CAMP: Chapter 163

During the break, the GH team returned to the lounge. Lin Yan stood in front of the water dispenser for a long time. He was just about to reach his hand out when someone grabbed the water cup one step ahead of him.

Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard from the side. “I’m coming.”

Lin Yan paused but didn’t refuse. He just looked down and watched Jing Yuanzhou steadily fill a glass of water. He was about to pick it up when he was stopped.

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at Lin Yan with a smile in his eyes and lowered his voice. “Should I help you?”

At this time, the camera crew and other staff had stopped outside the lounge. The other team members were resting on their own and not caring about the presence of outsiders.

Lin Yan’s heart jumped slightly at this glance and he couldn’t help smiling. “Okay.”

“Captain, Coach, I just contacted Brother Trash Talk. He said…” Gu Luo returned to see such a scene and his later words were choked up in his words.

Lin Yan took a sip from the cup in Jing Yuanzhou’s hand and looked up. “Hmm? What is it?”

Gu Luo’s throat moved twice before he finally found his voice. He shielded himself from the scene as much as possible. “He said that things are almost done. However, there’s a traffic jam on the road. I estimate that it will take him half an hour to get to the stadium.”

Jian Ye was following Gu Luo and at this time, he retracted his gaze from the two people. He cleared his throat and helped change the topic. “However, it doesn’t matter. The coach is here. I told Brother Trash Talk and the others not to rush back.”

Gu Luo laughed. “Yes, we can just steadily play Win.”

Jing Yuanzhou suddenly opened his mouth. “Have them hurry up.”

Gu Luo was startled. “Eh?”

Jing Yuanzhou reached out. He handed the cup to Lin Yan and fed him another mouthful. Then he repeated, “Have BB come back quickly before the end of the next game.”

Gu Luo could understand the words but he couldn’t completely understand them. “Why? Don’t listen to Brother Trash Talk crying about his unemployment crisis. He is just talking casually. In fact, you don’t need to take it to heart.”

“It has nothing to do with his unemployment.” Jing Yuanzhou was silent for a moment as his gaze swept over Lin Yan’s body. “In any case, just have him come back quickly. I have my reasons.”

Compared with the confused members, Lin Yan knew what Jing Yuanzhou was worried about. His gaze fell on his own fingers and he easily picked up the conversation. “Just relay the message directly to BB.”

The two of them talked like this and made Gu Luo even more confused. Even so, he didn’t ask anything else. He replied positively and turned around to send a voice message to Bi Yaohua. “Hello, Brother Trash Talk, are you still here? The coach and captain told you to come back quickly. You should hurry up…”

Jing Yuanzhou took back his gaze and squeezed Lin Yan’s fingers thoughtfully while the others weren’t looking. It might be cold but the shaking wasn’t too strong. He didn’t seem quite at ease and gently stroked them twice.

Lin Yan couldn’t help laughing at Jing Yuanzhou’s movements. Then he spoke in a voice that only the two of them could hear. “See, I’m not trying to be brave.”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled helplessly at Lin Yan and could finally only sigh. “This is the last game.”

Collective honor might be important but there were some risks he still couldn’t afford.

In fact, Jing Yuanzhou wanted to tell the others about Lin Yan’s situation but now obviously wasn’t the time for this. Before Bi Yaohua arrived at the scene, Lin Yan’s existence was an important cohesive force within the team and an absolute centering pillar on the field. If he talked about PTSD at this moment then it would be useless for the next game and it was also extremely easy to shake the morale of the team.

The first game seemed easy to win but this was all based on the strong suppression in the bottom lane. Win was a team that could drag Three to the later stage after all. Once they reacted then it might not be as easy as it was earlier. Morale at this time was undoubtedly crucial.

In fact, Jing Yuanzhou could feel the subtle changes in Lin Yan’s face but he couldn’t bear to expose them after seeing Lin Yan trying so hard to show no fatigue. He knew that although Lin Yan promised not to be stubborn, this person would still choose to fight off the biggest crisis for the entire team. Since he couldn’t stop it, he could only protect this person as much as possible.

The short break soon passed and the players from both sides returned to the field. There were two or three minutes to check the equipment before the competition.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t rush to put on his headphones after sitting in the player seats. Instead, he crossed the several seats and spoke to Lin Yan. The referee couldn’t understand why GH’s top and bottom lane players didn’t use the team voice channel and instead liked to engage in this strange taste.

Such a scene was shown on the big screen. The moment the close-up was broadcasted, all the GH fans screamed. Lin Yan felt the warm and surging atmosphere at the scene. At the same time, it was impossible for him not to see that Jing Yuanzhou was making great effort to let him have more rest time.

At this thought, the look in his eyes softened a bit more.

In fact, when he was on the field in the last game, the feeling of his fingers becoming colder was distinctively real but every time he heard that familiar voice in his ears, it created an inexplicable feeling of reassurance. No matter what, he would never lose if he stood on the same field with Jing Yuanzhou!

All the preparations before the game were finished. Lin Yan took a deep breath and put on his headphones after hearing the referee’s notification. Once the surrounding sounds were blocked, the entire space seemed completely silent.

Lin Yan shook his head for a moment and didn’t come back to his senses until he heard Jing Yuanzhou’s voice. They were inquiring words but his tone was like a statement. “I will be the output in this game?”

Lin Yan adjusted his state. He knew that the key to success was quickly grabbing this victory and didn’t refuse. “Yes.”

The BP process officially began. The banned heroes from both sides were displayed on the big screen in turn and the audience soon discovered a very interesting phenomenon.

“Dessur? Win actually banned Dessur?” Brother Rabbit Hat couldn’t help laughing. “It seems that Eternal in the last game really brought a lot of pressure to Win!”

Cry Cry looked at the information in her hand. “I haven’t seen Eternal on the field before and I don’t know what his shooter hero pool is like. Dessur is banned. Which shooter hero will GH choose?”

“Don’t talk about which hero to choose first. You can see that on Win’s side, out of the three bans, two were given to TItans and one to Eternal. In that case, it is like releasing all the other powerful heroes.”

Commentator Cry Cry agreed. “Yes, it is true that this has given GH more choices in some aspects.”

Lin Yan wa salso happy when he saw Win’s ban on the field. “Win is ready to grab the jungler position.”

Before he finished speaking, Win chose their first hero. It was the most powerful barbarian giant in the current version and one of End’s best heroes.

Chen Yushen frowned deeply. “They want to crush my jungle area.”

Lin Yan told him, “This isn’t surprising.”

Both he and Jing Yuanzhou were present and the top and bottom lanes could be called completely solid. Gu Luo had used stabbing heroes for a long time and it wasn’t convenient to suppress him. If Win wanted to make a breakthrough, they definitely needed to make a fuss in Chen Yushen’s jungle area.

They would start with the rhythm in the jungle, forcibly lengthen the game time and then find an opportunity in the later stage. Once they started to lack confidence in themselves, this stress-resistant method was indeed the best choice.

From the perspective of the hero selection, the barbarian giant was good at the early jungle invasion process and it was indeed very suppressive. There was no problem with Win’s tactical layout. It was just a pity that this set of options had been guessed thoroughly the moment it was released.

Lin Yan’s gaze skimmed over the hero list on the screen. “In this game, let’s have a good time in the jungle.”

Soon, the selection of the lineup was completed and was announced on the big screen. On the whole, the lineup on both sides wasn’t too weird. Each hero was a regular guest of the arena. The only difference in lineup was that Win’s side was obviously stronger in the later stage. It was precisely due to this too routine situation that the barrage in the live broadcast room was full of excitement.

[What is going on? GH isn’t ready to do something in the second game?]

[I thought they were just testing out Win’s situation in the first game. Yet the GH team is ready to do it all over again?]

[No, there must be a problem with this lineup. Be careful.]

[Brothers, don’t do this. What if Coach Lin feels that there is too much difference in strength so there is no need to waste his tactics on them?]

[Indeed, if the strength gap is too big then it is better to leave tactical systems to the finals.]

[Why is the strength gap so big? Isn’t Win always 50:50 with the Go Home team? #sarcastic comment.jpg]

[I’m laughing to death. I boldly predict here that there will be three games at most.]

In the midst of the discussions, the game finished loading.

The second game officially began. It was at this time that they found a very interesting phenomenon.

On the screen, the players of both sides walked out of the high grounds after buying their equipment. However, the players seemed to have their own ideas about the choice of route. These ideas made the audience watching from a god’s perspective feel happy.

Win’s side-lane player Nilay didn’t go to the top lane but directly rushed to the bottom of the map. It was a change in lanes. This was a tactic that many teams would choose when the strength gap in side-lane players was too big.

However, just as Nilay appeared on the bottom lane with the absolute pressure-resistant mentality of preparing for 1V2, a figure that he didn’t want to see appeared in the grass on the side of the lane.

Nilay almost cursed on the spot when he saw the ID of the other person.


As if they had foreseen Win’s plan a long time ago, GH made the decision to switch lanes the moment the game started. Lin Yan was in the top lane and was clearing the line of soldiers leisurely.

I predict your prediction. This is just a routine operation.

Proofreader: Nao

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i really love lin yan’s mental games 🤣🤣