CAMP: Chapter 173

GH didn’t go to the players from Group.

Gu Luo first let out a ranged group control skill from the rear. The ice rain hit the area around the defense tower heavily, clearing a space. Under the shelter of this icy rain, Jing Yuanzhou rushed straight into the output range of the defense tower. His interference skill was turned on instantly, blocking the attack of the defense tower. Chen Yushen quickly followed.

It was as if the members of Group were completely non-existent. GH turned a blind eye to them and started to attack the tower. The Group members were affected by Gu Luo’s big move and had to retreat. Then seeing the others in GH showing no intention of pursuing them, they instantly understood the other party’s plan.

In this complex situation, their expressions sank. Who would’ve imagined that in the semi-finals of the World Competition, there would be a scene like the forced demolition of a tower? Was this looking down on them, looking down on them or looking down on them?

Group understood it and approached again at the end of the group damage skill. Their primary goal was to stop Jing Yuanzhou in front. Then the moment the control skill landed, it was perfectly disarmed by Jian Ye who was guarding by the side. Before Group could get close, they had a large amount of health knocked off by several shots from the rear.

Bi Yaohua’s shadow sniper had already set up his sniper rifle in the rear. He fired two rounds of bullets, dealing a large amount of damage that was accompanied by a deceleration effect.

Group’s lineup consisted of front row tanks and they couldn’t do much damage in this situation. After several rounds, they managed to lower some of GH’s health values. However, the use of healing skills meant a green light flashed around Jing Yuanzhou. Combined with Jian Ye’s continuous escort, the health bar was carried back to the safety line every minute.

In the midst of the shadows of the swords, they could see the few GH members dedicated to attacking the defense tower.

The live broadcast was buzzing for a while.

[Is the damage of the Trash Talk King so high? These big shots are great!]

[It is really fierce. He can knock out all this health from such tank heroes. 6666.]

[Hahaha, didn’t you see Group’s shooter? That shot from BB just now sent him almost straight to the sky!]

[Yes, I saw it. Now he is anxious to return to the city. One shot will directly be a person’s head!]

[Seriously, it feels like BB played pretty well in the few games he took out the shadow sniper.]

[Has this successfully gone on the list of the Trash Talk King’s famous heroes?]

[Oh my god, Brother Gun’s milk is really too tough. This is really a lot of milk for one person. It is simply too much!]

[Since when was a healing support so awesome? Let’s aim to play a healer after the end of the World Competition.]

[No, it’s hard enough to get points. It isn’t necessary to add to the difficulty.]

[Just now, the mouthfuls of health were added up really well. He directly pulled back Abyss from the ghost gate.]

[Hahahaha, I’m laughing to death. I find it a bit funny that Group is so anxious to kill people but they can’t. What is going on?]

[If it wasn’t for the live broadcast, I never imagined I would be watching such a scene at the World Competition!]

[Invincible, really invincible! With Brother Gun in hand, I have the world! This amount of milk can directly stand against an output!]

[I blindly guess that Group will ban three supports next. If not, forget I ever said it.]

It had to be admitted that Jian Ye’s milk was really enough.

In the first wave of concentrated attacks, he needed to use his healing skills to lift their health simultaneously. Next, he basically stood in the rear and steadily raised the health of Jing Yuanzhou and Chen Yushen in the front row.

Group showed an unprecedented need to kill at this time. Unfortunately, their damage wasn’t enough! GH put all their thoughts into pushing the tower. They took advantage of the effect of their interference skill and already reduced the health of the defense tower by half.

At this time, the two front rows didn’t give a second look to the Group players. They unleashed a violent push and the second tower in the middle lane was destroyed in an instant. This wave of offensive wasn’t over. In the rear, Bi Yaohua fired a few more sniper shots and reduced the health of the people in Group’s front row.

GH took advantage of Group choosing to retreat and pressed straight to the defense tower in front of the high ground. The moment interference was used, no one was damaged.

Group was different from GH that had Jian Ye, the invincible healer at the rear. After a few waves of confrontation, their state wasn’t healthy at all. There was a wave of tentative containment but they couldn’t stop GH at all.

In the end, they could only watch GH destroy another defense tower. The high ground was broken.

The audience at the scene saw GH’s shameless operation and was inevitably a bit flustered. Wasn’t Group called the strongest iron wall in the world? But right now… they were so easy to break?!

After pushing two defense towers in a row, the two interference skills entered cooldown in unison. GH accepted it and didn’t continue. Jian Ye restored everyone full of health and they weren’t attached to the battle. They came in style and withdrew without a second thought. Such a straightforward retreating back fell into the eyes of the Group players but the only thing they could do was look at the wreckage of their high ground.

The most speechless thing was that despite the vigorous confrontation lasting for so long, there were no more deaths on the field.

Commentator A felt speechless. “The lineup of both sides in this game… it is true that no one can kill each other.”

Commentator B finally came back to his senses. “How do I say it? Group has the last stage tank lineup and is really difficult to kill. Meanwhile, GH focused on the half-tank mode and there is Jian Ye’s healing protection. It isn’t easy for Group to fight back. Yet from the perspective of lineup alone, GH is actually more offensive than Group. It isn’t hard to see this from the process of pushing the tower just now.”

Commentator A sighed. “I can only say that GH’s lineup really restrains Group, right? All the teams used to find Group too difficult to deal with. Now that GH has demonstrated this, will it give new ideas to other teams who will play against Group in the future?”

Commentator B laughed. “For example, a big healing protection flow?”

Such words fell into Lin Yan’s ears and he smiled with disapproval. This system was indeed not good for a team with poor output like Group, but it wasn’t that easy if other teams wanted to use it for reference.

The most basic premise for this type of effect was Jian Ye’s top-notch healing. The skill cooldowns, time of usage and frequency of usage all required great knowledge. Not everyone could be a top healer like Jian Ye.

In the midst of all the discussions, GH dragged things out until the cooldown of their interference skills ended. Then they once again pushed to Group’s high ground. This time, there was no chance of a counterattack. They took out two defense towers and directly hit the base crystal.

Commentator A’s voice was extremely excited. “As we all know, Burning Hot is a tower pushing game! GH has used their actions to prove the importance of this to us! 2:1! Congratulations to GH for getting the match point!”

The barrage in the live broadcast room completely boiled over at these words.

Lin Yan’s gaze swept over the statistics. Then he got up to meet the players and they walked toward the lounge together.

By this time, all of Group’s systems had been completely crushed. There was no suspense in the final game.

The short break finished and it was the fourth game. The BP process started. The moment Lin Yan saw Group’s banning options, Lin Yan could imagine the turbulence that swept through the scene even through his soundproof headphones.

Three supports! Since the establishment of the World Competition, this was the first time there was the grand occasion of banning three supports! Still, it was clear that Group had no other choice. The presence of Jian Ye meant that GH’s lineup restrained them too much.

The moment a healing hero was grabbed, it didn’t matter how Group adjusted their lineup. GH could make the corresponding targeted configuration. If they continued to use the tank system, GH could continue the lineup from the previous game. If they adjusted it closer to the offensive side, they would lose the advantage of the late-stage tank lineup and have to face GH’s hard output.

This time, it wasn’t just the teleportation of the time guardian. Although there were more than two types of healing supports, Group’s only choice was to disable the only two group healing heroes.

Lin Yan’s tactics could be said to directly push this team to the edge of the cliff. Group’s coach might’ve racked his brains to complete this set of ban positions but he missed another very important point. They no longer had extra ban positions to give to Jing Yuanzhou.

The moment the portrait of the death wanderer appeared on the screen, the entire venue almost went crazy. The hero that was almost equivalent to Titans returned to the World Competition stage after three years. It could be seen that Group was really confident in their defense system.

In the BP process, they thought that they could withstand the pressure even if Jing Yuanzhou’s death wanderer was released. However, all hope was dashed at the first drop of blood. The top lane was completely cut off and Group’s decline was destined to be irreversible.

In the final team battle, Jing Yuanzhou’s death wanderer got a wave of four kills and smoothly became a super god. 32 minutes! It was even shorter than the first game. The moment Group’s base crystal was destroyed, GH successfully secured a place in the finals with a score of 3:1!

Proofreader: Nao

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1 year ago

A massacre! A slaughter!! I knew it was coming! I don’t know if it’s better or worse that they didn’t go into much detail. Every team’s boogeyman fr. That’s hot.

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
10 months ago
Reply to  Son

I would have enjoy bit more description of the Death Wanderer wreaking havoc.
It is the match game of the semis after all

1 year ago

i think no one can really defeat jing yuanzhou’s death wanderer skskksk

5 months ago

Since they can take the gamble on releasing death wanderer, I wonder what is the performance of Jing Yuanzhou’s judgement titan is like? (is the name right?) because it seems that this character is tightly banned