CAMP: Chapter 192

Extra Five

A parallel time and space.

The WP Club’s base.

The training room on the second floor was silent with only the crisp sound of tapping on the keyboard and clicking on the mouse. In this atmosphere where they seemed to be training seriously, in fact, all the attention of the official players was in the reception room downstairs.

Their teammates had retired so their shooter and side-lane positions were empty. The previously trained second team members weren’t enough to replace the previous players. The management discussed it and suddenly released the news that they had signed two newcomers from outside.

Today was the first day when the new team members were coming to the base to report.

The door of the reception room was wide open. Looking from a distance, two figures could be seen on the sofa. Since it was their first time meeting, they maintained a sufficient safe distance.

Today wasn’t the first time Lin Yan had been in contact with the WP Club. As early as the youth training camp, the captain of WP, Zhang Anning had contacted him more than once. His multiple contacts made him have a good impression of the captain.

The interesting thing was that in the youth training camp, Lin Yan had played as a jungler. He didn’t expect that in the end, Zhang Anning told him that he wanted Lin Yan to play the shooter position in WP. Such an invitation did seem a bit absurd but after thinking about it, Lin Yan finally agreed to it.

So on the reporting day, he arrived at the WP base as previously agreed. At the same time, he saw the new player who was reporting on the same day as him.

The young man sitting on the other side of the sofa was well-dressed and had a modest and dignified demeanor. However, if one looked variously, it wasn’t hard to find faint resistance and vigilance.

The two people briefly greeted each other before falling silent.

Lin Yan secretly observed the other person before opening his mouth first. “Your ID is Titans, right? I heard Captain Zhang say you are strong. Why didn’t you consider joining the youth training camp before?”

Jing Yuanzhou took a sip from his water glass and replied, “I was going to report but WP contacted me so I didn’t go.”

He paused and glanced at Lin Yan. “What was your ranking in the camp?”

“I’ve only been there for less than a year. There is going to be a ranking competition soon but I won’t have time to participate after signing the contract today.” Lin Yan thought about it and wasn’t polite at all. “However, if I am still there, I should be number one.”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “That’s great.”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow. “Hey, what do you mean by this expression? If you don’t believe me, do you want to try a few rounds later?”

Jing Yuanzhou picked up the cup and took another sip. “I don’t believe it.”

The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth lowered even more. He was wondering if he should find a chance to teach a lesson to this guy with a bad personality when he heard the sound of footsteps in the distance.

He looked up and happened to see Zhang Anning entering with the club manager, Yan Hongbo. The words in Lin Yan’s mouth naturally changed. “Captain Zhang, you’re early? Did you come to send the contract to me?”

Zhang Anning had heard the bickering between the two people from outside the reception room. He glanced at Jing Yuanzhou and said, “After all, you are the people I picked up. I still have to take care of you. I wanted to introduce you to each other but now it seems like you’ve had a good chat. This saves me a lot of effort.”

Lin Yan gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “It is really a, good, chat.”

Jing Yuanzhou raised his eyelashes and didn’t talk.

Yan Hongbo’s job as team manager was to be responsible for all the affairs of the club. He was determined to get the new members settled as soon as possible and naturally wasn’t in the mood to gossip like Zhang Anning. He got straight to the topic. He took out the player contracts and handed them to the two people. “This is your professional contract. All the terms have been listed on it. Take a closer look. If there is no problem then formally sign it.”

Zhang Anning told them, “If you have any doubts then you can ask me. Of course, if anything doesn’t meet your expectations then you can bring them up while I’m here. I will strive to meet them as long as it is within my ability.”

Yan Hongbo silently kicked Zhang Anning. “Captain Zhang, what side are you on?”

Zhang Anning laughed. “It isn’t WP’s style to treat newcomers harshly. As a senior, I should take care of them.”

Yan Hongbo glanced at him. “Don’t worry, it is our WP’s style to treat people equally. The type of treatment the old players receive is also the treatment for newcomers. It absolutely isn’t lacking.”

Yan Hongbo wasn’t lying. The contract given by WP today wasn’t typical for newcomers. It was definitely great even compared with many old players in the league. Yan Hongbo thought this and couldn’t help glancing at the two young men who were signing it.

Being given this type of treatment was enough to show the club’s high expectations for the two new people. To a large extent, these expectations proved their strength.

Once the contracts were signed, Yan Hongbo took the completed contracts back to the office to enter them. Meanwhile, Zhang Anning took Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou upstairs to the team’s training room.

The moment they entered, they could feel all the gazes on them.

The WP players had said goodbye to two teammates one after another and had been a bit worried about the future of the team. At this time, they stared at the two young men who just entered and it wasn’t an exaggeration to say they wanted to see through these people on the spot.

Lin Yan couldn’t help lowering his head at this type of gaze. He cocked his head a bit doubtfully and asked Jing Yuanzhou, “Is there anything on our faces?”


Zhang Anning couldn’t help laughing slightly when he heard the conversation between the two people.

He gave a brief introduction to the team members before looking around and pointing to two positions on the inside. “Sit there. Our team is used to arranging practice as pairs. You will be practice partners so sitting closer is more convenient for communication.”

Lin Yan chose one of the positions to sit down in but he didn’t forget to ask Jing Yuanzhou’s opinion. “Shall I sit here?”

Jing Yuanzhou raised his eyes. “It’s fine.”

Lin Yan’s eyes skimmed over that face. Then he casually opened the game and asked, “Then play two games?”

Today, the WP team had only arranged training plans for the old players. The two new players had no tasks and had room to play freely.

In fact, Lin Yan usually lined up solo. He didn’t necessarily need to have someone accompany him to play. He just had a bit of interest in the strength of this person who joined at the same time as him.

Somehow, their conversation was heard by the jungler sitting in the opposite row. He suddenly stuck out his head from behind the screen. “Do you want to play together? How about 2V2?”

Obviously, Lin Yan wasn’t the only one interested in the strength of the newcomers. After all, they were picked up by Zhang Anning and the other players didn’t have any contact with them. The players were naturally curious about their new teammates.

Lin Yan was ready to answer when he heard Jing Yuanzhou’s voice coming from the side. “It’s fine.”

Then he asked Lin Yan, “What is your game ID? I’ll add you first.”

Lin Yan raised an eyebrow. “Eternal.”

This place suddenly wanted to play 2V2 and the attention of others were naturally attracted. The jungler looked around and his eyes fell on Zhang Anning. “Captain, together?”

Zhang Anning smiled and waved his hand. “No, I’m not interested.”

He didn’t say the words ‘I’m not interested in actively looking for abuse’ that he was thinking.

The jungler ended up teaming with the support while the newcomers Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou teamed up.

It took a while to adjust the buttons of the next computer. Next to them, Zhang Anning was getting ready to record a video.

2V2 was actually a custom mode inside a self-contained game. Since there was no official statement, the rules were much more simple than a 1V1 solo game. Whoever took the lead in gaining five kills would win.

The veteran support player wasn’t very good at killing but the jungler-support linkage in WP always had a high tacit understanding. In order not to be known as ‘bullying new people’, the jungler secretly made eye contact with the support during the loading period, implying that it was enough to do a touch. Don’t play too much. After all, they had just joined the team. If they defeated the newcomers too badly, it would affect their future professional mentality.

Zhang Anning noticed the tacit communication between teammates. He thought about it before deciding not to give a hint.

The first civil war since the new teammates entered the team started.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou had just met each other. They didn’t know the style of the other party so they chose to fight on their own.

WP’s jungler and support noticed the scattered action on the opposite side. They waited in the grass for a while and first wiped out nearly half of Lin Yan’s health.

Lin Yan escaped back to the defense tower and frowned. He was just about to mutter a few sentences when he found a shadow flashing out from the side and heading straight to the place where the two opponents had ambushed him.

Lin Yan saw that Jing Yuanzhou was ready to grab the two and had a bad feeling. He suddenly yelled in the team’s voice channel. “Don’t be impulsive. Leave one head for me!”

Fortunately, the two people opposite were wearing headphones and couldn’t hear him. Zhang Anning watched the battle and couldn’t hold back his laughter. However, even without hearing the dialogue, WP’s jungler and support quickly found that the situation wasn’t good.

The first wave of ambush didn’t give them a big advantage as expected. On the contrary, it seemed they had stimulated the other side. Within half a minute, they experienced a wave of counterattacks.

The first and second heads in this game broke out one after another. One blood fell in Jing Yuanzhou’s hand while the support’s head was robbed by Lin Yan.

This was only the beginning. 2V2 was obviously a game that required tacit cooperation but these two newcomers played like there was a confrontation within the team. There was no plan to help each other at all. If the skills could cause damage to the teammates then it seemed they would even kill their teammate.

This was particularly obvious when the last head broke out. The helpless support was forced into a dead end and there was nowhere to go. He had to accept two big moves in a row. The ferocious energy couldn’t wait to blast him into ashes in place.

This kill was counted for Lin Yan. In the end, he won the 2V2 game without any suspense with a result of three heads in comparison to Jing Yuanzhou’s two. It was victory in all aspects, no matter whether it was facing the opponents or his teammate.

Lin Yan’s mood was obviously very good after winning the game. He took off his headphones and gently patted Jing Yuanzhou’s shoulder. “Your strength is good but your luck is a bit worse.”

Jing Yuanzhou gave him a noncommittal glance. “Line up as a pair?”


After the defeated jungler recovered from the shock of the bloody abuse, he saw that these two brothers had queued up together. He silently exchanged looks with the support and covered his chest. Then he secretly gave a thumbs up to Zhang Anning and mouthed in an exaggerated manner, “You have found two new beasts for our team!”

Zhang Anning smiled.

These words weren’t right. These two people would be the future of WP.

The author has something to say:

It is probably the setting where God Jing entered the same team to fight beside Lin Yan.

There is no memory connection. It is a pure parallel world.

Proofreader: Nao


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Aww, this is a cute what-if story.

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Canon AUs will never not be chef’s kiss

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Loving this parallel verse where they’re two monster rookies

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These kinds of AU extras should always be a little longer

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Noooooo, I want more of this parallel world. They would be great partners and if that certain situation still happens. There’s a possibility Lin Yan won’t get PTSD since he has Jing Yuanzhou to share the burden and may continue to play until their retirement. This will not get out of my mind now ToT

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So LY never explained the reason for his PTSD and his previous world to JYZ? I thought JYZ might ask about the PTSD trigger after JYZ noticed something when LY had fever.. but it’s also like JYZ not to ask when LY himself didn’t mention

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