CAMP: Chapter 154

Lin Yan returned to the base and the first thing he did was to call the ‘traitor’ Luo Mo over to give him a severe lecture. In the end, he pretended to threaten to deduct a year’s salary and arranged a lot of work content. Only then could some of his anger be relieved. As to how long it would take to withdraw this fine?

Luo Mo should know after being with him for so many years. The main thing was to see how sincere he was in admitting his mistakes. He probably wouldn’t be able to get through this bump unless he coaxed Lin Yan for a few days.

Over the next few days, the four seeded teams in the World Competition were officially confirmed and the other players ended their holidays one after another. After returning to the base, they all devoted themselves to a new round of active training.

Before they knew it, another week had passed. The World Competition was nearing and GH officially made their way to South Korea.

On the day of departure, many fans spontaneously came to see them off. At a glance, this scene was quite spectacular. People who didn’t know it thought it was some star traveling and couldn’t help casting frequent attention over to their side.

They might have felt the number of fans growing all the way but it was the first time they had such close and positive contact. They were flattered and didn’t put on any airs. They enthusiastically walked up to the group of fans and chatted a bit, leading to a flurry of screams.

“Yes, I know. I’ll try my best!” Bi Yaohua thought that several sunspots would come out to fight with him on the spot. He didn’t expect that the girls in front would be so enthusiastic, making him feel a bit embarrassed.  “In fact, you don’t have to worry about it. We might be a new team but the strength of our teammates is at the top. It’s impossible to roll over. If I don’t come back with a World Competition trophy, I won’t have the face to see you.”

“GH’s strength is naturally clear. We aren’t worried about your teammates. It’s mainly you, BB!” The girl in the front row had a heartbroken expression on her face. “You see, you keep talking when playing the game. You must control it when playing on the field, you know. It isn’t good to let your words affect the mood of the other players! In addition, you should remember to pay attention to the interview video later. It’s okay for you to be shameless but if you set up any flags, it isn’t just the other GH players. Even we will have to follow the shamelessness together!”

Bi Yaohua, “……”

Okay, calling him out was calling him out.

It was too late but it had arrived. He looked at the lovely girl in front of him, took a deep breath and endured it. “I know, I know!”

At the same time, he couldn’t help looking into the distance enviously. In that direction, Gu Luo was surrounded by a group of fans. It was completely different from him. Gu Luo’s arms were full with all types of plush toys and the expressions of the fans next to him were all loving. It was an expression that showed they wanted to pull this grandma grey-haired boy into his arms to love.

Bi Yaohua saw this and couldn’t help sighing. How should he say it? The temperament of the players decided what type of fans there were. The fans of his Trash Talk King were destined to be different. He admitted it!

Jing Yuanzhou was wearing a casual suit today. Based on the number of fans around him, there were obviously several times more than others. However, a large part of them were senior fans. Most of them gathered in the distance in a very restrained manner and didn’t rush to get close.

At this time, Jing Yuanzhou was holding a pen and signing autographs for a few old fans in the front row. He occasionally glanced up and could see the ‘Parents Love’ support signs held high in the crowd.

Every time he saw them, the smile in his eyes became a bit stronger. Such a scene fell into the eyes of the fans and the questions in the back of their minds became even itchier. Finally, one fan was brave enough to ask. “Titans, that… can Coach Lin come over to take a photo together?”

The players were meeting fans here while Lin Yan was playing with his phone not far in the back. Jing Yuanzhou slightly raised his eyebrow and didn’t refuse. He turned and shouted directly, “Lin Yan.”

The man who had been keeping his head down looked over at almost the same moment. In the distance, Jing Yuanzhou beckoned to him. He didn’t ask much and walked over without hesitation. This type of interaction made the fans excited. They jumped in place several times to keep from screaming.

Lin Yan didn’t know what was going on here. He was still at a loss when he came over. “What’s going on?”

Before he finished speaking, Jing Yuanzhou reached out and hooked an arm around his neck. His voice skimmed over Lin Yan’s ears and was heard clearly in the midst of the uproar, “Fans want to see us take photos together. Can you satisfy them?”

It was a question but he didn’t seem like he was asking. Since he had formally came out of the closet to Lin Song and Fang Xue, the two of them had become itchy about their half exposed relationship. In fact, after coming back, they started to think about when they should go public. In the process, it was obviously necessary to disclose more information in advance.

Lin Yan also knew it was a perfect warm-up opportunity. He smiled and said, “Of course, it’s not a problem.”

There was a vague stirring among the fans at his words. “!”

Lin Yan looked them in the eyes and his smile widened. To be honest, the fans were so excited from just this. Once they actually came out of the closest, wouldn’t they be even crazier?

The boarding time was approaching and Luo Mo came over to tell the players to go to the security check. Once Lin Yan left with Jing Yuanzhou, the shutter sound of photos being taken continued behind him. They walked through the safe passage and finally left the gazes behind them.

Lin Yan took out his phone and scanned it. He found that many photos had been sent to the Internet. There was an explosion of comments:

[Ahhh, the business scene of my parent’s love! I’m coming!]

[I’ve been brainwashed since Titans’s last post-match interview. They are real, aren’t they!]

[It doesn’t matter if it is real or not. It’s locked in place for me!]

[It’s a good photo. Look at the back. It is like a group photo of a husband and wife walking toward the wedding hall?]

[Today I was at the scene. To be honest, Titans and the coach’s interactions were really like an old married couple.]

[For me, this atmosphere is absolutely amazing!]

[Seriously, aren’t they actually together?]

[Professional players might not be stars but once their relationship is exposed, they will be cursed if they lose the game.]

[Right, especially when they’re on the same team…]

[So will there be a formal official announcement if they win the World Competition (super small voice)]

The more Lin Yan looked, the more interesting he found it. He suddenly made a joke, “You say, if I like these photos…”

Jing Yuanzhou thought about it. “You can probably save a lot of money on publicity for the World Competition.”

Lin Yan moved his fingers eagerly but in the end, he withdrew this thought. He was particularly magnanimous. “Forget it. It isn’t easy for a team to make it to the World Competition. Let’s not squeeze the poor exposure of the other teams.”


They passed through the security check and everyone boarded the plane smoothly. They had just enjoyed the treatment of fans so the excitement still didn’t ease. They continued to happily discuss their feelings as the plane took off.

Luo Mo couldn’t watch it any longer and gave a reminder. “Once we get to the hotel, we are going to shoot the World Competition promotional video right away. Everyone should get more rest or it won’t be good if the momentum of the video is affected because of your mental state.”

“It’s fine. Rest assured. Which one of us hasn’t stayed up all night? Today, where is this?” Bi Yaohua didn’t take it to heart. Then he saw Luo Mo and suddenly remembered something. “By the way Manager Luo, are there any special arrangements for this World Competition? I saw that you suddenly ran to headquarters several times in the last two days. Has something happened?”

“You are thinking too much.” Luo Mo didn’t expect Bi Yaohua to suddenly ask this and instinctively glanced at Lin Yan. “I just needed to make a few more trips to headquarters to verify the information properly for the competition.”

Lin Yan slowly opened his mouth and interrupted Bi Yaohua’s inquiry. “I was the one who told Manager Luo to go. It has nothing to do with you guys. As the team manager, it is necessary to handle the club’s affairs with precision and clarity. I still suspect he hasn’t run enough and I’m wondering if he needs to run a few more times.”

Luo Mo’s face instantly became bitter. “Boss, spare me!”

It wasn’t known what Luo Mo had done to offend Lin Yan but everyone in the club already knew about the boss’ style of ‘public revenge.’ At this time, they listened to Lin Yan’s words and everyone instantly realized. They inevitably looked at Luo Mo with more sympathy. “Manager Luo has worked hard.”

Luo Mo tearfully hugged the players. “It’s part of the job.”

Lin Yan looked around them with a smile. “I was thinking about giving everyone time to adjust your states after arriving in South Korea. Now it seems that everyone is in good spirits. Should I arrange for a training plan directly after landing?”

Everyone felt a chill down their backs and no longer dared to sympathize with Luo Mo. “Coach, we are really tired. We are going to rest.”

The whole cabin fell silent. The satisfied Lin Yan withdrew his gaze. He looked back and just happened to meet Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. Before the other person could ask a question, he opened his mouth directly. “Don’t ask. It’s that matter I mentioned to you before. It’s done.”

Jing Yuanzhou hummed. “Have you thought clearly about it?”

“I’m not sure. After all, it isn’t a matter of just thinking about it.” Lin Yan rubbed his hair and spoke in a voice that only the two of them could hear. “Jian Ning needs to study and staying with us in South Korea for such a long period of time is delaying his schoolwork too much. Since it’s confirmed that we aren’t bringing him along, I have to make an extra plan just in case it is necessary.”

At this point, he paused slightly. “Of course, it’s best if it doesn’t need to be used.”

Jing Yuanzhou naturally knew what Lin Yan was concerned about. In this matter, he felt both expectations and concern. There was a moment of silence before he nodded. “Yes, I hope everything will go well in this World Competition.”

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1 year ago

Omggg is it something about registering Lin Yan as an official player, so he can backup the team if needed?? I wanna see Lin Yan playyy (in a good state, if it’s possible!)

11 months ago
Reply to  chaïshé

omg i think that’s really the case

the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
11 months ago
Reply to  chaïshé

i would really be elated to see him play professionally again

1 year ago

Omgg i want Lin Yan to play. But it’s not lyk he has trained recently ryt