CAMP: Chapter 179

The break ended and the two sides returned to the field. The moment they saw the two figures in GH’s lineup, the audience couldn’t help falling quiet for a moment before instantly boiling over.

Lin Yan’s suit jacket had been replaced with the brand-new GH team’s uniform. He was smiling as he said something unknown to Jing Yuanzhou. Next to him was an eager Jian Ning. The teenager’s deep eyes were full of sharpness, like a wolf cub ready to go hunting.

At the back of the team, Bi Yaohua’s uniform jacket had already been taken off and was carried on his shoulder. He was talking to Chen Yushen next to him with ease.

On the commentary stage, Brother Rabbit Hat’s endless words paused for a moment before he came back to his senses. “GH is… ready to implement the substitute strategy again? This is directly changing two people at a time?”

Commentator Cry Cry looked very excited. “Eternal is the shooter and PPA the jungler? Both of them had played as a substitute before and their performance was really eye-catching. It is really exciting to make such an arrangement!”

Excited, they were of course excited! The passing shot of this scene was enough to make the GH fans frustrated from the previous defeat immediately cheer up.

Lin Yan seemed to feel the change in the atmosphere of the scene. He abruptly raised his head and glanced toward the audience. Then he gently pulled at a corner of Jing Yuanzhou’s clothes. Jing Yuanzhou was given this prompt by Lin Yan and instantly knew this person was pulling him to open business together. He smiled silently and waved toward the camera. The scene of the two people standing beside each other fell into the eyes of the audience and their eardrums were pierced by screams.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat was dumbfounded. “The parents’ CP group’s popularity is as high as ever.”

Lin Yan heard such a sentence and he couldn’t help smiling slightly. This expression stopped the moment he looked at the other end of the stadium. The momentum was too great and it wasn’t surprising that it attracted the attention of the opposite KING.

Ignoring Song Cheng’s concerns about their player roster, Lin Yan lazily raised an eyebrow and followed Jing Yuanzhou to their zone. Before Jing Yuanzhou came to his spot, he didn’t forget to help pull out the gaming chair next to him for the number two position, the jungler.

The barrage in the live broadcast room was flashing quickly until they saw this scene. Then the entire screen was covered by rows of question marks. What… was this situation? Titans was personally helping to pull out the chair? Was the PPA substitute jungler actually so great?

In their confusion, the netizens didn’t have time to discuss this topic when they saw Lin Yan sitting on this gaming chair. Later, Jing Yuanzhou didn’t forget to take the soundproof headphones next to him. He leaned over slightly and carefully helped Lin Yan put it on.

They could only see a faint outline of the whole movement but it was full of silent tacit understanding, extreme gentleness and extreme ambiguity. It wasn’t until the director remembered to cut the camera over that Lin Yan could be seen smiling as he reached for his headset and said a few words in the team’s voice channel.

The content of the players’ communication was unknown to the audience but this series of actions alone was enough to make the scene completely boil over. The CP fans present wanted to scream about the parents’ love but at this moment, most of them were aware of another particularly critical issue.

They all knew that Chen Yushen had previously sat in the second position in the zone and this was conventionally considered the jungler position. Now that Lin Yan actually chose to sit here, did this mean…

Everyone’s eyes moved slightly. As expected, Jian Ning was already sitting beside Jian Ye on the other side. The sibling relationship between PPA and Gun had long been exposed. People knew that Jian Ning was good at both jungler and shooter so there were people who had been looking forward to the brothers’ combination.

Yet at the end of the day, they knew that PPA was playing as the substitute jungler so there wasn’t too much hope. Who would’ve imagined there would be such a dream scene in the grand final? GH did directly replace two people in this game but the final result was completely contrary to their initial guess.

So… Eternal was the jungler and PPA the shooter? Could they still play like this?!

The audience, “…”

They really couldn’t think of it!

The atmosphere at the scene was inevitably a bit subtle for a while. In particular, the fans of KING were confused by the surprise attack arrangement of GH, the opponent team.

In stark contrast to this was the reaction of the fans of the Go Home team. In particular, there were the CP fans who sang about their parents love the whole way and had seen Jing Yuanzhou and Lin Yan teaming up before in the live broadcast. During that time, Lin Yan played a lot as the jungler and their cooperation was very tacit. Now there was a dream linkage in the professional arena and they could almost die without any regrets.

The atmosphere was extremely lively for a while. After all, such a lineup alone was enough to make people from all walks of life imagine many things. The thing that other people didn’t know was that Lin Yan actually didn’t think much when he first developed this tactic.

In his opinion, there was only one thing that needed to be done at this moment. Lin Yan pulled the headset to his mouth. “Titans, there is only one game to adjust, okay?”

Jing Yuanzhou paused before replying, “It’s enough.”

Lin Yan smiled and didn’t say anything else.

The failure of the last game really couldn’t be blamed on Jing Yuanzhou but it did expose a previously undiscovered problem.

From the formation of the team, they had reached all the way to this stage. In theory, Jing Yuanzhou should’ve largely got rid of the way he played in the BK team. Yet just now, he could still be targeted by Song Cheng. After thinking about the problem, it could only show that some subconscious things were still deeply rooted.

This type of thing had nothing to do with his style of play. Rather, it was that this man still instinctively held back when it came to his teammates fighting alongside him. He was used to shouldering the heavy responsibility of the team alone and couldn’t 100% entrust things to them. It was precisely due to this that it left an opportunity for the other side.

They didn’t say it explicitly but Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou clearly realized this. Thus, they made this adjustment. The chain of trust in his heart still needed a key of opportunity to completely open it. Lin Yan was that key itself.

The short preparation time soon ended and the BP process officially began. In this game, Lin Yan first won the shooter hero, the artillery expert Qiong Wei, that Jian Ning commonly used.

Qiong Wei wasn’t a common strong shooter in the arena and the overall appearance rate wasn’t very good but Jian Ning was a rookie still transitioning from a passerby to a professional player. His hero pool wasn’t too deep. This was easy to be targeted so it was best to take the lead by locking onto such a hero.

Lin Yan had arranged for Jian Ning to play in this game precisely due to the lone wolf attribute formed by playing alone during the process of being the passerby king. It was only by taking advantage of this special attribute that came with this shooter hero that Jian Ning could have that special lone wolf trait.

After all, Lin Yan lacked cooperation with the team as a jungler. Since the main purpose of this game was to adjust Jing Yuanzhou’s personal rhythm, he was destined to be unable to take into account the operation of the whole team. Jian Ning was used to playing solo with all sorts of passersby with whom he had no intersection. In addition, he was specifically arranged to the demon kings training team some time ago. In the short term, his adaptability was directly adjusted to the highest level for any situation that he might encounter today.

All in all, the best arrangements had been made.

Since there must be someone in the coaching position, Bi Yaohua volunteered to come and be the vase. The BP session ended. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to learn from Lin Yan’s tone and symbolically mobilized the team. “Then I will go first. Remember to work hard in my absence! I’ll see you in the next game!”

The originally nervous atmosphere disappeared at these words. Jian Ye couldn’t help laughing while scolding, “Don’t push it, Brother Trash Talk. Get out of here quickly!”

Bi Yaohua smiled. He turned around and signed the confirmation of the players list before putting his hands in his trouser pockets and walking off the field. Such a colorful peacock head fell into the camera and the barrage was filled with laughter. Who would’ve thought that BB would be able to stand in the coaching position one day, even if it was just as a nominal vase? The most important thing was…

Everyone’s eyes fell on the scene and they saw that Bi Yaohua and Song Cheng were already standing in the middle of the field. There was a seemingly polite handshake. Then Bi Yaohua said something that caused Song Cheng’s serious expression to become ugly for a moment.

A shady person was still a crowd favorite after all.

[F*k, why doesn’t the coach carry a portable microphone? I really want to hear BB’s mockery.]

[Isn’t it good that he isn’t wearing a microphone? Based on BB’s mouth alone, I’m afraid he will be suspended from the game?]

[Hahaha, a ban in place is okay.]

[To be honest, it is at this time that I really love the virtue of the Trash Talk King.]

[Although I can’t hear the specific content but based on the Trash Talk King’s previous samples, I think I can completely make it up for myself. Hahaha!]

They were frustrated from the first game. Now they finally got the Go Home team’s usual showy operation and the entire Chinese division was full of joy.

The game finished loading and it officially started.

There was the precedent of the first game and Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat’s focus was on the trend of KING’s jungler and support. “Let me take a look at this opening… oh, you can see that Eternal isn’t letting the support follow him. Gun is helping Gloy clear the line before rushing to the bottom lane. KING has a vision in this position so they should already know that Eternal is solo clearing at the beginning.”

Commentator Cry Cry continued, “However, it seems that Yan has no intention of going to GH’s jungle area to do things. This route… KING’s focus in this game is still on Titans! I have to say that this scene is somewhat familiar. Um… it is the familiar river course again!”

Familiarity was certain. To be more straightforward, it was like a repeat of the last game.

Jing Yuanzhou still pushed KING’s side-laner back under the tower and cleared the river crab as scheduled.

He knew that the opposite side liked to gank him but it was a necessary economy and couldn’t be thrown away. It was just that after the last game, he adjusted the position of the eye that provided his field of view and this directly blocked the perspective of KING’s invasion. The jungler Yan noticed this situation and he was forced to make a detour.

A bit of time was wasted but the angle at which he initiated the gank was still very tricky. He launched an attack without hesitation almost exactly when Jing Yuanzhou was about to retreat. KING’s side-laner had appropriately controlled his health this time. He relied on his small amount of health, found the double teaming angle in advance and approached at the same time.

Under the siege of three people, Jing Yuanzhou didn’t hesitate to use his flash. However, KING’s support brought the weakness skill in this game. Under the slowing effect, the three people still stuck to him.

His health fell very rapidly and this was obviously a bit shocking. The first drop of blood was about to fall into KING’s hands when a figure suddenly rushed out of the grass diagonally behind them.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat exclaimed, “It is Eternal! When did he come here?!”

At the same time, Lin Yan’s voice was heard in the voice channel. “Go, f*k them!”

The author has something to say:

Coach Lin: I’m just here to help my old gong. Did you expect it?

Proofreader: Nao

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1 year ago

old gong?? do you mean lao gong = 老公=husband?? LOL

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kdj fan
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was about to say this too LOL

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+2 🤣

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Hahaha, it could have been 老攻 instead of the usual 老公.
I’ve seen quite a few translators use “old gong” for 老攻, and “husband” for 老公 to allow readers to differentiate easily (especially when both types are used often in the story).

tin (#2 song cheng hater)
tin (#2 song cheng hater)
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BB you’re my hero rn fck that song cheng