CAMP: Chapter 186

The parties dropped a heavy bomb that exploded the entire network and then fled. The group of crazy GH fans didn’t have time to digest the joy of their team winning when they were shocked by this news.

In the few minutes after Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou came out publicly, the news topped the hot search headlines. Immediately below this were other tricky news of the two people in the past and the attention they received was close to the traffic of the entertainment industry.

Many netizens didn’t believe in evil and couldn’t believe that these two people could be so hard-hearted and indifferent.

Tens of thousands of people waited online, trying to ask for a specific response to this coming out event. As a result, they waited until daybreak and got no sleep all night, only to painfully determine that they were really upset by these two ‘scumbags.’ If there was anyone to blame then blame the fans for thinking incorrectly about the broad-mindedness of these two people’s hearts.

There had been a tight schedule and rhythm for so long. Everyone in GH had been waiting for the moment they won the world championships. Last night, they got the trophy and all their hard work had paid off. the thread in their hearts completely loosened and they finally listened to their body’s fatigue.

After taking a shower and falling asleep, Lin Yan was really tired. By the time he woke up, it was the next afternoon.

Lin Yan opened his eyes and happened to see Jing Yuanzhou getting ready to get up. This was obviously long past the normal exercise time. Then Lin Yan thought about the previous exhausting period and completely understood.

He exchanged ‘good mornings’ with Jing Yuanzhou and touched the phone on the bedside table. He was inevitably dazed after waking up. Lin Yan yawned as he logged into Weibo and through the water vapor, he saw the bombardment of messages and comments. The excessive number stunned Lin Yan for a moment. Then he finally remembered that he and his boyfriend did a big thing yesterday.

He rubbed his head and finally selected a few IDs that were familiar to him from the comments area, looking through their private messages.

[Ahhhhh, Coach Lin, are you really with Captain Jing? This is an official announcement, isn’t it? Right! Right!!!]

[#Photo. This is the scene of the championship. I took photos for you. Coach Lin, you and Captain Jing are really a super match!]

[As a Parents CP fan, I can die without any regrets, really!]

[Coach, how long have you been with Titans? So you specifically waited until after winning the championship to announce it? It’s understandable. Fortunately, you won. Otherwise if the result wasn’t good, this type of relationship can easily be used by those sunspots. You must always go well after getting together.]

[Crab crab crab crab, too sweet, I’m dead, too sweet, I’m dead!]

[Hello Coach, I am a Titans fan. I really liked him for a long time! It was distressing to always see him fighting hard on the field alone. Now that he is with you, his old fans respect his choice. I just hope you will treat him well. May you live a long and happy life together!]

Lin Yan couldn’t help laughing when he saw the last ‘may you live a long and happy life together.’

This matter was exposed and there was naturally no shortage of people fishing in troubled waters to try and do things. However, Coach Lin’s mentality meant he was naturally indifferent to such things. Competing with sunspots was a waste of time. In comparison, he just needed to know that many people were silently supporting them.

Jing Yuanzhou came out from the bathroom after washing up and saw Lin Yan’s mouth curving up high to the sky with one glance. He wondered, “What good thing happened to make you happy like this?”

Lin Yan looked up. “Now people all over the world know that we are together.”

Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t forgotten about last night’s action. “I know.”

“If you dare to let me down in the future, you will really be a big scumbag in everyone’s eyes.”


This overly calm attitude made Lin Yan’s teasing mood dissipate a lot. He moved his lips and couldn’t help asking, “You really aren’t worried at all?”

“What is there to worry about? What is there to talk about in regards to falling in love?” Jing Yuanzhou smiled and leaned closer, pressing Lin Yan against the pillow. “In any case, I’m not prepared to hide this from anyone. I will never disappoint you and it is even more impossible to do something that makes you unhappy.”

The distance between the two of them unknowingly shortened during the conversation.

He breathed from a short distance and it touched Lin Yan’s cheeks. “Tell me, where else can you find such a good boyfriend?”

A rush of heat poured in and Lin Yan felt his ears burn in an instant.

However, Jing Yuanzhou was obviously ready to advance. The moment their lips were about to touch, the cold mobile phone screen appeared between the two of them and stood the ambiguity brewing.

Lin Yan was extremely dry. He refused to look at Jing Yuanzhou as he held his phone. He flexibly retracted and drilled into the quilt, his voice very low. “You wait… I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

A smile flashed in Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. “I’ll wait for you. I’m not in a hurry.”


It was rare for the GH members to go to sleep early. They woke up one after another and found there had been a lot of noise on the Internet overnight. They originally wanted to ask the two parties involved. Then after gathering in the hall, they saw Lin Yan acting like nothing happened and couldn’t express it.

The group of people exchanged looks silently. They saw heartful admiration in their eyes. As expected of the captain and the coach. There was nothing to say about this mentality!

The return flight tickets were bought temporarily. In order to let the team members have more rest time without being affected, the club didn’t disclose the specific flight information. The group flew from South Korea to Ningcheng and went all the way back to the base.

The first thing they did was to find an eye-catching cabinet to show off the championship trophy from the global finals.

Lin Yan flipped through his phone’s calendar and announced the holiday arrangements while all the staff were there.

The end of the World Competition meant they officially entered the off season. The whole team had been working hard for so long under the high intensity training. It was indeed necessary to relax and adjust.

Lin Yan was the boss behind the scenes and wasn’t polite when he needed to do something. He simply approved of the leave.

The entire club was instantly shrouded in a cheerful atmosphere. The brothers Jian Ye and Jian Ning didn’t even open their suitcases. They just dragged them straight out and set off for home.

Lin Yan first approved the holiday with the identity of the boss. Then he didn’t forget to send warmth to his boyfriend. During the time when no one was paying attention, he gently touched Jing Yuanzhou with his elbow and whispered, “We are all on holidays. Do you want to come home with me?”

The two of them had come out of the closet to Father Lin and Mother Lin last time. Thus, he used the term ‘home’ in an extremely natural way. In addition, Lin Song and Fang Xue had been flying all over the place these days. There were no elders at home so there was naturally no pressure.

Lin Yan had won the championship so he had a lot of time to cultivate his feelings with Jing Yuanzhou and live a shameless and happy life.

How could Jing Yuanzhou not understand Lin Yan’s mind?

He saw his boyfriend that almost had the words ‘I’m greedy for your body’ written on his face and he couldn’t help laughing. He was just about to agree when his phone in his trouser pockets abruptly rang.

He lowered his head and his smile froze slightly when he saw the call notification. Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t expected Yin Zhi to contact him at this time.

To be specific, after this woman remarried and had a new life, they hadn’t seen each other for two years and three months.

Jing Yuanzhou fell out with his family mainly due to his irresponsible father, Jing Ming. His mother Yin Zhi originally had a weak personality and didn’t dare say too much. She just watched. Later, Yin Zhi couldn’t bear it and filed for divorce. She got a new family and apart from occasionally providing Jing Yuanzhou’s living allowance early on, there was basically no overlap.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t avoid Lin Yan and directly chose to answer. “Hello?”

Yin Zhi obviously wasn’t used to this type of conversation after so long. She intermittently spoke a few unimportant words before finally getting to the topic. “I saw the news. Congratulations on winning the championship.”

“Yes… thank you.”

Yin Zhi didn’t know how to deal with such a polite and restrained attitude. She expressed a few words of congratulations. Then after a moment of silence, she cautiously asked, “There’s no competition for the next period of time. Do you want to go home to see?”

Jing Yuanzhou finally felt a bit surprised when he heard this. “Go home?”

“Yes… your Uncle Su also hasn’t said it has been a long time since he saw you and he wants to see you.” Yin Zhi’s voice became lower and lower. Finally, she seemed to muster up the courage to say, “If your team’s coach is free then you can also bring him. Just… he has taken care of you for so long. I want to thank him.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s fingers holding the phone tightened a bit and he suddenly understood.

Yin Zhi had obviously seen more news than just them winning the championship. His weak mother mustered up her courage because she wanted to meet his boyfriend with her own eyes. In fact, there was nothing unforgivable between Jing Yuanzhou and Yin Zhi.

It was just that he ran away from home when he was young and energetic. He saw his parents who had already started new families and his reason made him not want to be a burden. Thus, he instinctively stayed away.

Over the years, Jing Yuanzhou gradually got used to being alone and he tacitly maintained this estrangement from his family.

Perhaps during this period, both sides had thought of breaking this annoying estrangement. It was just that after the early years, the silence turned things into a knot and no one could open their mouths.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t expect that in the end, it would be Yin Zhi who took the initiative to take this step.

He was silent for a moment. Then he met Lin Yan’s gaze and gave a low response. “Okay, we will go back next week.”

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