CAMP: Chapter 182

The official commentators were still a bit surprised as the game started.

Brother Rabbit Hat had just talked about Chen Yushen’s performance when GH directly took out the jungler core tactics. It felt like his face was on fire as he instantly became hot. Still, it was as the saying went. As long as he didn’t feel embarrassed, embarrassment couldn’t catch up with him.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat cleared his throat and put on an ordinary posture like nothing had happened. He started to analyze the current arrangement on the field. “The assassination ghost Ritana is a hero that has only been played in the single digits in this year’s professional league, right? GH actually chose to play it in the finals. In some respects, they are really daring.”

“If GH doesn’t dare do it then I guess no team can say they are daring.” Commentator Cry Cry expressed her agreement with a laugh. “Still, I really didn’t expect it. After all, this hero’s polarization is too serious. If he can’t perform well, it is equivalent to arranging a useless master in the team. He might not be as effective as many supports.”

“On the other hand, if he really performs well then the effect is explosive.” Brother Rabbit Hat brought the topic back in an instant. “Okay, the game has now loaded. Let’s look forward to the next game!”

After the first two games, neither side was too aggressive this time. They went online normally and entered the laning period.

KING’s jungler Yan still did a few tests on the side lane without giving up. He was easily avoided by Jing Yuanzhou and his rhythm was inevitably messed up, so he could only go back. He had just cleared a circle of mobs and was going to the lower half of the map when he saw that the territory of his blue elemental monster was empty. Yan slightly frowned. “Didn’t you help me look after the blue?”

KING’s mid-laner was also very surprised. “I looked at it! It makes no sense… I didn’t see anyone passing by just now?”

Looking at it from KING’s perspective, there really was no one who passed by. However, the audience at the scene clearly knew that this result was mainly due to special skill choices. Chen Yushen didn’t upgrade the first skill commonly used by Ritana players at the start. Rather, he directly learned the second skill that was based on displacement.

This skill only had a small amount of damage but there was a stealth effect for one second at the moment of displacement. He took advantage of this. He avoided the positions of all of KING’s eyes and quietly completed the wave of invasion.

KING didn’t see Chen Yushen go past. The assassination ghost had hidden in the grass and it was only after the opponent left unsuspectingly that he took the lead to eat the buff.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat said, “I have to admit that Abyss has some insights into the hero Ritana. Yan obviously needs the support of the blue buff in this game. As a result, he lost the important blue buff for the sake of a missed gank. It is really a bit damaging!”

“Meanwhile, Abyss has three blue buffs and he is really nourished!” Commentator Cry Cry noticed the situation on the field. “Okay, now Gun has started to move with Abyss. Let’s see how GH is going to operate their four and one system!”

Just then, Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat suddenly raised his voice. “There is a fight on the top lane!”

At almost the same time, the director apparently also noticed the situation on the top lane and moved the camera over in an instant. Even so, he had already missed the initial rush.

On the screen, only the fleeing figure of KING’s side-laner with half his health left was seen.

Based on the level difference, the bloody fight was probably triggered by the battle for the line of soldiers. Jing Yuanzhou, who had already risen to level 3, chased after the level 2 tank hero. He directly rushed in under the tower and took away the first head in the game.

[First Blood!]

The barrage scrolled instantly at the appearance of the first blood.

[Fierceness is still Titans being fierce. He killed a tank under the tower. 66666.]

[I don’t know if it is my illusion but I feel like after Coach Lin came on the field, Titans has suddenly become a big, fierce man.]

[Hahaha, I’m laughing at this adjective of big, fierce man.]

[Still, it really feels like he is trying to express himself in front of someone he likes.]

[The sisters in front can talk a bit more.]

[Don’t be too crooked. Did no one pay attention to the  operation details of Titans just now?]

[I saw it! He directly blocked the retreat. Who else could take this blood if not him?!]

[Ahhh, this wave. Is GH ready to do something again?]

[Want to go down the road? But… Flm isn’t that easy to catch, right?]

Everyone noticed the dark and turbulent situation at the bottom lane. Chen Yushen started the game by grabbing the resources of the blue element monsters. This naturally made him the existence with the highest experience gain. He currently had one more skill in hand than others and he naturally couldn’t waste such an excellent level advantage.

He used the second skill to perfectly avoid the positions of the opponent’s eyes and went around. Then Chen Yushen simply ordered, “Go.”

Bi Yaohua had already noticed the position of his teammates. He used an S-shaped movement and seemed to unintentionally pass by the position of An Seungyeob’s second skill. This caused his health to instantly drop.

The moment he was affected by the deceleration, he deliberately stepped back as if he was trying to retreat. He made such a move while KING’s support saw Jian Ye ‘rushing in’ at the same time. He didn’t hesitate and decided to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity. He approached with a flash to try and block Bi Yaohua’s retreat.

An Seungyeob continued to output from the rear. He controlled the effective distance while shot after shot fell on Bi Yaohua’s body.

Bi Yaohua fought and retreated. Seeing the rapid decline in his health, he couldn’t stand it anymore and howled in the voice channel, “Are you still not coming out? If you don’t come out, your Brother Trash Talk will be gone!”

Then Chen Yushen’s steady voice was heard. “I’m coming.”

An Seungyeob was going to take away Bi Yaohua’s head with one more damage. The moment he was going to release his skill, a figure appeared almost face-to-face with him. During the whole process, everyone could see Chen Yushen patiently crouching in the grass. He was always waiting very patiently.

Previously, everyone couldn’t understand what he was waiting for but now they understood. Chen Yushen obviously wanted the moment when An Seungyeob passed through the grass. Then he used the stealth effect of his second displacement skill to get unavoidably close.

The moment his health bar fell, An Seungyeob’s heart jumped and he knew that something was wrong. He saw that there was nowhere to retreat and released his last skill before he died, intending to take Bi Yaohua with him. It was a pity that he could only watch as Bi Yaohua, who should’ve had his health bar emptied, was healed by Jian Ye who came up from behind.

The barrage went crazy.

[Flash! Gun used flash to make up the distance plus an instant healing skill! BB isn’t dead!]

[Ahhh, this wave of Brother Gun’s was really excellent. Brother Gun is always a god!]

[Hahaha, Flm wanted to exchange heads. How about it, is he dead?]

[Don’t say anything else, just the previous part alone can allow the Trash Talk King to change his career to an actor. I promise he can get an Oscar.]

[I’m convinced by BB’s acting.]

[Didn’t you see it just now? Abyss’ damage is so high that he exploded in place!]

[Indeed, Flm couldn’t bear a few hits from him.]

[Oh, you are just a support. You still want to run even after being double-teamed?]

[This wave of double kills by Abyss is so beautiful!!!]

On the screen, the dark figure got double kills and hid silently again in the fog of the jungle area. This burst of heads made the audience very excited. After all, An Seungyeob’s personal strength was beyond doubt. It really wasn’t easy to tear a hole in the bottom lane so quickly.

The game continued. Just as everyone was expectantly waiting for Chen Yushen to continue acting on the other lanes, they found that the jungler of GH kept hitting the bottom lane like he wanted to bite it to death.

Time passed. Not every gank was successful but under Chen Yushen’s successive targeting, the C position shooter An Seungyeob inevitably had his development affected. A killer who could rush in wherever An Seungyeob went was undoubtedly a huge threat.

Under this crisis where the slightest carelessness could lead to death, An Seungyeob had to be more conservative and vigilant. The game reached 20 minutes and Bi Yaohua, the shooter in the bottom lane, was directly ahead of his opponent by a large piece of equipment.

This gap was huge. The most important thing was that Chen Yushen still maintained his development in an orderly manner despite such frequent targeting of the bottom lane.

No matter whether it was the harassment of the opposite jungle area, the support of the middle and top lanes or even the battle for the team buffs… he was involved in everything he should be involved in.

Everyone looked back on it and were completely surprised to find that this jungler of GH had unexpectedly become the existence with the highest economy in the game.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat had some doubts at the beginning of the game and had been paying close attention to Chen Yushen’s movements so far. He finally grasped the intentions of this jungler. He was a bit stunned after figuring it out and couldn’t help asking his partner for verification. “Cry Cry, you say, is this game… a copy of the first game?”

“You mean, the positions of the GH and KING teams are reversed?” Commentator Cry Cry pondered on it for a moment. “I really wouldn’t have found it if you hadn’t mentioned it! So GH means that if you want to target my captain, I will also target your captain? In the first game, KING targeted the top lane. In this round, they are repaying KING in their own way so that KING can also experience the feeling of having their core madly targeted?”

“The most surprising thing is that Abyss actually did it…” Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat’s tone was full of emotion due to his shock. “You know, KING could target Titans completely based on the fact that they are old rivals but on GH’s side… all the gank rhythms in this round could be said to be completely based on Abyss’ judgment, right?”

Commentator Cry Cry nodded. “On the other hand, it is because he has a group of trustworthy teammates.”

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat slowed down but he still couldn’t help laughing in the end. “How do I say it? It feels like KING has lifted a rock and smashed their own foot. This is probably the legendary Feng Shui turns around.”

In a lineup of four and one, the ‘one’ was naturally very important as the core. It took everyone’s complete trust to entrust the overall rhythm to one person in this way. In addition, that man could only throw himself into the chaos of battle without worry if he was assured of his back.

Every time a team battle broke out, the dark figure could be seen wandering the canyon like a ghost. He pierced like a sharp blade and left in an unfeeling manner. Chen Yushen lived up to the trust of his teammates. In every critical moment he was needed, he unleashed his damage to the extreme.

At 38 minutes, a canyon group battle occurred. The operation of ‘three in and three out’ was deeply imprinted in the minds of the audience.

Killing An Seungyeob first, killing Yan next and finally the mid-laner…

The KING players tried to hold down this arrogant, fragile assassin several times but they were completely dazzled by Chen Yushen’s use of the stealth effect of the second skill. He was still killing!

After creating excellent output conditions, three players of GH fell one after another, leaving only the rear to do the killing.

Once the flames of war were completely extinguished, Chen Yushen stopped moving and stood calmly among the corpses on the ground. Across the screen, the audience seemed to feel the blood that hadn’t completely dried up on his blades. It dripped down in a shocking manner.

It was a group battle where three heads were exchanged for five. The remaining Chen Yushen and Jian Ye pressed to KING’s high ground. After the game, the statistics were shown in the center of the big screen.

12 kills, 3 deaths, 8 assists and 42% of the total damage.

Chen Yushen was the well-deserved MVP of the game!

The author has something to say:

Abyss: Revenge for the captain. ▼-▼

Proofreader: Nao

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