CAMP: Chapter 19 Part 2

The newly released official promotional photos were quickly posted online. The sunspots who had been criticizing the GH Club for acting mysteriously were temporarily blocked. There was no other reason. They could only say that they had never seen such a pure and unpretentious official club post.

[@GH Club V: Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. It is because we only completed the signing of all the players a few days ago. This morning, we took the players to take promotional photos the moment the team uniforms arrived. Here are the beautiful photos that had been freshly released for less than an hour. I’ve picked a few photos that haven’t been touched up. Take a look. #Photo #Photo #Photo…]

The netizens laughed at the content of the official post. Only signed all the players a few days ago? If they remembered correctly, the lineup for Burning Hot Assembly was just released? This meant that when the club signed up for the show, it was still an empty shell. What gave them the courage?

The sunspots might be late but they were never absent.

[A rough team is a rough team. I suddenly doubt the origin of these players.

[They can even sign BB. Can’t you see the management style?]

[Is it okay for me to hug the Buddha? I seem to be frantic before the exam.]

[What to do if I feel a bit grounded? Hurry up, come and wake me up!]

[Just signed the players, ordered team uniforms and took promotional photos. I don’t know what to say except 666.]

[What is the full name of GH? Go Home? Won’t this cannon fodder team really be hammered? Is this preparing for a round trip home for the variety show?]

[How can it be cannon fodder? They have Titans. One against five is completely stress free. GH aims to be the champion of the World Competition, okay!]

[Hahaha, the yin and yang people upstairs.]

GH’s second official Weibo post was released and there were thousands of comments per minute. Most of the traffic was brought by Titans and BB. However, as the number of comments increased, the details quietly changed.

[Wuuuuuu, my husband is still as handsome as ever.]

[F*k, I didn’t notice it until now. All the photos that have been sent out haven’t been retouched? The beauty of this time is too strong!]

[This person with the close-cropped hair and the scar is a bit handsome. Is he the jungler? His blind sniping style must be fierce.]

[That grandma grey boy seems to have slightly red ears. Hahaha, he is blushing after taking a promotional photo. Isn’t he cute?]

[Titans is really the captain. This face, these legs, I love it.]

[Is the player second on the left really a trainee who was picked up to make up the numbers? This stinky face is truly sensational!]

[What is with all the love-struck fools popping up upstairs? E-sports relies on strength. What can be eaten with just the face?]

[I can’t see that the GH team is playing games. Isn’t this preparing an e-sports men’s idol group?]

[Will it be freestyle? An opening show?]

[There isn’t much else to say. Please make your debut!]

[There isn’t much else to say. Please make your debut!]


[There isn’t much else to say. Please make your debut!]

In just a few hours, the black fans were desperately blackening the comments area. On the other hand, a new group of fans were wildly praising them.

After all, the strength of Titans and BB were well known but not much was known about the other three. After a long period of time, publicity of an e-sports team was released and it gave people the impression that a men’s idol group was making their debut.

Luo Mo saw everything and inevitably fell silent. He had obviously asked many colleagues for experience in advance in order to manage the team well. So why was the style still completely wrong? At what step was the problem? Or did he have more potential to be an entertainment agent?

Lin Yan seemed to be very satisfied with the effect of this publicity. “In any case, our team has absorbed a stable fan base. So in the next show, we must perform well and not disappoint everyone’s expectations of us, you know?!”

Bi Yaohua raised his hand. “Yes Coach, I have a problem.”

“Say it.”

Bi Yaohua pointed to the discussion content of the official Weibo and asked sincerely, “How do you feel any expectations from these comments?”

Lin Yan reached out a finger and swiped on the screen. Then he lightly tapped on a new entry at the end of the hot search list. “Isn’t this obvious enough.”

Bi Yaohua’s gaze shifted a bit.

#GH idol boy group, please debut#

His mouth moved and he finally squeezed out a few words in an amazed manner. “…Is this okay?”

Lin Yan patted Bi Yaohua on the shoulder. “Didn’t you say it yourself? Black fans are also fans. They follow you step by step and keep blackening you! In that case, can’t they be regarded as fans? Be confident. Regardless of girlfriend fans or boyfriend fans, they really like your face, okay?”

Bi Yaohua, “……”

It was the first time he had been encouraged to be confident.

Lin Yan’s [tn content=”chicken soup”]feel good motivational stories. This term is often used disparagingly because the stories don’t really change people’s lives[/tn] continued. “So it doesn’t matter if they are after your flesh, body or technique. Don’t doubt that it is all love!”

Bi Yaohua was silent for a moment as he was completely persuaded. “Coach, your words… really make sense!”

Lin Yan was satisfied with this education of love and clapped his hands. “So what are you doing? In order to meet the love of GH’s fans, hurry up and go practice!”

The assistant coaches and data analysts had been on duty these days. The recording time of Burning Hot Assembly was approaching and there wasn’t much time left for them to train.

Everyone had received their training schedule previously but they didn’t have time to get together for group training. At this time, they logged into their accounts and quickly lined up as five. Everyone’s ID had been uniformly and neatly changed to the team format and it seemed they had finally gained a sense of formality. They gave this practice team a very grounded name: Home Team.

Headphones hung around Lin Yan’s neck as he watched the game. He grabbed the headset from time to time to say something. He was always holding a notebook in his hand so he could record at any time and anywhere.

It usually took a lot of time for a team to get used to each other but GH’s training in the afternoon went very smoothly. After all, everyone had strength. The team was just established and the opponents they could be ranked against were low. They won several games in the blink of an eye.

By the time Lin Yan announced that the group training was over, it was already 10 o’clock in the evening. Looking out the window, only a patch of dappled light was left.

Bi Yaohua sat down and relaxed his muscles and bones. He looked at the eight game winning streak and couldn’t help saying, “It is comfortable with strong teammates. The entire process is like cutting vegetables. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed every game like this. I punched through the bottom road.”

Gu Luo added from next to him, “I also punched through the middle lane.”

Jian Ye couldn’t help reminding him. “That’s because you have Brother Gun to safeguard you. You can release your crazy output under my watch.”

Just now, it had been a complete crushing. Chen Yushen didn’t have a chance to play as a jungler or even gank. He almost drifted aimlessly like a ghost in the jungle. At this time, he listened to their conversation and didn’t say anything. He just sighed quietly.

Lin Yan had sorted out the previous records in the blink of an eye. He saw them sitting there chatting and quickly made a decision. “I know that it’s still early from your bedtime. Since you have nothing to do now, I’ll give you a project.”

The team members looked up. “What project?”

Lin Yan took a look at the time. “From now on, [tn content=”last hitting”]Last hitting= landing the killing blow on the soldier/minion. This will allow you to earn gold and experience[/tn] training will last for two hours. It will be disbanded on time at midnight.”

Among all the training projects, the practice of last hitting soldiers was undoubtedly the most boring. The thought of lingering with these soldiers for two hours caused everyone’s faces to collapse.

“Our team was established late and there isn’t much training time left. Therefore, we have to start from the beginning.” Lin Yan was never vague when arranging tasks and he didn’t forget to remind them with a smile, “Remember to start the video. I will check them one by one. If I find that someone is missing one second then they will have to make up for it with three more hours tomorrow.”

The moment he spoke, everyone quickly sat back in front of their computers.

Jian Ye thought about it and couldn’t help asking, “Brother Yan, as a support, do I also have to practice it?”

Lin Yan didn’t raise his eyelids. “Practice, of course practice. What if one day, you encounter a strong opponent and our shooter is tortured to death by them and is waiting for resurrection or on his way back from resurrection? The output is dead 80-90% of the time. Who will the economy be left to? Should it be given to the opponent’s soldiers?”

Bi Yaohua, “…Why use the example of a shooter? As a senior shooter, I feel offended.”

Lin Yan smiled. “It’s my problem. Let’s assume the dead person is a mid-laner.”

Gu Luo who was suddenly shot by a gun while lying down, “?”

“Hum hum, okay, hurry and train.” Lin Yan turned to look at Jing Yuanzhou. “Captain Jing, you don’t need to practice. Follow me to the meeting room.”

The other four heard this and couldn’t help looking up enviously. This gaze was like looking at a special student receive preferential treatment.

Lin Yan glanced at them. “Don’t look. Wait until the day you have several world championships and I will also give you these privileges.”

Everyone, “……”

Still taking such a personal attack? They were going to train and practice last hitting the soldiers, goodbye!

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1 year ago

Loving Lin Yan poisonous mouth.

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I’m a bit worried about Chen Yushen 🥺 It looks like he hasn’t quite found a place to fit into yet