameras in the training room. They were set at all angles and there were no dead ends in 360 degrees, allowing the audience to switch at will. Lin Yan had just finished making arrangements when he turned around and saw Jing Yuanzhou standing not far away. He blinked before beckoning. “Titans, come here.”

The moment Jing Yuanzhou walked over, Lin Yan grabbed him with one hand and placed him upright in front of the camera. Then he gave a reminder. “Don’t move.”

After that, Lin Yan turned around and ran to the staff not far away. He looked at the displayed picture up and down and was satisfied. “The quality of the image is good. The shot of our Titans is very handsome. It is okay.”

Jing Yuanzhou was caught off guard and became a tool man again. He was silent for a moment before saying, “I’m going for a run first.”

Lin Yan waved his hand without looking up. “I won’t bother to see you out.”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at this indifferent figure and couldn’t help laughing slightly. He turned and walked out the door. Noon approached and the other members of the GH team woke up one after another. They were slightly surprised when they saw the newly decorated training room.

Bi Yaohua sighed. “This is a bit powerful…’

Even the Trash Talk King thought so, let alone the others. Gu Luo had the thinnest skin. He saw these cameras and inevitably felt his entire body stiffen. This… how many people would be watching their daily training?

Luo Mo flipped through the schedule next to him. “I have confirmed it with the program. These cameras will be on three days a week and the time is in the afternoon from 1 o’clock to 5 o’clock. Therefore, everyone has some time to prepare for it.”

Lin Yan added, “In order to match the program’s effects, I will push all the training content originally scheduled for the afternoon to the evening. The afternoon time will be free. Once the time arrives, everyone will start a live broadcast by themselves. Lining up alone or as a pair is fine. It will also be included as the live broadcast duration that is included in the contract you signed.”

Then he noticed the state of several of them and clapped his hands. “I know it will be a bit uncomfortable at first but this is something that must be overcome if you want to be a professional. Now it is just cameras arranged by the program. If it is hard to bear, what about the tens of thousands of people in the stadium in the future? Then it will be real spectators. You can’t let it affect the performance of the match, right?”

Gu Luo heard this and the expression on his face gradually became firmer. “Coach, I will work hard!”

Lin Yan couldn’t help smiling and rubbing this grandma grey hair. “Uhuh, Gloy is the best.”

Jian Ye couldn’t help coming up to him. “Coach, am I good too?”

Lin Yan placed a hand on his head and pushed him away a bit. “Yes, all the children in our family are good!”

The club’s auntie had prepared lunch at this time.

Everyone gathered in the dining room to eat. Then they ran to the training room to make final preparations before the camera was officially activated.

Lin Yan couldn’t help showing a satisfied smile when he saw the players’ enthusiastic attitudes. Suddenly, he felt someone patting him on the shoulder. He looked back and saw Jing Yuanzhou giving him a look and beckoning silently.

Currently, Jing Yuanzhou was holding a mobile phone in his hand and it wasn’t known who he was talking to. He led Lin Yan into the corridor while continuing to talk to the other person on the phone. “Are you sure the team really has no training arrangements? Um… it’s fine but I still need to ask the leader about this matter in advance.”

At this point, the curve of Jing Yuanzhou’s mouth was clear. He pulled the phone away and looked at Lin Yan. “Mini said he wants to come see our club. What do you think?”

Lin Yan’s thoughts were still stuck on the previous ‘ask the leader’. Then his mind returned. “Mini? The crybaby when I picked you up from the club?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s phone was still connected in a call and it wasn’t very far away. Perhaps Lan Min heard this comment because a vague ‘f*k’ could be heard from the other end of the phone.

Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “Yes, it’s him. However, recently the base has either been training or live broadcasting. I can tell him to come next month if it is inconvenient.”

Lin Yan’s answer was extremely simple. “Don’t wait for next month! I think it is very convenient! It is better to choose a day than to delay. Otherwise, this afternoon will be fine.”

After all, Lan Min was the new side lane player who replaced Titans for BK. Now he wanted to come to GH Club’s base as a guest?

It could be imagined how big a storm it would cause. Don’t say this. This type of thing could really only be done by Lin Yan. As for the intentions, it went without saying. Jing Yuanzhou instantly understood Lin Yan’s thoughts. He pondered on it for a moment before relaying Lin Yan’s original words.

Lan Min had discovered Jing Yuanzhou leaving the group after he woke up and immediately called to ask about the situation. As for wanting to come to the GH Club, it was just a whim. However, just now, he clearly heard Lin Yan’s evaluation. He blurted out, “Good. Master, I will leave now. Wait for me!”

“Yes, see you later.”’

He hung up the phone and looked back with a smile. “Taking someone from the BK team to attract traffic. Coach Lin’s calculations are really good.”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow but he also smiled. “Using the GH team to teach your little apprentice. Captain Jing’s calculations are also really good.”

The two of them stayed silently and tacitly smiled at each other. There was no reason for them to refuse the mutual benefits.

Proofreader: Nao

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1 year ago

All of the family’s children are good children 🥺

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And this couple is mutually scamming others for their family’s future. Lol.

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JY asking Mama LY if he’s also good had me rolling 😂