CAMP: Chapter 193

Continuation of Last Extra

The autumn season of the Burning Hot League was approaching.

Many teams were ready to fight back this season due to their unsatisfactory performance before.

Compared to some other teams in the league, WP was considered to have a relatively large change due to the retirement of two old players and filling the spots with two new members. This inevitably aroused certain attention from the outside world. In addition, the two new players recruited this time were both unknown newcomers. In the absence of effective reference materials, people in the circle regarded the daily live broadcast as one of the important channels of observation.

Lin Yan knew that many people in the live broadcast room weren’t pure fans but he didn’t pay much attention to this. He always broadcasted when it was time to broadcast. He usually liked to ask a routine question when logging into his account and today was no exception.

[WP.Eternal: Team up?]

[WP.Titans: Yes, wait for me.]

Such dialogue was displayed in the live broadcast room without any concealment and caused the barrage to scroll.

[Are you looking for Titans to team up again? I said it before. One is on the top lane and the other is on the bottom. What is the point of teaming up?]

[The front person isn’t wrong. One is top and the other is bottom. Isn’t this just right?!]

[??? Wait, I suspect that you are suddenly implying something but I have no evidence.]

[Why not team up? I like to watch the two of you together in a team.]

[Yes, every time I look at Eternal and Titans teaming up, I think there is a sweet tacit understanding.]

[It is more than a tacit understanding. It is a perfect match!]

At this time, Jing Yuanzhou withdrew after his game ended. Lin Yan pulled him into the team. Then he caught a glimpse of the barrage and he couldn’t help laughing in the voice channel. “Titans, my fans in the live broadcast room are saying that we are a perfect match.”

Jing Yuanzhou seemed to be adjusting the microphone. After a while, his voice came. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Barrage: [???]

Lin Yan laughed. He ignored the screen full of question marks and directly entered them into the queue.

It was as the fans said. Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou went to their respective lanes one by one. This type of teaming up that didn’t require any cooperation was really meaningless but from an unknown point in time, the two of them found that they really enjoyed this ranking mode. They also didn’t overturn during the double rankings, which was definitely a very shocking achievement. The main result for this result was naturally their overly strong personal strength.

The biggest attribute in the e-sports circle was admirable strength.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou were still little-known newcomers but since they started the live broadcast as official WP players, their popularity had soared. This was enough to prove it.

Since their account nicknames carried the prefix of the team, many people had heard of the twin stars in WP. During the teaming up, the two of them basically got their positions smoothly. In the case where their positions were grabbed, Lin Yan switched to a jungler or Jing Yuanzhou came to the bottom lane as a support. Still, the rhythm of their scoring wasn’t affected at all.

Lin Yan didn’t forget to take the time to interact with his fans while in the queue. “Why do I always like to pull Titans to team up? Will you believe it if I say it is because he is handsome? Of course, it’s a joke… the main thing is to look at the feeling. Sometimes if it feels right, it is easy to get a point. Do you believe it?”

Barrage: [Haha, listening to your bullsh*t, you play games while looking at the feeling?]

Lin Yan raised an eyebrow. “Of course. Who doesn’t play games because they feel happy? At the very least, teaming up with Titans can make me happy.”

The barrage of ‘6666’ completely filled the screen of the live broadcast room.

Lin Yan was about to say something else when Jing Yuanzhou gave him a signal on the map. At the same time, a voice came from the headset. “I’m ready to start a group battle.”

“Received.” Lin Yan responded and quickly moved closer to the zone of the group battle. He smiled. “Look, what happened to one being at the top and the other at the bottom? Titans can’t do without me.”

He usually liked to tease his fans when broadcasting live. These words were spoken casually but before he could see the response of the barrage, he heard Jing Yuanzhou lightly say, “I  can’t do without you so stay closer to me for a while.”

Lin Yan choked up and his entire face turned slightly red. He instinctively didn’t forget to glance to the right side quickly and was relieved to find he hadn’t turned on the camera. At the very least, he didn’t lose face.

Even so, it didn’t stop the ridicule on the barrage.

[Hahahaha, aren’t you usually a flirt? Why is the fire turned off with one sentence from Titans?]

[I said for a long time that these two people are tricky but you didn’t believe it.]

[The outside world said that WP signed a new pair of twin stars. I was originally wondering how the side-laner and shooter could be involved in a twin stars relationship. Now I seem to have some enlightenment.]

[What are you doing? Just live broadcast well and don’t engage in this gay nonsense, okay?]

Jing Yuanzhou said, “Give me the management authority of the live broadcast room?”

Lin Yan had seen the last sentence and was ready to act when his attention was drawn to Jing Yuanzhou’s words. “Hmm? You’re in my live broadcast room?”

“Yes, we’re teaming up anyway and there is nothing to do.” Jing Yuanzhou threw a few deep-water fish mines. “Do you see my ID?”

Lin Yan killed the opponents in the group battle and saw the banner in the live broadcast room. Then he directly gave the room’s management authority.

The next second, the guy looking for a sense of existence in the barrage was banned, his IP blocked and he was kicked out of the live broadcast room in one go.

Lin Yan paused before laughing. “Your hand speed is okay!”

He ignored the fans who continued to make noise and followed the army to push at the opposite side’s base crystal. Then he came out and followed Jing Yuanzhou to start the next game. He started to pick a few topics to respond to. “Of course, we don’t live broadcast every day. It isn’t good for you to see the training schedule but I can guarantee that if you see it, you will feel that WP’s management isn’t human… yes, they’re really not human. I’m not afraid that you will tell on me. Some time ago, I didn’t have much time to sleep every day. The autumn competition is about to start so it has been much better recently. There will probably be training arrangements for the week and then next week, we will spare time to adjust ourselves.”

The queue matching was completed and it entered the BP part to select their heroes. “Am I nervous? It should be okay. In any case, strength is strength. We will have to wait and see the final results. Don’t say anything about WP’s nickname of ‘always second place.’ Who can guarantee that second place won’t turn into first… Hey, I didn’t say that WP will definitely win the championship after we join. Yes, I didn’t say it. You said it all by yourself!”

The heroes of both sides were selected and the game started loading.

Lin Yan glanced at one of the messages in the barrage. “What do I think about this year’s Best Newcomer Award?”

He instinctively glanced sideways at Jing Yuanzhou next to him and smiled. “Don’t think about using this trick to sow discord. It’s up to me and Titans to decide who takes it. Yes, I’m putting it out there that this year’s best newcomer will definitely be produced in our WP. You can spread the words as you like. There is no possibility of a third candidate.”

The live broadcast for the day hadn’t ended but Lin Yan’s remark about the best newcomer had already spread outside. That night, Yan Hongbo called the team’s unscrupulous newcomer to the office for a good lecture.

Lin Yan came out of the manager’s office and rubbed his aching ears. Then he asked Jing Yuanzhou who walked out with him, “I’m the one who said it. Why did you rush to be lectured with me?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked at him. “You also mentioned me in the list of best newcomers. If I didn’t come, do you think Manager Yan would’ve let me go?”

Lin Yan, “……”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled at this rare expression from Lin Yan and his eyes slightly lowered. “Moreover, there is nothing bad about accompanying you.”

The light words entered Lin Yan’s ears and made them warm unknowingly.

Lin Yan gave a low cough. “I don’t think I should be lectured because I didn’t say anything wrong. In any case, it will be the autumn competition soon. They will know when the time comes.”

Jing Yuanzhou walked around the corner with him and responded in a low voice, “Yes, then let’s play well.”

Yan Hongbo tried to deal with public opinion on the Internet but he still failed to suppress the attention of the two new players. In the end, he took advantage of the trend for a wave of publicity. After this, everyone was full of expectations for WP’s first match of the autumn season.

They had been in second position for many years so WP always had a lot of sunspots on the Internet. On the day of the match, many people waited in the live broadcast room early, expecting to master first-hand black material.

WP’s luck really wasn’t good. In the first match, they met old giants and it made this first match a lot more difficult. Just as the online direction agreed that WP had little hope of winning after replacing almost half their team, WP ended up smashing their faces with an overwhelming victory.

The day’s MVP was given to Lin Yan. This little known newcomer used his absolute strength to make a strong counterattack against the doubts of the entire network. At the same time, Jing Yuanzhou on the side lane showed an absolutely strong fighting style to make everyone remember the name of Titans. There was no doubt that these two were vying for the title of Best Newcomer.

In the post-match MVP interview, Lin Yan looked indifferently at the camera. “The best newcomer actually isn’t important. At that time, I was playing around in the live broadcast room and just talked casually.”

The host wondered, “Can I understand the meaning of this as you think that the new players of other teams are actually strong?”

Lin Yan answered. “Of course. They can’t become professional players without strength. But…”

“But what?”

Lin Yan smiled and replied unceremoniously, “Of course, Titans and I are stronger.”

The host, “……”

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“[The front person isn’t wrong. One is top and the other is bottom. Isn’t this just right?!]”

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