CAMP: Chapter 180

Lin Yan had deliberately shown his head on the bottom lane. So before this, everyone in KING thought he should be in the jungle area in the bottom half of the map. At this sudden encounter, their hearts jumped and they couldn’t help letting out rough curses. They wanted to retreat but it was too late.

Jing Yuanzhou seemed to have thrown a few skills messily in the chaos just now but in fact, he hadn’t forgotten to clear the line of soldiers. Lin Yan appeared at just the right time when Jing Yuanzhou killed the last soldier and rose to level 3.

In the camera lens, everyone saw the retreating figure stop for a moment. He didn’t give the other side a chance to react at all. He just went straight back and knocked the three people into the air at the same time.

Lin Yan laughed. “It’s a beautiful control!”

The scarlet moonblade Nina rushed into the group without hesitation.

The moment the people from KING landed, they were controlled once again. Several skills were released one after another and blood burst on the big screen.

Before Jing Yuanzhou’s arrival, Lin Yan had already consumed a lot of the opponent’s health. Now he released the skills of a pure output assassin hero and dealt a devastating blow to KING’s players.

Seeing the three people’s health fall to the bottom, Brother Rabbit Hat’s voice went up with excitement. “Three kills! This is ready to take a wave of three kills! Eternal’s skills are connecting and it is an explosion of damage! Here comes the head! The first drop of blood in this competition is about to burst… er…”

His words came to an abrupt end here.

On the screen, Lin Yan had just used the flash skill to chase only to stop the moment KING’s blood was about to burst. After throwing the last skill, he turned around and walked away as if nothing had happened.

They might’ve already reached the defense tower but he only needed one more touch to complete the harvest. No one expected that he would turn around confidently at this time. Was it a misjudgment?

KING’s players also hadn’t expected Lin Yan to make a low level mistake at this time. They felt disbelief but they were even more overjoyed. They didn’t hesitate to run away. Before they could formally withdraw to the defense tower, a tall figure suddenly fell from the sky.

The trio from KING, “…”

Jing Yuanzhou had waited until his skills finished cooling down and used a series of moves to take away all their heads.

[First Blood!}

[Triple kill!]

The three heads scored directly after the opening of the game made Jing Yuanzhou’s economy jump to being the highest.

Commentator Cry Cry finally reacted. “Eternal, this is… deliberately giving up a wave of heads? However, didn’t he consider that Titans wouldn’t pick it up?”

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat felt choked up by something and finally managed to complete the digestion. “Eternal isn’t a tool man type jungle. He also needs the economy to develop. How can I evaluate it? I guess I can only say that the two of them are absolutely…”

He didn’t finish his words but the netizens instantly understood. In the blink of an eye, the barrage swept through the screen one after another. [It can only be called true love!]

The first gank failed to get any results and Jing Yuanzhou also gave a wave of triple kills. This directly pushed KING to the edge of a cliff. They naturally knew how oppressive Jing Yuanzhou would be once he developed.

Their psychological pressure was great and they started to target the top lane even more. However, unlike the previous numerous games, their advance predictions didn’t encounter Jing Yuanzhou’s entry as scheduled. On the contrary, every time Yan wanted to do a surprise attack, he would always fall into the opponent’s ambush.

After 20 minutes of the game, KING not only failed to regain its advantage but the economic gap started to widen rapidly. In KING’s voice channel, Yan’s voice was inevitably a bit low. “Titans has temporarily changed his style of play?”

In order to cope with today’s match, he had studied Jing Yuanzhou’s transformation during the autumn competition for a long time. It wasn’t easy to fully adapt to this adjusted targeting mode. As a result, the other side completely deviated from their expectations in the second game. This undoubtedly made the implementation of their tactics troublesome.

An Seungyeob listened to his teammates’ exchange and glanced at the top road. He was silent for a moment before saying, “The playing style isn’t so easy to change. Titans hasn’t changed. He just… accelerated the pace.”

During the time when he was in the BK Club, he and Song Cheng had seen Jing Yuanzhou when he joined the team. Until now, they still remembered how sharp the young man was. It was just that in the period after they left, Jing Yuanzhou gradually started to follow the same path as Song Cheng in order to fit the internal arrangement of the team.

Such a combat mode was originally tailored by BK for Song Cheng. Naturally, no one could understand the number of routes more than Song Cheng. Jing Yuanzhou might’ve made a significant change after coming to GH but he had been in BK for so many years after all. There were still traces of those deep-rooted thinking patterns.

Before this game, An Seungyeob thought like Song Cheng and felt he only needed to control Jing Yuanzhou to complete the suppression of GH. It wasn’t until this moment that he realized the new GH team might not be as simple as he imagined.

It wasn’t just the rookie shooter who was evenly matched with him on the bottom lane. The most important thing was the jungler who dominated the jungle and allowed Jing Yuanzhou to completely release his shackles—Eternal.

Once a player’s rhythm was raised by a level, it meant the mistake tolerance rate would drop to the extreme. It was conceivable how much trust needed to be placed with each other in order to achieve such a degree of cooperation.

Still, all of GH’s arrangements for this game didn’t need to be questioned any longer. After all, the two figures on the field had completely broken KING’s situation. So what if they thought they were better at understanding? Even if they could guess the next move ahead of time, it was all reduced to empty talk if they couldn’t keep up with the other party’s rhythm.

“Seriously, did Eternal put an eye inside Yan’s mind? Why did I feel like every one of KING’s moves is the same as he predicted?” Seeing Yan caught again in GH’s upper jungle, Brother Rabbit Hat couldn’t help sighing. “The whole game feels like a copy of the previous one but the positions of the two teams are switched. It is true that KING is playing really passively. The top lane hasn’t opened up the situation, the middle lane is suppressed and Gun is struggling in the bottom lane to help PPA develop, not leaving Flm any chance. It will be really hard if KING wants to make a comeback, right?”

“Your poisonous milk should be stopped quickly.” Commentator Cry Cry joked but she also expressed her agreement. “Still, I’m really curious. Eternal has been overly precise in his counter-ambush. It is as if he knew ahead of time that KING will definitely pass through this route. How on earth did he know what Yan would do?”

The moment these words were uttered, the barrage also started to discuss it. Unfortunately, no one could figure out the answer no matter how much they racked their brains.

Lin Yan was wearing soundproof headphones so he naturally wasn’t aware of the outside chatter. However, he would probably laugh if he knew their doubts. How did he know? This truth couldn’t be simpler!

Didn’t the people in KING claim to know Titans? Then let them ‘know’ him some more. Under this type of shallow ‘understanding’, he simply needed to casually put on a few eyes on the other side and filter out their path according to Jing Yuanzhou’s consistent pattern. Then he would ambush there in advance. Excluding special situations of accidental vision exposure, wasn’t it just ambushing a group of children?

In addition, ‘understanding’ a person wasn’t something that could be said casually. At least in Lin Yan’s mind, no one in the world knew Titans better than him!

Before they knew it, the game had been going on for 30 minutes.

Lin Yan in the jungle and Jing Yuanzhou on the side lane were almost inseparably active on the map. If it wasn’t for the tense atmosphere of the finals, the audience watching the two figures moving through the canyon would almost mistake it as an ordinary game during the live broadcast.

The remaining three people in GH also formed a group apart from some occasions where Jian Ning would be out of touch with them due to being used to soloing. This type of three and two grouping rarely appeared in the World Competition.

It was due to this style of play that they dragged KING’s formation into chaos. The economy of the middle and bottom lanes were basically the same but the side lane and jungler duo were completely overwhelmed.

Jing Yuanzhou was raised by Lin Yan and was full of money. He already got his divine equipment early on. As for Lin Yan, his 12 assists were an eye-catching statistic. He turned an assassin type hero into the strongest support. Yet even without any heads, his equipment was still a whole piece better than KING’s jungle Yan. If he really wanted to hit the jungle in a frontal manner then Yan would turn and run away.

The game went on from here and there was basically no suspense. Lin Yan definitely wasn’t prepared to give KING any chance. He had suppressed the other side to this point. He would be a bit sorry for their leading economy if he didn’t take any action.

So after giving a reminder, the members of GH started to gather at the position of the abyss king. This forcing of a group battle could be called very obvious. At this point, KING had no room to withdraw. There would be no more chances once GH took the team buff.

The group battle finally broke out. GH occupied the favorable terrain ahead of time so KING’s side-laner had to find a chance to make a move. He tried to divide the battlefield, charging straight to the rear to aim at Jian Ning.

Jian Ning had his brother next to him to heal him and he didn’t panic. It wasn’t convenient to switch targets under such interception so he simply unleashed his skills at the leading side-lane hero.

KING’s side-laner had cut in very well but unfortunately, his teammates were intercepted in the rear by Lin Yan and Gu Luo. Their formation was broken. Gu Luo took the lead in killing KING’s mid-laner in seconds before his life was taken away by An Seungyeob in the rear.

Meanwhile, Lin Yan’s output had reduced the health of the jungler and support in front of him. However, An Seungyeob switched targets after killing Gu Luo. Under the high damage, his health bar instantly dropped.

Lin Yan’s timing was very precise. He opened the distance at almost the same time the last deadly arrow was shot. He saw that KING’s people wanted to continue chasing and shouted in the voice channel, “You haven’t come yet?!”

Jing Yuanzhou answered, “I’m coming.”

During the group battle just now, Jing Yuanzhou had borrowed the incoming soldiers to first push down the opposite side’s second tower. Now he rushed to the battlefield and connected continuous displacement skills. The tall figure was like an underworld demon as he rushed directly into KING’s lineup.

His damage could be called an explosion. He killed the jungler first and then the support.

After seeing that An Seungyeob was still in the rear at the maximum distance to attack, Jing Yuanzhou used a flash to rush over and greet him. Jing Yuanzhou didn’t take a second look at the player ID above the opponent’s head and directly emptied the nearly 50% health bar of the shooter.

[GH.Titans killed KING.Flm!]

[Triple kill!]

Three kills! It was another three kills! It was like a repeat of the beginning of the game.

In the rear, the head of KING’s side-laner was also taken away by Jian Ning. It was an exchange of one for five. The other members of GH followed Jing Yuanzhou and the line of soldiers to the tower, directly pressing to KING’s high ground.

The crystal was destroyed and the score was 1:1!

Proofreader: Nao

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tin (#2 song cheng hater)
tin (#2 song cheng hater)
8 months ago

This shadow of Jing Yuanzhou is cause by this bch cheng. fck him