CAMP: Chapter 171

The first game officially started.

In the BP session, Group was clearly prepared and immediately banned two of Jing Yuanzhou’s signature heroes. Lin Yan saw everything and raised his eyebrow slightly. Then he banned two strong outputs in the current version.

Commentator A was surprised. “Looking at GH’s approach, they aren’t going to ban the big tank heroes commonly used by Group?”

Commentator B joked, “It is probably because the threat of the tank type heroes is very average. Even if several of them are sealed directly, replacing them with other heroes won’t cause too much impact on the battle.”

“That’s right but… if Group’s lineup is directly released then it will be very difficult for GH to open up the situation.”

There was the precedent of Three allowing them to chase three victories after two losses so the fans of the division listened to the words of the commentators and couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

“I can understand your thoughts but since GH has chosen to release it, I believe they must have their own arrangements. Okay, now we have entered the stage of selecting heroes. Let’s take a look at GH’s specific lineup.” Commentator B was very proficient in bringing the topic back. Then he saw the selection of heroes in the first and second positions and paused. “Wait, do you feel that the lineup GH has taken out this time is… a bit familiar?”

The moment these words came out, the audience in the live broadcast room reacted instantly. This was too familiar!

The moment the first selected support hero was locked, the Three fans who had just suffered from the elimination of their team couldn’t help covering their chests, feeling like they had been stabbed again.

The time guardian Meng Lala. This was really an existence that made people feel tears!

[Kakakakakaka, GH, is this? Tell me, is it what I am thinking?]

[So there will be an all-team teleportation skill extravaganza at the World Competition too?]

[It is true that Three and Group belong to the group battle teams. There is nothing wrong in using the tactic against Three to fight against Group!]

[I suddenly understand. Since Group is so good at defending, just make it too late for them to return to defend! This routine is wonderful!]

[The teams from Europe and America are still too young. Is it time for them to experience Coach Lin’s tactics?]

[Not necessarily. Group might not be finished with this teleportation? It’s a good lineup the first time but can’t it be specifically targeted the second time?]

[In any case, I feel it’s cool. GH, send them home. Show the full-map teleportation to the world!]

It could be seen that Group had also studied GH’s past games. The moment they saw the support hero that was taken in the number one position, the faces of the Group players and coaches changed like they realized something.

However, it was obviously too late to adjust at this time. The time guardian was originally the core of this full-map teleportation lineup. The moment it was obtained by GH, the remaining heroes could have countless choices.

In desperation, Group’s coach could only make temporary adjustments. Thus, once the lineup of both sides officially appeared on the big screen, they could see the neat and unified appearance of Group selecting teleportation skills.

On the other hand, GH stunned with their selection of summoner skills. Starting from number one and going in order, it was: ignite, discipline, ignite, ignite, interference. Contrary to expectations, GH didn’t carry any teleportation skills. There were three ignites!

The audience was in an uproar.

On the commentary table. Commentator A was choked up. He was too shocked and had no time to worry about being severely slapped in the face. “Are you sure that the summoner skills of Group and GH haven’t been reversed? What is going on? The members have ignite plus the support has interference? So GH isn’t planning to play the teleportation lineup at all? They are completely planning to attack the tower?!”

“According to the normal lineup situation, a team like Group has no possibility of being overtaken at the tower. Now…” Commentator B couldn’t help looking at Group’s zone with some sympathy. “It is obvious that Group has been faked out by Coach Lin.”

The camera zoomed in and Lin Yan didn’t forget to wave as he stepped off the stage. He seemed to be in a good mood which was a sharp contrast to the face of the Group coach next to him. The audience in the live broadcast saw this. They gradually digested their shock and couldn’t help laughing.

[Hahaha, Coach Lin is awesome! If I was the coach of Group then I would’ve also been cheated!]

[What is this called? It takes constant vigilance to stave off evil?]

[I seriously suspect that the coaches who have played mind games with Coach Lin need to go to psychological counseling.]

[Coach Lin is really amazing! Although I sympathize with Group but I’m sorry, hahahahaha, I really can’t help it.]

[The coaching staff of other teams should learn more. Look, this is what is called a tactical operation, okay?]

[I don’t know what to say except for awesome… his heart is really dirty but, uh, I like it ~^_^~]

They all knew that the choice of summoner skills actually affected the combat attributes very much. If a tortoise team like Group chose a few weakness skills in addition to the tank heroes then they would definitely beat the output players to death.

Now GH had done this and tricked them into bringing a lot of teleportation skills that didn’t have much effect on their lineup. From another perspective, it was equivalent to knocking a crack in this hard tortoise shell ahead of time. This was extremely fatal no matter how one looked at it.

Before stepping down, Lin Yan had chosen the lineup to create the most favorable situation for the team as always. Next, it was up to the players.

The game officially started and it wasn’t long before Jian Ye highlighted the role of the time guardian support hero. Having him on the bottom lane was equivalent to arranging a fixed teleportation array for Bi Yaohua in advance.

After the upgrade of his big move, Chen Yushen generously gave up the economy of the jungle area to the shooter for development. The shooter and jungler cleared the jungle simultaneously and it cut off the idea of Group invading the jungle. In addition, they didn’t forget to suppress the opposing mid-laner when passing by occasionally. After clearing the jungle area, Bi Yaohua directly used Jian Ye’s skill to send himself back to clear the line of soldiers, maximizing his economic development.

In contrast, Group was much more passive. There wasn’t the summoner skill to save their lives and dealing with the opponent was undoubtedly more difficult than usual.

Facing a main output team, Group’s biggest advantage was originally their ability to survive. For a strong team like GH that was good at attacking the top, middle and bottom lanes, they might be able to fight for a while if they took the ‘weakness skill.’ However, the ‘teleportation’ skill almost became a direct ticket for Group players to return to the lane after being beaten back to the city.

In the first half of the game, GH completed the glorious achievement of pushing down one of Group’s towers in the fastest time this season. The so-called tortoise system was like a 10,000 year old tortoise. They naturally became more difficult to overcome in the later stages.

In this game, GH cut a sharp crack in this old shell with the speed of a fast knife.

At this time, the defense equipment required for the Group tank lineup hadn’t been completed. Meanwhile., Bi Yaohua had eaten almost all the economy of the jungle area and had a high output that was completely unstoppable.

This was the team battle mode that GH players had trained in countless times and it was easy to complete.

The army pressed to the entrance of the enemy’s high ground. After a strong wave of consumption, they returned to the city collectively. Once they were restored to their full state, they used Jian Ye to teleport back to the defense tower.

It took only two seconds for the time guardian’s ultimate skill to cast. This wasn’t enough time for Group to restore their states. In addition, this skill landed GH directly under the defense tower. It was equivalent to giving GH a free entry space.

Jing Yuanzhou was the first to rush in and he received a wave of damage from a set of skills. Jian Ye played a time difference. He landed almost directly after the captain and used his control skills. Then the group silence and interference skills were released at almost the same time.

Thanks to this, Jing Yuanzhou took the lead and directly split up the lineup on the opposite side. There was the simultaneous arrival of Gu Luo and Chen Yushen. This allowed Bi Yaohua, who took a perfect position in the back, to fully open up his skills and he maximized his damage.

The camera went straight to Bi Yaohua’s shooter position. The Group players had nowhere to hide from such violent outbursts. The teammates in the front row were sacrificed one by one and the red-eyed Bi Yaohua perfectly collected the last head of the Group team.

In the final picture, only the shooter remained in the center of the map. The soldiers in the rear moved slowly to the front. They pressed up to the high ground together and destroyed Group’s crystal.

In the BO5 match, the first game took 35 minutes. GH broke Group’s record for the shortest game and simply won the first game today.

After the game, the statistics of both sides were displayed on the big screen. Bi Yaohua’s total damage accounted for 42% of the team’s total damage. There was no doubt he was the MVP!

Proofreader: Nao

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