CAMP: Chapter 166

It was completely different from the warm atmosphere outside. Separated by just a door, the atmosphere in GH’s lounge was somewhat solemn. All the cameras were blocked outside. Lin Yan was half lying on the sofa and his hands were shaking badly. It was only with Jing Yuanzhou holding the cup next to him that he was finally able to moisturize his overly dry throat a little bit.

He had briefly explained his specific situation to the players after leaving the field. At this time, he met the eyes of the group and couldn’t help clearing his throat. “Don’t look at me like that. If people who don’t know anything come in and see you like this, they would think I’d passed away”

It was obviously to liven up the atmosphere but in this environment, no one could laugh. It was a lot better than when he first left the field but at this time, Lin Yan’s face was still too white. Looking at the still trembling fingers, it was really hard to imagine what type of perseverance was needed to allow him to complete the last wave of wonderful five kills without any mistakes.

After knowing the truth, the GH members thought about how they were so excited about the coach playing on the field and wanted to go back and slap themselves.

Sometimes in the face of such silent giving, the one who was protected would find it more difficult to accept. The coach concealed from them that he was taking such a big risk. This alone was enough to completely dispel the joy of winning two games in a row.

Gu Luo sniffed hard and it wasn’t easy for him to control the tears at the corners of his eyes. He turned around and said in a stuffy voice, “I’m going to see where Brother Trash Talk is.”

Lin Yan raised his head. He saw that Jian Ye turned his head to avoid Lin Yan’s gaze and couldn’t help being speechless. He wanted to say that he wasn’t terminally ill but he really felt dizzy. He didn’t have much energy to speak. He had to close his eyes and calm his mind.

The break time was very short. Bi Yaohua had previously said he could arrive in 30 minutes. Calculating the time, he should’ve almost arrived. However, problems caused by documents rarely happened after all. No one knew the specific process if the host needed them to prove the relevant certification. It wasn’t certain when this set of procedures would be completed or if he could make it before the next game. In this case, Lin Yan felt he still needed to be prepared to play the third game.

Despite his dizzy mind, Lin Yan worked hard to raise his spirits so that he wouldn’t be completely dragged down by this sinking state. In a trance, he suddenly felt his cold fingers being gently massaged.

Lin Yan lifted his heavy eyelids slightly and faced Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze. Jing Yuanzhou saw that Lin Yan wasn’t asleep and guessed the other person’s thoughts. He said in a calm tone, “Even if BB is late, you can’t play the next game.”

Lin Yan instinctively frowned.

Jing Yuanzhou seemed to know what he wanted to say and continued, “Don’t think about extra things. Your current state isn’t suitable for the field.”

There seemed to be no difference with his usual tone but it was clear that this man was trying hard to keep his emotions down to a state of utmost calm.

Lin Yan could hear the faint tightness at the end of his voice. There was something choking in his throat. Lin Yan knew Jing Yuanzhou’s worries and didn’t want this person to worry for his own sake. He was silent for a moment before still giving a reminder, “There is no precedent for four against five on the arena.”

Jing Yuanzhou stared at him. “I am willing to set this precedent.”

Lin Yan didn’t know what to say for a while.

The other team members had never heard such a solemn dialogue between the two people since they entered GH. The content of this conversation fell into their ears word for word. In such a heavy atmosphere, no one dared to even breathe out. It wasn’t easy to resist the urge to look back but they avoided watching the two figures confronting each other.

Gu Luo was still sending several WeChat messages to Bi Yaohua in a row but it seemed like stones sinking into the sea. There was no response. After making a few calls with still no answers while the rest time was almost over, Gu Luo was really uncomfortable. He was able to start the bombardment mode when he saw the door of the lounge suddenly being pushed open by someone.

The moment the door opened, the colorful peacock head fell into everyone’s eyes in an eye-catching manner. “Surprise! Your brother is back!”

This excited sentence seemed incompatible with the atmosphere inside. There wasn’t the warm response as expected. The visitor apparently noticed the strange atmosphere at the scene and the smile on his face froze.

Bi Yaohua had been watching the match in real time during the journey. He had been extremely excited when he saw the team win the match point. The moment he came back, he wanted to be part of the happiness of the team. As a result, he walked in and was confused by the seriousness that was the complete opposite of what he imagined. “Uh… what’s the matter?”

Gu Luo paused before he almost started crying on the spot. “Brother Trash Talk, you’re finally back!”

Luo Mo had been really tired after running around these days and was stunned when he came in. Still, he had seen many big waves and quickly reacted. The first thing he did was to close the door of the lounge quickly.

Jing Yuanzhou’s face didn’t look good due to Lin Yan’s attitude of not taking his body seriously. Now he saw Bi Yaohua and let out a long sigh of relief before asking, “Have your qualifications for the competition been resolved?”

Bi Yaohua instinctively replied, “Yes, it’s done.”

Jing Yuanzhou adjusted his emotions and his expression slowly changed. “Check your equipment and be ready to go on the field.”

Bi Yaohua was stunned. “Huh?”

Jing Yuanzhou turned around to look at Lin Yan. “There’s no need for four against five. So can you rest now?”

His tone of voice was somewhat helpless. The rare conflict between the two of them was resolved. Lin Yan heard these words and his ears turned slightly red. “Yes…”

Bi Yaohua looked at the interaction between the two people and finally reacted. “Coach, are you uncomfortable?”

The break time was short. Bi Yaohua listened to their explanation of the situation and immediately made preparations for the game in a hurry.

The break ended and the players went on the field. This time, Lin Yan listened to Jing Yuanzhou’s words for once and didn’t participate in the BP session as the coach. He stayed in the lounge with peace of mind.

Luo Mo wasn’t reassured about Lin Yan’s situation and stayed to take care of him. Once everyone left, the lounge finally calmed down and there was only the sound from the bright TV screen showing the game live.

Lin Yan leaned against the sofa and rubbed the blanket in his arms. His face was still a bit pale but his eyes were full of a faint light as he watched the players on the screen.

Luo Mo hadn’t expected that his boss could actually make himself become like this in such a short time. He was ready to say something but the moment he opened his mouth and turned his head, his words were blocked.

Lin Yan lay lazily on the sofa. It wasn’t known what he was thinking about but he suddenly reached out his hand and gently covered his eyes. The curve of his mouth had never been so bold and dazzling.

It made Luo Mo almost forget to move his eyes away.


GH had won two games and it was their match point. Just as morale was in full swing, the ‘missing for some reason’ Bi Yaohua suddenly returned to the field. Such an adjustment inevitably caused a lot of discussion on the field.

Under normal circumstances, this big score lead was the best time to go all out. In addition, Lin Yan’s strength was obvious to all. it was indeed not a wise choice to change players now, no matter how they looked at it.

After all, it often took a certain amount of time for everyone to enter the right state. Bi Yaohua had been on the bench for two games and he would obviously suffer a lot. It was really doubtful if this replacement was a trick specifically arranged by GH.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat also discovered another important point. “Weird. There is no Eternal on the field but ‘Coach Lin’ isn’t even participating in the BP session. This… does he want to use this arrangement to express his contempt for Win?”

After these two games, Commentator Cry Cry maintained a certain degree of optimism and joked, “After all, it is now GH’s match point. They can be willful.”

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat smiled. “Let’s look at GH’s performance in this game.”

The BP process officially began and everyone focused on the field. Both side’s choices were locked in very quickly. Lin Yan wasn’t present so Win didn’t need to use a precious ban position on a shooter. They gave it all to Jing Yuanzhou. Such an approach led to booing from the audience.

The third game officially began. For Win, this was probably their last chance. It could be seen from their performance in the game that they were indeed very active in looking for opportunities.

Unfortunately, after the previous two games of continuous suppression, Win’s overall morale was extremely low. The players had extinguished their vitality and seemed to lose their strong momentum at the beginning of the game.

As for GH’s side, Jing Yuanzhou obviously didn’t want to drag it out anymore. Just three minutes into the game, there was news of a solo kill from the top lane and the first drop of blood officially appeared.

In 8 minutes, the first tower on the top lane was officially broken.

In 15 minutes, Win’s entire top jungle area was completely occupied.

In 20 minutes, GH took the first team buff.

in 28 minutes, all the outer towers were broken.

In 32 minutes, full pressure was placed on the high ground.

Throughout the game, in the early stage, Bi Yaohua did have several instances of being out of touch with the team rhythm. It was just insignificant when Jing Yuanzhou was fully driving the rhythm.

Moreover, GH’s internal adjustment was very rapid. Compared with Lin Yan, Bi Yaohua had a lot more time cooperating with the team. After several mistakes, he used the shortest time to restore his state. Since then, the GH team with no loophole became even more unstoppable.

The game went on for 40 minutes and the final group battle ended with a wave of three kills by Bi Yaohua. The first of the quarter-final matches officially came to an end.

In the third game, Win’s tactics didn’t have any problems. It was a pity that the previous two devastating games had broken the mentality of the young Win players. On this field, it was undoubtedly very fatal once they started to have doubts in themselves.

In addition, in this game, Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t prepared to leave them any chances at all. If he was already strong in the first two games, the demon king of the side lane was said to have given them no room at all in this one.

After today’s game, no one dared to mention those old grand words.

Win and GH? Was Nilay worthy of Titans? It was all a joke the moment Win’s crystal broke again on the big screen. The first seed of the South Korean division was sealed 3:0! GH showed an absolutely strong performance and got the ticket to the top four.

Proofreader: Nao

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