CAMP: Chapter 150

That night, Lin Yan didn’t let the players stay with him. They might’ve won 3:0 in the finals but everyone knew how heavy this competition period was. All the members had been holding taut strings in their head until now. Both mentally and physically, their fatigue had been fully stretched. The thing that was needed most at this time was undoubtedly to go back early and rest.

After coming out of the consultation room, Lin Yan asked Luo Mo to send everyone back. Only Jing Yuanzhou was left behind. It wasn’t that Jing Yuanzhou didn’t need to rest. As an older player, his physical and mental fatigue was much heavier than that of the other young children. However, the relationship between the two of them was there after all. Even if Lin Yan wanted to drive people away, Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t leave him here alone.

The infusion room was empty at night. It was close to 1 o’clock in the morning when he finished receiving the IV and went back. Once the taxi stopped at the gate of the neighborhood, Lin Yan rubbed his eyes and sharply woke up from his sleep. “Are we here?”

“Yes, we’re here.” Jing Yuanzhou put the velvet blanket over Lin Yan and helped him get out of the car.

Months had passed. It was late autumn and close to winter. The cold at night was gradually becoming stronger.

Lin Yan half huddled in Jing Yuanzhou’s arms as they walked into the base. There was a bit of a trance in his tone. “It is almost 1 o’clock already? I didn’t pay attention and it was already yesterday when we won the autumn competition…”

Jing Yuanzhou felt a gust of wind and hugged the person closer. He knew that Lin Yan wasn’t such a sentimental person and couldn’t help looking down strangely. “What about it?”

Lin Yan gently sniffed, his tone filled with a bit of regret. “I was just thinking… how can we do something valuable on such a precious day? As a result, we spent all night in the hospital and did nothing.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s heart jumped slightly and his footsteps stopped. Then he reached out and rubbed Lin Yan’s head. He couldn’t help laughing. “As long as it is something ‘valuable’ that it isn’t too late to make it up.”

Perhaps it was because the heat in his body hadn’t completely receded. Such words entered his ears and Lin Yan felt like his body was burning even more. He felt the gaze that fell on him and finally responded in a low voice, “It seems… um… that is right.”

The lights were already dark when the two people returned to the base. It was quiet and even their breathing seemed to be clearly heard. No one talked anymore. They just unknowingly moved closer to each other.

It was hard to endure it until they finally reached the room. Before he could turn on the lights, Jing Yuanzhou had already turned him over and pressed Lin Yan against the wall behind the door. The sticky and long deep kiss made the already dizzy Lin Yan go weak and nearly collapse.

The next second, he was firmly held by the man. It wasn’t until he was out of breath that he pushed against Jing Yuanzhou’s chest with weak strength, his voice even more hoarse. “Don’t make trouble. I have a fever and it isn’t good if I pass it onto you.”

“Have you ever heard of such a saying?” Jing Yuanzhou looked down and licked his lower lip with intent. “If you pass along a cold and fever to another person then it will heal immediately. I haven’t tried it before. I don’t know if it is true or not. In any case, the finals have finished. Do you want to practice it?”

Lin Yan laughed with amusement and didn’t answer. They were so close to each other that they could feel the other person’s heartbeat. Suddenly, he raised his head and kissed this person again. The two people kissed and rolled straight to the bed. In the darkness, their clothes were rubbed together in an unspeakable manner.

Yet in the end, Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t bear to torment Lin Yan. The hot breath sprayed against his ear did arouse him but he stopped the moment Lin Yan reached out to unbutton his clothes.

Jing Yuanzhou took a deep breath and reached out to turn on the bedside lamp. Then he patted Lin Yan’s head. “I’m not teasing you. The doctor said you need to have a good rest so we better bear it. Wait here a bit. I’ll get you some water.”

The sudden light made Lin Yan squint. His body’s instincts and sleepiness were tearing at each other. Eventually, he reached out and pulled the quilt over him.

He huddled underneath it and gave a low, lazy response. “Hmm.”

Such a casual manner hit Jing Yuanzhou hard. He resisted his impulse and turned to the bathroom. By the time he finished getting the water, the man on the bed had already fallen asleep.

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze skimmed over this sleeping face. He shook his head helplessly before gently wiping Lin Yan for him. Due to the fever, Lin Yan had several layers of sweat on him. Now his body was really sticky and uncomfortable. The wiping was probably a bit comfortable. The originally furrowed brow finally loosened.

Jing Yuanzhou found another set of clothes to change into from the wardrobe. Throughout the process, Lin Yan woke up several times. He slightly opened his eyes to look at the man before going back to sleep in a relieved manner.

Once this was done, Lin Yan was comfortable while Jing Yuanzhou was the one sweating all over. The demon king side-laner hadn’t felt so nervous even when playing against Three in the finals.

Jing Yuanzhou turned off the bedside lamp and left. The first thing he did after returning to his room was to take a cold shower.


The autumn competition finished perfectly. The GH team undoubtedly became the most eye-catching team in the entire Chinese competition area. No one thought that this dark horse team would really sweep through the entire field in their first season of the professional league. There were overwhelming news releases. It wasn’t just the domestic gaming scene that was completely abuzz and there was even a stir in the professional circles of other regions.

The autumn competition of each competition area had been completed. As the number of participants in the World Competition was determined one after another, there were invisible dark waves in the seemingly calm atmosphere.

According to the league rules, the spring champions Three and the autumn champions GH took the lead in locking in two places in the World Competition as the first and second seed of the China division respectively.

In the next global competition, all qualified teams would immediately start a new round of competition to fight for the last two tickets of the World Competition. The global challenge took place almost directly after the autumn competition and it lasted a week. This required teams to get back into the fray before they had time to rest.

GH was one of the two seeds so they had an extra week off. It was a short vacation.

It was a rare holiday and Jian Ye chose to go back to supervise Jian Ning’s studies. Bi Yaohua also decided to go home to live for two days. For Chen Yushen and Gu Luo, one had already cut off contact with his family to play e-sports and the other had to stay at the base because his family was abroad.

Meanwhile, Lin Yan took medicine for two days under Jing Yuanzhou’s supervision and finally got better.

Jing Yuanzhou had made a short mention of it on the day they shot the promotional video so Lin Yan didn’t ask much about why the man didn’t mention going home. Lin Yan was originally planning to take advantage of this rare holiday to find a place to go out alone for a few days. Before he could choose a place to go, he received news from Luo Mo.

“You said that my dad is back?” Lin Yan was a bit surprised. “Wasn’t he supposed to return next month?”

“It’s true. Secretary Zhou contacted me. It seems to be a temporary decision.” Luo Mo conveyed. “The chairman is planning to stay for half a month this time. It seems he heard about your club and asked you to go home and stay for a few days. He said he wants to understand the situation.”

Lin Yan nodded. “I know. It really has been a long time since I’ve seen him. I should go back there and stay for a few days.”

Lin Song was the chairman of the Lin Group and he flew around the world all year around. The last time they met was when Lin Yan had just transmigrated over and he had only been at home for three days.

Before meeting with Lin Song, Lin Yan had no idea that he would see his dead ‘father’ again in a completely different world.

Lin Song. It was the same first name, same last name, same personality and same appearance. Even the habits and words were amazingly consistent. Such fate was like a father and son reunited in a parallel time and space by mistake. It was subtle but seemed destined. It was the encounter with Lin Song that made Lin Yan feel that it was a special arrangement of fate. In addition, his mother was also the same. It was due to his family that he could accept his current identity and chose to stay here at ease.

It was probably because they spent too little time together before. Lin Yan was willing to let Lin Song feel the happiness of family. It was only after he agreed that he remembered something and turned to JIng Yuanzhou.

Jing Yuanzhou felt Lin Yan’s gaze and knew what this person was worried about. “Go ahead. There is Gloy and Abyss at the base. Don’t worry about me.”

Nevertheless, Lin Yan still frowned and said nothing. He didn’t know why but the conversation they had on the day of the promotional video shooting replayed in his mind. Inexplicably, he didn’t want to leave Jing Yuanzhou alone.

Lin Yan thought about it for a moment before suggesting, “How about you go to my house with me?”

This time, it wasn’t just Jing Yuanzhou. Even Luo Mo next to them looked over with surprise.

Jing Yuanzhou raised the corners of his mouth in a smile. “Go to your house?”

Lin Yan hadn’t thought too much when he suggested it but it was impossible not to realize after hearing these words.

Lin Yan was stunned for a moment before glancing at Jing Yuanzhou. “Don’t I have to go back and introduce the club to my father? I just thought that it would be more convincing to have the captain come back with me.”

It was a direct reminder to ‘not think too much.’

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “Yes. After all, I have to see the chairman sooner or later. It’s best to get used to it in advance.”

Lin Yan coughed gently while pretending not to understand the deep meaning of Jing Yuanzhou’s words. “That’s it.”

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