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CAMP: Chapter 23

Lin Yan sat on the sofa and instinctively wanted to light another cigarette. Then he paused for a moment before taking two sips from the water glass next to him. He started to think about what happened previously. The handwriting of the word ‘service’ was too consistent. It was almost certain that it was written by the same person.

So he wasn’t dreaming at the time. The man he grabbed at the entrance of the bar after becoming drunk was really Jing Yuanzhou? That night, they went to the hotel and opened a room together.

Although his handling of Titans in his dream had yet to be verified, it was absolutely impossible for nothing to have happened based on the service fee of one jiao. The most important thing was that after adding him as a friend the next day, he actually regarded Jing Yuanzhou as a virtual boyfriend and complained severely about the previous incident.

Thinking up to here, Lin Yan couldn’t help lowering his head and burying his face in his hands. “F*k?”

What did he say at the time? He had a friend! However, Jing Yuanzhou actually saw through it and didn’t say anything. Looking back now, he could almost imagine the man smiling at his phone. Then afterwards, he asked about the one jiao scumbag again. It seemed to be full of provocation.

Lin Yan was in a really bad mood at this time. He probably felt that he had really fed the dog.

Jing Yuanzhou came back with breakfast. He found that the door of the room was open. He pushed it open wider to enter and found Lin Yan sitting on the sofa with an unclear expression. A bit of consternation flashed in his eyes. He changed to slippers and walked in. He placed the breakfast on the table in front of him and made a guess. “Did you argue with the housekeeper?”

Lin Yan watched him silently. Then he opened the bag, took a bun and took a bite. After that, he blankly unlocked the phone on the table.

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze followed these movements and he instantly saw the familiar writing on the lit up phone screen. He looked at the paper next to it and suddenly understood. He was slightly taken aback by the fall of his identity.

Lin Yan ate the bun and his tongue gently licked the corners of his lips, his tone light. “I remember that Captain Jing was quite concerned about my progress in finding the one jiao scumbag?”

Then before Jing Yuanzhou could reply, he raised his eyes and gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “I think that I have now found him.”

There was a long silence. The breeze blowing in from the window made the curtains shake slightly. Jing Yuanzhou cleared his throat under this scrutinizing gaze. “Yes, that’s great.”

He opened a bottle of milk, took a sip and smiled. “I’ve been thinking about how I should tell you. This is better.”

He quickly admitted it with a few words. If Lin Yan didn’t understand this man too much, he would’ve heard the relief in the tone and really believed such nonsense. Lin Yan supported his chin with his hand and watched Jing Yuanzhou. “Then can you finally talk about what happened that night?”

Jing Yuanzhou met his gaze and thought for a moment. “In fact, it is actually difficult to speak about this matter.”

Lin Yan’s movements paused slightly and he inexplicably had a bad feeling.

“That night, my teammate took me to the bar street to relax. I didn’t expect that Coach Lin would suddenly come out and pester me on the way back.” Jing Yuanzhou talked slowly. He remembered that time and couldn’t help smiling. “We didn’t know each other at the time and I wasn’t interested in meddling with other people’s affairs. However, you pestered me and kept saying… you really want me. Thinking about it carefully, it is probably the predestined relationship from the legends.”

He paused for a moment and looked at Lin Yan with a smile. “I didn’t know why but looking at Coach Lin’s face at the time, I suddenly felt soft-hearted.”

Lin Yan, “……”

According to Jing Yuanzhou’s description, if he wasn’t exaggerating then Lin Yan had basically molested him. However, the focus of Lin Yan’s attention was that he really took the initiative to pester Jing Yuanzhou? Then could everything that happened in the dream be true?

In a rare moment, Lin Yan felt his ears burning hot. He reached out to rub his aching forehead and avoided Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze by covering half his face with his other hand. “I should thank you for sending me to the hotel but… what is with the one jiao service fee?”

Jing Yuanzhou gave a low laugh. “Do you really want to know?”

Lin Yan grabbed a steamed bun, took a fierce bite and replied numbly. “Yes.”

Jing Yuanzhou thought about it. “In fact, I just did it on a whim. After all, Coach Lin did please me all night. I didn’t want to leave directly. I always felt it was a bit immoral.”

Lin Yan, “……”

Not to mention that the act of leaving one jiao was immoral but… please him? What the hell was this?

“You know about those things in the club. My mood at the time was very bad or else Ku Tianlu wouldn’t have tried his best to take me out to relax. “ Jing Yuanzhou spoke emotionally before laughing. “If I didn’t meet you that night, perhaps I truly would’ve wasted time on that insignificant problem.”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow at the words. He wanted to tease this person with a few sentences but Jing Yuanzhou suddenly stared at him and spoke sincerely. “So I have to say something. Thank you.”

The last words fell on his ears and seemed to slightly scratch at his heart. Lin Yan was stunned for a moment and words flowed out of his mouth after a pause. “…There is no need.”

After all, even he didn’t know how he had ‘pleased’ this top god. In the final analysis, drinking was a mistake.

Lin Yan was silent for a moment but he didn’t let Jing Yuanzhou deviate from the topic. He casually rubbed his hair and returned to the topic. “However, if you really want to thank me then why didn’t you say anything when you added me on WeChat that day? Or do you think it is fun to play with me?”

Jing Yuanzhou really had no reason to hide it. It might seem on the surface that he had given Lin Yan a lot of face by joining GH but he knew that he was actually the one who enjoyed great luck. Whether it was joining this brand new club or meeting Lin Yan, it was a lifetime of luck.

Now Jing Yuanzhou saw Lin Yan’s expression and lowered his voice to explain, “In fact, I was a bit scared when I heard your gritted teeth.”

Lin Yan heard this sentence and smiled. “Titans will also be scared?”

“I was terrified at the time.” Jing Yuanzhou chuckled. “After all, I hadn’t joined the team. If I suddenly came out to claim my identity and you thought I was asking for responsibility for that matter then it would be uncomfortable.”

Lin Yan’s eyebrows twitched slightly and he asked tentatively, “…What matter?”

Jing Yuanzhou sent him a meaningful look. “In fact, it isn’t a big deal. You just dirtied my body that night.”

Lin Yan, “???”

He wanted to ask but there was a loud noise as something fell to the ground by the door. The two of them instinctively looked back and saw Gu Luo standing at the door with a dull expression. Documents were scattered on the ground by his feet.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

There was a strange silence in the room.

Gu Luo had been entrusted by the crew to send over today’s program schedule. Just now, he saw the door wasn’t closed and gently opened it to take a look. He was caught off guard after hearing such words and his body was petrified in place.

Dirtied Titans’ body? Who did it… Coach Lin?!

In the end, Jing Yuanzhou cleared his throat and broke the silence. “Gloy, what is it?”

Gu Luo came back to his senses. He hurriedly picked up the information and placed it down carefully and cautiously. “I-It is nothing serious. This is what the director of the program sent. I didn’t hear anything. Captain, Coach, you… continue. I will go first!”

He finished speaking and turned around to leave immediately. Then Lin Yan called out to him with a blank expression. “Wait a minute.”

Gu Luo turned around stiffly and was even shaking. “Is… is there something else?”

Surely it wasn’t to kill him?”

Lin Yan slowly let out a sigh before uttering in a calm tone, “Could I trouble you to close the door.”


Jing Yuanzhou waited until Gu Luo closed the door before smiling and turning back. He stared at Lin Yan and continued with the topic like nothing happened. “Now that Coach Lin has discovered me, what do you plan to do next? Do you intend to strip me naked, throw me on the bed, torture me, destroy me, trample on me, humiliate me and let me kneel down in front of you, crying and begging for forgiveness?”

Lin Yan, “……”

F*k, had this person been thinking about it for a long time? How else could he remember it exactly?

Jing Yuanzhou tilted his head and watched this person with a smile. “Come on, I’m ready.”

Their eyes met in mid-air. Lin Yan instinctively looked at Jing Yuanzhou’s slightly open neckline and his throat moved slightly. However, he just said, “You are sweaty from your run. Go and take a shower first.”

Jing Yuanzhou stood up obediently. “Okay.”


By the time the GH team gathered in the business car, Gu Luo had been sitting in it for a long time. He stared up at the distant sky and it was unknown what he was thinking. Jian Ye noticed his strangeness straight away. He walked over and lovingly asked, “What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Gu Luo sent him a look. “No.”

Bi Yaohua had just sat down behind him. Then Bi Yaohua looked up and whistled when he saw the two figures coming in the distance. “The captain and coach are here too! However, why do I feel that the atmosphere between them is a bit different?”

Gu Luo recalled his previous experience. He pressed his mouth tighter together under the desire to survive.

Jing Yuanzhou sat in the back seat but Lin Yan didn’t follow. He arbitrarily opened the door of the front passenger seat and took a seat. The cameraman following him was too late to stop it. He said hesitantly, “That… is my position.”

Lin Yan didn’t raise his head. “Big brother, sit at the back. Close-up shots are also good since the effect is unexpected. After all, there are so many dramas in our team. Every minute and every second is important. Don’t miss it.”

The innocent GH team, “?”

So this was what the coach thought of them? However, were they that playful?

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help raising his head and looking in front with faint joy in his eyes. Lin Yan saw the expression through the rearview mirror and the corners of his mouth lowered even further.

The moment he heard Jing Yuanzhou say those words, he could understand Gloy’s shock. After all, he hadn’t expected that he would be so ‘wild’ after he became drunk. For a moment, he even sincerely wondered if he should take responsibility for this matter.

Yet what was the result? Jing Yuanzhou later told him that Lin Yan just had to buy a new set of clothes to pay him back? After teasing Lin Yan for so long, it was actually because Lin Yan vomited on him and dirtied his clothes?

That was it? That was it???

The business car started driving but the atmosphere today was extremely depressed due to the low air pressure around someone.

Lin Yan had read the schedule submitted by the program group and summed it up concisely. “The first part has no elimination system. It is just entertainment events. You don’t have to feel pressured and can play whatever you want. This is our team’s first public appearance. If there is any disharmony during the recording process, once the shooting is over, I will go back and do a good, good review with everyone. Do you understand?”

The GH members, “…We understand.”

Lin Yan hummed. “There is nothing else to say. That’s it.”

The entire car became silent.

Sitting in the crowd, the cameraman couldn’t help secretly wiping the sweat on his hands. What was it about ‘every minute and every second was of essence?’

Bi Yaohua leaned against the window to watch the scenery. Finally, he couldn’t endure it. He quietly pulled Gu Luo over and whispered, “Didn’t you send the information over this morning? Did you find anything wrong? What is going on with the coach and the captain? Did they argue?”

It had to be said that the Trash Talk King’s intuition was really sharp. Unfortunately, it was sharp in the wrong direction.

Gu Luo was originally playing with his mobile phone. He wanted to be an invisible person and didn’t want to mention this topic at all. At this time, he trembled when he heard the question and almost cried out. “Brother, don’t ask me. I really don’t know anything!”

Bi Yaohua looked strangely at Gu Luo’s face that said ‘If you force me, I will commit suicide.’ Then he let out a meaningful ‘oh.’

He patted Gu Luo sympathetically on the shoulder. “It turned out to be this! Don’t worry, I understand!”

Gu Luo, “!”

What did he understand???

The author has something to say:

Gloy: Don’t ask me, I didn’t hear anything, I don’t know anything!

(Weak, helpless, shivering)

Proofreader: Nao


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