CAMP: Chapter 149

The moment the base crystal was destroyed, it wasn’t just the venue of the match. Even the barrage in the live broadcast room went completely crazy.

[Ahhh, GH is awesome! A legend! This is definitely a legend!]

[It is a zero seal! 3:0 in the finals! AWSL!]

[Where are the sunspots, where are the sunspots? Does your face hurt? No, do you need me to provide the phone number of a plastic surgery hospital?]

[F*k ahhhh Go Home! You are the best! I want to ask, who else can  win the championship in their first season?!]

[Titans, you did it! You lived up to the coach’s expectations. Your parents love has blossomed!]

[Where are the Go Home sisters? Hurry up and play the team song!!!]

[It’s coming! Play the music!}

[Just~ for the pain of love and attachment~ for the hurt of hate and persistence~]

[I can’t tell the difference between love and hate. Is it like this~]


[F*k, the Go Home fans are poisonous. Why am I singing along with them?]

[Now no one has any doubts that GH is the strongest dark horse in the league this year, right?]

[It’s cool, so cool! What’s wrong with coming out of the variety show? They are still champions!]

[What are the fans so proud of? It’s just because Wuhoo is injured. Let’s see if they have the ability to win the World Competition?]

[Hey, take it. We are very swollen right now. We aren’t afraid to become more swollen. Who is afraid of whom?]

[Put the Go Home team is awesome on the public screen ahhh! You are great, the whole team is great! Give me the whole team!}

GH’s zone.

The soundproof headphones were taken off and all the players were stunned by the deafening cheers from the audience. There were waves of sound all shouting the name of a team neatly and uniformly. “GH! Great! Go Home team! Champions—!”

Bi Yaohua felt like all the blood in his body was shaken. He rubbed the corners of his eyes and joked to disguise it. “This slogan is… cough, I thought they were shouting for us GH to hurry home?”

Jian Ye couldn’t help rubbing Gu Luo’s grandma grey hair. “Did you hear it, Gloy? We are the champions! The champions!”

He was too excited and couldn’t control his strength, so he almost pushed Gu Luo directly into the ground. At this time, Gu Luo didn’t know how to react except to laugh.

Next to him, Chen Yushen stared at the word ‘victory’ on the screen in a daze. The young man who never smiled was affected by the atmosphere. The corners of his lips slowly curved up and his eyes were slightly wet. Yes, they were champions! They really did it!

Jing Yuanzhou gently patted the table, placed the headphones down and told them, “Let’s go and shake hands.”

The team members were taken aback by the reminder before finally reacting. At this point, no one could taunt them to go home soon but their captain was obviously very anxious to go back. The players took a deep breath to control their urge to hug each other and followed Jing Yuanzhou to the other side of the field.

All the lights and camera fell on them. Their faces were displayed one after another on the big screen. Every time a person appeared, the scene would hysterically yell that person’s ID. It was wave after wave of shouts and it was inspiring.

In contrast, Three’s zone was much calmer. No one was willing to lose  the match but today’s result of 3:0 made the Three team members unanimously feel a sense of relief. It was true that Wuhoo’s hands couldn’t be burdened any more. The autumn competition was just one of their many journeys. The next World Competition was the real battlefield for a bloody battle.

“Congratulations.” Wuhoo’s expression wasn’t too disappointed when he shook hands with Jing Yuanzhou. Instead, he said, “If we meet again at the World Competition, you won’t be as lucky as today.”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the left hand hanging beside Wuhoo. He could see that it was still shaking uncontrollably. He gave a light smile. “Then hurry up and take care of your hand injury. The next time you lose to us, don’t have any excuses.”

The moment he took his hand back, it was grabbed by Come next to him. “Don’t worry, we won’t lose next time.”

Jing Yuanzhou met Come’s gaze and pulled his hand back. “You have many people. I won’t care about you.”

The scene of the handshake between the two parties was projected onto the big screen and Three’s fans couldn’t help crying. The simple handshake session was over and the award ceremony on the stage was ready.

Under the guidance of the staff, GH took to the stage. All the lights gathered in the center in an instant. Under the attention of the public, the golden trophy slowly rose up.

The host’s passionate voice rang through the venue. “Congratulations to GH for winning the championship of the national professional league! Congratulations to GH! Plause pick up your championship trophy! This is your glory!”

The moment his words ended, the entire venue started to shout the name ‘GH’ again. It was even louder than before and the entire night was completely awakened. The members of GH gathered around the championship trophy and raised it up high.

Many people had wondered if there would be a new championship team this year. Now that such a team did appear and this scene entered their eyes, it felt a bit unrealistic. What followed next was a boiling sensation deep in their cells. The China division had needed fresh blood for too long. Now the autumn competition ended on this scene, adding new hope for the next journey.

Jing Yuanzhou stood in the center. He looked down from the stage and only the faintly flickering lights and dazzling flashes from the reporters could be seen. He looked at it one after another.

In the blur, a figure could be seen on the stage, walking straight in their direction. The specific appearance wasn’t clear due to the backlight but there was an inexplicable familiarity. It was just one moment but it was enough for Jing Yuanzhou to recognize the identity of the person.

As he approached, Jing Yuanzhou handed the trophy to his teammates. He took two steps forward quickly and reached out to help Lin Yan. Before the other person could reach, he used the strength of his hand and the other person fell into his arms without any preparation.

On the field, the two figures hugged tightly. The man’s soft words were engulfed by the cheers but they clearly entered Lin Yan’s ears. “Yes, I can see it now. It’s over and we are the champions.”

Lin Yan could hear the screams that broke through the sky in an instant. His eardrums were slightly painful but he couldn’t suppress the smile on his face. He responded in a low voice, “Yes, I saw it.”

The audience’s attention fell from the championship trophy to the two figures embracing each other. The specific reason for the waves of noise could no longer be determined. The sound broke through the venue and all anyone knew was that this night was destined to leave too many historical moments.


According to the official process, there would be a press conference after the finals.

Jing Yuanzhou was determined to take Lin Yan to the hospital and didn’t want to attend. Finally, he was persuaded by Lin Yan with the reason ‘it will affect the club’s publicity effect’ and he reluctantly agreed.

All the reporters were waiting at the reception site. It wasn’t easy to wait until the members of GH appeared. The moment they entered through the door, lights flashed from all directions. It had always been a carnival for all media reporters after every league finals.

According to a normal situation, the team after winning the championship would often reveal exclusive information due to their happy mood. It was also what reporters were looking forward to. Yet in today’s interview session, the reception from GH was unexpectedly cold.

There were a few questions and answers but the reporters didn’t see the excitement of winning on the faces of the GH players. On the contrary, they frequently glanced to the side and the words ‘in a rush’ were on their faces.

Lin Yan watched it live from the lounge.

The excitement of the awards session had just ended and a burst of dizziness was rising again. In addition, the match was over so his heart was completely relaxed. At this time, he was leaning against the sofa and could fall asleep at any moment.

At this time, the final question of today’s interview arrived. One of the reporters stood up and asked a question that everyone had been concerned about for a long time. “The history of the GH club is already legendary. I want to ask Captain Jing, during the time when GH was still nothing, why did you agree to Coach Lin and decide to join?”

During the whole interview, Jing Yuanzhou appeared very official and perfunctory.  He didn’t raise his head until he heard this question. It wasn’t known what he was thinking but he stared at the camera next to him in a meaningful manner. The tone slightly lengthened. “Ah, this… it is probably because someone pestered me every day, saying things like ‘I really want you.’ I just felt really generous, I guess.”

The reporters, “???”

Lin Yan in the lounge, “???”

He said ‘someone’ but everyone could guess who it was! This was blatant slander that damaged the personal image of the club owner. Wasn’t he afraid of his salary being deducted?!

Beside him, Luo Mo couldn’t hold back his laughter and let out a ‘pfft.’

Lin Yan was silent for a moment. Then he took out his phone without any expression and looked at the barrage. Unsurprisingly, it was completely filling the screen.

[Coach Lin! I bet a car of cucumbers that the ‘someone’ mentioned by Captain Jing is definitely Coach Lin!!!]

[Ahhhh, Parents love is real! I can do it!]

[I feel as if I’ve heard the official announcement.]

[That’s right. It is almost like he said ‘Coach Lin made my heart flutter’.]

[F*k, Sister, can you translate a bit more?]

[Seriously, the interview has reached this point. It is really hard for the two of them to not get married tonight.]

Lin Yan, “……”

How should he say it? Well done?

By the time the GH team returned to the lounge after the interview, they were met with the calmly panicked Lin Yan. Jing Yuanzhou hid the smile in his eyes and walked over like he was oblivious. He stood in front of the sofa, turned around and whispered, “Let’s go to the hospital. Shall I carry you?”

Lin Yan’s gaze skimmed over the man’s back. Finally, he reached out and put his arms around Jing Yuanzhou’s neck. He took advantage of the blind spot to open his mouth without warning and bite angrily at this person’s ear, grinding his teeth darkly. “I’ll deal with you when we get back!”

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t hold back and let out a low laugh.

Once all the processes in the finals were over, the GH members didn’t go to the celebration dinner that Luo Mo had booked in advance. Instead, they went straight to the hospital. Needless to say, this scene was really quite familiar.

Bi Yaohua gently touched Gu Luo. “Gloy, during the finals of Burning Hot Assembly, weren’t you in the coach’s position?”

Gu Luo was silent for a moment. “Brother, can you not bring this up?”

Jian Ye was sincere. “I hope this isn’t a curse on our team.”

Chen Yushen agreed. “Yes…”

After registration for treatment, the doctor gave Lin Yan a comprehensive examination. He read the test results and asked about the specific situation.

Once the final diagnosis was made, his face was almost completely black. “It might not be a big deal for young people to have a cold and fever sometimes but you can’t be so indifferent! Everyone’s constitution isn’t the same. A cold is also divided into seriousness! Even if it is a minor illness, it will get worse sooner or later if it is dragged on. Don’t you know? I really have to give you a good talk. Young people these days…”

Luo Mo took the prescription from the doctor and ran away with the excuse of settling the bill.

The others couldn’t find a reason to leave. They could only lower their eyes guiltily while remaining silent.

So on the day they won the autumn competition, the strongest dark horse GH team raised the trophy and were lectured by the emergency department doctor. It was probably the most memorable championship night.

Proofreader: Nao

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