CAMP: Chapter 164

It had to be said that such a start was really rare.

Win’s reason for choosing to change lanes was self-evident. No matter how hard Nilay played, everyone could see that he was beaten by Jing Yuanzhou on the field. After being crushed by GH for a whole game, he changed lanes this time to be a tool man and support his teammates’ development. After all, in a situation where the side-laner and shooter was suppressed at the same time, sacrificing Nilay to protect the shooter’s economy was a good way to break through.

It was a pity that GH saw through their thoughts and made the decision to also change lanes, blocking their way.

Lin Yan saw Win’s shooter Car in the lane and didn’t hesitate to play a set of skills, sharp as always. He decreased the opponent’s health by nearly half and entered the grass to the side. He took advantage of the opposite side’s blind spot and circled around the jungle.

Lin Yan sent a signal to his teammates to remind them. “Prepare for blood.”

The moment he finished speaking, the jungler End and support Loko appeared in his field of view not far away. Just as speculated during the BP process, Win took out the barbarian giant in order to invade the jungle area. He took advantage of the strong period before level 3 and obviously wanted to directly take Chen Yushen’s blue elemental mob.

Chen Yushen was influenced by his hero’s attributes. If he wanted to maintain his rhythm when playing as a jungler, he needed to grab the blue element monster.

According to Win’s plan, after changing lanes, Car was a long range shooter and he should be able to clear the lane to reach level 2 as soon as possible. Then the three men would simultaneously cover GH’s jungle area. However, the current situation was completely disrupted by GH’s synchronized lane changing.

Car was pressed under the tower before he could reach level 2. This meant there were only End and Loko in the jungle. No, even if Car couldn’t make it, he just needed to hold off GH’s shooter Lin Yan and the two people on Win’s side would theoretically have no problem by taking advantage of their hero’s strong attributes.

The moment he saw Chen Yushen, the figure of the barbarian giant rushed straight forward without hesitation. Chen Yushen was prepared early on and dexterously moved in an S arc to avoid the wolf tooth stick.

In the back, Jian Ye added a continuous health return skill to him. Then he moved forward two steps and decisively blocked a control skill thrown by the support Loko at his teammate. At the same time, End rushed to the front. He bypassed Jian Ye who was controlled in place toward Chen Yushen behind him. Chen Yushen still had the aggro of the blue element monster. So although he had the continuous health return skill on him, his health could still be seen rapidly decreasing.

The audience saw that the first head could erupt at any moment and couldn’t help holding their breaths. Yet the eager eyes were on the group of four tangled together but on the figure waiting in the grass. At the same time, Car’s voice was heard from Win’s voice channel. “Be careful, Lucara is gone!”

Lin Yan had deliberately bypassed his vision and gave the illusion that he was still at the top lane so it was only at this time that Car discovered his opponent had ‘disappeared.’ However, it was obviously too late. The fighting End noticed something was wrong and wanted to retreat. Then he saw that Lucara, the golden holy bow operated by Lin Yan had appeared in the rear.

The retreat was completely blocked. Win’s shooter Car also came to the jungle the moment he discovered that Lin Yan had disappeared but it was too late.

[GH.Eternal killed Win.End!]

[First Blood!]

As if it was a repeat of the last game, Lin Yan once again won the first head. The support Loko obviously had no way out.

[GH.Eternal killed Win.Loko!]

[Double kill!]

The female system voice was broadcasted in the canyon again and hit people’s hearts like a heavy fist. There was a moment of silence before the venue completely boiled over.

On the field, Lin Yan earned a lot from his beautiful wave. He returned to the lane and cleared the new line of soldiers. Then he pushed Car back under the tower and invaded Win’s jungle with Chen Yushen and Jian Ye. End had no time to clean up any jungle mobs in order to capture Chen Yushen’s blue buff. Now he instead gave GH more economy.

“I’m afraid it will be hard for Win again.” It sounded like a sigh but Brother Rabbit Hat’s smile couldn’t be hidden. He almost had the words ‘well done’ written on his face.

Commentator Cry Cry exclaimed, “Win changing lanes this time is probably lifting a stone to hit their own feet.”

Based on the collision just now, if Win hadn’t chosen to change lines then it wouldn’t have been impossible for Nilay to use the tank hero to forcibly slow down Jing Yuanzhou in the early stage. Unfortunately, a weak defense profession like a shooter found it almost impossible to drag things out when suppressed in strength.

On the contrary, the difference completely released Lin Yan. Win’s anti-jungle plan was completely disrupted.

After resurrecting at the base, End could see that his upper and lower jungles had all been divided up by GH and his face completely turned black. In desperation, he could only use his mid-laner as a tool person to get some experience to level up. He gritted his teeth. “Drag it to the late stage!”

Their lineup for this game had two suitable methods of play. If they couldn’t gank in the jungle in the early stage then they could only decisively take advantage of the late stage.

This mode was also used when facing Three in the previous group stage. Although they weren’t able to defend in the last 50 minutes, the failure was entirely due to Three’s absolute cooperation in the last wave of team battle. Now facing GH, it wasn’t impossible to make a comeback before the end.

The moment Win fell silent, Lin Yan guessed the opponent’s calculations. “They want to drag things out.”

Chen Yushen asked, “Coach, shall we continue to invade?”

“Continue and strive to gain all the jungle resources.” Lin Yan glanced at the current economic gap and smiled. “Win wants to drag it out then let them drag it out. If I can give them a chance to counterattack then I’ll accept this loss.”

Jing Yuanzhou listened to the conversation in the voice channel and the operation of his hand suddenly became sharp as he completed a strong kill. The kill notification popped up and he turned to move out of the output range of the defense tower. He finished clearing the troops and pressed the return to city button in the nearby grass without saying a word. There was no joy in his demeanor after getting a head.

He had watched the replay of the match between Three and Win. Win was really good at dragging out the rhythm. If it wasn’t for the fact that they missed their chance in the final team battle, they might’ve had a real chance to turn things over.

However, this wasn’t what Jing Yuanzhou was really worried about. He knew better than anyone the importance of time to Lin Yan. It was obvious that the more than 30 minutes in the first game had started to cause a burden. It was hard to imagine how much influence there would be on Lin Yan’s mental state if he really let the opposite side drag it out.

The lighter Lin Yan acted in the team voice channel, the more he was reluctant to think about the person behind the voice. Those few words were enough to let him know that this man was absolutely ready to be strong on his own again.

Soon, the entire audience found out what was going on. Jing Yuanzhou, who usually was very strong on the lane, seemed to be playing even more fiercely in this game. The heads broke out again and again with the female voice constantly broadcasting through the canyon.

At such a strong attitude, Win had to make the decision to change lanes again. Nilay had just resurrected and went back to the top lane when he saw the ghostly ID of GH.Titans again. He almost cursed on the spot.

“Titans is competing with Nilay. It seems he really wants to warn this younger generation.” Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat glanced at the data of Nilay becoming a super ghost and smiled. “However, Nilay should now recognize the gap between himself and a top player, right? It’s said that the side-laner is often the one who plays silently in a team but it is really hard for people to reach there when the opponent is so fierce.”

“Win’s shooter is also miserably suppressed. Eternal might be playing for the first time but his performance is really unexpected.” Commentator Cry cry compared the economic gap on the field and paused. “Their two lanes have collapsed again but Win doesn’t seem to have the intention of giving up. It’s almost 30 minutes now. Apart from the first towers that were decisively released before, Win’s second towers are being kept very decisively.”

“In terms of lineup alone, Win is indeed better at defending the tower. The shooter and mid-laner are both long range heroes good at clearing the line of soldiers. There are also two big tank heroes in the front row. No matter whether they are defending separately or together, the advantage is very obvious.” Still, Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat couldn’t help joking. “I don’t know if Win had long expected to fall into this passive situation so they took out this lineup.”

Commentator Cry Cry laughed along with them.

Just then, the camera happened to pass over the player seats. One person’s serious demeanor fell into her eyes, causing her to pause a bit with surprise. “The current situation should be very beneficial to GH but look at Titans’ expression. It seems a bit heavy. Did something happen?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes fell on the duration of the game. Unlike his usual indifferent appearance, his expression sank. The time spent on this game had exceeded expectations. He knew very well that after two rounds, this length of time was probably close to Lin Yan’s limit.

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