CAMP: Chapter 153

Five minutes later, the four people sat face to face on the sofas. Lin Yan sat straight beside Jing Yuanzhou while opposite him were Fang Xue and Lin Song. No one spoke for a while and the atmosphere was very strange. It wasn’t known how much time passed before Fang Xue turned her head and inquired, “Old Song, do you want to take your quick-acting heart pills?”

Lin Yan had long been unable to hold back in such an atmosphere. Once someone broke the silence, he suggested, “Where did you put it? Should I go get it for Dad?”

Lin Song glanced at him. “Sit back down.”

Lin Yan’s back straightened and he fell silent. Jing Yuanzhou had never seen Lin Yan acting so carefully. He usually saw this man’s arrogant attitude so despite his own uncertain heart, he couldn’t help taking a second look. Lin Yan noticed the gaze from next to him and bumped this person with his toes.

The two people’s small actions fell into Fang Xue’s eyes without missing anything. She looked back and forth before clearing her throat and saying seriously, “Let’s talk, when did this happen?”

Lin Yan was asked this question and immediately sat up again. He worked hard to consider his words. “Cough, it hasn’t been that long…”

Fang Xue made a sound with her nose. “Hmm?”

Lin Yan whispered, “It really hasn’t been long. We’ve been together officially for around two weeks.”

Lin Song caught the key word. “Together officially? Does that mean there was a time when it wasn’t official?”

“It can’t be said that it wasn’t official. At that time, thinking about the importance of the game, I felt that… we should put aside our private affairs first.” Lin Yan scratched his head. For the first time, he felt like his mind wasn’t about to work. In addition, he wasn’t certain about the attitude of the two elders so he answered more casually, “In fact, I also know that it isn’t suitable for the current situation. If it wasn’t for this accident… I didn’t plan to go so fast…”

“What isn’t suitable? What didn’t you plan?” Fang Xue’s tone went higher. “Listen, what are your words? Have you ever thought about the feelings of your parents from beginning to end?”

Lin Yan heard Fang Xue’s tone and was anxious. He thought of his mothers’ tactics of crying and hanging on him and immediately felt his head growing bigger. “Okay, Mom! I admit that I was wrong. I wasn’t good. I shouldn’t have done this. Let’s have a good chat, okay?”

Fang Xue’s eyes instantly turned red. She took a paper towel from Lin Song and wiped it. “You aren’t right… of course you aren’t right!”

Lin Yan hurriedly coaxed her. “Yes, it is all my fault.”

Fang Xue choked up. “It’s just love. Look at Xiao Zhang next door and then look at you. Why are you so worried?”

Lin Yan told her, “It is my problem. I let you worry.”

“No!” Fang Xue stared at him and sobbed. “It is all the same. it’s just falling in love. Why did you have to hide it? It’s fine when we didn’t have time to meet before but now you have taken Xiao Jing home. Are you still not ready to introduce him to us? If it wasn’t for us deliberately waiting there, were you prepared to pretend that nothing had happened? Were you going to stay for a few days and then go straight back?”

“You’re right. Blame me for making you worry and needing to wait…” Lin Yan instinctively followed Fang Xue’s words and admitted his mistake. Then at this point, he finally reacted and looked up. “Waiting?”

The silent Lin Song finally opened his mouth. “This matter is indeed something you don’t understand. Before, you focused on e-sports and didn’t contact your family. Your mother could only rely on your club’s Weibo to receive news about you. The result? I don’t know. This is really… now everyone outside knows about you and Xiao Jing. How can you not think about telling your family?”

Lin Yan, “……”

What news could Weibo have? Could the so-called ‘outsiders’ refer to the CP fans of him and Jing Yuanzhou?

Lin Song’s words continued. As he spoke, he lowered the corners of his lips a bit unhappily. “You are very good. I went to Ah Mo to understand the situation and he hesitated. How can I not see that he was hiding something from me? The moment I saw his reaction, I knew there must be something fishy. So I forced it and he confessed! If we hadn’t caught you, how long were you going to keep it from your family?”

Lin Yan was even more silent. At the time, he had wondered why Luo Mo didn’t want to come back with him. In retrospect, he finally knew the reason. He knew that very few people could stand up to Chairman Lin’s questioning but couldn’t this kid have warned him in advance?

Lin Yan met the scrutinizing eyes of his parents. He was clearly the one who had been ganked but he only felt speechless. “Since you already knew, why didn’t you tell me straight?”

“Didn’t we give you a chance to speak up? I said so much in front of you? Did you show any signs of confessing?” Fang Xue looked at him. “Speaking of which, I learned this from your game. There is a professional term for it… yes, gank! It is a good gank. Didn’t I get your head?”

“……” Lin Yan knew he couldn’t explain clearly so he didn’t bother explaining. He just gave a thumbs up. “ Mom, if you play games then you will be a good jungler.”

Fang Xue didn’t care about him and turned directly to Jing Yuanzhou. “Xiao Jing, we really wronged you. However, don’t worry. Auntie really likes you! If he does something to you later, tell me and I’ll clean him up!”

Jing Yuanzhou had been sitting quietly. He was originally ready to help Lin Yan resist a wave of output when needed but the later development was really unexpected. At this time, he couldn’t control his desire to smile. “Yes, Auntie. I will rely on you later.”

Fang Xue was satisfied. She changed from her previous serious expression. She wiped her tears of joy and smiled. It wasn’t difficult to see from her eyes that she really liked her son’s boyfriend. In the end, she looked at the time. “It is late. Let’s talk about the rest tomorrow.”

Lin Yan looked at the TV that was already turned off and suddenly had no interest in victory or defeat between BK and SUU. He didn’t want to struggle anymore after his mood went up and down. He pulled Jing Yuanzhou to stand up. “Then we will go back. You should also go to bed early.”

He wanted to leave quickly. As a result, they had just stepped away when Fang Xue added another concerned sentence, “In fact, the guest room hasn’t been occupied in quite a long time. If you don’t dislike it, it might be better to let Xiao Jing stay directly in your room.”

Lin Yan’s feet faltered and he barely squeezed out a few words. “No, he, dislikes, it!”

Then he almost fled to his room. The night’s experience made Lin Yan too embarrassed to look at Jing Yuanzhou’s expression. Eventually, he abandoned himself. “Laugh if you want to laugh.”

Jing Yuanzhou really couldn’t hide the amusement in his eyes. Still, he considered his boyfriend and didn’t laugh too much in the end. His lips slightly curved up and his fingers pinched at Lin Yan’s red ears. “It seems that Uncle and Auntie are quite satisfied with me?”

Lin Yan held the restless wrist and gritted his teeth. “Don’t be smug. Believe it or not, they would be satisfied even if I brought a pig back!”

“I believe it.” Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “You always have a good eye.”

“You are really shamelessly boasting about yourself.” In the end, Lin Yan was amused. He looked back on the night’s experience and couldn’t help finding it absurd. He shook his head and decided not to think about it. “If there is nothing to do then go to bed.”

There was a force from his waist and the next second, he entered the man’s broad embrace.

Jing Yuanzhou held this person and looked down. “Auntie said that if I don’t dislike it, I can directly stay in your room?”

Lin Yan instantly felt his face become red and he secretly gritted his teeth. “I also said that you dislike it!”

The man’s low laughter was heard from above his head.


Lin Yan never thought he would come out in this way but the relationship between them was officially disclosed. Once this result was accepted, the rest of the days passed in a refreshing manner.

Fang Xue seemed to really like the boyfriend her son brought back or perhaps Jing Yuanzhou originally had a face that women of any age couldn’t resist. In addition, he always showed moderate good behavior in front of the elders. After a few days of coaxing Fang Xue, he had her so elated that she almost directly arranged for them to get the certificate.

After these harmonious few days, Lin Song needed to set off for another place and Lin Yan also returned to the base with Jing Yuanzhou. Rather than listening to music on the way back, they listened to an e-sports channel broadcast.

A few days of competition had passed and the results of the global qualification challenge were announced.

PAY and LDF stood out from the top four teams and obtained the third and fourth seeds of the China division.

Lin Yan controlled the steering wheel while listening to the broadcast of the World Competition. His tone was a bit emotional. “Fortunately, we won the autumn competition. Otherwise, it would be really frustrating. After going to the World Competition, we would need to take part in an extra round of competition to compete for the top 16 places, rather than directly entering the group stage.”

Jing Yuanzhou sat in the passenger seat and replied, “Last night, Luni came to me crying. He said he didn’t know what evils he had done in his life to suffer this pain before he retired. It seemed to be his real feelings.”

“He acts on a daily basis. That type of person just likes to talk nonsense.” Lin Yan didn’t raise his eyelids. “If Luni was so anxious to retire then there was no need to fight so hard. If someone from SUU or BK heard this, they would rush to his base to desperately fight him.”

“Thus, he only dared to tell me.”

Lin Yan smiled and didn’t say anything. They drove while the wind blew across his face. He felt the sensation of his hair flying and sighed emotionally. “It’s actually the World Competition already. It’s so fast…”

Proofreader: Nao

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