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CAMP: Chapter 161

Netizens who were paying close attention to the match from all over the world couldn’t help feeling confused after knowing what happened. Messages in various languages flooded in and even the live broadcast footage was almost completely swallowed out. The viewers in the domestic live broadcast room were even crazier. They were clearly puzzled by this strange scene.

[Are my eyes dazzled? Coach Lin is sitting in the… shooter position?]

[Sure enough, the Go Home team is doing something again? The coach is playing the game. Is this the first time in the history of the league?]

[Am I awake? The coach is acting as a player? Doesn’t this violate the rules?]

[Is the person above silly? Since the referee didn’t say a word, Coach Lin must’ve completed the player registration ahead of time.]

[Good guy, I’m a good guy. Is it really appropriate to play like this in the top eight?]

[Speaking of which, Coach Lin is the owner of the GH Club right? Does he want to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy himself in the World Competition so he abused his power for personal gain?]

[That’s right. This is a knock-out match. If you lose then you’re out. Can you not screw people over?!]

The discussion progressed and the voices of doubt became louder and louder. At this time, the old fans who had paid attention to the development of the GH team jumped out.

[What screwing people over? Coach Lin is very strong, okay? Haven’t you seen him team up with Titans before? Their cooperation goes against the sky!]

[Yes yes, the last time the Koreans came to the rankings, it was the coach who accompanied Titans all the way up the rankings.]

[Besides, this isn’t the first time Coach Lin is playing, right?]

[??? Since when did this happen? Why didn’t I know about it before?]

[Guiding the way to the entertainment portion of Burning Hot Assembly. Coach Lin’s rhythm is absolutely amazing!]

[I watched it all, I watched it a long time ago. Still, can that type of entertainment game be compared to the World Competition?]

[Yes. In addition, wasn’t he playing jungler the whole time they were teaming up? This time, he is in BB’s shooter position. Can it be the same?]

[This is indeed the truth. After all, every person has their own position. If he wants to play then he should replace Abyss. There is a big difference between playing jungler and shooter.]

[The point is that BB doesn’t seem to be here today. Did something happen that prevented him from participating in the competition?]

[Don’t say it, I’m begging Coach Lin to hold on! After all, there is Titans in the team. I believe we can win as long as Coach Lin doesn’t pit them!]

[I’m going to have a heart attack. Who can tell me how Coach Lin’s shooter skills are and if it will work or not?]

The barrage of the domestic live broadcast room continued to the end. The netizens were in a nervous mood and the final discussion topic slowly converged into a unified point. Who would tell them if Coach Lin could play as a shooter?!

The outside world was very anxious but on this issue, the players inside the GH team obviously didn’t have any concerns. The preparation time was soon over and the BP session officially began.

As the opponents of GH, Win were very eager to prove themselves. They had already found that the shooter position was missing its colorful figure. Nilay listened to the coach’s arrangement and chose the ban positions while at the same time, he glanced at the ID of the opposite shooter. He asked in the voice channel, “What’s going on? BB isn’t playing and they arranged for the coach to play. Are they despising us?”

Win’s shooter smiled. “Then let them pay for this.”

The jungler End raised his eyebrow. “The opposite coach… is he the one who teamed up with Titans? If so, it is better to be careful. He is definitely very strong.”

Nilay remembered the grievances he suffered during the rankings and couldn’t help gritting his teeth. “He is strong as a jungler. I don’t believe his shooter position can also turn over the sky. Otherwise, if he is so strong, why not use him as an official player instead of a coach?”

End opened his mouth but he couldn’t find any loopholes in these words. In the end, he couldn’t say anything. “In any case, be vigilant, everyone.”

The BP for both sides were quickly decided and it officially entered the selection phase of the lineup. Since Luo Mo and Bi Yaohua had gone to the police station, the vase who replaced the coach today was a data analyst who had come to South Korea with them. Now he stood behind the GH members and didn’t say a word. He was an invisible person with no sense of existence while everything was arranged by Lin Yan in the shooter position.

The monitoring referee assigned to the quarter-finals was naturally proficient in Chinese. It was the first time in his many years doing this that he had encountered such a strange situation. He couldn’t help constantly looking at the back of GH’s zone.

Lin Yan had adjusted the lineup according to the situation. It seemed a lot more moderate compared to previous arrangements. After all, the tactical system could make the fighting process more powerful but too much required relatively more communication and adjustment.

Bi Yaohua was the one who previously trained with everyone. Lin Yan’s personal strength had no problem but his own rhythm and habits were completely different. Even if he did have a way to quickly integrate with the team, he still needed to set aside time for the team to get used to him. In this case, a more ordinary and robust lineup was more appropriate.

In addition, no matter how ingenious the tactics, it still just played a supporting role. Once on the field, the real way for a player to continue on the professional road was with their own technical level.

The BP process was shown on the big screen through the camera. Just based on the mouths, it wasn’t difficult to see who was coordinating the arrangements for both sides. The shot of Lin Yan sitting in the player seats to guide the BP session was less surprising than the shock of Lin Yan sitting in the player seats as a coach.

In this strange mood, everyone waited for the official start of the first game.

Lin Yan’s gaze stayed on the loading screen for a moment. The soundproof headphones blocked the noise outside and for a moment, it was like he could only hear his own heartbeat. The arena, the lights, the gaming chairs, the screen, the keyboard… everything was so familiar.

The loading screen proceeded to 100%. He gently moved his slightly cool fingertips and let out a slow breath. Once his closed eyes opened again, his eyes contained only a sharp fighting spirit. The game officially started. After buying their equipment, they rushed out of the high ground.

As far as this game was concerned, all fans of the China division were very nervous. One reason was because it was basically a grudge match. The other reason was that GH suddenly played such a hand. The strength of Lin Yan’s shooter wasn’t clear at all and they couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

Just after meeting, the two sides briefly tested each other at the river and then chose to retreat. It was a conventional start but the development that followed was far less conventional.

Chen Yushen went to the jungle area and started to clean up the mobs. On the other side, Jian Ye didn’t follow him. Instead, he went around the grass and cooperated with Lin Yan to ambush Win’s shooter, Car. The two of them successfully pressed the opponent under the tower. They saw the soldier line head to the tower and didn’t continue to chase. Instead, they turned to the river.

From Win’s perspective, it was natural to go to this location at this time to get the economy of the river crabs. However, the audience could see from the god’s perspective that Lin Yan and Jian Ye didn’t waste their skills on the river crabs at all. Instead, they went around and invaded the opponent’s jungle area.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat said, “This… it might be because Coach Lin is personally on the field but it feels like GH is playing completely differently from the past.”

“It’s easy for different commanders to bring different feelings to the team. This is understandable but…” Commentator Cry Cry looked at the position of Win’s jungler. “How did they know Win would choose to go for the red first? If they go over at this point in time, there is a support beside End. In addition, Car is very close. If it is two against three, they are just giving away heads to the other side!”

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat thought for a moment. “However, now the situation is a bit special. Once both sides are at level 2, the difference isn’t very prominent. GH has Gun, a healing support and their survivability is much better than Win’s side. So if there is a real fight… it is hard to say?”

It wasn’t known when it started but every time they encountered GH, the commentators were accustomed to asking questions on the scene. However, it proved that such habits were really necessary. At the very least, they were hit in the face less often.

Lin Yan and Jian Ye were indeed caught by Win’s group of three but they still used accurate skill pre-judgment to successfully grab the blue mob from the hands of the jungler End. He didn’t linger after receiving the blue buff. He turned around and walked away happily.

The early monster buff was obviously very important for a jungler. End had already used his skills for the red buff. At this time, he was caught out by Lin Yan’s precise damage calculation. He obviously wasn’t going to just let Lin Yan go.

He saw that his mid-laner was leaning toward this side so after using his skills to get close, he quickly stuck to Lin Yan using the passive effect of the red buff on him. He tried to use this method to keep Lin Yan back.

At this time, Lin Yan who was ‘fleeing in a hurry’ suddenly paused. After turning around with a non-directional skill, Jian Ye put a weakness skill on End and flexibly moved into the grass behind him.

Win’s jungler and shooter followed accordingly but they lost their vision. There were no extra vision items on End. In order to provide a better output environment for his teammate, he used flash to jump into the grass the moment the binding effect ended.

This flash seemed to be used very simply. It would’ve been an extremely beautiful operation if it weren’t for the gun barrel pointed at the tip of his nose the moment he entered the grass. Once their vision returned, everyone in Win found themselves in a very bad situation.

Everyone was also aware that at this time, Lin Yan had actually been raised to level 3. During the time when they weren’t paying attention, Lin Yan took advantage of gaining the blue mob’s economy and killing the river crab during the melee to level up again.

All his calculations were terribly accurate. It was only a small level difference but the addition of a skill was already enough to make his combat effectiveness skyrocket by a whole level. In addition, the hero Lin Yan was using was the light and shadow shooter, Dessur. Anyone who played this hero knew that compared to the fourth skill, the chain of passive effects triggered by the first three skill upgrades brought the most terrifying damage into existence.

The camera of the big screen cut to Lin Yan. A smile could be seen on this face that usually looked casual. It was the gaze of looking at prey.

At this point, it was obviously too late for Win’s mid-laner to come and support it. He could only enjoy the magnificent killing performance from a distance.

After leaving the rear to Jian Ye with confidence, Lin Yan released all his damage to the extreme in a very short time. The skill cooldown, precise positioning, most extreme distance…

All the data details of each shooter hero had already been perfectly imprinted in his mind. Everything was deeply ingrained and was the deepest body memory. From the moment the first head was taken, almost everyone forgot to breathe. The first to fall was the jungler End who had rushed to the front.

[GH.Eternal killed Win.End!]

[First Blood!]

The support behind him saw that the situation was wrong. He blindly fired a control skill toward the grass area that was dark again and prepared to retreat. However, Lin Yan had expected it. He used a flash to avoid it and at the same time, he narrowed the distance.

[GH.Eternal killed Win.Loko!]

[Double kill!]

Jian Ye healed Lin Yan’s health and moved decisively toward the side. He took advantage of the moment when his support hero leveled up to use a continuous deceleration on the shooter Car who was trying to retreat.

Lin Yan turned around. The cooldown of his three skills was over and he ushered in the second wave of explosive output.

[GH.Eternal killed Win.Car!]

[Triple kill!]

On the other side, Win’s mid-laner that was trying to support them was stopped by Chen Yushen and Gu Luo and was also killed on the spot.

“Three kills! Coach Lin, no, it should be Eternal!” Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat exclaimed hysterically, his voice almost broken. “Congratulations to Eternal for taking a wave of three kills from Win’s hands!”

Just then, the female voice of the system came again.

[GH.Titans killed Win.Nilay!]

[ACE (team extinction)!]

Jing Yuanzhou’s single kill on the top lane made the originally boiling audience instantly fall silent. No one imagined that the broadcast of an ACE would ring out at this time.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat almost went crazy. “Five minutes! In the first five minutes of the game, GH directly wiped out Win in a wave! GH is awesome! Really awesome!”

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It can be both.

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Lol, this is the difference between two newbie teams who rushed to the top in their first year… can’t compare, can’t compare. Just hope Lin Yan feels okay. Thanks for the translation!

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kdj fan
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