CAMP: Chapter 21 Part 2

On the other side, LAN had just wanted to stimulate Chen Yushen. He never expected that Bi Yaohua would suddenly interfere and it took him a long time to react.

[ZX.LAN: What does the matter between Abyss and me have to do with you?]

[GH.BB: Oh, filial piety, your filial piety. I didn’t name who I was speaking to. You are so eager to come out and recognize your father?]

This type of public provocation was forbidden in both the professional and secondary leagues. However, this was a private discussion and it was the industry’s default rule that the content of training matches wasn’t allowed to be leaked to the outside. It was precisely because of this that LAN wasn’t worried about his plan to stimulate Chen Yushen at the start of the game. He just hadn’t expected to be directly bombed by Bi Yaohua in a few words.

LAN’s temper rose and he originally wanted to continue the fight. Then ZX’s captain sternly stopped him. “Don’t you know who BB is? Why are you trying to compete against him in trash talk? Are you looking for abuse?”

LAN’s mouth twitched. Finally, he could only swallow down his anger. His line of soldiers arrived. He last hit the soldiers while staring at the figure of the archer in front of him. He endured and endured it. Finally, he felt he couldn’t swallow down this anger. He was about to tell their jungle to help him when a kill prompt popped up on the interface.

[GH.Abyss killed ZX.Pu.]

[First Blood]

The jungler Pu gave away a blood and ZX’s captain reminded him. “The support should go with the jungler. Be careful in the wild area.”

Pu was miserable and could only give an aggrieved hum of agreement. Thanks to the protection of the support, the development process of the jungler in the wild was much smoother. Just as ZX was ready to stabilize the situation and start looking for opportunities, a fight broke out in the bottom lane.

Chen Yushen, who had disappeared for a long time, suddenly appeared in the bottom lane. He had the assistance of Jian Ye and completed a wave of strong kills by cooperating with Bi Yaohua. Three people could be seen forcibly trampling on LAN’s body under ZX’s defense tower. Then they threw the body into the wild and walked away.

In this process, all the chat channels were filled up thoroughly by Bi Yaohua.

[GH.BB: Did you say how much your father loves you? He knew that you couldn’t find him so he came to find you by himself.]

[GH.BB: Sometimes I envy you. I will never experience the feeling of being forcibly killed under the tower.]

[GH.BB: Listen to Brother’s advice. A shooter really can’t wave in front of me. You see, you just waved and something happened.]

[GH.BB: I brought a novice kid to play the game a few days ago. Your method of death is exactly the same as him.]

[GH.BB: Come, pay attention to Brother Trash Talk’s graceful and elegant positioning. It will be free teaching.]

[GH.BB: Although I know that you like to recognize your father, I won’t charge you for tuition this time. After all, I don’t want a son like you.]

[GH.BB: Aiya! Why do I like a team who knows how to lose and takes the initiative to ask for trouble? Chatting on the public screen is so pleasant!]

The members of the ZX team didn’t know how happy Bi Yaohua was at the moment. They only knew that they were collectively going crazy. The captain of ZX was silent for a moment before saying in the team voice channel, “Relax, don’t let your mentality be affected.”

The ZX people, “……”

It was one thing to say it but it was very hard to put into action. There were several successive kills and GH’s rhythm had completely risen.

The first few heads were all harvested by Chen Yushen. Therefore, his Wilderness Swordsman was like a super boss walking in the canyon. It was barren everywhere he walked. In comparison, Jing Yuanzhou should’ve been the core of GH yet he was calmly last-hitting his soldiers on the road with ZX’s captain.

Despite the turmoil below, he stood still and showed no tendencies to push to the defensive tower at all.

ZX’s captain had been holding his breath and paying attention to Jing Yuanzhou’s every move. He didn’t know why but the more peacefully he pushed the lane, the worse his bad feeling became.

By the 15th minute of the match, Chen Yushen’s Wilderness Swordsman had smoothly developed in sharp contrast to the ZX team’s shooter, LAN. During the entire game, LAN almost always died the moment he revived.

He died in the bottom lane, died while trying to go to the wild area to steal, was double killed if the support was with him, was ganked in the middle road by the opposing jungler and support…

As time passed and it reached the 30th minute, LAN had successfully given away 15 heads. His statistics were 0-15-0. It was difficult to encounter this type of ‘weak becomes a dog’ shooter data even in a normal matching game.

After being targeted for the entire game, LAN’s eyes were slightly blank as he stared at the screen. Wasn’t the opposite GH a team who hadn’t even participated in the secondary league? Why did the game become like this?

The next time he was resurrected at the spring, he hesitated for a moment. He wondered if he should walk out of the base. At this time, the other members of ZX had made new discoveries.

The head gap was widening endlessly. Under such an economic gap, there was only one soldier that was successfully pushed down by the small soldiers. Otherwise, the upper, middle and lower towers on their red side were still intact.

At this point in the game, even the dull ZX could see it. GH didn’t mean to push through the towers at all. They just wanted to kill!

ZX’s captain looked at Jing Yuanzhou, whose online data had been steadily kept at 0 kills. He recalled the previous few times when Jing Yuanzhou had smoothly given the heads to Chen Yushen and the last trace of fighting intent in his eyes completely dimmed.

He didn’t want to admit it but was GH already strong enough to completely defeat them even without Jing Yuanzhou’s participation? It was too scary.

In the 45th minute of the game, everyone in GH finally followed their soldiers and formally set foot on ZX’s high ground. Even so, they weren’t in a hurry to push to the crystal. They destroyed the two front base towers and let out a wave of soldiers.

Then they stood in a row in front of the spring. As the team representative, Bi Yaohua still spoke energetically.

[GH.BB: ZX team, I declare that you have been surrounded!]

[GH.BB: Still, don’t worry. We are reasonable people. We aren’t aiming at everyone here. We are only targeting LAN!]

[GH.BB: As long as the others don’t do anything, we will never touch you!]

[GH.BB: Simply put, we just want to help Abyss teach his unfilial son a lesson~]

So far, LAN had died a total of 20 times. The reason he hadn’t died so fiercely like the beginning was thanks to the delay in time and him prolonging the resurrection time. This allowed him to lie on the ground and spent a period of time quietly and safely.

At this time, LAN’s hands on the keyboard were slightly shaking. His eyes fell on the people in front of him and only one sentence appeared in his head. ‘How can this be…’

However, there was no time to continue thinking. A chain was suddenly thrown over. It passed by everyone in ZX and tied up the shooter hero operated by LAN. The next second, there was a strong tug and he was pulled out of the spring.

The Wilderness Swordsman raised his sword and lowered it. Another head was harvested. Under all eyes, the corpse was abused at the spring.

The captain of ZX looked at the GH people waiting for LAN’s resurrection and sighed. Finally, he opened the system interface. On the interface of the ZX team, a voting box for surrender appeared.

LAN saw it and his trembling fingers pressed the mouse without any hesitation. He chose to confirm it. The rest of the ZX team looked at the two red votes in front of them for a moment. Then they also silently chose to surrender.

As the base’s crystal self-exploded, they could see Bi Yaohua’s regretful last sentence in the chat window. [Oh, why are you in such a hurry to surrender? Let’s play more!]

However, there was no doubt that he didn’t need to wait for the other party’s response. Everyone retired the moment the game ended. On the settlement interface, the number of deaths for the shooter hero operated by LAN was shocking. It was in sharp contrast to the MVP, Chen Yushen.

A super ghost and a super god.

On the one hand, everyone in GH was relieved that they had completed the indicator requested by Lin Yan. On the other hand, they couldn’t wait to see the expressions of the ZX team. Yet before Bi Yaohua could say anything, the players on the opposite side had left the room one by one. They all withdrew in the blink of an eye.

Lin Yan read the message sent by the other side, moved the headset around his neck to his mouth and smiled. “Someone on the ZX team has a stomachache. I’m afraid they can’t play a second game…”

Bi Yaohua laughed. “Coach, can you help us inquire. Is the one with a stomachache called LAN?”

The others laughed when they heard it.

ZX’s people were gone so they also quit the game.

After all, the side effects of the closed training were still there. The fight just now was really fierce and their sleepiness became too much. Now they had just finished abusing the weak, so they felt refreshed and could sleep well.

ZX was completely destroyed by them. This result was very satisfying. Hey, didn’t they make a lot of noise before? Let’s see if they stand up after meeting again during the recording of the show!

Jing Yuanzhou also turned off the computer. He saw Lin Yan going to WeChat to express ‘condolences’ to someone and couldn’t help smiling. He waited until the chat was over before asking slowly, “Do you feel cool now?’

Lin Yan had just talked to the captain of ZX until the captain shut up. Then he put his phone back in his pocket. “It’s cool but it isn’t enough. It was obviously a good BO3 but they ran away after playing a game. How can it be good?”

Jing Yuanzhou followed along with his words and wondered, “So?”

Lin Yan showed a wild smile. “Aren’t we going to record the program? Of course, we will continue tomorrow!”

Proofreader: Nao

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2 years ago

Tss tss tss, Lin Yan is such a devil!

5 months ago

I wonder at what number CYS’s kills ended up? Just Lan died 20 times, and then there was everyone else feeding him, so his number should’ve ended at around 40 or so? 😂
Also, two things left me surprised from the author’s game arrangements:
1) You can be crowd controlled even under the spawning point? 👀
And 2) you vote on whether to surrender? 👀 If there’s one player unwilling to surrender, does it follow the decision of the majority? Or does there need to be complete agreement in the votes?

1 month ago
Reply to  OneJiaoCoin

I haven’t really tried the crowd control on the spawning point but the champion can keep receiving damage from there so maybe it works too
And about the surrender thing, if at least four people vote “yes” on the surrender voting, it will count normally even if the last vote is a “no”