CAMP: Chapter 174

Jing Yuanzhou attracted the attention of the world in the last game but based on the overall performance of the four games, the MVP was given to Bi Yaohua who had the highest percentage of output.

He stepped onto the main stage of the MVP interview and Brother Trash Talk’s colorful hair seemed even more brazen.

In the subsequent interview process, his arrogant words made the Chinese audience smile while leaving the expressions of the translators of other regions completely gloomy. There was no way to speak up! Finally, the live broadcaster contacted the host and forcibly ended the interview that seemed to have no end in sight.

The MVP interview ended and there were the post-match interviews with the winners and losers of the match. Group regretted the loss but in terms of overall strength, they were already very content to reach the top four. There was a brief exchange of words before Group’s captain expressed his vision for the next season and calmly ended the interview.

The media reporters quickly completed recording it and focused their attention on GH who would appear next. In the eyes of the public, the GH players dressed in neat uniforms walked in through the door and sat in the seats in the center one by one.

Once they were all seated, a sixth person appeared in their field of view and the reporters couldn’t help being stunned. What happened to the coach not participating in post-match interviews?

Lin Yan seemed to hear their thoughts. He sat down beside Jing Yuanzhou, calmly pulled the microphone on the table in front of him and introduced himself, “Hello everyone, we are meeting for the first time. I am GH’s substitute, Eternal.”

The reporters, “……”

What first meeting, what substitute Eternal?! He was the coach when he didn’t want to participate in the interview and the substitute when he wanted to participate. This was really worthy of GH!

Lin Yan saw the expressions that looked like they were going to cough up blood and smiled, his shamelessness thick and natural.

Time was running out and reporters weren’t prepared to worry about the issue of identity. In any case, it was a good thing to be able to face Lin Yan this time. The interview officially began and it wasn’t a surprise that the first few questions were centered around GH’s tactical system today.

Lin Yan also gave a very generous answer.

One of the reporters stood up after being named and asked very directly, “Since the last quarter-finals, many netizens have been looking forward to Eternal playing again. I just want to ask. You clearly have the strength to be a professional player. Why do you want to be a substitute? I believe this is a question that many e-sports fans are very concerned about.”

Lin Yan had guessed someone would ask such a question when he chose to attend today. In the same way, he had been waiting for this moment to come. He could feel Bi Yaohua and the others casting their gazes toward him.

Lin Yan lowered his eyes slightly with a faint smile. “It’s simple. Of course, it is because compared to me, BB is more suitable for the position of the team’s shooter.”

He heard the vague comments from the audience and continued calmly., “Anyone who knows a bit about e-sports should be able to understand that one or two games alone can’t show anything. Maybe I showed a good performance on the field but that is only due to the resulting effect of the tactical arrangement. I haven’t had time to expose my own shortcomings so of course it will look miraculous. However, compared to what you have seen, I know my upper limit better than anyone. As a substitute, I can be the driving point for the team to adjust the rhythm at any time but if I really become a formal player, hidden problems will be exposed and I will probably become the existence that drags the team down.”

Compared with the confusion of the reporters, everyone in GH knew what Lin Yan was referring to. Their mood was complicated as they fell silent for a while.

Lin Yan kept talking calmly. “The internal situation of every team isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface. Thus, I want to take this opportunity to make an official statement for our team. In the initial creation of the team, every member of GH was selected personally. The reason they can stand in their current position is because they are worth it. It is unrealistic to set aside all expectations based on reality. At the very least, I’m not as strong as everyone thinks. In every game the team players, the person who is arranged to play is the most suitable candidate. Take today’s match as an example. I believe that everyone can see that if it was switched with me or any other professional shooter, we might not be able to do better than BB. He is worthy of being the MVP.”

The moment he finished, the room was quiet apart from the sound of the keyboard tapping and pens writing. Simultaneously, the barrage in the live broadcast room was scrolling frantically. It was rare that no disputes occurred. Rather, the information revealed in the remarks just now were discussed very sensibly.

It was as Lin Yan said. The inferences taken for granted by the outside world were just one-sided conjectures. No one knew what was needed better than the GH team. Everyone might be looking forward to the appearance of another god level player on the field but it was undeniable that the brilliance of every player in GH couldn’t be concealed.

It was as Coach Lin said. Everyone in GH was very strong! All of them deserved to stand in such a grand stadium.

There were a few more exchanges before the interview gradually came to an end. For the last question, it was customary to ask about expectations for the next match. For GH, there was only the finals left. In a period where the last semi-final match was about to begin, the purpose of this question was obviously to ask them about their prediction for the next match.

As the team captain, Jing Yuanzhou took the microphone and answered without hesitation. “We are looking forward to a civil war.”


The post-match interview officially ended.

After leaving the press conference site, the door of the room closed and calm returned. It wasn’t easy to reveal anything during the interview but in fact, all the players were moved by Lin Yan’s speech.

Even Bi Yaohua, who had never been worried about anything, couldn’t help rushing tearfully toward Lin Yan the moment he entered the corridor. “Coach—!”

The words before didn’t seem like an on-the-spot performance. It had obviously been prepared for a long time. It could clearly be seen that the coach was really working hard for their future career development. It was the first time Bi Yaohua felt such warmth. He wanted to express his emotions but he was silently stopped by a figure halfway there.

Jing Yuanzhou touched Bi Yaohua’s forehead with his fingers and pushed him away. “Speak well, don’t act.”

The choked up Bi Yaohua, “……”

Such an episode made the original touched atmosphere instantly disappear. The others couldn’t help laughing and started walking toward the lounge together.

Next up was the last match of the semi-finals. Once this match was over, their opponent in the finals would be officially determined. It was as Jing Yuanzhou said in the interview just now. They might want to send KING home with their own hands but it would be great if PAY could block this Korean team in the semi-finals in advance.

Everyone was looking forward to it and wasn’t in a hurry to go back. They were prepared to stay directly in the lounge to watch the remaining match. They had just arrived at the door when they saw PAY coming from far away.

The end of the post-match interviews meant the second match was about to begin. The PAY players were preparing to do the final pre-match preparations when they happened to meet GH. Thus, they came over to say hello. DeMen gave heartfelt congratulations. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you. We are also cheering for you.” Jing Yuanzhou smiled. He glanced at AI next to DeMen before retracting his gaze. Then after a pause, he gave a reminder. “Be careful. KING is very strong.”

AI cracked his knuckles. “Don’t worry. We know.”

After returning to the lounge, they could see PAY stepping onto the semi-final stage on the TV screen. The players from both sides were seated and the second match entered the final preparations.


Both sides were strong and there were naturally many speculations about the results of this match.

Lin Yan sat on the sofa while the exhilarated voices of the commentators entered his ears. They hadn’t mentioned it in the conversation with the PAY players just now but everyone knew in their hearts that in addition to the KING players, they needed to be more careful of the man called Song Cheng.

The reason why KING could become the top presence in the South Korean division wasn’t just their strong players. It was because they knew how to randomly adjust their tactics. In the first half of the year, KING had completed a major reshuffle. Based on the autumn competition, their strength had been improved to a greater level.

Once the coach’s tactical system and the team reached a perfect integration, the strength shown couldn’t be underestimated. No one felt this more deeply than Lin Yan. Therefore, Lin Yan might not like Song Cheng but he had to admit that as a professional coach, this man indeed played his role to the extreme on the field. It was precisely due to this that the KING team was more difficult to deal with.

Lin Yan thought this and rubbed his fingers together, his eyes a bit darker. Next to him, Jing Yuanzhou noticed Lin Yan’s prolonged silence. He glanced sideways and asked in a low voice, “What are you thinking?”

Lin Yan met this gaze and paused for a moment. Then he sighed. “I was thinking… I might want to abuse KING myself but it would be a very good thing if they were stopped in the semi-finals.”

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help laughing. He was just about to say something when a burst of applause came from the TV screen, filling the entire lounge in an instant. The last semi-final match officially started.

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