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CAMP: Chapter 165

It could be seen that Win was determined to drag it out. No matter how they swept through the jungle area or forced a team battle at the river, Win would rather give up the group buff of the abyss king in order to defend the high ground as a group. They didn’t give the opposing GH a chance to split the lineup at all.

To be honest, the situation on the field had reached this point and it was already completely one-sided. In the end, even if Win relied on this method to pull off a comeback, their method of winning the game wouldn’t be glorious at all. Still, it was clear that the current Win couldn’t care about that.

It was the quarter-finals and the knock-out mode was adopted. In this BO5 mode, the pressure would undoubtedly increase if the opponent won two consecutive rounds and got the match point. In this case, they would take anything as long as there was a chance of a comeback. It didn’t matter if they won in a shameless manner or not. The more this happened, the more steady they needed to be. Win just had to wait for GH to show their flaws in their anxiety to win the game and there was a chance of turning things around.

In fact, GH’s side was really anxious to win the game. At the very least, Jing Yuanzhou was really desperate. The game had unknowingly progressed to 42 minutes. The more it continued, the closer it would be to the time where Win’s lineup was strong.

Jing Yuanzhou used his extra economy to gain a piece of resurrection armor and he said in the voice channel, “Take the dragon and then directly press forward.”

The others replied. “Received.”

There was a moment’s pause before Lin Yan also responded in a low voice. “Yes.”

In the later stage of the game, it could be clearly felt that Lin Yan’s communication with the team was far less frequent. Now this low sound fell into Jing Yuanzhou’s heart with a different meaning. Jing Yuanzhou forcibly controlled the urge to turn around and look at this person. He stabilized his mind again. He made a decision and gave himself a deadline. This wave must be won.

Just like before, Win didn’t come to snatch the abyss king’s buff and directly gave up. As a result, GH managed to get the team buff and once again pressed to the defense tower. Win’s tower defense strategy was very detailed. The fact that their high ground tower had only lost half its health at present was enough to prove that the effect was significant.

Jing Yuanzhou proactively took over Lin Yan’s right to speak, instructing in a concise manner, “Pay attention to my signal to open a group battle and cross the tower forcefully.”

Forcefully destroying the tower. This obviously wasn’t a very wise choice when there were two big tank heroes in front. The other GH members were stunned when they heard the words. Still, there was unconditional trust. “Understood!”

Lin Yan didn’t speak. His eyes were on the computer screen while he secretly moved his somewhat trembling fingers. The feeling of stiffness was becoming more and more evident. Even Jing Yuanzhou was aware that his state wasn’t quite right. How could Lin Yan himself not know that this wave was probably the last chance?

This was why they had to take it. As for whether such a radical approach could win, the answer was naturally a yes. He believed in Jing Yuanzhou’s judgment no matter what. It was absolutely impossible for this man to do anything beyond reason.

There wasn’t even the time to wipe off the sweat on his forehead. Lin Yan forcibly endured the feeling of dizziness and once again focused his attention to the extreme. The opposing side was circling the defense tower. The light on the screen fell on Jing Yuanzhou’s face and his expression became more solemn.

The countless positions and details of both sides were expanded to the extreme under such a gaze. The usage time and cooldown time of each key skill also formed a series of virtual digital chains in their minds.

For a while, no one spoke in the voice channel. All the GH members were waiting for the final signal from their captain.

Finally, the attack prompt shone on the screen. At the same time, a figure rushed out. There was no time for Win to react at all. The moment Jing Yuanzhou flashed to the defense tower, his big move fell from the sky. A neat stone wall blocked all the Win members on the spot.

“A flash and a big move! Titans’ flash and big move directly started a group battle!” By the time Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat’s mind returned, he found that he was standing up. “A strong opening! GH finally chose to open a group battle after repeated trials! However, Titans is playing a pure output in this round. He killed Nilay several times under the tower and this time, he chose to go to the tower to open a group battle. Is he planning to martyr himself? He is unable to hold it! A pure output is really too fragile. Titans can’t resist the damage. He… no! This is the resurrection armor!”

“The new resurrection armor that Titans just bought was apparently in preparation for this strong wave!” Commentator Cry Cry couldn’t help raising her tone. “Win used too many skills on Titans just now and can’t catch up! Titans has completed his retreat very simply! He isn’t dead!”

“GH’s output was also connected very quickly. Eternal’s damage is too explosive! They can’t hold on. Win can’t stand it at all!” Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat’s voice was so excited that it almost broke.  “Gun is taking into account the health of his teammates in front of him. God, what type of scary healing volume is this! Gun alone is supporting the health value of the GH team!”

“Titans’ big move has blocked Win’s retreat. At this distance, Eternal doesn’t need to care about Win’s front row tanks at all!” Commentator Cry Cry became even more excited. “Okay, Eternal’s second skill has taken Car away! End wants to cut through but it is no use! Gloy blocked it beautifully! Car’s position isn’t good. He died without being able to release any output at all! Double kill, a double kill! Eternal got a double kill! However, his health is a bit dangerous. He needs to retreat quickly… wait, he still wants to kill?!”

Commentator Brother Hat continued, “Gun has restored Eternal’s health again! Eternal’s position is absolutely amazing! He has been hiding a few skills. Who can stop him? Eternal is completely crazy!”

The voices of the commentators spread through the live broadcast room but all the netizens had no thoughts to digest their words. Everyone’s attention was focused on the big screen. From the moment the group battle started, their brains couldn’t keep up at all.

Jing Yuanzhou took advantage of the resurrection armor to resurrect after opening the group battle. Then he didn’t hesitate to use the short distance displacement skills to retreat. He relied on the support of his teammates to escape with some health left.

At the same time, Jian Ye had the task of healing up any damage from the tower. He forcibly used his healing to provide an excellent space for his teammates to output. Gu Luo reacted quickly and stopped End who was trying a sneak attack. Then he fully activated his skills with Chen Yushen and directly damaged the tanks in the front row.

At the same time, the distance was too close and Lin Yan killed the opposite double Cs.

The flashes of the Win members had been forced out during the previous wave of confrontation and Jing Yuanzhou’s big move had blocked their retreat. They could only choose to use the advantage of the defense tower to try and counter-kill.

However, Jian Ye’s healing volume was too exaggerated. They only had time to kill the two fragile assassins, Gu Luo and Chen Yushen before they were killed by the shooter continuously firing from the back.

In a short time, Lin Yan’s output was played to the extreme. Jian Ye crazily raised Lin Yan’s health value. He struggled hard to hold it but he finally couldn’t support the output of the defense tower. Jian Ye’s health bar emptied.

At this time, Jing Yuanzhou had recovered his health after retreating and he quickly returned to join the battle. The two of them were present at the same time and the damage from GH completely exploded.

Jing Yuanzhou’s combination of moves squeezed the health value of the opposite side to the extreme while Lin Yan used his output to take two more heads from Win. This type of cooperation was perfect to the extreme.

The female system voice became the background sound in the canyon.

[GH.Eternal killed Win.Car!]

[GH.Eternal killed Win.End!]

[GH.Eternal killed Win.Loko!]

[GH.Eternal killed Win.Nilay!]

It was one kill after another and the audience felt like they were going crazy. Four kills! Four kills in the world’s top eight! Could he continue to kill? Was it possible?!

On the screen, Win’s mid-laner Soon was the only player with a flash available. He used his skill to exit from Jing Yuanzhou’s big move for the first time. He had been attacking from the rear the whole time. Now he saw that the situation wasn’t good and immediately withdrew toward the resurrection point without hesitation.

For now, GH only had Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou left. A line of soldiers had just arrived at the foot of the high ground tower. If Soon, a long-ranged mid-laner was allowed to return then they could only destroy a high ground defense tower in this wave.

Lin Yan felt his breathing echoing heavily in his ears. His eyes were firmly locked on the hurriedly fleeing figure and a sharp light flashed in them. It was almost at the end of his first skill cooldown and he cast another skill.

He took advantage of a short displacement that came from this skill and followed up with a flash. The moment he entered the attack range, the damage from Win’s tower fell on his weak body. However, just one second before receiving the damage, his skill had already been used.

The non-directional skill accurately struck Soon who was just about to enter the resurrection point. The damage was so exaggerated that the moment Lin Yan was killed by the defense tower, Soon’s health bar was also emptied.

[GH.Eternal killed Win.Soon!]

[Penta kill!]

[ACE (team extinction)!]

The moment the system broadcast was heard, a new wave of soldiers arrived at the defense tower. The blood-soaked Jing Yuanzhou pushed up to Win’s high ground with the armored soldiers.

The big ‘Victory’ shone in the middle of the screen, shining brightly.

Lin Yan’s unfocused gaze fell on the computer screen while next to him, the hand on the mouse was completely shaking. His mind was empty and he even forgot to take off his headphones. It wasn’t until the man on the other side came over and took off his soundproof headphones that the excited voices on the team’s voice channel were replaced by the enthusiastic screams at the scene.

Lin Yan’s mind returned.

The other GH members followed Jing Yuanzhou’s actions and finally felt that something was wrong. They turned to look and the joy of victory on their faces abruptly froze. Lin Yan couldn’t see what he looked like now but he intuitively knew it was a bit scary.

At these concerned eyes, he tried hard to smile but even the corners of his mouth were lifted reluctantly. He didn’t have the strength to speak. In a place where no one was paying attention, he borrowed the strength of Jing Yuanzhou’s hand and took advantage of the time before the camera came over here to walk off the field.

Throughout the process, Jing Yuanzhou always put Lin Yan firmly on the side, quietly avoiding the angles of the surrounding cameras without saying a word.

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2 years ago

HOLY SH*T!!!! YES!!! I know that he doesn’t feel well right now but I’m still happy. I HOPE THIS MOMENT WOULD HELP LY RECOVER FAST from his PTSD.
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the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
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