CAMP: Chapter 170

Unsurprisingly, Three’s defeat caused a lot of turmoil in the circle.

Some people cared about Wuhoo’s injury, some people ridiculed that it was too ugly for Group to chase three victories after losing two, and many more people expressed strong thoughts. They thought that Wuhoo was in such a poor condition yet he hadn’t been replaced by the substitute. This was basically a big problem with Three’s coaching staff.

In the field of e-sports, it didn’t matter the excuses or reasons. They were all destined to be irrefutable in front of the final results.

Compared to the outside world, the major professional teams knew that delegating power wasn’t as simple as stated on the Internet. On the contrary, Wuhoo was showing an extremely responsible performance by not letting the substitute shooter with too large a difference in strength come on to play.

Wuhoo had undoubtedly done his best for the quarter-finals. No matter whether it was for Wuhoo himself, the team or the fans, he had a clear conscience.

That night, the professional players group had a lot of messages all night. They all appeared to cheer for Three’s players. On the other hand, they also cheered for the remaining two teams, expressing their absolute expectations for the follow-up competition.

The Chinese division might not have successfully occupied three seats but two teams, PAY and GH advanced. At least half the spots were occupied.

Next, everyone could only hope that there would be no in-fighting in the semi-finals.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou exchanged a few words in the group but they didn’t stay up all night. They very assuredly handed over the task of comforting Wuhoo to the idler Luni and fell asleep early.

They got up early the next morning and went straight to the scene of the drawing ceremony. Compared with the many complicated situations that could occur in the quarter-finals, the situation of the semi-finals was undoubtedly much simpler.

Everyone’s wish was also very simple. It would be good if there wasn’t a civil war. The final grouping didn’t matter. It was acceptable as long as GH and PAY could be separated.

At the drawing ceremony, Lin Yan saw KING’s Song Cheng and An Seungyeob again. He raised his eyelids in a bored manner and didn’t react. Fortunately, this time the other party still had some awareness and didn’t rush to find them out of boredom.

Lin Yan wasn’t reassured about his black hands and handed the task of the draw over to Jing Yuanzhou. The drawing officially began. Jing Yuanzhou came to the stage in front of everyone’s eyes, randomly selected a ball and opened it.

The director zoomed in instantly. The grouping information was transmitted to every corner of the world through the live broadcast.

GH was Group A. The other opponent in this group was the Group team that just knocked out Three.

The semi-final match list was officially created.

Group A: GH VS Group.

Group B: PAY VS King.

The final winner of these two groups would advance to this year’s global finals, competing for the championship that symbolized the highest glory.


The match for Group A was to be played first.

The process for the semi-finals was more cumbersome than the previous competition.

All the GH members got up early and got into the business car to head to the venue and make preparations ahead of time.

Lin Yan might have stopped all training programs for two days but it was very difficult for teenagers with Internet addiction in the gaming circle to adjust their work and rest habits. Due to getting up too early, everyone was still sleepy. Once they arrived at the venue, they were ready to drink coffee to refresh themselves and also stimulate their nerves with the tense atmosphere at the scene.

In order to formulate a perfect plan against Group, Lin Yan had stayed up all night several times. The moment he got into the car, he couldn’t hold it any longer and fell asleep against Jing Yuanzhou.

He woke up just as the business car happened to park. He got out of the car and could hear the boiling voices of people in the direction of the stadium’s gate in the distance. Looking over, the lights from the signs were flashing brightly.

The moment GH drew Group in the drawing ceremony, all the supporters of the Chinese division already had a name for today’s match.

This was also a battle of revenge for the same division team!

In normal times, Lin Yan would sneer at this type of gimmick. After all, the competition was the competition. The final result was already enough to explain everything. It didn’t make sense to engage in such bells and whistles. However, perhaps he had been touched by Wuhoo’s persistence when watching the match. This time, he was really eager and excited to get revenge for Three’s elimination.

The teams in the same division left with regrets so they would make up for it.

In the lounge, everyone came together for the final preparations.

Lin Yan once again emphasized the combat idea while tapping on his notebook with the tip of his pen. “I have to admit that Group did let us avoid the bad situation of fighting a civil war but that is a different thing. The quarter-final match on that day really made me clench my fists hard. I know that all of you must be suffocating as well. So in today’s match, you must never restrain yourself. Release your strength completely, understood?”

Everyone in GH responded in unison. “Understood!”

Lin Yan listened to such a powerful answer and was satisfied. Then he turned to look at Bi Yaohua. “Isn’t Group the team that claims to have the best system to conquer a shooter? How about it, Brother Trash Talk? Are you ready to let them accept the punishment of the shooter?”

On the day of the Three match, everyone had experienced Group’s attributes. This was why they were all really surprised after learning about Lin Yan’s arrangements for today.

It wasn’t just the outside world. From the very beginning, all the players inside GH thought they would be better off playing their multi-core advantage in this match against Group. No matter whether it was Chen Yushen’s jungler or Gu Luo’s mid-laner, they were all good choices.

In the end, they never expected that Lin Yan’s last bet would be completely on Bi Yaohua’s body. Bi Yaohua felt it was a bit dreamy. He paused and sincerely commented, “I have to say Coach, sometimes you are really rebellious.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in his own abilities. It was just that this was a strong shield even Wuhoo couldn’t break through. Now Lin Yan wanted him to completely defeat it… it was the first time the Trash Talk King felt such pressure in so many years.

Lin Yan was suddenly labeled as ‘rebellious’ and he laughed. “Why? You can’t do it?”

“It can be done! Of course, it can be done! Otherwise, why is the point of training for so many days?” Bi Yaohua rubbed his hands together. “I feel really uncomfortable every time I see this type of tortoise team. They always say they want to teach us shooters how to behave! To be honest, I’ve been wanting to teach them a lesson for a long time!”

“Yes, Wuhoo asked me to convey a message.” At this time, Jing Yuanzhou who was looking at his phone suddenly opened his mouth and read out the WeChat message in a slow tone. “’Teams like Group are simply heartless when bullying sick people. Brothers, you must beat them to death when meeting them today. Revenge is a small matter while the big matter is to qualify for the finals. Jiayou!’ Those are his words.”

“Wuhoo must be recovering well to type so many words on his phone.” Lin Yan teased with a smile. Then he continued looking at Bi Yaohua. “You heard it, Brother Trash Talk. Jiayou. It is time to seal them.”

Jian Ye was full of enthusiasm. Before Bi Yaohua could speak, he slammed his hand hard against the table. “Needless to say, f*k them!”

The other players were shocked before immediately echoing, “F*k them!”

Morale in the lounge rose to the highest point. As the others weren’t paying attention, Luo Mo quietly came to the brother recording some materials and spoke in Korean with a bitter expression, “Please cut off the last part just now.”

The match time was approaching. The staff gave a reminder and all the players brought their equipment bags to the stadium for the final preparations. The moment they arrived at the scene, there was a burst of screams every time a player appeared on the camera.

Lin Yan held his notebook and walked at the back of the line. He listened to the player IDs filling every corner of the venue and the smile in his eyes was unable to be hidden.

Just then, the image on the big screen changed and a tall figure appeared in the eyes of the public. The ceiling of the stadium was almost completely overturned by the screams. Lin Yan didn’t expect that the director would give him a shot specifically. A look of consternation flashed on his face before he quickly recovered, smiling and waving to the camera.

This was the first time Lin Yan had appeared in the public since the match against Win.

This simple action was shown in the center of the big screen. It wasn’t known who yelled out ‘Eternal’ first but the audience started to scream uniformly. “Coach Lin, Eternal! Coach Lin, Eternal! Coach Lin, Eternal—!”

In the midst of all types of shouts, someone’s voice broke the sound barrier. “GH, charge—!!!”

It wasn’t clear how many Chinese people came to the scene, let alone how many of them were GH fans. However, in such an international stadium, before the names of individual teams, the first thing was the name of their own division.

Today—the GH team from the Chinese division, asking you to fight!

During the equipment chest, the on-site host first interviewed Group’s coach before taking the microphone to GH’s zone. Lin Yan faced this type of interview and responded with ease as always. Seeing that the preparation time was coming to an end, the host asked the final question. “Excuse me, Coach Lin, what do you want to say to the audience?”

Lin Yan raised his eyes to the camera and smiled. “Regarding this match, we can only say that we have one goal today. That is… to get revenge for our brothers.”

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Hahaha, it’s cute now that there’s a bunch of Eternal fans XD