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CAMP: Chapter 181

The score was tied and the fans of the Chinese division looked very excited. However, the GH players seemed to have encountered something urgent. The moment the game was over, they completely withdrew in the blink of an eye.

Lin Yan was almost carried to the lounge. He knew that everyone was caring about him but such behavior made him doubt if he had paraplegia. He was a bit dumbfounded. “It isn’t that serious.”

Jing Yuanzhou examined Lin Yan’s state. Apart from a bit of sweat on the forehead, there was indeed no other reaction. He slightly put down his worry, poured a glass of water and handed it over. “Take a sip?”

Lin Yan took the cup of water to moisten his throat and placed it on the table next to him. “Seriously, I feel much better than last time. It feels like I can get used to the arena again after a few more times!”

He had just finished playing a game and he seemed to be in a good mood. He took off his team uniform and hung it on the back of the sofa. Then he glanced at Bi Yaohua and Chen Yushen and didn’t forget to continue the arrangement. “In any case, I have done everything I can do. At the very least, the rhythm of your captain has been successfully mobilized. As long as this doesn’t fall, it isn’t easy for KING to continue to target him. As for the next two wins… it depends on your own performance.”

Chen Yushen had just watched the entire game from off the field. The cooperation between Jing Yuanzhou and Lin Yan had entered his eyes and it was in sharp contrast to when he was on the field. At this moment, he was silent for a bit. Then judging from the look in his eyes, he seemed to have made a decision. “Coach, you and the captain have a better tacit understanding. If you can…”

Lin Yan guessed what Chen Yushen was thinking instantly and directly and unceremoniously interrupted the following words. “No.”

Chen Yushen’s mouth pressed together slightly.

“Haven’t I already told you my situation? I have just played one round and you want me to play a second one? Last time, BB was absent and it was a last resort. If I do such a thing today, do you want my old life directly?” Lin Yan finished speaking in a tone of no negotiation and gave Chen Yushen a deep glance. “In addition, today is your home field. I am just the pathfinder to explore the way at most. Think clearly, is the World Competition so easy to get to? Other people can’t make it to the finals. Now you are acting humble?”

“I’m not humble.” Chen Yushen explained in a low voice. “I just think that if you can make the team better…”

Then he shut his mouth at Lin Yan’s look.

“You standing on the field to win the game is the best choice for the team.” Lin Yan could understand the psychological pressure on young players caused by this major event but he also knew that only those who had gone through this baptism of pressure could complete their formal transformation. He looked down at Chen Yushen and asked clearly, “Abyss, don’t think about anything else. Just tell me, can you keep up with Titans’s rhythm in the  next game?”

The surroundings were quiet for a moment. Then Chen Yushen’s deep and firm voice was heard. He didn’t waver at all. “Yes.”

“This is the genius jungler I like!” Lin Yan finally showed a smile. “I want this type of momentum or else it isn’t in line with the culture of our GH. Abyss, there are some things you really have to learn from BB. Look at Brother Trash Talk. If I want to replace him then he is replaced. If I want him to play then he can play. He is full of endless cool confidence and will never be polite like you.”

Bi Yaohua was listening to the two people from the side. Then the topic shifted to him and he complained. “Coach, it is wrong for you to say this. In fact, I really hope you can continue to play. If you aren’t going to consider playing jungle, don’t you think my shooter position is fragrant?”

“What f*king fragrant?” Lin Yan smiled at these sentences before unceremoniously kicking him. “Everything has reached this point so don’t give me fake courtesy. In short, the later games will be completely returned to you. You must win, do you hear me?”

The GH members played around for a while but their answer was unified and firm. “Don’t worry, leave it to us!”

The short break ended and the players on both sides returned to the field. The audience saw Lin Yan’s team uniform being held by Jian Ning again through the camera. They were stunned for a moment before the entire venue became agitated again.

“It seems that in this game, GH is switching back to their regular lineup.” Brother Rabbit Hat had been GH’s commentator many times and he had developed ‘shock immunity.’ This time, he was accustomed to it and his analysis showed almost no emotion. “So the intention of Eternal’s appearance in the last game was really to help Titans adjust his rhythm. After such a wave, KING’s tactic was beaten into chaos. The next step depends on what type of adjustments the coaches of both sides will make.”

“Previously, online opinion was optimistic about KING mainly due to Coach Song’s understanding of Titans. If Titans makes a breakthrough on the top lane then KING’s odds of winning will obviously be much lower.” Commentator Cry Cry was obviously very optimistic about the next game and she was smiling. “After all, regardless of other factors, in terms of player strength, the young players of GH have grown rapidly after a season of experience. Apart from the famous Titans, the other positions are also quite strong.”

She flipped through the information at hand and continued, “There is no need to talk about Gloy. Since Luni has decided to retire, the outside world has begun to expect him to take over the position of middle lane demon king. His strength is recognized. As for BB, he got the wave of five kills in the autumn competition and his momentum is quite strong. It is said that as long as you don’t pay attention to his mouth, he has the potential to become a top player.”

“Right? Even Gun in the support position forced the opponent team to give three bans to his support heroes. This treatment is definitely a legend in the circle.” Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat took the topic and continued to analyze it. Then he paused and his gaze fell on the last figure on the player bench. “Then there is Abyss. I don’t know if it is because his teammates are too dazzling but through the season, he has mainly served as a tool man. He seems a bit unsuccessful in comparison.”

Currently, the players were doing their final equipment inspection.

Lin Yan had just finished a game. He took advantage of this break and wasn’t in a hurry to put on his soundproof headphones. The commentators at the venue might be Korean commentators but they were coincidentally discussing the same topic as Brother Rabbit Hat. The relevant content fell into his ears without missing a word.

Lin Yan’s Korean proficiency wasn’t as good as Luo Mo’s but he could still do a few simple translations. He heard this and couldn’t help glancing in the direction of the audience.

It was undeniable that Chen Yushen had made many compromises due to the needs of various tactics all the way to the present. The multi-core lineup Lin Yan mentioned in the beginning was in progress but the jungler had frequently been reduced to a tool-like existence.

The thing that others didn’t understand was that this approach wasn’t due to Chen Yushen’s lack of strength. On the contrary, it was precisely due to his absolute strength that he was able to support all temporary deployments.

The existence that seemed to be a tool was actually the key to a series of tactical operations. Not every jungler could become an AI-like existence. More of them had the mission to become a link between the various fields.

It wasn’t until he heard Chen Yushen’s suggestion in the lounge that Lin Yan was shocked awake. Perhaps he had wronged this genius jungler a bit too much. After all, Chen Yushen’s strength was worthy of brazen publicity on the field.

As the preparation phase came to a close, Lin Yan took a deep breath and slowly put on his soundproof headphones. All the noise around him instantly calmed. In the team’s voice channel, the team members heard the coach’s instructions. “In this game, we are playing with the jungler as the core.”

Chen Yushen heard these words and was slightly stunned. The completely different arrangement from the one in the lounge made him almost forget he was on the field and he almost looked back. Lin Yan told him, “Just trust my arrangement.”

The BP process officially began. Originally, the main focus of this game should be on how KING adjusted themselves. Yet as the lineup of both sides gradually became clear, many people discovered the weirdness of GH’s lineup.

From top to bottom, the current lineup of heroes was three super strong group controllers and one shooter. Among them, Gu Luo didn’t even choose the stabbing hero he was best at. The shooter hero selected fourth by Bi Yaohua also possessed some ranged control skills.

Everyone thought that GH would continue the fast pace of the previous round and take advantage of their victory. Thus, their actions were once again a surprise. Wasn’t this a rhythm of trying to control the opponent and biting KING desperately when fighting a group battle?

The two official commentators on the stage were very active in analyzing the lineup. Finally, GH’s last hero was officially locked in. The moment the dark head appeared, Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat stopped halfway through his words and almost bit his tongue. “This… cough cough, this is…”

During the time when he was shaken, the five portraits were neatly displayed in the center of the big screen.

“GH’s jungler is actually using the assassination ghost Ritana?” Commentator Cry Cry was also stunned. Then she recovered and became instantly excited. “GH isn’t just taking a group battle formation! In this game, they are going to play a four and one lineup!”

On the stage, Lin Yan finished the lineup arrangement and calmly walked off the field with a smile.

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