CAMP: Chapter 15

Jing Yuanzhou originally thought that Lin Yan would show Chen Yushen the persistence Lin Yan used to tirelessly chase after Jing Yuanzhou previously. He didn’t expect that since returning to the base on that day, Lin Yan would never mention the name again. It was as if he had completely forgotten this person.

Since not all members of the team had been organized, the training activities with the team didn’t officially start. There were several figures sitting sporadically through the training room. Gu Luo had tasted the sweetness and completely fell in love with partnering up with Jian Ye. Right now, the two people had joined together to score passionately.

Jing Yuanzhou had just returned from a run outside. He planned to go back to the dormitory to take a bath when he  glanced inside the training and caught a glimpse of the person lying in front of the computer. He paused slightly.

He changed directions and stepped inside. The computer screen in front of Lin Yan was showing a live broadcast interface. In the video screen in the lower left corner, the short hair with varying colours was particularly eye-catching. If it wasn’t for the beautiful face that could support such a hair colour, it would really be like a peacock with its tail spread open.

As for Lin Yan, he was supporting his face with one hand as he stared in a motionless manner at the man’s face. A faint smile that made people think easily was floating on his face.

“Oh, so you like this shamate style.”

It wasn’t until the man’s voice was heard from behind him that Lin Yan’s senses came back. He blinked slowly under Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze and then pulled a chair from the side. “You came just right. Take a look.”

Jing Yuanzhou silently watched such an extremely calm attitude and walked over to sit down on the gaming chair. Since he had just finished running, he was shrouded with a shallow smell of sunlight. It seemed to have a different type of warmth compared to the indifferent appearance in the past.

Lin Yan couldn’t help taking a sniff. Then he took the earphone out of his left ear and naturally sent it to Jing Yuanzhou’s ear. “Look at this.”

There was a soft touch when his fingers touched the base of the ear and Jing Yuanzhou’s movements stopped for a moment. Before he could continue to feel it, Lin Yan took his hand back and the sensation of touch on his ear had already drifted away.

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes slightly lowered.

Lin Yan returned to his position and gently tapped on the table with his fingertips. “I have to say that this person is really interesting.”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at one of the live rooms and couldn’t ignore such an evaluation. In fact, even without Lin Yan’s introduction, he would’ve recognized this peacock.

It was the former shooter of the QOG team, Bi Yaohua. His ID was BB and he had the face of an e-sports’ Mr Perfect. It was just that he was a real trash-talk king.

At first, he was a game streamer and he never put a handle on his mouth. Every time he did a live broadcast, he could talk from beginning to end. As long as a player made a mistake in the game, ridicule was inevitable.

However, who could guarantee that there would be no mistakes during the entire process? Looking at the entire Burning Hot League, there were no players that Bi Yaohua hadn’t scolded. It was so much that within one year of his debut, he had offended almost the entire circle.

Since then, the title of ‘Trash Talk King’ had spread like wildfire. As an ordinary game streamer, Bi Yaohua had a large group of girlfriend fans who paid for his appearance. He might like to trash talk but his skills as a shooter were extremely high.

He trash talked all the shooters in the professional league and then turned around and threw out a few videos. The videos showed the right response to the opponent’s mistakes and the double face-slap was evident.

This hatred value was too much but he was so strong that it made people speechless. They could only swallow down their grievances. After all, e-sports relied on strength to speak. The QOG Club was attracted by Bi Yaohua’s top skills in the beginning. They resisted the resentful eyes of the entire league and signed him.

After becoming a professional player and being bound by the rules of the league, Bi Yaohua’s behaviour did converge a lot. He occasionally couldn’t control his mouth but he was safe as long as he paid the fine. A period of time passed steadily.

This lasted until the knockout match of the Spring Competition. QOG was brutally abused by the opponents in the second game of the BO3 (best of three). Bi Yaohua played extra hard but his teammates were sleepwalking and he couldn’t support it alone. Seeing that their crystal was going to be broken, he couldn’t bear it and filled the entire chat window with swear words.

The incident happened too suddenly and it was broadcasted live, so the director didn’t have time to react. This classic scene spread to all corners of the world. The entire e-sports circle was shocked.

At that time, the officials stepped in and imposed a six months ban on Bi Yaohua on the grounds of improper behaviour. Immediately afterwards, QOG announced the termination of their contract with the player BB. They forced the Trash Talk King to become a game streamer again and the trash talk king returned to the world.

There were differing opinions about this matter. After all, it was incredible that someone like Bi Yaohua didn’t hesitate to leave the club despite the liquidated damages. Still, one thing was certain. It was that a serious disagreement had occurred in the QOG Club.

More people thought that Bi Yaohua, who claimed to be strong and thought highly of himself, was toxic to the team in itself. His eyes grew on the top of his head every day while he played with the average players of QOG. It was only a matter of time before he broke up with them.

The matter of the suspension caused a lot of noise. Combined with the resolute withdrawal from the claw, the e-sports media released many announcements at the same time. which brought a wave of rhythm. There were more than 10 versions alone and this allowed Bi Yaohua to enjoy the treatment of becoming a resident of the hot search

However, the Trash Talk King was still the Trash Talk King. Without the bondage of the club, he didn’t care about the background of the media. Anyone who mentioned his name was directly greeted by him one by one. There was no disadvantage even if it was one against 10.

In the end, the major media were so angry that they joined together and wildly released all his previous black spots. The scene was very spectacular. He was the man who unified the entire media network!

In this regard, some sunspots deliberately collected a lot of information and submitted it to the Burning Hot officials, wanting to get him into trouble. However, Bi Yaohua was already suspended and he hadn’t signed with other teams after ending his contract with QOG. In a sense, he was a free man outside their jurisdiction and they couldn’t stop him.

Due to Ku Tianlu, the gossipy former vice-captain, Jing Yuanzhou had seen the entire process. Apart from being amazed by Bi Yaohua’s ability to talk, he reserved his opinion on the truth behind this matter.

Don’t mention the fact that Bi Yaohua could scold the mass media. This didn’t seem like a person who would blow up just from playing a game. The timing of the media’s rush was also a bit too subtle. He had probably offended someone.

Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t a person who liked to be nosy. He forgot about it after watching the liveliness. In addition, he had no regular contact with weak teams like QOG. Therefore, it was thanks to Lin Yan that he got to know this Trash Talk King for the first time.

Among other things, Bi Yaohua’s face was really worthy of being the ‘e-sports’ Mr Perfect.’ The premise was if people could ignore his mouth that was always making people go crazy.

Through one of the earphones, the man’s languid voice was somewhat contemptuous. “Yes, the shooter on the opposite side is Brother Monkey. If nothing goes wrong, he might be able to hold on for six minutes. Hmm, don’t say anything. If I play against Brother Monkey, I win 91% of the time and lost 10% of the time… if I accidentally sell all my equipment in the store, I might have a chance of being killed by him.”

The barrage was flying due to his words.

[The Trash Talk King really dares to say this? Has QOG been forgotten by others?]

[In any case, you are a shooter of a top 8 team. What type of courage do you have for someone who was eliminated in the knockouts?]

[My husband’s face and mouth makes me blush as always.]

[Forget BB. It is only during the live broadcast that BB is blind. Otherwise, why not go to the World Championship if he is so good?]

[Hahaha, he is in the suspension period! This type of Young Master B wants his teammates to serve him. Which team would dare to ask for him?]

[The Trash Talk King playing in the World Championship…. in his dreams?]

Bi Yaohua leisurely looked at the barrage while buying equipment. “To tell the truth, is it that amazing to play in the World Championship? Take a look at the teams participating in the global competition this year. Are they going to play? Obviously, they are just travelling at public expense!”

At this point, he gave a low laugh. “Okay, don’t mention BK. The finals were so bad that even Titans transferred. Relying on the little boy whose hair hasn’t even grown yet? How can he be expected to win? It would be good if he doesn’t pee his pants on the field.”

Lin Yan heard this and smiled at Jing Yuanzhou. “God Jing, is there a strong sense of presence?”

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

The barrage exploded the moment Titans was mentioned.

[Do you think Titans is you? Blaming teammates after losing the match?]

[Low strength is low strength. QOG shouldn’t have signed you at the beginning.]

[Titans must have his own considerations for transferring. Do you think you can go to heaven if you play well in the Spring Competition? The first person to curse in the professional arena, awesome!]

[Damn, forget about the others. You even pulled Titans into the water to cushion your back. This is really unbearable!]

The line of soldiers arrived at this time. Bi Yaohua cleaned up a few soldiers and sneered. “Yes, Titans is naturally different from me. If he met the same teammates as me, what would he do? I am seriously quite curious about this?”

His mouth lowered while speaking and his character took two steps forward under his control. Before he finished speaking, a kill prompt appeared on the interface.

[If you can BB, you can kill. Hold!]

Single kil!

The entire barrage was quiet for a moment.

Bi Yaohua glanced at the time and laughed. “Look, six minutes. It is just right.”

He finished speaking and the live broadcast room was covered with ‘666’. This immediately pushed down all the scolding of the sunspots.

In any case, the Trash Talk King’s strength as a shooter was well recognized.

Lin Yan couldn’t hold back his laugh. He turned to the side slightly and almost leaned on Jing Yuanzhou’s body. “As expected of Titans. You might no longer be in Jianghu but there are legends about you everywhere.”

Jing Yuanzhou looked at as he felt the soft hair touching his cheeks. “Thank you Chief Lin for giving me the opportunity to become a legend.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Yan answered slightly. His slender fingers touched the face of the man on the screen and he cocked his head to look at Jing Yuanzhou. He asked strangely, “Is it possible?”

It was a question without a beginning and end. Such a fluttering voice entered his ears and Jing Yuanzhou’s answer was also subtle. “His strength is okay.”

Lin Yan couldn’t help raising his eyebrow with a smile. Then he turned the chair around and slid back to the computer. A row of golden letters flashed across the live broadcast room.

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has thrown 10 deep-water fish mines in the live broadcast room of Nothing to Do with BB.]

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has thrown 10 deep-water fish mines in the live broadcast room of Nothing to Do with BB.]

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has thrown 10 deep-water fish mines in the live broadcast room of Nothing to Do with BB.]

Such big movements quickly attracted Bi Yaohua’s attention.

His live broadcast room might seem overwhelmingly popular but 90% of them came to see his jokes. Apart from an occasional girlfriend fan who gave money for his face, it was really rare to see this type of big spender.

He was stunned for a moment before saying in a dedicated manner, “Thank you Who Isn’t a Little Princess for the deep-water fish mine. Do you have anything to say?”

Such a sentence that was normal in other live broadcast rooms caused a frenzy of scolding on the barrage. Bi Yaohua was accustomed to it and was unmoved. He saw the brightly shining letters of the big spender and spoke slowly. “Oh, the big spender and overlord wants me to join…”

There was a slight pause here. Bi Yaohua was originally just looking casually but now his entire body froze. “You want me to join… the GH Club?”

The moment he spoke, the frantically taunting barrage slowly down instantly. Lin Yan had never been a person to consider the psychological endurance of others and he continued to send a barrage.

[Yes, the brand new GH Club is waiting for you. Are you willing to sign?]

[It is the one that is enough to make Titans abandon a giant club like BK. I believe you won’t refuse it ~^_^~]

Bi Yaohua’s mouth that was always full of words became quiet for a moment. After a while, he said word by word, “Of course, I, will, not, refuse!”

The barrage went crazy.

[BB and Titans will be in the same frame in the future? Did Titans agree?]

[What devil configuration is this?]

[Ahhhh, am I dreaming? My two male gods are going to be together?]

[The Trash Talk King is a male god? Is the brain of the GH management flooded with water? Is the team ready to disband before it is even formed?]

[I said that Titans shouldn’t have transferred. Now he is pitted!]

[Is this fake? I was just taunting him and not my face hurts.]

[Daring to accept a player like BB. Is GH unable to recruit people?]

Lin Yan heard a satisfactory reply and didn’t care about the comments. His narrow eyes curved in a smile as he turned to look at Jing Yuanzhou. “Look, it is so simple.”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t hesitate to give praise. “Yes, it is great.”

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1 year ago

😂 he agreed so fast

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+1 he agreed just like that 🤣

2 months ago

I’m looking forward on his interactions with abyss because I think he needs someone like him who can speak so frankly and be confident to speak up

2 months ago

His name is BB 😂 Really fitting 😂😂
Now I’ll admit right away that I have a weakness for people that trash talk and can back it up with skill and strength. I look forward to seeing him develop in the future