CAMP: Chapter 183

After winning the match point, Lin Yan greeted them and patted Chen Yushen on the shoulder. There was obviously nothing more that needed to be said at this time.

Their excitement was fully mobilized so the originally short rest period inevitably felt a bit longer. No one was talking in the lounge. Everyone had their eyes closed to rest. It wasn’t until the staff knocked on the door to remind them to come to the stage that they stretched their wrists and stood up.

Lin Yan picked up the notebook next to him and followed behind the team slowly. The restless sounds from the venue crossed the distance and were heard in the safe passage. It echoed in the corridor for a long time, hitting their hearts again and again. In this long period of silence, Jian Ye couldn’t help cursing and suddenly raised his voice. “Brothers, it is just one more game. F*k them!”

The staff member who followed didn’t understand Chinese and he looked up a bit blankly from the sudden move. Immediately after, the other people gritted their teeth. “Rest assured, we will definitely send them home!”

Two to one. The match had reached this point. There were two games remaining at most. However, if this game was won by KING and they were dragged to the final fifth game, the mental and physical exhaustion of the GH players would undoubtedly be pulled to the extreme.

Therefore, it was only by taking this point that they could completely avoid the long night. In any case, crush them!

In the midst of the public’s attention, the BP process officially began. Lin Yan didn’t go through his previous notes. Everything had been completely imprinted in his mind. His tone was calm. “First ban Griffin.”

From the end of the last game to now, he had been allowing these players to self-regulate. He first finished the banning options before leisurely asking, “Do you want to guess how KING will do the bans?”

It was currently KING’s turn to disable a hero. The countdown progressed and it could be seen that the opponent hadn’t made a decision for a long time. The GH players were nervously preparing for the battle but once they heard Lin Yan’s words, their attention was attracted.

Bi Yaohua had no clue. “Who cares about them. Let them ban who they like!”

Lin Yan smiled before explaining patiently, “The rhythm of KING has been almost completely disrupted in the last two games. In this game, they definitely want to stabilize the situation as much as possible. In order to prevent us from quickly attacking and making a mess of their formation, they are wary of all teleportation systems. The first one that needs to be banned should be the time guardian, Meng Lala.”

He had just spoken when, as if to prove his words, a familiar portrait appeared in KING’s banned list.

The GH members, “!!!”

Could this be guessed?

“We will ban Kang.” Lin Yan didn’t feel very surprised by the ending he had guessed. He finished the arrangement in seconds and glanced at the remaining two hero vacancies of KING as he continued his ‘commentary’ role. “Abyss’s Ritana was too aggressive in the last game. Yan has a habit of using tool heroes and he can’t allow himself to be restrained. If KING doesn’t want to be torn apart again in the group battle, they can’t help it.”

At the same time, there was the chime of a chain falling. The assassination ghost Ritana. This dim portrait was officially locked under KING’s banned list.

“They only have one spot left… the previous targeting of Titans proves that they are very cautious. They are even more reluctant to let go of him so this precious spot will still be given to the death wanderer.” Lin Yan continued the arrangement without any hurry. “In this case, we need to ban Pelia.”

Gu Luo in the third position obeyed the arrangement with a bewildered expression. Then he looked up and saw the death wanderer portrait appear in KING’s third banned position. The banning choices of both parties were all locked.

“How great. The lineup we trained a while ago wasn’t wasted.” Lin Yan smiled. “Okay, go and select the judgment titan.”

The others recovered as they thought of the result of their devil training a while ago and their eyes brightened. The moment the burly figure of the judgment titan appeared on the combat list, the outside noise couldn’t be heard but they could imagine the complete uproar in the audience.

Titans’ two famous heroes were the death wanderer and judgment titan.

The former might be more eye-catching with its absolutely high explosive output but anyone who followed him couldn’t forget the way that the judgment titan once destroyed the whole battlefield. The atmosphere of the venue was completely ignited and the final lineups of both sides were finally displayed in front of the public.

The BP session ended. Lin Yan didn’t forget to slow down as he left and he kindly waited for Song Cheng for a while.

The position in the center of the field was still some distance away from where they stepped down and this was enough for them to exchange a few words.

Lin Yan didn’t care about Song Cheng’s mood after his tactics were guessed. He shook this person’s hand with a humble expression. “I’m sorry, I let KING become a stepping stone on our way to become gods.”

Song Cheng’s hand was clearly stiff. “This can only be known after playing.”

Lin Yan laughed. “Don’t worry. It will be soon.”

Back in the team’s viewing area, he could see that Jian Ning was still firmly holding his uniform while staring at the big screen. His tension could be felt even without seeing his expression. Lin Yan walked to Jian Ning and sat down. He reached out and gently rubbed this kid’s hair. “Don’t worry, they are very strong.”

Such words were full of certainty.

It could be seen that Song Cheng had indeed worked very hard for KING’s deployment. Unfortunately, Lin Yan’s every move since GH entered the professional league was enough to confuse his sight.

It was undeniable that KING’s bans in this game were used well but how much effect could it show? All he could say was that this man had a too one-sided understanding of all the GH players.

In this game, it wasn’t just Jing Yuanzhou’s judgment titan. There was also Chen Yushen’s wilderness swordsman, Jian Ye’s shaman elf, Bi Yaohua’s shadow sniper and Gu Luo’s scarlet moonblade… every hero on the field was one they were extremely good at.

Once this lineup came out, they were destined to be invincible. The audience cheered fiercely as the game loading was completed and the battle officially started.

GH knew that KING wanted to regain the rhythm and naturally wouldn’t give them the opportunity. GH played ferociously from the start.

Chen Yushen left the high ground and directly went to KING’s wild area.

Jian Ye’s healing type of support had an obvious advantage in the opening period. The two sides relied solely on level 1 skills to fight each other but every time KING reduced Chen Yushen’s health by a certain amount, it was quickly restored. Yan didn’t have such a battery and couldn’t afford the consumption.

In desperation, he could only angrily retreat. He vacated the jungle area on this side and turned to the bottom lane. An economic gap was destined to be unavoidable. He could only try to prevent it from being pulled too far. In the absence of support from the jungler, the strength gap in the top lane would inevitably be exposed again.

In the next short period of time, the middle and top lanes blossomed. The killing announcement of the system echoed throughout the canyon.

Gu Luo and Jing Yuanzhou both completed a solo kill and the first drop of blood fell into Gu Luo’s hands. Since then, GH once again completely opened the advantage in just five minutes.

They just had to win this game to get the final victory. All the GH members naturally held their breaths but no matter how excited they were inwardly, they didn’t forget to suppress their emotions appropriately. They steadily and precisely operated every step on the field.

At this time, whether it was the e-sports fans of the Chinese division or the emotional commentators, they were all full of endless expectations for this game.

Out of his awareness of possibly giving out ‘poisonous milk’, Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat considered his words and analyzed it as objectively as possible. “To be honest, GH took all the heroes that they are good at in this game. However, this lineup is really a bit too early. The two heads in the middle and top just now have stabilized the situation but it isn’t quite enough. KING’s lineup will enter their strong period after 30 minutes. The key is to see if GH can stabilize and completely cut off KING’s last chance before that.”

Lin Yan sat in the audience and his phone screen was showing the barrage in the live broadcast room. The voice of the commentators in the live broadcast room entered his ears through the earbuds while his gaze fell calmly on the screen in the middle of the field.

This game had the final lineup they completed when they faced the demon king training team. In the last few training games after mastering it, the duration of each game never exceeded 30 minutes.

Lin Yan’s eyes lowered slightly and his lips curved. He spoke in a low murmur that seemed to be a response to the air. “Something like an opportunity doesn’t exist.”

Proofreader: Nao

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