CAMP: Chapter 167

Lin Yan’s performance in the first two games were very outstanding but since he didn’t play in the third game, the final MVP was given to Jing Yuanzhou. During the interview, the host routinely asked a few questions related to the competition and Jing Yuanzhou responded very officially.

In the face of this old player, the host knew he wouldn’t be able to get any exciting news. Thus, he flipped through the cards and simply chose a question that everyone was very curious about. “Today in the match, GH showed absolute strength against Win but didn’t choose to continue it. Instead, you changed players in the third game. Was there a special purpose behind this decision?”

Jing Yuanzhou answered, “It’s nothing. We just wanted to change it.”

The host felt choked up but still maintained a smile as he continued on this track. “We thought that since this is the quarter-finals, every deployment should be carefully considered?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked up at the camera. “If I had to say a reason, perhaps we wanted to let Win know that every one of our players is very strong.”

The interview content was spread to every corner of the world through the live broadcast and was accompanied by translations in various languages.

The grudge between Win and the Chinese division had been heard by all the major regions. In particular, there was no one who didn’t know that Nilay was always targeting Jing Yuanzhou, the world’s top side-laner.

Now the core of 3:0 could be said to block the mouth of the entire South Korean division.

It wasn’t until this time when they looked back that they were surprised to realize all the so-called grudges had been one-sided cues from the Win team. As for GH, whether it was the players or the PR department, did they really care about Win?

It was as Jing Yuanzhou said. GH was very strong. Every player, even their coach, was strong. It didn’t matter if it was Lin Yan’s absolute crushing in the first two games or Bi Yaohua’s decisive victory in the third game. GH didn’t leave any chance for WIn to fight back. As a result, all the excuses Win might’ve found were blocked ahead of time.

Since the beginning of the quarter-finals, the organizations arranged post-match interviews for every knock-out match. The first ones to appear in front of the camera were the defeated Win players.

Compared with their confidence before the match, there was now only depression and frustration on the young faces. In fact, it wasn’t just the audience. Even Win didn’t expect that for their first appearance on the world stage, they would leave in such an ugly manner. Under the repeated flashing lights, some of the players couldn’t help burying their faces and silently choking up.

In front of the camera, the red-headed Nilay gritted his teeth as he stood in line with the other Win team members and bowed to the fans who supported them. In the face of such pure failure, all explanations and arguments undoubtedly paled in comparison.

Win’s post-match interview unfolded in the midst of such fanfare but they left quietly.

No matter how much the public loved a face slapping scene, the defeated party was the defeated party after all. The reporters at the scene couldn’t get too excited about Win when they thought about the upcoming interview with GH.

In today’s game, GH’s performance could be said to be full of gimmicks.

In the previous interviews, Lin Yan’s figure couldn’t be seen at all. Therefore, all reporters were looking forward to it while hoping to dig out some materials in the past-match interview. The moment the members of GH appeared, the scene was completely engulfed in blinding flashes of light.

It was only after the reporters had finished with their shooting spree that they finally came back to their senses. Wait, where was Eternal? Where was Coach Lin?!

Jing Yuanzhou took the group of players to their seats. He heard the question from the first reporter and slightly frowned under the glare of the flashes. “Coach Lin? It seems that the competition committee stipulated that the coaching team doesn’t need to participate in the follow-up interview, right?”

The reporters at the scene, “……”

Didn’t he see what Lin Yan did to Win on the field? Now he was telling them that Eternal’s identity was still just GH’s coach? Which coach could rush to the field to teach the opposite players how to be a human?!

Jing Yuanzhou was called here just after his MVP interview. He didn’t have time to grab his phone. At this point, he didn’t forget to ask the time from Gu Luo who was beside him.

He turned back to the eerie silence at the scene and pulled the microphone in front of him. “So are there no other questions to ask? In that case, should we go back first?”

This sentence caused the reporters at the scene to wake up. There was no time to care about Lin Yan’s failure to attend the post-match interview. They all rushed to raise their hands. “There is a question! Here! Here! There are still many questions!”

The post-match interview was broadcasted live and seen by Lin Yan. An hour’s rest had eased his condition a lot. Currently, he was half-leaning against the backseat of the business car with the comfortable, soft velvet blanket in hand. His eyes fell on the man’s unsmiling face and he was silent for a moment. Then he opened the real-time barrage.

[I want to weakly ask. Didn’t GH win the game? Why do I think that Titans doesn’t look very happy?]

[So there really was a problem behind BB not showing up at the beginning?]

[It isn’t clear but it really does feel like GH’s overall atmosphere isn’t right.]

[In Titans’ case, it might simply be that he doesn’t like interviews.]

[How to say? This atmosphere inexplicably makes me worried that there is internal discord in GH.]

Lin Yan, “……”

The content of the barrage brushed past in quick succession, making him unable to resist glancing toward Jing Yuanzhou’s expression again.

Finally, he rubbed his slightly pained temples.

He really wanted to tell the netizens that there wasn’t a problem within their team. No one would feel upset about winning the match. It was just… it was true that they were in a rush to end the interview and it was true that Jing Yuanzhou was a bit angry. It was estimated that he couldn’t share all of this with anyone. It must be borne by him, the originator, alone.

Lin Yan was silent for a moment before opening his browser.

He typed in: [How to coax  your boyfriend when you make him angry?]

Lin Yan looked through the results one by one. He didn’t know how much time passed before the door was opened from the outside. The team had returned from the post-match interview and saw Lin Yan in the back seat the moment they got into the car.

Bi Yaohua hadn’t expected this trip to be so thrilling. The first thing he did after sitting down was to turn and ask, “Coach, how do you feel now?”

“I’m much better.” Lin Yan was about to say some words of comfort when he looked up and saw Jing Yuanzhou.

He fell silent with a rare guilty heart.

Jing Yuanzhou got into the car and headed straight to the back row. He casually pulled the blanket that had fallen to the ground back over Lin Yan’s legs. Then he leaned back against his seat and slowly closed his eyes.

In today’s match, Jing Yuanzhou was undoubtedly the one who had consumed the most energy apart from Lin Yan. In order to end today’s match as soon as possible, he mobilized everything to the extreme, whether it was the physical operation or mental consumption. His tiredness spoke for itself.

The two people in the back seat were silent and no one in the front row dared to speak. The dark horse team that rose to the top four were silent all the way back to the hotel.

Jing Yuanzhou headed into the bathroom once they returned to the room. Soon after, there was the faint sound of water. Lin Yan had a headache when he thought about his boyfriend’s expression along the way. He sat at the head of the bed for a while before standing up impatiently.

Jing Yuanzhou came out after taking a shower and was stunned to face an empty room. Then he heard the sound of the door opening behind him. He looked back and happened to lock eyes with Lin Yan who was furtively returning from outside.

Lin Yan pulled up a smile. “Er… you washed up so fast?”

Jing Yuanzhou wanted to ask, ‘Why are you running around when it is so late?’

Then he saw Lin Yan and couldn’t be so tough. He eventually made a resigned sound. “Why aren’t you resting?”

“There’s no hurry.” The moment Lin Yan spoke, he noticed that Jing Yuanzhou was frowning again.

He quickly interrupted before the other person could say anything. “Don’t be mean to me. I don’t have much strength in my body and I have a headache. My ears might ring if I hear a louder sound. I can’t stand the stimulation.”

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

For a moment, he didn’t know if he should be angry or to laugh. “You know that as well?”

Lin Yan didn’t answer directly. He closed the door and glanced at the other person’s expression before slowly walking over. He cleared his throat. “Captain Jing, can I borrow your hand for a moment?”

Jing Yuanzhou obviously didn’t understand what medicine Lin Yan was selling but from this close distance, he could see that Lin Yan’s face was significantly better than when he just came off the field although it was still somewhat white.

He calmed down slightly and didn’t ask any more questions. He silently held out his hand. Lin Yan grabbed it. The next second, there was something else in his hand. Then he gently placed it on Jing Yuanzhou’s palm. It was a somewhat shabby one mao coin.

It entered his eyes and Jing Yuanzhou was stunned.

Lin Yan’s voice was soft. “I have just one question. Does the usage you mentioned before count?”

Jing Yuanzhou suddenly understood what Lin Yan had just done. A one mao coin that was very scarce even in China was now found abroad. He could imagine how many staff members Lin Yan had asked this time.

Jing Yuanzhou’s throat moved slightly. “It counts.”

Lin Yan raised his eyes and stared at this man. “So can you not be angry anymore?”

“I’m not angry with you.” The expression on Jing Yuanzhou’s face finally became completely strained. “I just feel that at the crucial moment, I could only watch you fight like that without being able to do anything, just… in short, I am mad at myself. Don’t think too much.”

“I’m not thinking too much.” Lin Yan raised an eyebrow. “You are angry at yourself because of me.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s heart softened and he surrendered. “Your words are correct. So can you go and get some rest?”

Lin Yan saw that the plan he racked his brain to come up with had worked and finally smiled. “Of course. I will take a shower first.”

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Daring to Dream
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