CAMP: Chapter 191

Extra Four

The recording scene of the second season of Burning Hot Assembly.

The staff were coming and going.

The champions of the first season, GH, had reached the top of the World Competition so this online e-sports show no longer had the original mockery. Instead, there was an expectant attitude shown toward all participating teams in the new season.

Perhaps it was to create a gimmick but in addition to the secondary league teams like the previous season, a brand new team that no one had heard of emerged out of thin air. This sudden appearance made it difficult not to think of the GH team who appeared at the beginning and was criticized.

As the special guest of this season’s first episode, Lin Yan sat in the lounge in front of the makeup mirror, raising an eyebrow as he watched the makeup artist fiddle with his hair. Next to him, Jing Yuanzhou had finished his makeup and was sitting on the sofa playing with his phone.

Lin Yan glanced at the man behind him through the makeup mirror and deliberately lengthened his tone a bit. “That… is there any water?”

Before the staff could respond, Jing Yuanzhou knew who this sentence was for and laughed. He looked up at someone’s back before picking up the paper cup next to the dressing table. Then he went to the water dispenser, filled it and gave it to Lin Yan.

Lin Yan was in a good mood as he drank it. Then he suddenly remembered something. “Right, did you see everything the director delivered? The data I collect every day is large enough and I really don’t want to look at information any longer. Please remember it a bit more and cue me when it is a process that needs to be met.”

“I didn’t read it.” Jing Yuanzhou was very calm. “There is no need to look at it. In any case, it’s just a variety show process. If we need to do something then just deal with it.”

Lin Yan thought about it and nodded. “That makes sense.”

The conversation between the two of them fell into the ears of the makeup artist and the hairspray in his hand shook slightly. How to say it… as expected of senior guests from the first season of the show. Just the words ‘deal with it’ sounded quiet, cough, majestic!

Soon, the internal and external preparations were all completed. The audience entered and the entire venue was buzzing.

The staff guided them and Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou came backstage. In the distance, they could see a few familiar secondary league teams waiting there. There were many old faces. Lin Yan didn’t hold back and greeted them very warmly.

On the stage in front, the host gave introductions and the teams participating in the show entered one after another, causing a burst of screams from the fans in the audience.

Lin Yan watched from backstage and inevitably felt some emotions. “Yes, remember when we first participated in the recording? The fans of those teams were so enthusiastic that the brats were envious!”

Jing Yuanzhou looked at him and spoke very cooperatively. “Then?”

Lin Yan laughed. “Of course… all the teams were beaten by us. In the end, it was our GH team who had the last laugh at the World Competition!”

Jing Yuanzhou glimpsed the staff member coming, cleared his throat and gave a reminder. “Pay attention to your image.”

Lin Yan saw the people coming to remind them to play and immediately controlled the arc of his mouth.

The front was already hot. All the participating teams had been introduced and the audience’s attention was completely focused on their expectations for the special guests.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou took to the stage in front of everyone’s expectant eyes. The lights came up and almost made Lin Yan unable to open his eyes. Jing Yuanzhou moved to the side to help block the lights for Lin Yan. Then they walked to the center of the field together.

Since the news had been released for a long time, apart from the fans of the participating teams, there were also many GH fans and Parents CP fans. Jing Yuanzhou’s extremely natural move caused a burst of screams.

In the end, the staff used all of their strength and finally managed to control the restlessness at the scene.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou glanced at each other and couldn’t help smiling.

Today wasn’t just Jing Yuanzhou’s first public appearance as a coach after his retirement. It was also the first time he and Lin Yan had officially appeared together in the public eye after coming out. It wasn’t surprising that it caused such an effect.

The host saw that the scene was on the verge of an explosion and in a rare manner, the host stopped. Then he opened up the topic. “I believe that everyone is familiar with today’s two invited guests. Please follow me in calling out their names.”

“Coach Lin, God Jing, Coach Lin, God Jing—!”

At the same time, some small voices were mixed in. “Mom Lin, Dad Jing, Mom Lin, Dad Jing—!”

The host, “…”

It was just a brief pause and the host professionally retained the smile on his face. He cued Lin Yan according to the process. “I still remember in the recording of the first season of Burning Hot Assembly, Coach Lin was sitting on the sofa with the players. Now you are back after so long. Do you have any special feelings?”

Lin Yan gripped the microphone in his hand. “Ah, my feelings… it is nothing. I just feel that this year’s scene is more gorgeous than the first season. To be honest, how much funding was adding to the crew due to our GH winning the championship? It is obviously a lot!”

The host had read the process card several times and there was no such speech on it. He choked up.

Lin Yan patted the big brother’s shoulder and smiled. “There is no need to thank us. Just increase the fee a bit.”

The host took two deep breaths and turned to Jing Yuanzhou for help. “God Jing, is there anything you want to say besides the attendance fee?”

Jing Yuanzhou thought about it. “No, Coach Lin said what I’m thinking.”

The venue was suddenly filled with the chants of ‘Parent’s Love.’

The host controlled the urge to reach for quick-acting heart pills and rigidly pulled the process back. He quickly entered the first part of this episode. “Hahaha. The two of you are as humorous as ever, just like the first season! Then please take your separate seats. You are the special guests of this episode and the demon kings. Be sure to be good gatekeepers!”

Lin Yan hadn’t looked at the specific process but at the staff’s guidance, he sat blankly at the gaming chair prepared on the stage. Then he saw the display interface on the computer screen and finally understood it.

The host also introduced the content very fluently.

To put it simply, Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou would act as the level’s boss and take on 1V1 challenges from this season’s teams.

During the challenge, the teams could assign players in turn. They had the priority to choose the hero and the guest had to choose the same hero to fight against the player. If the challenger won, his team would accumulate 1 point. If the challenge was defeated, no points would be counted. Finally, once the team’s six challenge opportunities were used up, the team with the most points would enjoy relatively favorable rules in the next elimination round.

They all knew that Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou were good at different positions. Although the rules stipulated that the six challenge opportunities must be divided between the two of them, it was obvious there were different opinions about which hero to use against the defending demon king.

Lin Yan was very interested in this type of play.

He saw that the teams dispatched their mid-laners and side-lane players to challenge him while the junglers and shooters went to Jing Yuanzhou and a hint of interest flashed in his eyes. He happily accepted the challenge.

The 1V1 on the two challenge stages occurred simultaneously. The host stood in the center and adjusted the atmosphere while acting as the live commentator.

A few rounds passed in the blink of an eye. The atmosphere of the scene was completely raised by the fierce games so the host was dumbfounded when he heard the words of the director over the headset. Then he finally realized.

He looked at the statistics on the field. Apart from Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou whose data as the boss group skyrocketed, the data of the other participating teams always remained at zero. This also meant that until now, it didn’t matter how confidently the challengers came with the heroes they were best in. They were all defeated by the two people on the stage.

If it was the same position then it was fine.  However, seeing the side-laners being chased by Lin Yan while the shooters had their heads taken away after several long-range sniper shots by Jing Yuanzhou, the audience gradually fell silent.

Wasn’t it said that since GH became the world champions, Burning Hot Assembly had become the symbol of future hope in the e-sports circle? But this scene… no matter how they looked at it, the more desperate they felt?

In the host’s headset, he could hear the director behind the scenes going completely crazy. “Isn’t it clearly written on the schedule that these two shouldn’t use 100% of their strength? Letting go of one or two points is fine. What is the current situation? Didn’t you send the information?”

The staff member looked innocent. “I sent it… I promise I sent it…”

The director shouted, “Then how can it be like this? All members having zero points? How can we record the later part of the show?”

The makeup artist who organized his toolbox and was passing by heard the director’s hysterical roar. He knew the truth and left with a look of sympathy. It had been sent but unfortunately, they didn’t look at it at all!

On the stage, Lin Yan obviously didn’t know he was going to force the director to death. He played so many games on the field and felt the operations of his hands gradually heating up.

Hey, don’t say it. This mode was really fun!

Lin Yan cocked his head slightly and he raised his eyebrow as he glanced at Jing Yuanzhou on the other side of the stage.

In any case, it was impossible to lose points. He couldn’t lose to his boyfriend on such a public occasion! After all, public status was very important!

[End of the variety show]

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