CAMP: Chapter 25 Part 2

LAN saw this sexy character and couldn’t help feeling some physical disgust. The other party would always be in a state of full energy and blood, apart from the rise and fall in mana. From the equipment column, it could be seen that Jian Ye’s equipment was one that kept restoring mana. It was like a full battery life.

Under such repetition, LAN was almost numb. It wasn’t until he returned to his senses that he discovered that his health bar had been half consumed by the opposite Linley Witch. It was actually a bit dangerous.

LAN gritted his teeth angrily but he could only watch the sexy figure keep jumping forward and retreating. He felt there was no way. At this stage, his output situation could be called very embarrassing. Unless both of Jian Ye’s hands left the keyboard, there was no possibility of completing the kill.

On the contrary, he was being consumed while wanting to take the head of the healer. There was nothing to do. LAN could only choose to quickly push at the opposing line of soldiers and return to the base to restore his status.

This time, he returned to the city and Jian Ye quickly acted. He killed some of the soldiers in LAN’s line and returned to the city to fill up his blue and equipment. It wasn’t until a brief intermission that someone discovered this game was too long. It had gone on for eight minutes. A game that was supposed to end quickly had actually dragged out to eight minutes and there was still the trend of it continuing.

In fact, after watching, the audience couldn’t say that LAN was too weak. He could only blame GH’s healer for being too detailed! Every time, the healing skill was used at the correct rhythm and completely prevented the opponent from having a chance to kill him.

Jian Ye took advantage of returning to the base to update his equipment. Once the Linley Witch returned to the lane again, Jian Ye was bolder than he was originally. Linley Witch was a shy beauty but now she had become an unrestrained hot rose.

Previously, Jian Ye had just circled LAN a few times but now he entered directly into the line of soldiers. The smile on LAN’s face had finally disappeared. He found that he had no way to kill the support.

Jian Ye’s current state inevitably reminded people of his trash talk before the game. ‘I will stand in place and not fight back. If someone can kill me then I will remember them.’

Judging from the current rhythm, he really… couldn’t be killed.

By the time the game had lasted 15 minutes, the host almost went crazy. According to the original plan, the third game should’ve started by now. If every subsequent game was like this then could they still record today’s show?

Under the stage, in addition to the ZX team, the players of the other teams were discussing it.

The captain of IBB said, “Is this support from GH called Gun? His healing as support is decent!”

The shooter said, “It is more than decent. He is simply a mobile spring! Why do I feel like this solo game can’t be finished?”

The captain of IBB glanced in Jian Ye’s direction and frowned. “It doesn’t matter when the game is over. We aren’t playing anyway and can just rest. I just don’t know why but I feel like I’ve seen this support before.”

The support was speechless. “Captain, don’t you recognize him?”


The assistant said, “Didn’t we go communicate with JH offline before? Gun was the team’s support substitute and I talked to him. This is why I was so surprised to see the player list announced by GH. I didn’t expect him to actually transfer.”

“JH’s substitute support?” A hint of surprise flashed in the IBB captain’s eyes. He looked at the field again and his lips pressed together. “JH actually gave the GH team such a big gift!”

He was somewhat thankful that it wasn’t his team playing against GH. Otherwise, it was… too disgusting!

On the field, the game progressed to 20 minutes and LAN’s mental state had basically collapsed. He wasn’t in the mood to output even if Linley Witch stood in front of him. At this time, any offense seemed to lose value. His output hitting Linley Witch was just like a small tickling. He was scratching someone else’s body while it was him who felt disgusted.

Another wave of soldiers arrived and LAN finally gave up on the idea of killing the opponent. He chose to forcibly push to the opponent’s defense tower. After all, there was more than one way to win a solo match.

LAN took a deep breath and forcibly cheered himself up. He followed the rapidly advancing soldiers to the opponent’s defense tower. Thanks to this action, the outcome was determined in 20 seconds.

LAN stared at the dark screen in front of him for a long time without regaining his senses until a staff member came to remind him. The first drop of blood appeared and the killing was completed, but it was done by GH’s Jian Ye.

In the solo game, he worked hard for over 20 minutes but he still lost to a healing support? His health and mana might not be good at the time but LAN was very clear about the reason for his defeat. It was because he didn’t notice how the other party had ‘cheated’ the output aggro!

He was trying to clear the soldiers quickly and he only used long-ranged shooting skills. He didn’t expect that the Linley Witch would deliberately receive the injury instead of the soldier at the most extreme distance. This overly detailed operation led to the shooter being the output target of the defense tower.

The defense tower attacked him again and again and his blood gauge emptied in the blink of an eye. The last damage came from the lone whip thrown by Linley Witch. His character fell and LAN felt like he had been hit in the face. It was only the recording process but he could foresee the disgust and contempt of the barrage once the show was officially broadcasted.

Jian Ye was the winner. He cheerfully walked over to LAN, took his hand and shook it heartily. Then he spoke in a particularly modest tone, “How about it? Didn’t I say I could do it? Didn’t Brother Gun make you cool?”

LAN, “……”

Cool? He wanted to throw up! LAN gritted his teeth with anger. He wanted to say something but his vision suddenly became black. Fortunately, the staff next to him quickly supported him or he would’ve fallen to the ground.

The captain of ZX quickly ran over. He arranged for the team members to help LAN back to the player seats and apologized to the on-site director. “Sorry, he ate something bad last night and didn’t rest well. Today he is a bit anemic. It is nothing and you can continue recording.”

Jian Ye heard the words and sighed. “This is why things shouldn’t be eaten indiscriminately.”

LAN was leaning on his teammates but he couldn’t help rolling his eyes even more.

Once the confusion calmed down, the host received the director’s prompt and changed the topic. “Then let us congratulate GH for winning the first game. We will invite the second group of individual players to play!”

He couldn’t help glancing at the GH seats as he spoke. He saw Gu Luo standing up and was slightly relieved. An output player was finally dispatched.

No one expected that after the first game took so long, the second one would end surprisingly quickly. Compared with Jian Ye’s exaggerated solo duration, the time spent in the game by Gu Luo and Chen Yushen didn’t even exceed three minutes. They forcibly rushed over as soon as they met the opponent and killed the opponent immediately!

Under the stage, IBB’s captain and QU’s captain couldn’t help exchanging glances. They saw the deep meaning in each other’s eyes. It could only be said that it was fortunate GH wasn’t participating in this year’s secondary league. Otherwise, they would be a terrible opponent.

Aside from the recognized strength of Jing Yuanzhou and Bi Yaohua, the remaining three had the capital to be arrogant. In the field of e-sports, ‘crazy’ was never a negative word as long as one had enough strength.

The rapid pace of advancement caused the host to sigh with relief and he finally recovered his hosting rhythm.

Chen Yushen came off the field and the other teams started playing. Lin Yan leaned back lazily. He saw Chen Yushen returning to the seats and reached out a hand toward him. “You played beautifully.”

Chen Yushen was taken aback for a moment before reaching for the hand. Their palms met in the air with a clear sound.


All the teams completed the solo games and the first phase of the recording officially ended. According to the rules of the program, the current results wouldn’t affect the first elimination but the winner would have a special priority when recording the next episode.

As for what it was, they weren’t told. No one in GH cared. They were drowsy at the end of recording and went to the parking lot from the studio’s safe corridor. In the distance, they could see the fans of other teams waiting outside with support cards. Colourful logos entered their field of view. A passing glance showed there was no GH, unsurprisingly.

However, Jing Yuanzhou’s private fans alone were enough to match the teams from the secondary league. There was also no shortage of Bi Yaohua’s black fans. Seeing Bi Yaohua passing by, they greeted their ancestors very politely.

The group finally got in the car thanks to the escort of the security guards and sighed with relief. The moment Gu Luo sat down, he noticed there was one person missing in the car. “Where is Abyss?”

Bi Yaohua stopped drinking water. “Uh… he was just walking behind me?”

The moment he spoke, the car door opened. Chen Yushen appeared at the door in a somewhat embarrassed manner. “I’m here.”

He hadn’t paid attention when walking just now and found that he had gotten lost. He somehow followed the crowd and was pushed into the IBB team’s fan circle. Even his hat was knocked askew a bit.

He finally managed to break out of the encirclement and return to his team’s car. Chen Yushen got into the car and couldn’t help looking back. At the end of his vision, the flashing team logos were eye-catching and mixed with the passionate shouts of the fans. It made people excited. It was what he hoped for.

Lin Yan noticed Chen Yushen’s expression from where he was sitting in the front passenger’s seat. He reached over and grabbed the crooked hat with one hand. Then he rubbed the teenager’s hair.

Chen Yushen regained his senses and looked up to meet a pair of smiling eyes.

He heard the coach laugh in a low voice. “Don’t look. In any case, we will have that in the future.”

Chen Yushen was slightly surprised when he heard the words. Gradually, the corners of his lips lifted up in a faint smile. “En.”

Yes, whether it was starlight or glory, they would have it.

Proofreader: Nao

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1 year ago

mama lin yan’s gentleness and care once again felt by child chen yushen in this chapter ╰(´︶`)╯♡

30 days ago

I thought they were going to lose the first game and then win the other two, but in the end JY did win 😂