CAMP: Chapter 184

Both Jing Yuanzhou and Gu Luo belonged to the type that were extremely strong existences in the lane. Originally, Yan would have come to gank from time to time to contain them. As a result, he was almost crushed by Chen Yushen at the start. He couldn’t take care of himself, let alone his teammates.

KING looked for several opportunities in succession but still couldn’t find anything. In the end, they could only be more cautious and try to stabilize the situation on the field as much as possible while allowing An Seungyeob on the bottom lane to have more room for development.

The top, middle and jungle had completely collapsed. This meant that An Seungyeob on the bottom lane became the only breakthrough opportunity for KING. An Seungyeob naturally knew this very well in his heart. However, Bi Yaohua opposite him was the shadow sniper in this round. He wasn’t good at dealing with such a shooter hero who liked insidious tricks.

There wasn’t the support to protect him so Bi Yaohua thoughtfully acted as a sniper from the rear. Once his ammunition was completed, he shrank under the defense tower and used ranged skills to interfere with An Seungyeob.

An Seungyeob was a top existence among shooters but there was nothing he could do against Bi Yaohua, a sniper. For every four or five shots, he would be hit by one or two shots. A weak defense hero like An Seungyeob easily had his health reduced and one more shot could directly have his life taken away by Bi Yaohua.

An Seungyeob naturally couldn’t afford to gamble on this type of thing that was too random. He could only find the time to go back to the city before hurrying back to the line. Yet even after careful planning of the timing, he would still inevitably lose a few soldiers.

Over time, even the economy of the bottom lane was inevitably widened. From an unknown point in time, the situation gradually turned one-sided. The audience really hadn’t expected it at all. The surprised people didn’t know if they should say that GH had adjusted their emotions too well or wonder if KING had lost their mentality after two consecutive losses.

They couldn’t figure it out but the atmosphere of the scene became more tense as the game progressed. The start was really bad but would KING let GH suppress them all the way to the end of the game?

Everyone knew that it was impossible! Once the game progressed to 18 minutes, all of the KING players disappeared from GH’s sights as if they had made an appointment. Simultaneously, the audience saw the dense killing intent around the bottom lane from a god’s perspective. They were ready to make a comeback around An Seungyeob.

Bi Yaohua had long felt this from his vision. KING had effectively used evasion while moving. From Bi Yaohua’s perspective, An Seungyeob was in front of him while the mid-laner, jungle and support suddenly appeared in the grass behind him and were eyeing him.

Chen Yushen didn’t find Yan in the jungle. He glanced at An Seungyeob and quickly gave a signal. “Be careful down the road.”

Bi Yaohua raised his big sniper rifle. He was indifferent on the surface but there were endless shouts in the voice channel. “Hurry, hurry! They are coming to mess with me!”

Jing Yuanzhou told him, “I have teleportation.”

Gu Luo quickly cleared the line of soldiers. He pretended to be on the road while also starting to hurry down. “I’m coming!”

They were presumably aware of the movements of GH so KING launched this wave of battle very decisively. Before Bi Yaohua had time to reload, he saw a group of people swarming out behind him, “F*k, how many are there to come and see the Trash Talk King?”

The sudden outbreak awakened the quiet canyon.

Bi Yaohua was almost stuck in a close call. He used an extreme flash to use a big move. Before dying, he released his full output and beat the tank side-laner until there was only a last trace of health left.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat’s heart jumped at such a scene. “BB had an amazing reaction speed! It is a pity that he is missing half an equipment or else KING’s side-laner would’ve died with him!”

“KING is really decisive in this wave. In this case, GH’s next tower will fall. Sure enough, KING directly pushed down the defense tower. Do they plan to continue pushing the second tower…” Commentator Cry Cry spoke up to here when she noticed KING’s movements and couldn’t help exclaiming, “This… are they planning to directly kill the abyss pioneer?”

“It is mainly because their vision in the upper half of the field allowed them to see that Abyss and Gun are still there. It isn’t impossible to play if there is only Gloy. It has started! KING is very fierce. Now the entire team is at the scene and their damage is really enough. They are fighting very fast. Can Abyss come in time? This position… I’m afraid that Gloy alone can’t hold them back, right?” Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat knew that KING getting the abyss pioneer’s buff at this time would mean the hidden danger of a comeback and his voice tightened a bit. “They really can’t let go of this boss. Look at Gloy’s appearance. Eh? Is he going to grab it?!”

The figure on the screen suddenly moved.

Commentator Cry Cry burst out, “He’s here! Gloy is here!”

Gu Luo was originally wandering around the grass in the jungle. Suddenly, the sharp blade in his hand flashed and he rushed directly into the pioneer’s lair.

Jing Yuanzhou’s voice came from the voice channel. “The ward.”

Facing the control throw at him, Gu Luo released a purification the moment he landed to be free of the control. He first set the ward position before reflexively using the abyss pioneer as a springboard to rush straight to An Seungyeob in the rear.

At the same time, his bloodthirsty skill was activated. The amount of health on his body started to surge up and down in a shocking manner under his output. The health of the abyss pioneer had dropped to only a quarter.

KING saw that the kill could soon be completed and their command was very decisive. Apart from the support who turned around to protect the shooter, the others were working hard to deal damage.

Just then, a blue-violet spiral light fell from the sky and landed at the position of the eye beside the abyss pioneer. A teleportation skill! As for who it belonged to, the identity was obvious.

KING’s expression sank and they shouted in unison, “Come on! We can’t let Titans steal it!”

Gu Luo relied on the blood-sucking effect to block two people. Meanwhile, the health of the abyss pioneer was about to end. The excessively fierce situation caused the audience to hold their breaths.

In the end, Gu Luo lived up to expectations and completed the containment. Without the main output of An Seungyeob, the abyss pioneer still had 15% health left by the time Jing Yuanzhou’s teleportation was completed.

The moment he landed, Jing Yuanzhou activated his big move without hesitation. The chains plunged heavily into the ground, tearing a trench of burning fire through the scene and steadily stopping the KING members.

Then a head-on collision drove KING’s jungler Yan out of the lair. Yan saw that the abyss pioneer’s health was continuing to fall due to the burning ground. He didn’t hesitate to turn around and use a flash. Then he landed a few more skills on the boss.

Far away under Gu Luo’s entanglement, An Seongyeon’s life was hanging by a thread but he didn’t forget to release a skill to force down the health. Yan didn’t dare relax a bit. He saw that the abyss pioneer’s health had fallen to 10%. He was just about to press the button for punishment when he was knocked into the air by Jing Yuanzhou.

His eyes looking at the big screen had long been sore and swollen but he didn’t dare to blink. His tense fingertips were stuck on the button. He was waiting for the moment he landed to release the punishment skill and collect the team buff.

This was obviously their only chance for a comeback. Once they missed it, the strong period of GH’s lineup would be ushered in. They couldn’t afford to lose it!

In the live broadcast rooms all over the world, countless people watched nervously. Yan’s figure was knocked into the air and slowly fell down. The moment he returned to the ground, the abyss pioneer fell down. The team buff arrived and a light flashed around all the members on the killing side.

However, it didn’t belong to KING. It was GH!

“Abyss has arrived! His meritorious service! He grabbed the abyss pioneer from Yan for the team!” Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat hadn’t recovered from the moment he saw Chen Yushen’s figure enter the pioneer’s lair. Now he saw that heads finally started to explode and he got up with excitement. “GH has resisted this wave of pressure! KING has lost the opportunity to fight back!”

The commentators’ voices were exhilarated. The arrival of Chen Yushen and Jian Ye meant the team battle turned around instantly. Before Gu Luo died, he successfully took away An Seungyeob’s head.

KING’s side-lane player had already been beaten into residual health by Bi Yaohua. Assisting in damaging the pioneer was his limit. He simply couldn’t play the role of a front row protection. He was chopped down by Jing Yuanzhou with an axe and Yan next to him couldn’t hold on any longer. A double kill appeared. As for the remaining mid-laner and support, they were harvested by Chen Yushen who entered the field later.

There was Jian Ye in the back as a perfect battery life. GH not only snatched the team buff with two sacrifices but they also wiped out KING. The battle ended and the calm was restored to the canyon.

The mood of the audience couldn’t calm down for a long time. Obviously, this time it wasn’t as simple as snatching the abyss pioneer from KING. It was completely snatching KING’s hope. GH took advantage of this wave of destruction and pushed through two defense towers straight to KING’s high ground.

The KING players resurrected one after another. They didn’t choose to press hard but rationally chose to defend. Yet it was this overly rational choice that completely denied KING their last chance to complete a comeback. No one could stop GH from going to victory when all members pressed forward in full condition.

Once the base crystal was shattered, the entire venue fell silent. Everyone stood up from their seats and thunderous applause broke out in an instant. The game ending time was 28 minutes.

Who would’ve thought that GH could really end the final showdown of the global finals in less than 30 minutes?! The old fans who watched GH come out of the variety show all this way couldn’t help crying with joy. They hugged each other and cried joyfully.

It was true! Just like their team name, they sent all their rivals to ‘Go Home!’ Tonight, the new kings ascended to the throne!

Proofreader: Nao

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1 year ago


1 year ago

I can understand the emotions of the old GH fans. Even though I was only reading this for 4 days, I saw and felt the growth of the team. It felt like I was also part of their world. I know that it is bound to happen but still Congratulations to GH on winning the World Championships 🍾🍾
And also thank you for a beautiful work on the translations 🍫🍫🍫🍫

1 year ago

Congratulations GH! YAYYYYYY!!!!

1 year ago

congratulations to the world champions!! ٩(^‿^)۶ is it time for a husband reveal? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
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