CAMP: Chapter 24 Part 2

Burning Hot Assembly took the form of recording and broadcasting. They didn’t simultaneously broadcast the scenes on all major platforms. Even so, the huge audience group invited to the scene was enough to stir the atmosphere to the peak.

The host finished the simple opening remarks. Then Luni appeared on stage and there were more loud screams. The entire audience was boiling over and the noise almost overturned the roof of the studio.

Bi Yaohua couldn’t help digging at his ears. “What’s going on with young people these days? Is Luni’s popularity that high?”

Gu Luo muttered, “One of the five phenomenal players who can be as famous as Titans is naturally popular.”

Bi Yaohua gave him a disgusted look. “If you want to praise the captain then just praise him. Why do it in such a roundabout way? LDF will be our opponent in the future. Have you started to raise their morale early to destroy their prestige?”

The innocent Gu Luo had a huge pot of blame placed on him. “…I was wrong, Brother.”

In the blink of an eye, the audience had been warmed up and it was time for the teams to take to the stage.

There were a total of eight teams participating in the show. Apart from GH, they were basically all common teams in the secondary league. Among them, the two teams QU and IBB had the highest popularity. The teams would appear in the order arranged by the staff.

Once it was the turn of the IBB team, Bi Yaohua couldn’t help muttering, “Previously, fans always asked me about my relationship with this club. It might be annoying but IBB, IBB… I love BB. I always suspect that the boss has a crush on me.”

Jian Ye couldn’t help interrupting him. “…Brother Trash Talk, please wake up. It is still daytime.”

According to the order, it was their GH team after IBB. Being arranged last was also considered a key treatment.

They might only be a newly formed team but Jing Yuanzhou and Bi Yaohua had both been professional players in the official league. Combined with the massive hype some time ago, the specific strength of the other players might be unknown but the popularity of the team was unexpectedly high. The shouts on the scene weren’t inferior to the two popular teams, QU and IBB.

Everyone stood on the stage and the host gave a brief introduction before starting the interview session. “You are different from the other teams. This is the first time that GH has made a public appearance since its establishment. The program has collected the opinions of many netizens. Some of them think that GH can’t go far on this stage. Others think that as long as Titans is on the field, he can play five at a time.”

At this point, the host smiled softly and habitually dug a pit. “What does Coach Lin think about this?”

The audience’s eyes instantly fell on him. Lin Yan didn’t show any nervousness. He heard these words and his mouth twitched slightly. “Don’t mention anything else. I really believe that Titans can hit five at a time.”

The host, “?”

He just asked casually but this person actually dared to answer?

Lin Yan continued unhurriedly. “Thus, the championship is destined to be ours. The other teams should pack up and go home as soon as possible.”

The host’s expression froze slightly. He was silent for a moment before he found his voice. “Hehe, Coach Lin is quite humorous.”

He no longer dared to let Lin Yan speak. He hurriedly changed to Jing Yuanzhou. “So what does Titans think?”

After all, he was a veteran of the professional league. He should always be aware of his words in a public place. The host saw Jing Yuanzhou chuckle lightly. “Don’t say five. The coach has spoken. If he lets me play against 10 then I must be able to do so.”

The host, “……”

The players of the other teams present, “???”

The host finally controlled his emotions and bluntly put an end to this part. “In short, let us welcome the arrival of the GH team. Finally, let’s listen to the contestants’ determination in this show!”

In e-sports, the pre-match trash talk was an indispensable part. In this entertainment variety show, the program was willing to do this to enhance the fire on the field.

Bi Yaohua obviously liked this part a lot. He immediately took the microphone. “I have to apologize for one thing. I haven’t had the chance to get to know everyone present before today. However, it doesn’t matter. I believe that by the end of this show, this problem will be solved.”

He smiled and concluded. “After all, I am the Trash Talk King. I never care about the weak.”

Everyone at the scene, “……”

He still had to trash talk!

Next was Gu Luo. He cleared his throat in the uproar and spoke very modestly. “No matter how weak, I will try my best to understand them.”

Then Jian Ye took the microphone, his mouth curved up wildly. “I will stand there and not fight back. If someone can kill me then I will remember him.”

Chen Yushen thought about it before saying, “I don’t want to understand. Forget it.”

Jing Yuanzhou took the microphone and smiled slightly, his tone sincere. “Anyway, jiayou.”

The audience, “……”

The other participating teams, “……”

Why did God Jing cheer for them?!!!

The host stuttered, “…Thank… thank you for your words. Coach Lin, do you have anything to say?”

Lin Yan slightly cleared his throat and spoke in a relaxed tone. “Everyone has worked hard to participate in the program recording. You can rest assured that GH will give the tickets home to everyone.”

The entire scene was completely silent. The other teams had completed the trash talk in turn but considering the fact that the program would be broadcasted on major platforms sooner or later, they still restrained themselves. Meanwhile, the GH team completely used its own strength to firmly pull all the hatred on themselves. They simply weren’t afraid of being attacked by the crowd!

Seeing that LIn Yan still wanted to continue, the host instinctively jumped out and raised his tone. “Welcome to Burning Hot Assembly everyone. Please take a seat!”

Lin Yan still had some unfinished thoughts but he was easy-going. “Okay.”

He handed the microphone to the staff member next to him and took the team to the seats with the GH logo on them. There was a simple link and they quickly entered the first part of the first episode. The entertainment solo game.

Bi Yaohua eagerly rubbed his hands together. “It is coming right? This is it.”

“Solo is a 1v1 matchup. Each team has three places and ZX should send their shooter LAN right?” Jian Ye’s gaze swept eagerly over the ZX team. “What should we do later? Let Abyss go to get revenge?”

Lin Yan sent him a disgusted look. “Does this type of weak person need Abyss to do it? He can cut LAN seven or eight hundred times without any sense of accomplishment.”

Jian Ye frowned. “However, if the others go then isn’t it still abuse?”

“Abusing the weak is a science too.  If you want to abuse them, you should do it deeply. You are still young. I don’t blame you for not understanding.” Lin Yan glanced at the rule on the big screen. In this once in a lifetime opportunity, I’ve thought about it. Gun Zai, you will go.”

Chen Yushen originally wanted to take the initiative to volunteer but he silently swallowed back his words. It was a shame that he couldn’t play and hammer LAN but imagining Jian Ye playing solo as a healer, it was indeed a bit exciting?

Bi Yaohua exclaimed, “F*k, Coach, your plan is simple… devilish, cough, I mean wonderful!”

Gu Luo couldn’t help remembering his bad memories of Jian Ye’s first day at the base and his spirit silently stirred. He didn’t want to experience this nauseous feeling a second time.

Jian Ye himself held malice toward LAN and he naturally had no objection to such an arrangement. He rolled up his sleeves eagerly. “Don’t worry, leave it to Brother Gun. I will burst his milk!”

Lin Yan shook his index finger and spoke in a kind tone. “We are all civilized people. Remember not to be too fierce. You should… play slowly.”

Jian Ye smiled heartily. “Understood!”

Gu Luo raised his hand. “However, what if we don’t get the qualification to play against ZX?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s tone was calm. “Don’t worry, we will get it.”

The host was currently introducing the rules of the next event. A few staff members ran over and handed a handwriting board to each team. All the teams wrote down the opponent they wanted to face. According to the rules, the team with the most votes would be given priority to select their opponent. Soon, the teams showed the name they had written.

Apart from ZX, all teams had two letters ‘GH’ written neatly and uniformly.

Lin Yan leaned on the writing board with a smile and raised his eyebrow slightly. “Oh, it seems that our trash talk link was very popular! I am very at ease with your ability to pull hatred!”

The author has something to say:

We are first class when it comes to pulling hatred! [By the GH Team]

Proofreader: Nao

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1 year ago

LOL every team except ZX! Yet guess who they will pick…. hahahaha… thanks for the translation, such an entertaining story.

4 months ago

JYZ cheering for other teams 😂