CAMP: Chapter 152

Human instincts always made them full of the impulse to seek stimulation from special experiences, not to mention the atmosphere was just right. However, Fang Xue and Lin Song were still downstairs after all. This time really wasn’t a suitable choice.

Lin Yan was stirred up by Jing Yuanzhou’s sudden words. He eventually gritted his teeth and bit the man’s chin in anger. “Don’t make trouble. I’ll clean you up tonight!”

Jing Yuanzhou gave a low laugh and raised his eyebrow slightly. He doesn’t care much about who cleans up whom. His fingers brushed over his slightly pained chin. “I’ll wait for you.”

Lin Yan almost couldn’t help wanting to take another bite. Don’t look at this man’s usual appearance. Once he showed his shamelessness, there were few people in the gaming circle who could be his opponent.

The corners of Lin Yan’s lips slightly lowered. He didn’t say anything else. He just controlled the expression on his face and pushed at Jing Yuanzhou who was pressing down on himself. “Aren’t you getting up? It’s almost 8 o’clock.”

Originally, Lin Song asked Lin Yan to take the guest upstairs and settle the luggage. Currently, the two elders were still downstairs waiting for them to watch tonight’s global challenge together. They said they wanted to use this opportunity to increase their understanding of the e-sports field. It was almost time and it wasn’t good to delay any longer.

The two men went downstairs and saw Lin Song and Fang Xue sitting on the sofa in the living room. They were sitting a bit far apart. It wasn’t known what they were talking about and if it was inconvenient for other people to hear, but they stopped the moment they heard the sound of footsteps.

Lin Yan didn’t care very much. He picked up the remote control and skillfully switched to the livestream of the global qualification challenge.

On the screen, SUU and BK were preparing for the match. Based on the performance of the spring, mid-season and autumn competitions, apart from the first and second seeded teams, the remaining four highest ranked teams would make the final sprint to gain the third and fourth seeds for the World Competition.

“Now it is the global qualification challenge. The officials have announced the list. In addition to SUU and BK here, there are also PAY and LDF who are qualified for the challenge. They are all opponents we have encountered before in the autumn competition…” Lin Yan introduced while walking to the sofa. He had just sat down when he was slapped heavily on the shoulder by Fang Xue and almost jumped up. “What are you doing, Mom?”

Fang Xue wasn’t polite and pushed him. “Go and sit next to your father. I haven’t finished talking to Xiao Jing yet. Let him sit next to me.”

Lin Yan, “?”

He felt somewhat speechless. “No, Mom, what do you have to talk about? I said that he already has a partner. Don’t bother introducing him to someone.”

Fang Xue glanced at Lin Yan with a smile. “Why are you so strict about whether he has a partner or not? It isn’t like he is your partner.”

“……” Lin Yan was choked up by this sentence. He wanted to open his mouth but in the end, he could only silently sit down next to Lin Song.”You talk… you talk.”

Lin Song was really interested in the field of e-sports. After asking about the general rules, he had a question almost every minute once the competition officially started. Lin Yan patiently answered the questions one by one but his eyes were always shifting to the side. His attention was completely on the exchange between Fang Xue and Jing Yuanzhou.

“Xiao Jing, how old are you this year?”

“What about your height, weight and blood type?”

“When did you start playing professionally? It should be very hard to be alone outside, right?”

“Listening to Yan Yan, he dug you from another club? Thank you so much for your willingness to fight with Yan Yan together in the future.”

“What is your constellation? Auntie will look at your horoscope. It is really accurate!”

“You are so handsome. There must be many people around you pursuing you, right?”

“In fact, my family’s Yan Yan isn’t bad, don’t you think?”


“Speaking of which, what is your partner like? What does she do? Are there any photos you can show me?”

At last, Lin Yan couldn’t help complaining. “Mom, are you here to watch the game or set up a fortune telling stall?”

Fang Xue looked up at the TV screen that showed the game that had been playing for 50 minutes with no results. She gave a low sigh. “Mom really wants to watch the match but unfortunately, I’m too old to stand up to the fighting.”

What damn fighting…

Lin Yan helplessly held his forehead and suggested, “This match will be played for a long time. Why don’t you go back to your room and rest first?”

Fang Xue’s gaze shifted to Jing Yuanzhou before she reluctantly withdrew it. “Okay.”

Then she looked at Lin Song. “Old Song, let’s go.”

Lin Song was in good spirits at first but almost an hour had passed before he knew it. At this time, he was somewhat drowsy. He heard this and immediately stood up. “Let’s go. It’s been hard on you. I’ll go up and massage your shoulders.”

It wasn’t until the two people disappeared around the corner to the stairs that Lin Yan sighed with relief. He turned back and happened to meet a gaze.

Jing Yuanzhou said, “Auntie and Uncle look very much in love.”

Lin Yan pressed against his pained temples and changed the topic. “Watch the match.”

The global qualification challenge adopted a single round robin system. The four teams qualified for the challenge would compete in a BO5 match in turn. Then they would compete for the final two spots of the World Competition based on the total number of wins.

Today was the first day of the challenge. Both teams could get to this point and obviously, no one wanted to miss this opportunity. SUU and BK showed absolute tenacity the moment they took to the field. The two sides faced each other and it took 56 minutes to decide the winner of the first game. It was definitely a rare late stage.

SUU won the first game, which undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on BK. The moment the second game began, the situation was more intense. After 45 minutes, BK destroyed SUU’s crystal and the score reached 1:1.

The third game was still a 48 minute late game. BK failed to stabilize themselves in the last wave and allowed SUU to win another game. In this way, the score became 2:1 and it was SUU’s match point. Then the fourth game…

Under the tense rhythm, time passed silently and filled every corner of the space. The night deepened and the sleepiness in this space also increased.

Lin Yan found a comfortable position and leaned on the sofa as he stared at the professional ID on the TV screen, his eyes narrowed slightly. “Speaking of which, your little apprentice has made a lot of progress after the autumn competition. It’s great.”

On the screen, Lan Min steadily pressed SUU’s side-laner under the tower. No matter whether it was the pace of advance or retreat or his insight into ganks, there was already vaguely a general style. The main thing was that in such a high intensity competition, Lan Min completely withstood it.

Based on the camera, there was no retreat on the young face. Instead, there was a courageous and determined attitude. This was different from the crybaby with red eyes that Lin Yan had first seen. Unconsciously, he had the strong posture of becoming the team’s pillar. This was probably the magic of e-sports.

Jing Yuanzhou smiled while he heard the words, telling a half truth and half lie. “He really made great progress. Perhaps the next time we meet on the field, I will have to go around him.”

Lin Yan angrily kicked the other person. “You have no ambition. Did I buy you for nothing?”

It was deliberate teasing so the strength in his feet wasn’t heavy. Lin Yan wanted a good result. Unexpectedly, the next second, his ankle fell into this man’s broad palm.

“Speak well.” Jing Yuanzhou’s fingers gently stroked over it while he looked at Lin Yan. “It isn’t very good to come to blows?”

The place where his skin was touched seemed to burn up in an instant. Something stirred inside his heart and it seemed to get more and more out of control. The sensation from earlier in the guest room filled up his whole body again.

Lin Yan felt his heart jump twice before he had an idea. He forcibly pulled his ankle out of Jing Yuanzhou’s hand and leaned forward, pressing Jing Yuanzhou against the sofa. Lin Yan’s narrow eyes were filled with a distinct smile. “What’s not so good? You are on my turf now. Even if I move my hands, what can you do?”

The distance was too close. The breath that passed by the tip of Jing Yuanzhou’s nose made this posture more ambiguous. The color of Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes deepened. His eyes rolled slightly as he said, “I really can’t do anything.”

Perhaps he felt that Jing Yuanzhou’s ‘forced submissive’ state was very attractive. Lin Yan looked down and physically demonstrated what it meant to ‘move his hands.’

On the screen of the live broadcast, the team battle was extremely fierce. The gorgeous skill light effects enveloped the two equally intense figures on the couch.

By the time Lin Yan released Jing Yuanzhou, his expression was inevitably a bit dazed from the long, deep kiss. In the end, he teased the man’s jaw with some intent. “Why are you so obedient and don’t know how to resist?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked at him. “I don’t dare to resist.”

As he spoke, he slowly reached out his hand. It slowly bypassed Lin Yan’s side and gently hugged him around the waist. “I’m thinking that if I behave well and satisfy Xiao Lin, perhaps I can establish my position in front of Auntie and Uncle earlier. Do you think this makes sense?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t say much but Lin Yan knew this man was actually quite worried about this. He heard this and looked up with both amusement and anger. “What reason? It has nothing to do with this. I just need to find a chance. After all, we just came today. I need to stabilize this wave. I’ll try testing it tomorrow, okay?”

Jing Yuanzhou found that someone’s hand was starting to become restless again. He took a deep breath and finally controlled the impulse to keep this person in place. “You have the final say.”

He really didn’t realize before that his boyfriend had the hobby of seeking excitement. He saw that the person in his arms kept tormenting him more and reached out to pat Lin Yan’s head gently. “Don’t make trouble. Aren’t you afraid of Uncle and Auntie coming back?”

“Don’t worry. My parents always sleep early on their days off. My guess is that they’ve fallen asleep by now.” Lin Yan rarely saw Jing Yuanzhou so nervous and couldn’t help wanting to tease this person again.

His tone was innocent as if he wasn’t aware of his increasingly restless movements. “In addition, we aren’t doing anything. Is there anything to be afraid of if we’re seen by others? Even if my parents come back…”

As he spoke, his hand slowly creeped up Jing Yuanzhou’s back. Little by little, it moved up the neck and stroked his lips.

His throat moved slightly. Lin Yan was preparing to taste it again when he inadvertently looked up and froze. He clearly saw the two figures standing at the corner of the stairs and instantly felt awake. “Mom, Dad, why… haven’t you slept yet?”

Proofreader: Nao

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