CAMP: Chapter 26 Part 2

The ridicule continued until the GH team collectively appeared. Then the first wave of twists and turns occurred.

[F*k f*k f*k, looking at these faces, why do I feel like I can’t scold them?]

[You are scolding the soul and licking the beauty. There is nothing wrong. There isn’t much to say. Let me kiss the screen.]

[This trash talk dog, does this garbage team think they’re here to choose a trainee boy group?]

[BB’s mouth is really smelly but this face is really fragrant…]

[Wait, who is the handsome guy standing in front? I didn’t see him during the publicity?]

[F*k, this is actually the coach? Face value crit!]

[Don’t talk about anything else. I really love the faces of the GH team. Think about it. Isn’t it good if they stay a few more rounds?]

[Can the person above be a bit more promising? Can you eat with just the face? Can you win the game by relying on your face?]

[Ahhhh, Titans, my marriage! It’s him, the living Titans!]

[Don’t do the barrage. You’re stopping me from seeing the handsome guy.]

[Ohhh, I’m good. Who would’ve thought that in my lifetime, I would be stunned by an e-sports show…]

Gu Luo caught a glimpse of some messages praising his cuteness and his face was slightly red.

Bi Yaohua saw himself on the TV screen and couldn’t help fluffing up his hair a bit. “Hey, why do I feel that my look on that day is a bit too low-key? Remember to remind me to communicate more with the stylist the next time we record.”

Chen Yushen stared silently.

Jian Ye couldn’t help complaining. “You are also catching up to the peacocks who spread open their tails? Yet you think you’re low-key?”

Bi Yaohua shook his head. “I am the king of trash talk in Jianghu. There is no showiness, only more showy.”

“…Yes, you are the showiest person in the team.”

Luo Mo who overheard this. “Pfft—!”

The change of the barrage content made the atmosphere in the lounge a lot easier. Then came the trash talk segment.

[Hahahahahaha, if I was another team then I would want to beat them.]

[What can’t the Trash Talk King do? He is first place when it comes to trash talk.]

[Is that person called Gloy? Such a milky person is acting fierce, I’m laughing to death.]

[My three views have collapsed. This cool brother is actually a support??!]

[I understand the stinky face is playing the jungler.]

[Titans is too strong.]

[Why do I always feel that this team… the whole team is too showy?]

[Is it my illusion or is Titans looking at the coach with a doting smile? Sisters, wake up. Do you suddenly smell a CP?]

[Person above, you’re not alone.]

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow slightly when he saw the last line. Although it was soon overwhelmed by other barrage messages, he instinctively turned his head and happened to meet Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze. Lin Yan was silent for a moment before saying, “Luo Mo, close the barrage.”

“Eh? Ah… yes!”

The barrage was closed and the whole world became quiet. Only Bi Yaohua found it enjoyable to be scolded. As he watched the show, he used his mobile phone to scan online comments. From time to time, he would broadcast them live to his teammates.

“Gloy, not bad. You’ve gained a lot of mother fans!”

“I don’t understand the aesthetics of the netizens now. Abyss’ stinky face is so popular? Then should I take the indifferent route in the future?”

“I know that many people are sorry that Titans and I didn’t play. However, how can they infer that I’m in a state of decline? How can I be an old player? I am only 20 years old. Is this old? That isn’t what I’ve said. This netizen really isn’t good!”

“Gun Gun, do you know what they’re saying about you? You are a King Kong male mommy. Hahahaha, so good and fitting!”

Jian Ye didn’t want to talk to this person but he couldn’t help saying, “Get lost.”

Bi Yaohua raised his eyes. “It is perfectly fine. Why are you scolding yourself?”

Jian Ye, “……”

Forget it. However, couldn’t he hide?!

At this time, the classic scene of the first solo game was being played on the screen. Bi Yaohua didn’t bother Jian Ye anymore and continued to happily give feedback, his entire body feeling comfortable. “Oh, this LAN has become very famous. A shooter vs. a sexy nanny. Today’s blockbuster scene is booked!”

In fact, it was more than famous. The response was far more enthusiastic than what Bi Yaohua said. Not long after this was aired, the netizens with fast hands quickly cut a video of this solo game. In the video, the sexy and enchanting healer support combined with the standard cool male appearance of Jian Ye made the video instantly become popular.

This wave of operations made GH inexplicably hot. Many of the e-sports players who originally disdained to watch the show entered the pit and almost all of them laughed so much they had to support themselves using the wall.

This was really magical!

The sunspots were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the onlookers and had nowhere to vent so they went to the Weibo pages of the ZX club and LAN’s private Weibo. They started to crazily show their fighting power.

[WTG! Why is a shooter who can’t beat the support still in the team? Is there too much rice stored at the ZX base?]

[ZX might be a sub-league team but did it pick up this type of shooter from the garbage heap?]

[Upstairs, don’t insult the garbage heap. You are also a garbage collector. It is only after comparing with GH that I realized garbage can be divided into different categories.]

[Although the use of waste is now advocated, it is recyclable waste. Shouldn’t you decompose this type of shooter?]

[Don’t speak secretly. LAN has blown up!]

[No wonder why they can’t even score in the secondary league. With this type of shooter, the base should be transformed into a vegetable garden!] (If they’re calling someone a vegetable, it means they’re calling them weak)

By the time the first episode finished, everyone knew the situation on the Internet thanks to Bi Yaohua’s retelling. They had to say, it was very exciting. Luo Mo turned off the playback software and quickly looked at Weibo. He saw that the popularity of several entries was rising.

The first echelon was: #BB sitting on the bench#, #supportSOLO#, #support beasts shooter#,  #GH shows its strength# and so on.

The second echelon was: #GH coach’s beauty#, #full face team#, #how many good CPS do you have#, #GH cult collection# and so on.

There might be no shortage of sunspots jumping up and down in an attempt to drive the rhythm but it didn’t affect the number of fans on the club’s official Weibo page. The broadcast of the show and the popularity of the video caused the number of fans to soar.

Luo Mo promptly contacted the person in charge of the Weibo page to take advantage of this opportunity to create a wave of popularity.

“There is no need to push the entry about my appearance. Those of us behind the scenes don’t need to be so high-profile. Traffic will be attracted to the players themselves.” Lin Yan retreated very generously. He glanced at his phone and stood up from the sofa. “It’s almost time. Prepare to continue training.”

There were wails of mourning the moment his words were heard.

Luo Mo took the opportunity to remind them. “From tomorrow on, the program will arrange people to livestream you. Don’t forget to cooperate and try to get up early.”

Lin Yan raised his eyes and felt the expectant gazes around him. “Okay, then I won’t work you too hard today. I’ll leave you some strength to perform tomorrow, okay?”

The group cheered. “Coach is the best!”

Lin Yan let out a low laugh, opened the door and walked out. There was no one else in the corridor. He had only taken two steps when he heard the faint sound of footsteps behind him. The expression in Lin Yan’s eyes changed slightly when he looked back and saw the person behind him.

In the past two days, he and Jing Yuanzhou had rarely seen each other privately. If it was training then they trained. If it was time for the replay then they watched the replay. If it was a tactical discussion then they discussed tactics. They didn’t mention the previous matters. It was presumably a false harmony.

Lin Yan could feel that Jing Yuanzhou deliberately wanted to explain but on closer examination, no explanation was really needed. At that time, they didn’t know each other. It was absolutely kind that Jing Yuanzhou would send him to the hotel when he was so drunk instead of throwing him to the side of the road. He couldn’t say why he was so upset but he wasn’t a person to care about such things. He would at most feel awkward for a few days and then he would probably be fine.

In fact, he had even planned on buying Jing Yuanzhou a second-hand coat in a few days to pay him back. Now that he faced the other person’s gaze, Lin Yan felt he had to be generous and he cleared his throat. “In fact, you don’t need to…”

He hadn’t finished when Jing Yuanzhou interrupted him. “Lend me your hand?”

Lin Yan looked at this person suspiciously. He didn’t know what medicine Jing Yuanzhou was selling but he still reached out and opened his palm. The next second, he saw Jing Yuanzhou put something in his hand. It was icy and cool. He looked down and saw that his hand was full of jiao coins. This type of currency had long gone out of use. It was unknown from where this person had obtained so many coins.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed Lin Yan’s inquiring gaze and said calmly, “I hid it from you before. I was wrong. However, I really didn’t mean to fool you. In any case, I am already a one jiao scumbag. I should take it to the end. Take these coins as my apology.”

Lin Yan wondered, “Do I look like someone who is short of money?”

“You definitely aren’t lacking money but this money isn’t for you to spend.” Jing Yuanzhou stared directly at Lin Yan, the corners of his lips curved up in a smile. “Since it is an apology, the money naturally has its proper usage. This is my promise to you. You can make a request using one of these coins and exchange it with me whenever you need it. There is no time limit.”

It had to be said that this was a really ‘conscience’ usage. Lin Yan hadn’t expected Jing Yuanzhou to play such a hand. He was a bit stunned and felt that his palm was burning up.

He lowered his head and looked at his palm that was full of coins. He wanted to control it but the curve of his mouth went up uncontrollably. “You really want to play like this? Don’t you know that you’re making so many promises at once? Aren’t you afraid of being squeezed dry by me?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “I have already said it. I acknowledge it even if you squeeze me dry.”

“Since you have done this, I won’t be polite.” Lin Yan wasn’t a man who wouldn’t take advantage. He placed the coins in his pocket and his mood was bright when he heard the clear clinking sounds.

He couldn’t help smiling at Jing Yuanzhou and let out a ‘tut’. “Captain Jing, you’re so romantic. If I was a young girl, I might even have the desire to marry you. Holding back so many days to show off this coaxing trick, did you go online to search for tips to pick up girls?”

Jing Yuanzhou cleared his throat under this gaze. “It’s okay.”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow without saying anything else. He said goodbye and turned to the training room to prepare for today’s content.

Jing Yuanzhou stood in place and didn’t move. It wasn’t until the figure disappeared around the corner that he silently took out his phone and emptied all the search records in the last two days without changing his face.

Proofreader: Nao

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rei rei
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I was already thinking that JYZ might’ve gone to the internet to ask advice on how to coax someone, and still I wasn’t expecting that he really did research it 😂

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Reply to  OneJiaoCoin

Also, I initially picked this name based on the one jiao coin left by JYZ, but now it turns out that I’m a tool to coax LY, and can be used to make a request to JYZ. I’m happy with my life situation 😌