CAMP: Chapter 190

Extra Three

Upon returning to the base in China, Wuhoo was still a bit grumpy about the training matches they played with GH before the finals.

At first, he hadn’t felt much. Then he looked back and felt it was wrong. “Hey, I just remembered now. Why do so many top players have to accompany them in a training match? At that time, I felt there was something weird I hadn’t figured out. In this situation, shouldn’t the manager charge GH some training fees?”

Come laughed. “You didn’t play anyway. I just went there and played a few games casually. It isn’t necessary.”

“That is the problem.” Wuhoo had just returned from the attending doctor. He carefully supported his wrist and the more he thought about it, the more he felt it was wrong. “The PPA who played the shooter position is the substitute for GH, right? Thinking about when I was a newcomer, I don’t seem to be treated so well as to have a demon king come to support me?”

Come coughed. “I really don’t think it is anything big.”

“Still, I think there is something wrong.” Wuhoo frowned and emphasized. “You are my support!”

Come looked up. “You know now that I am your support? When I asked you to take a good rest earlier, why didn’t you know how to listen to advice? Have you ever thought that if you don’t look after your hands well, I will have to find a new shooter to play the bottom lane together!”

Wuhoo became sluggish at the words and his anger relented a lot. He lowered his voice and muttered softly, “I already know I was wrong… Moreover, I was so desperate in order for our team to get a good result. What do you mean by find a new shooter to play the bottom lane together?”

He paused and his brow furrowed. “You are shameless enough to say this. Surely you haven’t wanted to do this a long time ago?”

Come usually put on contact lenses when he went out. There was no competition this time so he wore gold framed glasses for daily use. Now he gently pushed it up with his fingers.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so he simply followed the words. “Whether I change partners or not depends on whether you take care of yourself more. If you continue without any measures as before, your hands will fly away. Even if I don’t want to change, I can’t help but choose a new partner.”

Wuhoo silently watched Come for a while before withdrawing his gaze. “Look at my performance and you will never want to change partners in your life! You heard what the doctor said just now. The diagnosis results have come out. As long as I follow the doctor’s instructions and receive the treatment well, I will be able to return to the field vigorously.”

Come raised his eyebrow in a non-committal manner. “I hope so.”

If Wuhoo was really willing to be obedient, how could he secretly train to the point where his originally very simple hand injury developed to the present point?

The two of them walked side by side to the training room. At a glance, they saw people surrounding the central computer.

Wuhoo wondered, “What are you looking at?”

The other members of Three raised their heads after hearing the sound. They didn’t rush to answer and asked in unison, “You’re back! How is it? What did the doctor say?”

“I’ve seen it. Don’t worry, the doctor said he didn’t hurt my muscles and bones and I’ll be fine.” Come knew that everyone was very concerned about the injury after the World Competition and concisely answered. Then he repeated Wuhoo’s question just now. “What are you looking at?”

Everyone’s worries were completely put down after knowing that Wuhoo’s hand didn’t have a big problem.

Three’s mid-laner returned his gaze to the computer screen. “You have been to the hospital these days and have probably forgotten. After playing the World Competition, it’s the all-stars match. The official website has just released it. Now the major cubs are actively doing PR to canvass for votes. Take a look. It is fun.”

Wuhoo leaned forward curiously. “It is a very fierce fight! Where is our club? Have they promoted our double lane duo well?”

“What votes do you want to draw? Do you think your hand isn’t seriously injured enough?” Come heard this and couldn’t help raising his eyebrow. “For this type of entertainment project, have the manager tell the organizer that we won’t participate this year.”

“No, why won’t we participate? There are no supports that are a match for you. Your quota is stable. Why won’t you go?” Wuhoo instructed his teammates to cut to the interface of the support position and he instantly saw Come topping the votes. “Look, it is directly five times second place. You have everyone’s expectations. God C, the fans will cry if you don’t go.”

Come looked down. “Then ask if you can be excluded yourself.”

“That is even worse.” Wuhoo raised his tone a bit. “You just said that you wanted to find a new shooter partner. I have to pay close attention to you in the all-stars match.”

The moment he spoke, the Three players turned their heads in shock. “Is our team going to sign a new shooter?”

Come, “……”

After a long pause, he let out a sentence through his headache. “No. Don’t listen to Wuhoo’s nonsense.”

Wuhoo laughed. “To prove that I’m talking nonsense, don’t interfere with our twin stars going to the all-star game.”

Come glanced at him and didn’t speak. He just turned around and left. Wuhoo saw Come’s expression like this and knew the joke was a bit overdone. He gave his teammates a look before hurriedly following.

Judging from Come’s route, he was clearly heading to the dormitory. Wuhoo followed him step by step, occasionally glancing at the bright weather outside. He squinted slightly at the harsh sunlight and his usual sloppy appearance was diminished a lot. The two of them didn’t speak to each other and fell into a long silence.

Come was passing by the corner of the stairs and reaching for his key when he heard the person behind him suddenly let out an ‘ouch.’ He reflexively rushed to Wuhoo, carefully holding up his hand. “Where does it hurt?”

There was no answer for a long time. Come looked up and met a pair of smiling eyes. “……”

He had fallen for this man’s trick again.

Come made an unhappy expression and he whispered, “Don’t make jokes about this type of thing in the future.”

Wuhoo looked innocent. “I wasn’t joking. I just wanted to touch the key but I accidentally ran into it. I’m not pretending. You saw how much it hurt during the morning treatment.”

It was true but at the mention of the morning treatment, the image of Wuhoo’s white face in pain flashed through Come’s mind and the corners of his mouth fell even lower.

“If you know it hurts then have a good rest and don’t torment it so much.” Come was turning to leave when he heard the person behind him say ‘ouch’ again. His steps stopped and his voice was full of helplessness. “What do you want?”

“I don’t want to do anything.” Wuhoo glanced at his captain’s face with a smile. He moved closer and his tone softened a lot. “I just want to tell you something. Maybe there are many things I didn’t pay attention to. However, after this year’s World Competition, I really have a sense of measure. Luni and DeMen have retired one after another. I was really uncomfortable when I saw the news and realized the importance of a good partner in this game. I want to keep playing all the time. How can I joke about my career so easily?”

Come was caught by Wuhoo’s gaze and his expression gradually became less stiff with these words. “Now that you know this, listen to me. Go to the manager and have him contact the official league…”

Wuhoo interrupted the following words. “You know that I am afraid of pain and I’m afraid of ending my career prematurely. So during this period of time, I will be very obedient and cooperate with the recuperation. The all-stars game is more than a month later. The doctor only said not to do too much training in the next month. At that time, it shouldn’t be a big deal to participate in an entertainment game, right?”

Wuhoo looked at Come’s face and tempted him, “I won’t be able to touch the game for so long. Can’t you satisfy my simple request? In addition…”

Come seemed a bit shaken. “In addition what?”

Wuhoo looked up calmly and gave a casual smile. “I think that with my possessiveness, I really don’t want to see you protect other shooters.”

He suddenly whispered, “Isn’t it enough to protect me?”

Come, “……”

In the end, he still failed to hold to his bottom line and was defeated. He reached out to push up his glasses and slowly let out a sigh. “You alone is enough to torture people. I really don’t want to try a second one.”

Wuhoo wondered, “So what does that mean?”

Come turned around and opened the door, leaving one last sentence before going through. “I will look at your performance. If I find that you don’t cooperate with the treatment scheduled, I will contact the official competition committee.”

Wuhoo gleefully whistled. “Don’t worry. I promise to complete the tasks.”

[Third extra finished.]

Proofreader: Nao

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all of the side pairings are too cute my heart-

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