CAMP: Chapter 20

The speaker was only 17 or 18 years old and had a small stature. He saw Chen Yushen ignoring him and gave a gloomy smile. “You are still the same.”

Jian Ye didn’t know the opposite person but he still felt there was something wrong with the atmosphere. He saw the little person getting ready to step forward so he took one step in front and slightly raised his tone, “Who are you? What’s the matter?”

Jian Ye’s appearance actually wasn’t fierce. He just had a unique coolness. However, at this time as his eyes were slightly narrowed, the scar on his face was elongated and his aura opened up.

The little man only reached up to his shoulders. This person looked up and flinched instinctively. He gulped and backed away. Then his gaze swept over Chen Yushen behind Jian Ye. “Abyss, I saw your ID on the team roster. I thought it was just a coincidence. I didn’t expect it to actually be true. You have returned to the e-sports circle? It is really enviable to have teammates guarding you like this!”

The other members of ZX obviously didn’t understand the relationship between the two and asked at this time, “LAN, is this your friend?”

LAN’s mouth twitched in a smile that wasn’t a smile. “I don’t dare have a friend like this but I am quite familiar with him. I still remember when we were at the youth training camp together. We also played on the same team. Who knew…”

Chen Yushen’s body shook slightly and he interrupted without any expression. “What do you want to do?”

LAN looked at him strangely. “What can I do? I am just reminding everyone since we are participating in the same show. In particular, shouldn’t your teammates pay attention? You also know what you look like when you become aggressive. What if you start a conflict? You won’t always be as lucky as last time. If you really kill someone…”

His mouth curved in a ridiculing manner as he pulled down his collar to reveal a hideous wound on his neck. The expression on his face suddenly became cold. “How did this injury come about? I will never forget it in my life.”

The moment this was heard, ZX’s gazes toward Chen Yushen didn’t seem quite right. Obviously, they were teammates and knew about the wound on LAN’s neck. They just hadn’t expected to encounter the culprit here. After all, it was a teammate’s instinct to support LAN.

In the silence, the captain of the ZX team spoke solemnly. “Does GH’s management know that they have recruited a dangerous player into the club?”

Did the management know? Jian Ye didn’t know but this was indeed the first time he was hearing that something happened with Chen Yushen previously. He instinctively looked back at Chen Yushen.

Chen Yushen was currently in a state of unprecedented calm. This calm was like the darkness after the entire world had withered. He didn’t give an explanation regarding this matter. He just slightly lowered his eyes. “Let’s go.”

Such eyes had gone through too much and were therefore numb.

Just as Chen Yushen was about to start walking, the ZX team stood in a row and blocked his way.

LAN looked at Chen Yushen mockingly but he spoke to Jian Ye. “This friend, after you go back, you should tell everyone to be careful of Abyss. Who knows when he will be cruel to even his teammates?!”

Chen Yushen’s hands were tightly clenched into fists and he stared at LAN fiercely. His eyes were bloodshot due to his suppressed anger and his tone was vaguely unstable. “Get out of the way!”

LAN relied on the members of the ZX team supporting him and gloomily smiled. “What if I don’t? Do you think it will be okay after hiding for two years? What if I bring out this matter? Do you think that GH’s management will still keep you?”

Chen Yushen’s chest faintly rose up and down and his clenched fists couldn’t stop trembling. Still, he forcibly endured it and didn’t shout at this disgusting face. He had almost ruined his career for this garbage. It wasn’t worth ruining it again!

Chen Yushen took a deep breath and finally controlled his emotions. He was looking up coldly when someone pulled him from behind. The great force made him take a few steps back. By the time he looked up again, Jian Ye had already taken a few steps forward and his chest struck LAN’s chest hard.

There was a huge gap in the size of the two people. Jian Ye almost caused LAN to fly back. Finally, he fell to the ground in an extremely embarrassed manner. This surprise action made LAN feel a bit flustered. Once he finally reacted, he became angry. “What’s going on? Do you and GH collectively want to touch the bottom line?”

Jian Ye casually touched his head and showed a harmless smile. “What bottom line? I don’t know anything. I was just anxious to go back. Ah, sorry. You are too short and I wasn’t looking when I was walking. I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

LAN didn’t expect that this person could talk such nonsense. Under this shameless action, his face was almost completely green. “You, you…”

Jian Ye didn’t want for the ‘you’ to finish. He acted like something suddenly came to his mind. “By the way, I have forgotten to introduce myself. I am Gun. You can call me Brother Gun. I am GH’s support position. If you want a team battle then remember to find me.”’

Then he casually scratched the scar on his face. “No matter what, I am a professional in a team battle.’

Was this indicating that he was ready to start a ‘team battle’ right now? Forget the people of the ZX Team. Even Chen Yushen was shocked by Jian Ye’s attitude. Prior to this, he had been prepared to be questioned and excluded. He never expected that this teammate he had just met would actually stand in front of him without hesitation. Chen Yushen’s Adam’s apple moved and he opened his mouth, only to find that he couldn’t say a word.

Jian Ye’s approach undoubtedly made the confrontation between the two sides even tenser. They were at a stalemate when they heard someone clap their hands. “Yo, this place is quite lively.”

The familiar voice made Jian Ye look back and he was overjoyed when he saw the two people. “Coach, captain!”

Chen Yushen’s eyelids lowered, hiding the mood in his eyes.

Lin Yan wasn’t polite. He casually placed the room cards into Jian Ye’s hands and looked around with a smile. “What are you going to do? Take me to play as well?”

The moment this was said, the already subtle atmosphere became even stranger. The two people had been standing aside and had a rough idea of the situation.

Jing Yuanzhou was amazed by Lin Yan’s talent to stir up the water with just two or three sentences. At this time, he stood beside Lin Yan with interest while waiting for the development.

ZX’s captain saw the two people who appeared and his face changed slightly. He looked at Lin Yan and then Jing Yuanzhou before gulping. “We just met on the way… we aren’t playing anything.”

“Oh, that’s it.” Lin Yan looked a bit disappointed. “I thought your team was blocking our players in the corridor and ready to give some advice.”

It was an understated sentence but it made ZX’s captain sweat. “How can that be? It was simply a story between old team members.”

“Reminiscing about the old days?” Lin Yan glanced over at Chen Yushen’s expression and smiled. “If I didn’t know the situation just now, I almost thought your team was here to seek revenge?”

“How can there be any hatred? It was just a joke.” ZX’s captain couldn’t help glancing at Jing Yuanzhou and he smiled. “We happened to meet each other today. Captain Jing, please take care of us during the next show.”

He might not know much about the other people in GH but Titans’ influence in the industry was real. He had to show some respect.

Jing Yuanzhou raised his eyelashes when he heard these words and gave a non-committal hum.

Lin Yan glanced at the time and spoke lightly. “Since there is nothing wrong, we will leave first.”

Chen Yushen didn’t say anything. He just took slow breaths and followed Lin Yan.

LAN had been helped up from the ground by his teammates. Seeing that they were really going to leave, he blurted out, “Wait a minute!”

Chen Yushen had no deep feelings for such entanglement and numbly looked back.

He felt the gaze of other people on him and LAN couldn’t help gulping. He spoke to Lin Yan. “You are GH’s coach, right? Does your club know…”

“I know.” Lin Yan didn’t wait for this person to finish and simply interrupted. “Our club has a very deep understanding about all of our players.”

LAN was blocked off and his pupils shrank with disbelief. Then his eyes became wide. “You know yet you still…”

“It is our freedom to choose the players.” Lin Yan stared at LAN with a smile that wasn’t a smile. Then his eyes curved kindly. “Moreover, it is because I clearly know that I dug Abyss into the team. As for what I know in detail, do I need to report it to you one by one here?”

LAN had wanted to say something but he felt something cold shoot down his neck at this gaze and all his words became choked up.

Lin Yan lowered his eyes and looked at this person with indifferent contempt. “Therefore, I advise the players of your club not to do anything to discredit GH. If I hear any bad news from the outside world and my life becomes unhappy, you probably won’t feel any better. The identity of a professional player isn’t easy to come by. You should cherish it while you have it.”

LAN’s body shook slightly and he instinctively avoided such an explicit gaze. The next second, Lin Yan turned to look at ZX’s captain.

At this point, Lin Yan had put away his usual casual smile and something seemed to occur to him. “By the way, the show hasn’t started recording yet. For the sake of our two teams, how about holding a friendly match in the evening?”

ZX’s captain, “……”

Should he agree? His sense of reason told him that he should decisively refuse but he couldn’t help looking at Jing Yuanzhou. You know, teams like them in the sub-league had almost no chance to compete with the top players. This opportunity was rare.

Finally, ZX’s captain fell for the temptation of Titans and nodded seriously. “Okay, set a time.”


On the way back to the lounge, Jing Yuanzhou recalled what just happened and wondered, “Why do I feel like I’ve unknowingly been used again?”

Lin Yan disagreed. “I just used it once. Why are you so stingy?”

Jing Yuanzhou told him, “I’ll forget it this time. The next time I’m used, you will be charged.”

Lin Yan laughed. “Okay. Do you feel wronged? Once I go back, I’ll write you an IOU for the service fee so that you won’t say I’m exploiting you again.”

Jing Yuanzhou thought about it. “That’s fine.”

Jian Ye was still thinking about what happened just now and he became even angrier. “I say, how come you’re so good this time? According to me, they shouldn’t be let go so easily.”

“Why? Do you really want to start an actual fight?” Lin Yan glanced at him and repeated the tone. “I am a professional at a team battle. Oh, so awesome. I’m afraid there is no evidence to accuse our team players of breaking the rules, right?”

Jian Ye gave a low cough. “In Jianghu, isn’t ‘righteousness’ important?”

Lin Yan replied without any emotions. “If you have so much time to read those wuxia fantasy novels, why don’t I arrange more hours of last hitting the soldiers for you every day?”

Jian Ye was particularly flexible. “…Coach, I was wrong!”

Lin Yan didn’t really want to train this person so he just laughed. Then he glanced sideways at the boy next to him. Since earlier, Chen Yushen hadn’t spoken any words. He had walked silently all the way up to the present. Although he tried his best to restrain it, his body was trembling slightly.

He thought he might explode again at any time when facing LAN yet he was much calmer than expected. It was only with Lin Yan’s appearance that his heart completely shattered from the soft blow.

He knew who the friendly match with the ZX Team was for better than anyone else. This was the first time he really felt warmth during the two years he was shut up.

Lin Yan saw Chen Yushen’s appearance and gave a low and helpless sigh. He took off his jacket and covered the boy’s body with it. In addition, he didn’t forget to rub the boy’s hair. “Okay, don’t feel wronged. Isn’t this friendly match for you? Tonight, there will be revenge for your grievances, do you know?”

As he spoke, he felt Chen Yushen’s shaking become more severe.

Lin Yan really wasn’t good at coaxing people and he had a headache. He could only listen to the choked up teenager take two deep breaths before stubbornly squeezing out a few words. “I don’t feel wronged.”

Lin Yan said, “Okay, you’re not wronged. You’re just moved.”

Chen Yushen didn’t refute this time and was silent. It was just that they arrived at the door of the lounge by this time. Lin Yan didn’t say anything and pushed open the door.

The members had slept in the car for a while so they hadn’t collapsed in the lounge. They were lying on the sofa while waiting for their room keys to be delivered. Gu Luo saw the four people walking in together and was slightly surprised. “How did you come back together?”

Bi Yaohua saw Chen Yushen, whose head was covered by the coat. He thought about it and asked modestly, “What is this cosplay? Masked man?”

Jian Ye couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. Chen Yushen buried his head lower.

Lin Yan assigned the room cards to each person while downplaying what just happened.

Gu Luo asked, “So tonight’s training session is a friendly match with ZX?”

Jian Ye complained, “Them? What f*king friendship?”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow. “If everyone feels too tired then we don’t have to play. I’ll go and talk to ZX.”

“Fight. Why not?” Bi Yaohua glanced at the still silent Chen Yushen and hit the table hard. “Does ZX think that GH is nothing? How can we stand still while this child is being bullied!”

Chen Yushen’s originally complex mood was long gone after this series of ‘stimulation.’ At this time, he couldn’t help pulling Lin Yan’s coat off his head, revealing faint red eyes that stared at Bi Yaohua blankly. The eyes seemed to be full of the warning: I, was, not, bullied.

However, Bi Yaohua’s focus had always been crooked. He saw this ‘wronged’ expression and felt even more distressed. “You are even crying like this?”

Chen Yushen, “……”

Lin Yan was already laughing to the side. He clapped his hands lightly and concluded, “Then the game is set. There are computers in the hotel rooms so you just need to turn on the computer in time. We just ended closed training so you should take this opportunity to practice against ZX. In any case, it is like this. It might be a ‘friendly’ game but I believe that everyone should know the slogan for tonight?”

Their faces were bewildered. “What slogan?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s lips curved up. “Competition first, friendship is dead.”

Lin Yan smiled and snapped his fingers. “Precisely!”

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