CAMP: Chapter 172

The barrage of the live broadcast room scrolled rapidly at the end of the first game.

[The Trash Talk King is okay. Once it’s time to completely release the output, he is explosive!]

[You can’t say that. It’s mainly because his teammates created enough output space.]

[In any case, it is really a relief. Thinking about the frustration of Three’s match two days ago, GH is still strong enough!]

[Previously, I felt it was a pity that the coach didn’t play. Then after seeing BB playing, I feel like I can support it again?]

[Above person, Coach Lin is Coach Lin and BB is BB. They are completely different types of players but both are very strong! Don’t compare them, okay?]

[I really like the coach but even if the coach played in the game, he might not be able to do it like BB.]

[To be honest, the Trash Talk King’s output in this game is really good. Continue to rush and it will be over!}

Lin Yan caught a glimpse of the barrage and he turned off his phone screen with a smile.

Last time he took over from Bi Yaohua and after winning two games in a row, he attracted a lot of attention online. Although Bi Yaohua’s heart was big enough and he never said anything after coming back, Lin Yan himself still felt it was necessary to arrange some things.

He knew his own situation very well. He was already satisfied at having a chance to play like this. As for going back to the arena again formally, he really didn’t think about it.

Lin Yan had thought deeply about the future after the match with Win. After careful consideration, he found the most perfect position for himself: a substitute on the field.

Different teams needed different strategies as well as different rhythms to mobilize and adjust. He was willing to become the indispensable shadow behind the team’s thousands of lights. Of course, before this, the players standing on the field must shine brilliantly.

Today, Lin Yan wanted to let everyone realize through the semi-finals that Bi Yaohua was the C position in their team and that he shouldn’t be ignored. Lin Yan wanted every player standing on this field to become the absolute protagonist.

There was a short break and the second game officially began. In the BP process, Group unsurprisingly gave their first ban to Jian Ye’s time guardian. There was Jing Yuanzhou present and there were very few situations where his presence was less than another player during the ban period. For this, the official commentators couldn’t help joking.

There wasn’t the odd trick from the previous game and Group returned to their normal routine, becoming a hard bone to chew.

GH’s side also adjusted their lineup.

“You don’t need to think too much in this game. Just play as well as possible. Keep the rhythm stable and don’t think about everything else.” Lin Yan completed the BP process and didn’t forget to give a final reminder before leaving the field. He emphasized to Bi Yaohua, “BB, pay attention to your position and output in this game. The type of lineup that will be used in the next game mainly depends on the data you provide in this game.”

Bi Yaohua moved the joints of his hands. “Understood!”

Lin Yan smiled and left with confidence.

He had spent a lot of time in thought on today’s match but Group was a stinky and hard team. Sometimes, it wasn’t something that could be done with a bit of thought. No matter how many game videos he watched, he could only refer to the situation of other teams. Without any direct contact with the team, the virtual data on the Internet obviously wasn’t enough.

In the next game, could he use his tactics with confidence? He would observe in this game to obtain first-hand information. The BP session finished and the audience also discovered GH’s normal lineup. It was because it was too normal. Thinking of GH’s past performances, it was inevitable that people would think of a sentence: there must be something unusual.

In the midst of this extreme suspicion, the game officially began. It wasn’t until 20 minutes into the game that everyone finally determined that GH was really preparing to play in a particularly safe manner. There was timely involvement on the line, they forced a group battle in the jungle when necessary and made dedicated efforts to push the towers…

Compared with the ferocity of the last game, the GH players now had the words ‘making a fresh start’ written in big letters on their faces. Such an arrangement gave Group time to breathe after being oppressed in the last game.

They found an opportunity and the last-stage model that hadn’t been released was brought perfectly into play. No matter how much pressure GH’s outputs placed on them, the players in Group dragged it patiently to the mid-to-late stage.

Time passed and the equipment of both sides took shape.

Several clashes took place at the canyon boss during this period. GH steadily controlled the ownership of the team buff but with Group’s steady development, the two C positions in GH started to show a sluggish rhythm.

The game was finally won by Group. Lin Yan took a glance at the duration of the game the moment the base crystal was destroyed. It was 46 minutes. Of course, it was better if they had a winning streak but the final defeat wasn’t too unexpected. Generally speaking, the time spent on the game was within his estimated category. This was good news.

The game was over.

Back in the lounge, the mood of the players was inevitably much lower than their previous high.

Lin Yan glanced over and clapped to attract their attention. “How do you feel after this game?”

Chen Yushen pondered on it for a moment. “I always feel a bit unable to deal damage.”

“It is really the first time I’ve encountered such thick skin.” Gu Luo answered. “How could they even turn their mid-laner into a half-tank?!”

Lin Yan smiled. “This is Group’s normal routine. It is right that it feels tricky. In any case, the entire team’s rhythm was a bit too fast in the first game. It is good to let you breathe in the second game and adjust your state. Prepare to put the lineup you have practiced in the past few days to good use.”

Jian Ye was instantly excited when he heard Lin Yan say this. “We are finally ready to use it!”

Lin Yan flipped through the notes he had written down offstage and gently tapped on it with his pen tip. “Don’t worry and just do it.”

For Group, their too strong defensive performance was really enough to create an iron wall on the field but relatively speaking, their weak output was the biggest injury. Through the see-saw battle just now, Lin Yan had collected enough data to make the most appropriate choice between the offensive and defensive tactics he had made earlier.

GH had been in the lead only to allow Group to catch up directly. This made the atmosphere at the scene more tense.

During the BP session, Group didn’t hesitate to give the banned positions to Jian Ye and Jing Yuanzhou. There were no surprises. Judging from the current situation, Group had no other banning options.

There was the collective release of other powerful heroes and GH’s lineup in his game was shown on the big screen one after another.

In this round, Jian Ye still got a healing support that he was good at. Gu Luo didn’t choose to use a stabbing hero but chose a long-range group control mage. For the rest, Jing Yuanzhou and Chen Yushen were both semi-tank output heroes. As for Bi Yaohua, he chose the shadow sniper which was a super long-range shooter. This lineup wasn’t conducive to a burst of output and the official commentators were a bit confused.

The two sides locked onto their lineup and the summoner skills taken by GH were revealed… two interferences and two healing skills! The audience was quiet for a moment when they noticed this strange configuration. Then they completely boiled over again. They weren’t very clear about the purpose of this system but it was obvious that GH was back to doing things again!

As the coaches of both sides left the field, Lin Yan showed a warm smile like a spring breeze while Group’s coach looked hesitant.

‘I heard that your team likes to play the late game so I will satisfy you.’

The third game officially began in the midst of this anticipation. However, there wasn’t the imagined confrontation. GH showed an unusual Buddhist style even compared to Group who routinely wanted to drag things out to the late stages. They pressed forward when needed. If it wasn’t needed then they withdrew. They didn’t seem to show any enthusiasm at all toward the defense towers.

Before they knew it, 30 minutes had passed but the heads ratio was stuck at 2:1. The lack of a fierce confrontation for a long time inevitably made the audience drowsy. It wasn’t until the 42nd minute that GH, which had been cooperating with Group, finally started to take action. They returned to the city to complete all their items and gathered in the middle lane.

The official commentators had been racking their brains to make the commentary less boring. Now GH finally took action and Commentator A almost burst out into tears. “I can see that GH is playing… a very patient game. Now I am reminded that it is a tower pushing game!”

Commentator B quickly looked through the current situation of both sides. “However, the equipment on Group’s side has basically taken shape. Just based on the output and GH’s equipment, it isn’t easy for them to forcibly push it.”

These words entered their ears and made the audience fall silent. It was really not easy!

In the face of Group’s complete defense system, GH still diligently chose a half-tank style. To put it bluntly, were they trying to compare who was more resistant to beatings? It changed from the full expectations at the beginning to their enthusiasm being exhausted. The audience really couldn’t understand how GH was going to use this lineup.

Everyone couldn’t help glancing at the time silently. Some weren’t sure if this game could be finished in an hour when there were two ‘tortoises’ on the field. This complex mood continued until the official outbreak of the team battle on the field.

They saw GH change their attitude and rush directly to the opposite defense tower.

Commentator A couldn’t help raising his tone in shock. “What does this mean? GH is really ready to attack? However, with their current output, there is no way to kill… eh?”

The commentator saw the situation on the field and the ending part was choked up. He couldn’t wait to smack himself hard on the mouth. Forget going to the tower to kill. GH made it clear that they never thought of killing people!

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2 years ago

Speaking of protagonists, this is still the year before the novel plotline starts right? I wonder if GH will be reigning World Champions by the time the novel’s protag joins the scene?

1 year ago

We’re still in the time before the novel’s starting point? Damn, so many things happened, I already forgot about the fact that they’re in a novel.

5 months ago

If it wasn’t for the comment below, I probably already forgot about the novel. I wonder if Lin Yan would recruit the MC of the novel? especially since ML would probably retire after wining the world championship. It would be more convenient if they have the same position