CAMP: Chapter 168

Jing Yuanzhou had turned on the TV when Lin Yan came out of the shower.

It was showing the live match between KING and VC. KING faced this seeded team from the North American division and still showed a strong dominance. After entering the semi-finals, the opponent that GH would really need to face was probably only KING.

Lin Yan saw the marked difference in score on the screen and frowned thoughtfully.

Jing Yuanzhou looked up when he heard the sound and casually pressed the mute button. “Sleep?”

Lin Yan told him, “Don’t mute it. I will just watch for a moment.”

A smile flashed in his eyes as his gaze passed over this person. He got to the bed and didn’t lie down. Instead, he went straight around and lay down next to Jing Yuanzhou. He squeezed closer. “Lend me an arm.”

Jing Yuanzhou was stunned by the sudden move. Then he moved inside and cooperatively extended his arm. Lin Yan was obviously very satisfied with this free pillow. He looked for a comfortable posture and half rested on Jing Yuanzhou as he continued to watch the match with narrowed eyes. The only noise left in the room was the commentary from the TV.

After all, Lin Yan was tired due to everything today. Before long, his heavy eyelids fell and his breathing became calm.

Jing Yuanzhou’s arm was a bit sore from the pressure. Still, he watched Lin Yan sleep and didn’t move. It was rare to see such a serenely sleeping face. It entered his eyes and the thick eyelashes seemed to be close at hand.

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze stayed there for a long time. After a moment, he couldn’t hold back the throbbing of his heart. He lowered his head and dropped a very light kiss on the soft lips.


The first day of the quarter-finals finished. GH and KING entered the semi-finals while the two remaining teams were left to be decided. For GH, the whole process was a bit of a scare. However, for a person like Lin Yan who liked to hold grudges, he didn’t forget to take care of that Roser guy after he had a rest.

He just never thought that once he woke up after almost a whole day’s sleep, the entire Internet had completely turned over. The final two matches of the quarter-finals were scheduled for two days later. This gaze idle netizens more time to analyze their doubts from the previous matches.

Later, a person who called himself an ‘insider’ came out of nowhere with a lot of information. The matter of Roser’s revenge was completely revealed. The moment it came out, the entire Internet exploded.

Previously, the QOG Club appeared in the professional league every year but it didn’t have much of a sense of existence. So even if they were suspected of match fixing, people didn’t pay much attention to it after a while. Even the subsequent listing of the entire club was ignored. After the disbandment, there were only a few people who paid attention to the final destination of the players on the team.

It was precisely because it was a team that no one was willing to give more attention to that they didn’t expect Roser, the stinking maggot, to make such a mess. If match fixing was just a matter of personal quality then the intention to make a fool of GH when they were representing the country was rising to the height of the division area.

The impact of this matter wasn’t just on Bi Yaohua or the GH team but the overall honor of the entire Chinese division. They could only say it was a good thing that GH had Lin Yan to step in and survive the crisis or else… if they did miss out on a possible chance to win the world title because of this, Roser’s move would be nothing short of death by a thousand cuts.

The netizens thought up to here and were completely furious.

[How on earth did this type of thing get into the professional game in the first place?]

[If you have no professional quality then what is all this about? Don’t do it, okay?]

[I was wondering why BB didn’t show up that day.]

[There is still such a thing as identity verification at the World Competition? This is a real pit. Let’s change this rule.]

[Oh my god, it’s good that there was the coach.]

[There is one thing. Would you please explode Roser in place! He is a real dog!]

[So now he is in the hands of the South Korean police? Can we make a joint application to not release him?]

[Are the Burning Hot officials not doing anything about this? A team was almost pitted in the World Competition. You can’t say you won’t deal with it, right?]

[It is really hard to figure out how there can be such a dog. He played a fake match and still has the f*king nerve to retaliate?]

[Is there no sense of honor regarding the competition area? This is the World Competition. I f*king want to beat up this person!]

Lin Yan heard about the news and saw the spectacular scene of the entire Internet going on a crusade. He was frozen for a moment before he couldn’t help laughing.

Originally, Lin Yan wasn’t planning to let this damn guy have a good time. Now that the righteous people on the Internet were so indignant, it was just right for him to do something smoothly.

According to Luo Mo, by the time Roser was found, all of Bi Yaohua’s papers had been thrown away. Since there wasn’t much money in the wallet itself, the South Korean police couldn’t impose too much of a punishment. He would be released after a few days at most.

So the punishment really depended on the official committee of the Burning Hot League.

Lin Yan woke up, washed up and went to find Luo Mo. He asked Luo Mo to contact the domestic league organizers and ‘euphemistically’ expressed his own club’s suggestion on how to handle Roser’s matter.

Given the current online impact, the officials had expressed enough concern about it. Originally, the disbanding of the QOG Club meant that all the players were actually free agents in the absence of any new clubs willing to sign with them.

It meant that if it wasn’t for this incident, Roser could actually become a game anchor on some platforms like Bi Yaohua before as long as he was willing. In addition, it might be somewhat slim but he could wait for the matter to pass and there was still a chance he could get the favor of a club and return to the game.

Now Lin Yan felt that he shouldn’t expect for such people to really change. For this type of unrepentant guy, there was only one request he made: expel Roser from the e-sports circle.

The first step was asking officials to remove Roser’s professional status for life. In addition, Lin Yan asked Luo Mo to contact all major streaming platforms. The moment they returned home, he would formally sign relevant agreements with these platforms.

It didn’t matter how much he spent. He had only one clear purpose. No matter whether it was the professional game or other fields related to the e-sports circle, the ID of Roser (which included the person holding the ID) would be completely blocked.

Lin Yan didn’t like to engage in this type of bullying but he was going to use this method to announce to the world that the GH Club couldn’t be provoked by anyone.

Once the officials of GH finally made a public statement, the entire network once again greeted all of Roser’s ancestors with hatred. He was completely nailed to the column of shame.

In the midst of the uproar and condemnation, the last two matches of the quarter-finals unknowingly arrived.

The first match was the first ranked AU of Group A against the second ranked PAY of Group B.

The second match was the first ranked Three of Group D against the second ranked Group of Group A.

On the same day, Lin Yan stopped all training and gathered the team in the lounge to watch the matches of the two friendly teams.

Everyone had enough confidence in the strength of the PAY and Three teams. Although they said they didn’t want to compete with any of these teams in the semi-finals, they had already basically identified them as making it through.”

“What to do? The thought of fighting against PAY in the semi-finals is making my head hurt again.” Bi Yaohua saw PAY’s crazy score on the live broadcast and once again felt the fear of being dominated by AI. “Seriously, is the existence of AI as a jungling machine really reasonable? When playing against PAY, the shooter can’t gain any experience at all!”

Jian Ye smiled. “Brother Trash Talk, listening to your words, it seems that you prefer to fight Three more?”

Bi Yaohua choked up. Wuhoo’s figure flashed through his mind and he exclaimed, “I don’t want to!”

Gu Luo laughed and said deliberately, “Or you can ask the coach to help you by playing the shooter position.”

Bi Yaohua felt Jing Yuanzhou suddenly looking up and his back became cold. He blurted out, “It doesn’t matter! No matter who the opponent is, I will try my best to knock them down! there is no need to trouble the coach!”

He showed such a strong desire to survive that there was a burst of laughter around him.

Lin Yan couldn’t help his mouth twitching as he listened to the noise of the players. His gaze fell on the score on the TV screen and his tone was calm. “PAY will also qualify.”

The team teams in Group A weren’t weak but they were still worse than the top teams. PAY’s success was no surprise.

During the break as they waited for Three to play, the others poured tea, ate fruit and took the opportunity to do their own thing. Jing Yuanzhou saw Lin Yan going through documents with a subtle expression and came over. “What’s the matter?”

Lin Yan was holding all the data of the Group team since this season started. He heard the words and didn’t raise his head. He just frowned. “Who do you think will win the next match?”

Jing Yuanzhou remained silent. Under normal circumstances, Three should indeed be the winner. However, anyone who had a bit of knowledge about the attributes of the Group team knew that this seeded team really wasn’t friendly to the current Three.

Lin Yan got the answer from Jing Yuanzhou’s silence and sighed softly as he closed the document. “Hopefully, Wuhoo can endure it.”

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