CAMP: Chapter 185

The moment the players on the stage took off their headphones, they were directly struck by the deafening cheers.

The hands that had just pushed to KING’s crystal couldn’t stop shaking slightly. After a long time, the feeling of tightness in their bodies slowly subsided. Under such a warm atmosphere, their thoughts were gradually pulled back to reality.

The young players whose senses finally returned couldn’t help their eyes becoming wet with excitement and they excitedly hugged each other on the stage.

Champions! They were the champions!

The image of the team members embracing each other was shown on the big screen through the camera. The audience had long been boiling over. All the fans of the Chinese division shouted the name of the team neatly and uniformly. “GH! GH! GH! GH—!”

Jing Yuanzhou was held tightly by the players. He watched the excited young faces and secretly moved some of his joints that were sore from the high-intensity operation. Then he also showed a smile.

Suddenly, he seemed to feel something. He slightly raised his eyes and saw a figure under the stage. Lin Yan stood in front of the steps with the flashing lights of the scene shining behind him. For a moment, it was as if the man was coated with a faint halo. Jing Yuanzhou was completely stunned when he saw it.

The other players vented their excitement. At this time, they noticed their captain’s line of sight. They looked back and their actions followed.

In this one moment, Jing Yuanzhou had already let them go and strode forward. Lin Yan’s eyes were bright as he opened his arms in the distance.

Thus, in the live broadcast of the global finals, netizens from all over the world saw the two figures on the big screen hugging each other tightly. This moment seemed like time was frozen. All that was left were the screams of the CP fans.

No one paid attention to KING who left sadly. All the lights and applause belonged to only the champions tonight.

In order to prepare for the award ceremony, the entire venue was plunged into chaos with the influx of staff members. It wasn’t until the ceremony began and the trophy rose from the middle of the field that golden rain fell from the ceiling.

All the members of the GH team of the Chinese division gathered in the center of the stage. They were the focus of the crowd’s attention as they raised their championship trophy up high.

The flashes from under the stage were dazzling. Tonight’s glory belonged only to them!

They came down excitedly from the podium under the guidance of the staff and what awaited them was the tedious interviews and media reception. It wasn’t until all this was over that they finally took their championship trophy and boarded the business car back to the hotel. They came far away to a foreign country. Wasn’t all their hard work for this moment?

On the way back, all the players were still immersed in the mood of winning and they seemed very quiet. It wasn’t until he was jolted after turning a corner that Bi Yaohua was shocked awake.

He pinched himself secretly and took a breath after the pain. “F*k, I won the championship! I won the championship! I won the championship in the first year after returning to the professional league. Brother Trash Talk is really awesome! Look, I really didn’t deceive people. Gold always shines! F*k, that son of a bit*h underworld team is the one who made me be mistaken!”

Gu Luo was originally carefully scanning the news. He heard this and affectionately agreed. “Yes, Brother Trash Talk is really awesome! You held the bottom lane steady against Flm, absolutely!”

Bi Yaohua had always accepted this type of praise very frankly. “That is natural!”

Chen Yushen, “……”

He was holding the championship trophy and trying to digest his emotions. Now after the few words between these people, he felt his mood being pulled back.

Jian Ye held his brother’s shoulder and laughed. “Shouldn’t the coach have the final say over who is awesome or not?!

The moment he spoke, everyone had a thought. The two people in the back of the car hadn’t seemed to have spoken since getting in. They looked back in unison.

Jing Yuanzhou had one arm propped up against the car window and he paused slightly under the uniform gaze. He felt the man instinctively preparing to withdraw his palm and Lin Yan directly grabbed it back under the velvet blanket. He provocatively rubbed the large palm while he chuckled as if nothing was happening. “It is really awesome, you are all awesome.”

The team members received the asked for praise and turned back contentedly. All eyes were removed but Lin Yan didn’t put away his playfulness. He scratched Jing Yuanzhou’s palm before sliding down little by little to massage the slightly callused fingertips.

After a high-intensity competition, this type of action was indeed helpful for alleviating the fatigue of the hands. However, currently Jing Yuanzhou and Lin Yan were a bit too close. The familiar and intimate touch came and seemed to pass into his heart. Finally, Jing Yuanzhou controlled the urge to push this person down right now.

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t bear it and held down the restless hand, whispering, “Don’t make trouble.”

Lin Yan’s smile slightly widened.


The match hadn’t ended too late that night but the title of champions was indeed too big. After going through the official processes after the match and returning to the hotel, it was approaching late at night without knowing it. Still, the time didn’t affect the fans’ celebratory mood at all.

By the time Lin Yan and the others returned to their rooms, Weibo had already been completely turned upside down. They accounted for five or six entries on the hot search terms alone.

Lin Yan glanced at it while lying on the bed. He smiled and read it to Jing Yuanzhou. “#Parents CP championship night spreading dog food all over the world#. You see, the hug went directly on the hot search.”

Lin Yan gave such a smile and his facial features completely brightened up. Jing Yuanzhou’s heart beat faster when he saw it. He couldn’t help pressing a hand against this man’s forehead and gently pushing him back down on the pillow. “If you like it then you can live on the hot search every day.”

Lin Yan lay down completely. He thought of such a scene and couldn’t help laughing. “Forget it. It’s better not to be too high profile when it comes to personal affairs like love.”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “Don’t be too high profile? Who was teasing me in the car just now?”

Lin Yan looked innocent. “Was there something?”

Jing Yuanzhou had no way to deal with this naughty attitude. “Are you so sure I won’t do anything to you today?”

“It’s a great day in which you won the championship. I can’t say anything.” Lin Yan saw that Jing Yuanzhou was really going to press down on him and gently pushed back. “You played four high intensity games. God Jing, aren’t you tired? Why don’t you go take a shower?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. He didn’t say anything and casually removed his bathrobe from the closet. He knew that Lin Yan must’ve found it. It was such a tense top-level game. After four rounds, there was indeed a vague feeling of his concentration being unable to keep up. It wasn’t unreasonable that the dividing line of a player’s golden age was before and after 23. Sometimes, the issues of age couldn’t be ignored.

After taking a shower, Jing Yuanzhou felt like a lot of the exhaustion in his body was washed away. He came out of the bathroom and instantly saw Lin Yan on his phone. It was the exact same posture as if he hadn’t moved at all.

Jing Yuanzhou wiped his wet hair with the towel hanging around his neck and walked over with some curiosity. “What are you looking at that you’re so focused on?”

Lin Yan was really focused. He seemed to come back to his senses only after hearing the sound. He fixed his gaze on Jing Yuanzhou for a moment before blinking slowly. “Previously, you said you would let me pick the couple profile pictures. Do you remember this?”

Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t expected this to be suddenly mentioned and replied, “Yes, I remember it.”

A smile flashed in Lin Yan’s eyes and he handed over his phone. “Then I want to change it to this.”

Jing Yuanzhou looked down and two chibi people entered his eyes. There wasn’t much explanation but it wasn’t difficult to identify the specific people based on the hairstyle and GH uniform on their body.

Regarding the Parents Love combination, the CP fans always had people doing fan goods. The one on Lin Yan’s phone was obviously one of them. It was clearly the scene where they embraced on stage after winning the championship tonight.

Jing Yuanzhou smiled slightly. “If you like it.”

That night, there was a lot of excitement in the professional player group. All the topics were basically centered around GH winning the championship. The heated discussions had been going on for so long but no matter how the players @ them, the two protagonists of the topic didn’t appear.

Just as someone was tirelessly preparing to continue to @ them, this person accidentally discovered that the two original profile pictures of SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star had changed in the blink of an eye.

The person directly took a screenshot and posted it in the group. [These people aren’t here. After all, it is the championship night. They seem to be busy with more important things!]

The professional players from various teams: [?]

Suddenly, no one wanted to talk to the two men. What was this? Changing to a couple profile picture to show off their love and career double harvest? They wanted to kill people. How could they be so blatant after winning the championship?!

Meanwhile, Lin Yan changed his WeChat profile picture and was very satisfied. He looked at it several times before finally noticing the messages in the group. “I just patronized the super chat. The group of players are shouting at us to show our faces?”

Jing Yuanzhou stopped Lin Yan’s move of going into the chat. “There’s no hurry. I also have an idea. Do you want to think about it?”

Lin Yan wondered, “What’s the idea?”

Jing Yuanzhou stared down at him. “Since you like this profile picture so much, why don’t we… change our Weibo together?”

He seemed to be asking casually but his words startled Lin Yan.

Changing the Weibo profile picture. He naturally knew what such a thing meant.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t say much and didn’t ask much. It seemed that as long as Lin Yan gave an answer, he would gladly accept it no matter what the decision was.

Lin Yan was quiet for a moment before clapping. “It sounds great!”

After making the decision, the two of them logged into their Weibo accounts and changed their profile pictures to the little yellow people hugging before re-submitting it. Then they shut off their phones, not caring about the fan circle that went completely crazy.

Wasn’t it just coming out of the closet? They should seize the occasion.

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Daring to Dream
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