CAMP: Chapter 25 Part 1

Obviously, the results of this voting stunned the host. However, combined with the previous pre-match trash talk, it was natural for GH to receive this honor.

In a way, it was also amazing that they could let the other teams unite like this.

After a few simple jokes, the host started the process very professionally. “Let’s congratulate the GH team for winning the first round of selection. I must say that everyone is really looking forward to this brand new team. So, I would like to ask the team leader of GH, which team do you want to invite in this round?”

The host glanced at the board in front of Lin Yan and was almost ready to cue in IBB. IBB’s side had already seen the name of their team on the board. They had an urgent internal discussion and quickly formulated a set of battle plans. Their preferred opponent to play against was GH. After all, they had spoken such arrogant words. The secondary league players wanted to see what this team was capable of in the end.

However, from a certain point of view, the rules for this event were quite favourable to the GH team. After all, Titans and BB were two former professional players. who weren’t easy to face. They would have to work hard to score a point from them and from the third rookie player. All in all, it was three solo games and it was right to fight to win two.

It was just that when all the parties were ready, they saw Lin Yan take the microphone and say concisely, “We choose ZX.”

Everyone in the IBB team, “???”

The ZX team had a bad feeling just now. Then they heard Lin Yan’s words and all the team members paled in an instant. If it wasn’t for the program being recorded, LAN almost turned around and left after remembering what happened the night before.

The host was also slightly surprised. “You choose… ZX?”

Lin Yan’s expression was even stranger. “Is there any problem?”

The host took another look at the writing board in front of Lin Yan and reminded this person, “You wrote IBB just now?”

Lin Yan made an ‘oh’ sound and replied very honestly, “This is casually written. Don’t care about the details.”

Everyone in IBB, “……”

Lin Yan noticed the silence around him and asked in a confused manner, “What’s the matter? This isn’t possible?”

The host was choked up for a moment. “Of course… it is fine! Okay, let’s look at the lineup of both teams.”

The big screen quickly lit up. Not surprisingly, LAN was on the ZX team’s roster. Lin Yan exchanged glances with the players with a smile in his eyes. On the other hand, there was a stir at the scene the moment GH’s players were announced. To everyone’s surprise, the most popular players in the team, Jing Yuanzhou and Bi Yaohua weren’t arranged to appear.

Behind the GH team logo on the screen, three eye-catching IDs stood out. Who would’ve imagined that despite the rules that were extremely beneficial to GH, this team would take the initiative to give up all its advantages and send its newcomers into battle?

Reckless, aggressive and too arrogant. They seemed to be silently saying that no matter which GH player came out, they had the ability to absolutely crush their opponents. After all, this was a new team. It was understandable to use this unique method to prove themselves. The key issue was…

Everyone knew that Jing Yuanzhou and Bi Yaohua were the two side lane players, with one being the shooter. If they weren’t playing, did it mean the team’s support was also mixed into the GH team’s solo list?

It wasn’t that support players couldn’t play output heroes. It was just that after praying to Buddha for so long, there were no professional support players who could be fierce on the field. This wasn’t a question of self-confidence. It wasn’t known if GH wasn’t watching this show at all or if they were simply looking down on their opponents.

In the relaxed GH team, there was one person who couldn’t help talking because of this lineup.

Due to Lin Yan, Bi Yaohua didn’t dare make too much trouble. He just whispered, “What a good chance to start the game. Why not let me go? At the level of the secondary league, I can play against two people with one head, let alone a team like ZX. Isn’t it good to directly kill with the first wave of soldiers? Moreover, it can save recording time. Going home early to rest can be considered a benefit to society!”

As another ‘refrigerated’ player, Jing Yuanzhou spoke lightly. “We will have many opportunities like this in the future.”

Bi Yaohua naturally understood the meaning of these words and fell silent instantly. He originally wanted to force out a few more sentences but now he changed the shape of his lips. “This is true. Let this opportunity be given to the younger generation.”

Bi Yaohua might seem not well received but he had played in the professional league after all. He wasn’t as good as Jing Yuanzhou but he had never lacked an opportunity to show his face. In comparison, their three other teammates were different. They were new stars who were just beginning to shine. Lin Yan made such a lineup because he wanted to use this opportunity to let everyone remember the names that were destined to shine in the very first episode of the program.

After such a lineup was announced, some people were disappointed but others looked forward to it. As the opponent of the GH team, ZX were a bit confused. Unlike other teams, ZX had fully felt the strength of the GH team in the previous friendly match.

The matter of who the other side sent wasn’t the issue they needed to pay attention to most. The key point now was how to retain their last dignity in front of the camera. At the very least, it would be nice to die a bit more peacefully.

The host inquired about it and the first pairing to appear was selected by GH. LAN wasn’t surprised to hear his name. He took a deep breath and walked to the field under the leadership of the staff.

It was almost certain that his opponent would be Abyss. The jungler might be the nemesis of the fragile shooter but if he was a bit wretched, he could forcibly drag back the rhythm and develop enough to possess equipment. It wasn’t impossible to win.

LAN took a breath to adjust his mentality. He inadvertently raised his head and saw the tall figure standing up from the GH player seats. It was too unbelievable and he was stunned. Rather than sitting back like LAN expected, he went all the way to the opposite battle zone and started debugging his equipment with the assistance of the staff.

LAN’s gaze fell on Jian Ye’s scar and his mind was dull for a moment. If he remembered correctly, this scarred man seemed to be GH’s support? What about Abyss? What did they mean by arranging a support to fight against him?!

Perhaps LAN’s gaze was too hot. Jian Ye was slightly taken aback when their eyes met. Then he smiled playfully. “Don’t be nervous. Trust me, Brother Gun will be sure to let you play coolly!”

LAN heard the words and his lips twitched fiercely. The originally depressed emotions changed to a bit of anger. F*k, this person was just a support yet he was so arrogant!

The others quickly noticed Jian Ye’s position in the GH team. The other teams spoke a few words in low voices while the first solo game officially began. All their attention was directed at the big screen in the centre of the field.

It was the selection section.

LAN quickly locked onto his best shooter hero. Everyone was looking forward to which output Jian Ye would choose but he didn’t hesitate to lock onto the super-healing support hero, Linley Witch.

In this instant, the whole scene fell into a strange silence.

Let’s not talk about how such a sexy beauty didn’t match with the crew-cut cool guy on the field. The most incomprehensible thing was that he was currently playing a 1v1 solo game. Although the healing heroes in the current version weren’t very popular, he could choose to play a big-breasted healer in the team match. Why play a healer now in a solo game?!

Everyone was shocked and then felt admiration. After all, not everyone could make the opponent feel ridiculed just by choosing a hero. Taking a healer against a shooter, it was clearly looking down on the opponent.

Sure enough, the hostility in LAN’s eyes became harder to suppress. Once his character refreshed at the resurrection point, he quickly came to the lane with his soldiers.

Jian Ye was relatively more conservative. The level one hero might have an output skill but the Linley Witch didn’t deal much damage after all. He didn’t clear soldiers as fast as the opponent and was quickly pressed under the tower.

Such a scene relieved a lot of the anger in LAN’s heart and he pushed even harder. Oh, was it so easy for a confident healer to hit a shooter?

As time passed, both sides soon reached level three. There was a flash of light and Jian Ye’s Linley Witch finally took action. A new wave of soldiers had just arrived. She twisted her small waist and took a few steps forward.

Seeing the opposing support dare to step out of the defense tower, LAN couldn’t help the ridicule flashing in his eyes. He took advantage of this opportunity and didn’t continue eating at the soldiers. He quickly went to deal some damage.

At the same time, the Linley Witch’s lone whip hit the shooter hero twice. It was just that the damage of the support hero wasn’t enough compared to the high-intensity output of the shooter.

Seeing the Linley Witch retreat with after losing blood, LAN contentedly began to kill the line of soldiers again. However, after a while, the opposite support appeared in front of him again with full health.

F*k, it was disgusting to be able to add health! LAN frowned and hit the opponent again. The Linley Witch retreated again before soon coming back to dance enchantingly in front of him.

LAN, “……”

Before he knew it, this scene repeated itself over and over again.

Proofreader: Nao

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