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CAMP: Chapter 162

In fact, it wasn’t just the live audience. Even the GH players were stunned when they saw the group annihilation announcement on the screen. Then they heard Jing Yuanzhou’s voice from their headphones. ”You played well.”

Lin Yan’s voice followed. “It was Captain Jing who finished it well.”

The fierce confrontation had just ended but he acted as if nothing had happened. He was already quick to kill the wave of soldiers that just arrived at the lane. Then he entered the grass next to him and started to return to the city.

At the casual conversation, the players who felt their blood boiling suddenly felt it quiet down again.

F*k, they were just thinking that with the coach’s strength, he could play one against two. They ignored another very important thing. Originally, it was fine occasionally eating dog food in private. Now if the two people were meeting on the field like this, wouldn’t the other players die on the spot?

Jian Ye couldn’t help his slightly sour tone. “Captain, you should do things like mutually praising each other in private. It isn’t good to put it on the table like this.”

Gu Luo was indeed stung but his thoughts were still on the group destruction just now. “However, this is the first time in the history of the World Competition that there has been  a play like this five minutes into the game.”

Chen Yushen agreed. “It should be.”

Lin Yan returned to the city to buy a few more pieces of equipment. Then he went back to the lane without saying a word.

On the top lane, Jing Yuanzhou finished clearing the soldiers and already started to invade Win’s upper jungle area. At this time, he gave a serious reminder. “This is the knock-out round. Talk extra words after finishing.”

In the past when they played well on the field, everyone would often joke around and adjust the atmosphere. Jing Yuanzhou had never given them a warning like this.

The team members were confused but they heard the captain’s serious tone and replied, “Got it!”

Compared to the warm atmosphere on GH’s side, Win’s voice channel could be called terribly quiet. As they resurrected and returned to the lane, they seemed to be wondering how such a shameful thing could happen in the World Competition.

It was said that both the Chinese division and South Korean division had produced an invincible dark horse team at the same time. The newly formed teams rushed to the World Competition in one go, creating a joint legend that had never happened before in the history of e-sports.

Before today’s match, the entire Internet had been looking forward to their strong face-off against GH.

Everyone wanted to see the two strong teams that represented the emerging strength of both regions have a fierce collision on the field. Now such collisions were indeed taking place. The result was that they underestimated the enemy too much, causing them to become a big joke at the beginning of the game. It was far from the idea that they wanted to step on GH.

Nilay had been training day and night since he was killed single-handedly by Jing Yuanzhou in the ranking match. As a result, the opponent completed a single kill just after the game started. His expression was completely gloomy. “I will try my best on the top lane to fight against the pressure. You guys look for more opportunities.”

“Yes, I understand.” The jungler End responded with a frown. “Car, be careful. GH’s coach can definitely play a shooter. You can’t underestimate the enemy.”

Then he glanced at Jing Yuanzhou’s current economic situation.

End knew that the jungle area in the upper half of the map was destined to be completely occupied and made a decision without hesitation. “We can’t let it go GH’s way. In the second half of the laning period, I’ll live on the bottom lane and crush their shooter to death.”

Win’s shooter and support responded in unison. “No problem.”

At the same time, Lin Yan’s voice was heard in the other voice channel that they couldn’t hear. “Abyss, first clean up the jungle areas in the lower half of the map. Then take care of the others.”

He glanced at the map buried in fog. “If you are at the top then just give it to your captain. Take more care of the middle lane when you’re free, understood?”

Gu Luo said, “Rest assured Coach, I can solo kill in the middle lane.”

“The meaning of caring for the middle lane isn’t to let you take a head but…” Lin Yan smiled. “To thoroughly pierce through.”

Both sides made tactical adjustments at almost the same time. The changes to their routes were shown on the big screen from a god’s perspective. However, the final result was clearly very different.

Win soon discovered that Jian Ye’s support had left the bottom lane to go with the jungler. End didn’t hesitate and seized the right time to go to the bottom lane to gank. Yet for some reason, Lin Yan always avoided being killed in the critical moment despite End confirming that the opposite side’s vision didn’t exist.

The more he barely missed, the more unwilling he felt. The more unwilling he felt, the more he wanted to try again…

It wasn’t until End failed several times and watched the residual blood Lin Yan return under the defense tower that he had to accept reality. Obviously, Coach Lin who was playing the shooter position was just teasing them! From then on, he completely awakened. Even so, he couldn’t make up for the time he wasted on the bottom lane.

Lin Yan’s deliberate temptation and restraint created enough time for the middle and top lanes. At present, Chen Yushen and Gu Luo’s development was excellent. Add in Jian Ye and Win couldn’t resist at all despite combining the strength of the mid-laner and jungler.

In desperation, they could only continue to summon their teammates. This meant the support Loko had to leave the bottom lane. The moment he left, the shooter Car who had been swaggering under the support of his teammates was turned directly into a corpse under the defense tower.

During the three-way laning process of the top, middle and bottom lane, the shooter’s confrontation required the most detailed operation. In the many matches in the professional league, there weren’t many shooters who were solo killed due to risk. It was rare for there to be a player like Lin Yan who directly crossed the tower and killed the moment it was a 1V1 situation.

[GH.Eternal killed Win.Car!]

[GH.Titans killed Win.Nilay!]

The death notifications were carried out again. The 3V3 battle in the middle was still continuing but the top and bottom lanes were blossoming again. The game had progressed until the mid-to-late stage but from the current situation, Win had almost no chance of winning.

The difference in power was too great. It wasn’t that Win wasn’t strong enough. It was that the opposite GH was too strong. Before this, Jing Yuanzhou alone was already an existence that was difficult to attack. Now there was another person.

Titans and Eternal, one was in the top lane and the other was in the bottom lane. They seemed to be the furthest existences on the map but just like this, they propped up a whole new world for the entire team.

There was the simultaneous restraint of the bottom and top lanes. Combined with the pressure from the middle lane, Win’s rhythm became completely chaotic.

After all, the members of the Win team were all newcomers. Their personal strength might be very high but they had never experienced a completely helpless situation like this game. As time passed, they didn’t even dare try as they did in the beginning.

This couldn’t be blamed on the Win players. Once a game entered a strange circle, sometimes they might not be able to see it even if the key to breaking the game was right in front of their eyes. There was such progress that the top eight teams watching the game couldn’t help falling into contemplation.

In front of the TV, AI stared at the ID on the screen and slightly frowned. “Is his shooter so strong?”

He didn’t name anyone but they all knew who he was talking about. The moment DeMen heard this, he knew that his teammate was feeling itchy again. “Why? Do you still want to fight GH?”

AI was silent for a moment. “Forget it. It’s important to play the knock-outs first.”

DeMen didn’t expect this answer and he couldn’t help laughing.

On the other side, Three.

Wuhoo gently rubbed his wrist. “This Lin Yan, why doesn’t he play professionally?”

Come’s eyes were also on the television screen. “He is probably the only one who knows.”

Wuhoo smiled and half-joked, “If he joined the league earlier, do you think he would have my position as the shooter demon king?”

Come didn’t think much about it. “No, you are the strongest.”

Wuhoo smiled, seemingly very satisfied with this answer.

In the lounge, KING was waiting to take the field at any moment for the next match. Song Cheng sat on the sofa while staring at the screen with deep eyes.

A single game quietly created surging dark waves among the big teams. In the 36th minute, GH pushed to Win’s high ground and destroyed the base crystal.

Seeing the score of 1:0 appear on the screen, the netizens from South Korea who had previously been very active fell silent. On the contrary, the fans from China were extremely excited.

[What? I thought it would be a close game today.]

[Did anyone count the number of times that Win’s jungler went to the bottom lane to gank? I’m laughing to death. The success rate of ganks in this game is completely 0, right?]

[I’m asking what to do if Win can’t kill people on the field. Urgently waiting for an answer.]

[F*k, who said that Coach Lin can’t play a shooter? It’s completely blown up!]

[Hahaha, South Korea has been bragging for so long. Aren’t they hit in the face?]

[Right? This bundling marketing has been going on for so long. Now it is just a joke.]

On the live broadcast screen, the players on both sides could be seen standing up from their positions.

The moment Lin Yan took off his headphones, he heard the cheers of the audience and felt a bit dazed. He reached out his hand to wipe his forehead, only to find that there was unknowingly a thin layer of sweat. The light in front of him dimmed and he could feel someone approaching him.

Lin Yan looked up and met Jing Yuanzhou’s somewhat worried gaze. A moment later, a smile slowly appeared. “Captain Jing, did I play well?”

Jing Yuanzhou saw this clearly pale face and nodded. “Yes, it was very beautiful.”

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Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
10 months ago

Just played well enough to cause a ruckus at the Worlds!