CAMP: Chapter 21 Part 1

To be honest, Lin Yan was very satisfied with the current state of the team. In particular, there was a flower such as Jing Yuanzhou in the team. This was simply a great event in life. After soliciting the opinions of the players, the friendly match against the ZX team was set at 8 o’clock that night. It was the BO3 mode, which meant two wins out of three games.

They rested in their rooms for an afternoon before going to the dining room for dinner. By the time they returned to their rooms, there was still some time before the match. Everyone gathered in the WeChat group for a pre-match tactical meeting.

In view of the time issue, during the group training a while ago, the team mainly practiced three sets of plans. However, considering that ZX was too weak of a team, Lin Yan thought it wasn’t worth exposing their tactics early. He slowly started typing.

[Lin Breeder]: Everyone is spirited so I will start straight away. I won’t say much. We will use Plan X tonight.

[Gun – Jian Ye]: ??? No, Coach. Did we ever have a Plan X?

[Lin Breeder]: Can’t you understand? X plan is the cross plan. In other words, there is no plan.

[Gloy – Gu Luo]: ……

[BB – Bi Yaohua]: A pure, loose play? I like it! If we don’t beat them all three ways tonight then no one should think about sleeping!

[Gun – Jian Ye]: Brother Trash Talk, do you need to be so cruel to yourself?

[Lin Breeder]: What are you doing? Today, you aren’t allowed to push all the way through. Whoever pushes through their lane, don’t even think about sleeping tonight!

[Gun – Jian Ye]: ??? What method is this?

[Lin Breeder]: There is only one training event for the match tonight. In other words, only heads are accepted. Don’t push to the towers.

[Lin Breeder]: By the way, remember to feed Abyss. I require him to have at least 20 heads in each game.

[BB – Bi Yaohua]: Wow, such mindless force feeding the duck? I like it!

[Gloy – Gu Luo]: This… who is the duck?

[Abyss – Chen Yushen]: ……

[BB – Bi Yaohua]: A, don’t worry. Brother is here. You will be fattened!

[Gloy – Gu Luo]: I will do it too.

[Gun – Jian Ye]: And me!

[Titans – Jing Yuanzhou]: +1

[Abyss – Chen Yushen]: ………

Even the captain followed suit?

The program group had arranged three rooms for each team. The shooter and support, Bi Yaohua and Jian Ye lived in one room. Gu Luo and Chen Yushen lived in another room and Jing Yuanzhou naturally lived together with Lin Yan, the coach.

At this time, Jing Yuanzhou was sitting on the sofa by the window. He saw Lin Yan lying on the bed, typing skillfully and couldn’t help giving this person a funny look. “Are you planning to completely collapse ZX’s mentality?”

Lin Yan didn’t even raise his head when he heard the words. He just admitted it very calmly. “Otherwise, why else play a friendly match with them? GH isn’t doing charity.”

Jing Yuanzhou thought about it and asked, “Then should I also give my heads to Abyss?”

Lin Yan replied negatively. “No, those words are for the children. You can fight as you please. How can I make Titans give heads to other people? It is wronging God Jing!”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “Not really, I’m not wronged.”

Lin Yan finally looked up.

Jing Yuanzhou met this gaze and the smile on his face widened. “I will help the team complete tonight’s KPIs. If they fail to meet the indicators, it won’t matter as much because they won’t be in the same room as you. However, I’m afraid I’m going to suffer until I can’t sleep.”

Lin Yan was stunned for a moment. “Why do I feel like the one who will suffer isn’t necessarily you?”

Jing Yuanzhou raised an eyebrow. “Huh?”

Lin Yan wanted to say something but then he inadvertently glanced at the time on the phone. “Let’s talk about it later. It’s about to start. Prepare to go online.”

At 7:30, everyone in GH logged onto their accounts using the computers in the hotel room. They were here to record a variety show so everyone didn’t bring their own gaming equipment. They should get familiar with the keyboard and mouse here a bit earlier.

Bi Yaohua tested the keyboard while pulling at his headset. “Hey, can you hear me? Tell me, why am I so excited playing a weak team like ZX? Do you think it’s because I’ve been away from the professional area for so long that I’m a bit excited to see food?”

Jian Ye adjusted the sensitivity of the mouse. “I don’t blame you. I have been devoted to Buddha for so long since becoming a support. This is the first time I want to kill in the game. How about Brother Gun will show you a violent support today? Should I use the Tree Spirit I just practiced?”

Gu Luo thought of the previous crazy experience of losing points and his eyelids twitched fiercely. He hurriedly said, “…Brother, don’t!”

Jian Ye felt a bit of regret. “In fact, my Tree Spirit is actually quite good?”

Bi Yaohua’s chicken soup was delivered as scheduled. “In fact, the character you play doesn’t matter. The most important thing is having a heart for output. As long as you have output in your heart then it will be everywhere. This friendly match is simply an entertainment one. If you are really bored then you can find time to chat to the other side!”

Jian Ye was speechless. “Why should I talk with the people from ZX?”

Bi Yaohua sighed. “Of course, there is no chatting under normal circumstances. However, isn’t there a teammate from the underworld in their team? Let’s interview him a bit and ask him how to achieve the perfect communication between yin and yang. He is too anti-social!”

Jian Ye, “……”

He shouldn’t have asked!

Chen Yushen had been listening to the team’s voice chat and he couldn’t hold back. The corners of his cold mouth rose up slightly.

Jing Yuanzhou suddenly opened his mouth. “Are you ready? It’s almost starting.”

The moment he spoke, they could see a string of IDs with the ZX prefix entering the custom room one after another.

Lin Yan was busy pulling people into the room just now. At this time, he was sure that everyone had come in and reminded them in the voice channel, “I will take a video of tonight’s match. If I find that Abyss hasn’t been fattened enough, hehe…”

The ‘hehe’ made everyone’s hairs stand up.

Bi Yaohua’s face became solemn and he spoke very seriously. “Abyss, remember to come to my lane more often. You don’t need to treat me as a person when you see people’s heads.”

The others echoed him. “Agree! Don’t treat us like people!”

Chen Yushen, “……”

At this time, ZX’s captain inquired in the public chat window. [Can we start?]

[GH.Titans: Start.]

The first game officially started and both sides entered the BP segment. Lin Yan reported a hero and the players followed suit. In the blink of an eye, GH successfully banned six off-bench heroes who were almost never used. This approach made it clear that ZX could choose the heroes they wanted. The taunting was extreme even before the game started.

As for the lineup selection on this side, Lin Yan didn’t intervene since he already talked about using the ‘X’ plan. Players could play whatever they wanted. The choice was up to them. Once it was Chen Yushen’s turn, he hesitated for a moment. Finally, his eyes fixed on the Wilderness Swordsman and he pressed the lock button.

This was a jungler hero who was quite unpopular in the current game version. However, even if it had been in the dust for a long time, it wasn’t completely annihilated along with the bleak memories. It was just unknown if the blade in the scabbard was still sharp.

Gu Luo was a bit surprised. “Abyss, do you actually use the Wilderness Swordsman? I haven’t seen you use it before.”

Chen Yushen was silent for a moment before replying. “Yes.”

GH’s previous closed training was mainly aimed at the three sets of tactics but the core improvement point was actually everyone’s degree of team understanding. A time like this was the best test of their tacit understanding.

ZX was already irritated by the BP session. Now they saw GH’s messy lineup and almost couldn’t breathe. There had to be a limit to looking down on people. This was too bullying!

LAN gritted his teeth with anger as he stared at Chen Yushen’s Wilderness Swordsman on the screen, his face cold. After entering the game, he couldn’t help typing on the public channel: [Abyss, it has been a long time since I’ve seen your Wilderness Swordsman. Daring to take it out in this version? Do you want to come to the wild area to practice?]

Chen Yushen stared at the eye-catching words on the public channel and was prepared to respond when someone stepped in first.

[GH.BB: Is our Abyss your father? Are you playing with tadpoles to find your mother before the game starts?]

Chen Yushen was taken aback. Then he heard Bi Yaohua laugh in the voice channel. “Abyss, why should you go out? Leave it to your brother. I’m also laughing. This is the first time I’ve seen someone dare to taunt my teammates in front of me. I really want to let him continue to jump. Shall I force him into Jianghu?”

There was a sense of mission in his voice.

Chen Yushen, “……”

There was a moment of silence and he didn’t say anything. He quickly bought the jungler equipment and dived into the jungle.

Proofreader: Nao

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I love this novel already. Thank you for your hard work

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