CAMP: Chapter 24 Part 1

The league officials had set up a special studio for Burning Hot Assembly. Before the official recording, all participating teams were in their respective lounges to finish up their styling. According to the requirements of the program, each team consisted of five official players and one coach. For a team like GH that had no substitutes, all the players would participate.

Jian Ye’s short hair was the most convenient to take care of. He finished the styling first and went to the bathroom. Once he came back, he didn’t even enter through the door when his voice was heard. “F*k, you won’t guess who I just saw outside?”

Bi Yaohua’s fancy coloured hair almost drove the stylist crazy. At this time, he was forcibly pressed to the chair and didn’t dare to move. He raised his eyes and guessed sincerely, “Ultraman?’

Gu Luo listened to the side and laughed. Then he followed with a guess. “Or could it be a little monster?”

Jian Ye had a headache. “Gloy, stay away from BB. Don’t be led astray by him.”

Bi Yaohua casually picked up a book next to him and threw it over without looking. He said with a smile. “I am a fine young man who likes to see people blossoming. How can I lead people astray? Don’t damage my reputation.”

“First of all, you need to have a reputation…” Jian Ye replied casually while avoiding the sneak attack. He continued to ask Chen Yushen next to him, “Abyss, guess.”

Chen Yushen thought deeply. “Is it a professional player?”

After all, this was an official e-sports show organized by the Burning Hot League. It was now in the offseason and the mid-season competition hadn’t officially started. It was reasonable to invite a professional player.

He finally met a normal teammate. Jian Ye smiled mysteriously and lowered his voice, “You might not believe me but I saw Luni from LDF on the way to the bathroom!”

Bi Yaohua and Gu Luo, “Oh…”

Jian Ye exclaimed, “What the hell? You are only reacting like this?”

Bi Yaohua told him, “How should I react? A shooter like me will never have any true feelings for a mid-laner professional player.”

Gu Luo gently scratched his face. “I’m a mid-laner but… Luni isn’t my style. I still prefer our captain.”

Jian Ye muttered, “…Okay, then pretend I didn’t say it.”

Lin Yan was sitting on the sofa and he suddenly opened his mouth. “They actually invited Luni? This is good. I don’t know if we will be able to play an entertainment game together. The media previously said that it was regrettable Titans and Luni didn’t have an opportunity to play each other. Now it is just right. There is an opportunity to realize my dream.”

Jing Yuanzhou looked up and smiled. “Why do I feel that Coach Lin seems to expect me to be beaten on the field.”

Lin Yan told him, “Be more confident and remove the ‘seems’.”

The two of them hadn’t spoken for a while. At this time, they exchanged a few words and the atmosphere in the lounge was finally lively. Jian Ye fell silent for a moment. He returned to his position and told the makeup artist, “Excuse me, please give me more powder.”

Lin Yan looked at Jing Yuanzhou with a smile. Then he returned his attention to his phone and didn’t speak any further. Jing Yuanzhou’s styling was finished and he stood up.

Gu Luo saw that he was going and instinctively gave a reminder. “Captain, the recording is about to begin.”

Jing Yuanzhou silently glanced in Lin Yan’s direction before smiling. “Don’t worry. I’m just going to check with Luni about the details of the beating. I’ll be back soon.”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow slightly and ignored it. After Jing Yuanzhou pushed open the door and went out, he quickly found Luni who was discussing the process with the staff. The little tail behind the head was as eye-catching as ever.

Everyone knew that the LDF and BK teams had always been rivals on the field. In private, they didn’t have much interaction but they didn’t have any personal grievances. On the contrary, players at their level sympathized with each other. Luni had always been concerned about Jing Yuanzhou’s sudden transfer and helped come up with ideas in private.

Previously, they didn’t have a chance to meet. At this time, it wasn’t easy to meet so Jing Yuanzhou should at least greet him for the sake of emotions and reason. Luni was obviously still worried about the transfer. “If it was me, I would choose to transfer. However, there are so many strong teams who want you. Why did you go to GH? Your price might be high but you don’t look like someone who needs the transfer fee. If you let BK relax a bit then we might be teammates in LDF now.”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at him. “Are you serious about me going to LDF?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “I have just one question. If we really become teammates, do you think LDF will continue with the mid-lane core system or will they shift the focus to my side?”

This simple sentence stopped Luni from talking any further. He was well aware that LDF’s current set of tactics had been used proficiently for a long time and it was impossible to make changes overnight.

“Therefore, many clubs might be good choices but they actually don’t fit me.” Jing Yuanzhou stopped here and didn’t continue. He changed the subject. “Speaking of which, is LDF short of money? Why did they let you out to show your face and start doing this type of business?”

“Can you talk well? What type of business is this? It’s almost like you’re implying that I’m selling myself.” Luni glanced at him irritably before laughing. “Why do I feel like a good and serious variety show has changed after being mentioned by you? This is an official show hosted by the league. Someone went to the club to invite me and we have to give them some face. In any case, there is still some time before the mid-season competition. I came to relax.”

Jing Yuanzhou just said ‘oh’ before asking with interest, “So you should’ve seen the program for the entire season?”

“I’ve seen it. Why?”

“In the follow-up recordings, will they arrange for you professional players to play with our unofficial team?”

Luni, “……”

‘You professional players’ and ‘our unofficial team’. Was this really giving up on himself after transferring?

Luni couldn’t accept Jing Yuanzhou’s easy-going attitude. However, they were usually opponents and he still maintained some vigilance. “There is indeed such an event in the next few episodes but what do you want to do? Don’t tell me that you want me to choose you to face? Haha, don’t even think about it. Do you think I will give you this opportunity to abuse me?”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “What if I want to be abused?”

Luni, “?”

A figure flashed in his mind and Jing Yuanzhou smiled slightly. “Previously, I accidentally upset someone and I don’t know how to coax [tn content=”him”]gender neutral in Chinese[/tn]. If I am too pitiful on stage, perhaps he will soften up and forgive me. Do you think so?”

Such words plunged Luni into extreme shock for a long time. It took him ages before he could say a sentence. “F*k, what is your situation. Is this… love?”


Jing Yuanzhou returned to the lounge and a few staff members arrived to hurriedly take them to the waiting area.

Lin Yan was walking in front when Jing Yuanzhou suddenly called out to him. “Lin Yan.”

He turned around and looked over. “Huh?”

He hadn’t asked anything when he found that Jing Yuanzhou had already approached. The man’s arm reached out and carefully adjusted the neckline for Lin Yan. “Your collar wasn’t adjusted properly.”

At such a close distance, a faint breath vaguely touched his cheeks.

Lin Yan couldn’t help being stunned. He raised his head to look at this person who was clearly showing a good performance, but held back his smile. After finishing the preparations, he hadn’t said anything when he saw the incoming ZX team. A meaningful smile flashed in Lin Yan’s eyes.

Everyone in the ZX team didn’t look very energetic. They were covered by makeup but the dark circles under their eyes could still be seen. Once they saw GH, they instinctively wanted to avoid GH but they were stopped first.

Lin Yan naturally wouldn’t waste the opportunity to say hello. He stood in the middle of the path calmly and inserted as much caring as possible into his tone. “Hello everyone, how are you doing? How was your rest yesterday? There shouldn’t be any stomach troubles anymore, right?”

Everyone in GH tried not to laugh.

The expression of ZX’s captain was a bit ugly at these words. “Coach Lin doesn’t have to worry. We are fine.”

“That’s good.” Lin Yan nodded with satisfaction and glanced at the sullen LAN in the rear, his tone stretching out a bit. “I am looking forward to the recording of the program in a while.”

The moment such a gaze fell on LAN, he instinctively felt his back becoming cold.

In the distance, they could hear loud background sounds. It wasn’t difficult to tell that it was an audio clip from various Burning Hot games. After it was played, there were warm cheers. The recording of the first episode had officially started.

Proofreader: Nao

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4 months ago

Wonder how much longer LY can stay angry at JYZ 😂
And I also wonder what LY has in store for our friends from ZX 😈