CAMP: Chapter 148

The game continued. Putting aside the side-laner’s tragic situation of being crushed to death by Jing Yuanzhou in the top lane, the development of the various lanes in the early stage was actually fairly stable. Yet the moment it passed 20 minutes, Jian Ye who was protecting the shooter suddenly left the bottom lane and started to wander away.

After all, Gu Luo hadn’t taken a hero with showy operations in this game. He was a group battle mage with no displacement skills. In the early stages, he took advantage of when Chen Yushen came to gank to press forward. Most of the time, he shrank under his own defense tower due to the frequent visits of Three’s jungler or he occasionally cleared the line of soldiers quickly and went to other lanes to support.

At this time, Jian Ye left the bottom lane and the first thing he did was to meet with Chen Yushen and come to the middle lane. Three’s mid-laner didn’t realize this. Gu Luo played a wave and forced this person in the direction of the river, causing him to fall into the ambush. The kill was completed and they strongly pushed forward.

The reaction of Three’s jungler was swift and he came rushing from the side. He wanted to quickly clear a line of soldiers to protect the tower but was stunned by Gu Luo’s tricky control skills and he forcibly took the damage from the other two people. In the end, he barely saved his life and had to evacuate in an embarrassed manner. Three’s middle tower wasn’t held at all.

Anyone who knew a bit about the game knew the importance of the middle tower for vision. Once lost, it meant that Three had completely fallen into a passive state. At the same time, the fourth solo kill was completed on the top lane. In the professional league, this was definitely an amazing number.

In fact, in the process of laning, Three’s side-laner had shown absolute caution. He even gave up the opportunity to decrease the soldiers when necessary. Nevertheless, once Jing Yuanzhou’s Philm launched an offensive then he had no chance of escaping at all. Even the defense tower didn’t seem to be a threat. The first tower on the top lane was destroyed and now he was pressed under the second tower.

After Jing Yuanzhou killed the side-laner under the tower, a wave of soldiers arrived just in time. However, he wasn’t anxious to push to the second tower. He instead went into the upper half of Three’s jungler with his small amount of health.

Three’s jungler had just escaped from the middle lane and was greedy to kill a jungle mob before returning to the city. He didn’t expect that the moment he took an extra look in this jungle, he would directly receive a sword to the throat.

[Double kill!]

In the third game, GH finally started to enter its own rhythm.

“I’m afraid it will be a bit difficult for Three. Titans’s rhythm in this game is really too strong. If he keeps developing like this, it is really hard to imagine anyone who can stop him!” The official commentator on the stage couldn’t help looking at the lower half of the map with a subtle tone. “Under normal circumstances, Three’s ace combination should start to take some action. What is going on now? Does it have something to do with the situation of Wuhoo’s left hand?”

Fans of Three knew that their team would always make some type of move after Wuhoo’s basic equipment took shape. Meanwhile, the game was gradually entering the late stage but there was still no action.

They heard the commentator’s words and couldn’t help feeling worried. Fans frequently glanced toward Three’s zone. Occasionally, the camera would cut to that area and it could be seen that the Three players had grim expressions on their faces. It made the audience even more uneasy.

At this moment, there was silence in Three’s voice channel. Aside from the necessary simple communication, all that was heard was the sound of keyboard tapping and vague breathing. It was a rare situation where Wuhoo didn’t have any expression on his face.

It was as if he didn’t notice the passive situation of his teammates on the other lanes. All his attention was focused on the arrival of the waves of soldiers. He decreased the line of soldiers before going to the jungle to kill the mons left by the jungler. Then he held the river crab firmly in his hand.

Come was protecting him so Wuhoo didn’t worry about the situation of GH coming to gank. He also didn’t do much to Bi Yaohua who was fighting alone in front of him. The process of laning was labor intensive. With the burst of pain he felt at this moment, he needed to leave all his outbreaks to the most critical moment. Every word that Come said in the lounge just now seemed to linger in his ears.

“No one wants to lose and we are the same.”

“Still, you have to be clear. Even if we win this game, you must be replaced with a substitute in the next game.”

“We are already the champions of the spring competition! As the number one seeded team in the China division of the World Competition, the autumn competition isn’t our end! There is no need to sacrifice a broader future for this!”

“Have you ever thought that if you win today’s match at all costs, what will you do at the World Competition?”

“You might feel unwilling but… I can only allow you to be willful one last time.”

“in the next game, minimize the burden on your hands and leave the rest to us. I can’t guarantee anything else but one thing is certain. As long as I am there, I will protect you until the last moment!”

Wuhoo slowly let out a breath. It was a change from his usual casual demeanor. There was firmness in his eyes. He knew that he was really wayward. Just like now.

He had to admit that the duration of the last game was indeed much longer than expected. The pain relief effects had faded and the operations he could do were on the verge of being limited. It was as Come said. Right now, he just had to work hard to ensure his development and then finish the last wave of outbreaks in this autumn competition.

The game progressed to 30 minutes and Three’s two towers at the top were destroyed.

Jing Yuanzhou took GH to make trouble in the canyon. Three’s jungler tried to deal the final blow but his life was taken away. GH took the lead in taking down the canyon boss in this game.

At 36 minutes, GH started to force a small group battle. A battle broke out in the top half of the map. Jing Yuanzhou took two heads again and finished the wave of double kills. Since then, he became a super god for the second time in the finals.

The game progressed to 42 minutes and GH once again won the team buff from the abyss king. Three struggled to deal with it. Come took the lead in defense and endured the time of the group buff. Finally, it forcibly reached the confrontation stage. Throughout this process, Jing Yuanzhou’s control of the overall rhythm could be called shocking.

Under the repeated attacks and seeing that GH was about to press to Three’s high ground, the diligently developing Wuhoo chose to return to defend.

Commentator A exclaimed, “Wuhoo is finally ending his stand-alone trip? However, the game has reached this point. Starting now… isn’t it a bit too late?”

“It isn’t too late.” Commentator B shook his head. “Haven’t you found it? Wuhoo might not have participated in the team battle but his economy isn’t lacking at all. At present, he is fully equipped. In comparison, the equipment of BB on GH’s side is much poorer.”

“It can’t be helped. Come has protected Wuhoo too well. On GH’s side, it seems they had no intention of protecting BB at all. In addition, other people from Three would come to visit from time to time. BB is really miserable but it is understandable.” Commentator A expressed his sympathy. “This is probably a way for Three to protect Wuhoo. The game might’ve been going on for a long time but Wuhoo himself wasn’t under too much pressure. Now that his equipment is complete, he can enter the team battle. Judging from the current time, it isn’t impossible to push back after defending.”

Commentator B somewhat nervously rubbed his hands together. “If there are no accidents, this should be the last team battle.”

On the field, both sides were tentatively dealing with each other in front of the defense tower on the high grounds. At this point in time, everyone seemed extremely cautious. Yet no matter how careful, there would always be flaws in the highly tense rhythm.

Jing Yuanzhou launched an offensive that was like a sharp blade leaving its sheath and directly cut open this deadlock. The flames of war in the canyon was completely ignited

Three’s side-laner had chosen a pure defense outfit under his miserable development situation but he still couldn’t escape the fate of Jing Yuanzhou’s attack on him. Come casually placed a shield on the side-laner and ignored him. He quickly moved forward and stopped Chen Yushen who was trying to cut deeply. He knew very well who he should protect over the side-laner.

On the other side, Three’s jungler also acted. To his surprise, Bi Yaohua wasn’t protected by anyone. On the contrary, Bi Yaohua used flash as if he was prepared early. He directly bypassed the combat zone and withdrew toward the side jungle area.

Three’s jungler instinctively tried to catch up. As a result, the moment he entered the grass, he met the crossbow arrow that was poised to be fired. Bi Yaohua showed off extreme acting skills in a short period of time. Now he saw the enemy jungler in front of him and a smile flashed on his face. “Who told you to stare at me today? Don’t think I can’t kill you!”

The release of the skill came with a backward displacement effect. He pulled away while his attack hit, triggering a short stun effect. He took advantage of this to immediately release a few more skills. He saw that the opponent was going to flash close to him and released a skill in advance, collecting the last drop of health of Three’s jungle.

“Biubiubiu—!” Bi Yaohua whistled after completing the solo kill and laughed wildly. “Who told you to bully Brother Trash Talk? Do you really treat me as a sick cat?”

The system message had just popped up here when not far away, there was a series of kill announcements. The hero used by Jing Yuanzhou was an output type after all. He forcibly killed Three’s side-laner and had to withdraw with only a sliver of health left.

Gu Luo’s big group control stopped the other members of Three from pursuing Jing Yuanzhou, allowing him to retreat. However, Wuhoo was steadily protected in the rear so Jian Ye at the forefront suffered a shocking loss of health. He was the first to die In GH.

Jian Ye exclaimed, “F*k, Wuhoo’s damage is high!”

Chen Yushen tried to kill Wuhoo several times but was blocked by Come. There was nothing he could do so he turned to target Come in front of him. The moment he killed Come, Wuhoo took away his life. After killing two people in a row, Wuhoo didn’t hesitate to flash forward and narrow the distance. His next target was Gu Luo.

Gu Luo’s big move was used and he just used a set of skills to reduce most of the health of Three’s mid-laner. It was the cooldown period and he had no room to fight. He saw that Wuhoo knocked out most of his health with two basic skills and used a flash to open up the distance. As a result, he had just landed when Wuhoo used a second skill to chase and take away his life. At the same time, it also brushed past Bi Yaohua’s body who was coming from the rear.

[Three.Wuhoo killed GH.Gloy!]

[Triple kill!]

The damage would be much lower after hitting the second target but Wuhoo’s output was too high. It reduced Bi Yaohua’s health by almost half. Bi Yaohua’s heart jumped and he chose to retreat without hesitation. However, Wuhoo didn’t plan to leave any more opportunities, whether it was for the other side or for himself. He kept chasing.

Commentator A almost stood up from his chair. “Three kills! Wuhoo took three kolls! There is a chance! Wuhoo is still chasing! Is he going for four—!”

The next second—

[Three.Wuhoo killed GH.BB!]

[Quadra kill!]

Commentator A was near hysterical. “Four kills! Wuhoo got four kills! He did it! Three played a wave of three for four at the last minute!”

Commentator B appeared to be in shock. “It is reversed. Three is going to turn the tables! GH has only Titans left. Can he hold on? Let’s take a look at Titans now… wait?!”

Once he clearly saw the other person’s direction on the screen, he couldn’t help slamming a hand against the table and standing up. “He went around! Titans actually went around!”

Before he finished speaking, he saw a figure shoot out like a ghost from the rear. Three’s mid-laner Klo noticed Jing Yuanzhou’s move and immediately followed. It was just that the acceleration triggered by hitting a jungle mob and a short distance displacement skill meant Jing Yuanzhou already got close. He used two ordinary attacks to forcibly take away Wuhoo’s head.

[GH.Titans killed Three.Wuhoo!]

Wuhoo’s output was surprisingly high. After two ordinary attacks, it directly triggered a critical hit.

Jing Yuanzhou had used the jungle mobs to suck back a bit of health. Now his health blood was once again almost emptied. Just when everyone thought Jing Yuanzhou was going to retreat, he turned around and rushed toward Klo who was chasing him.

The amount of health he had left meant he would fall down just being touched by any skill. Nevertheless, Philm’s figure kept approaching quickly as skills fell one by one. He seemed to move through the dense rain of spells without any injuries.

The successive reversals made the commentators feel like they were going crazy. “Too fast! Philm’s passive acceleration means that his movement speed is too fast! Klo can’t touch him at all!”

In GH’s zone, Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze stayed on the screen and the operations of his hands were extremely accurate. He admired Wuhoo’s tenacity. It was a pity that there was destined to be only one champion in this arena. Finally, he got close and a sword light flashed.

[GH.Titans killed Three.Klo!]

[ACE (team extinction)!]

In the autumn competition’s grand final, GH won with a score of 3:0!

Proofreader: Nao

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1 year ago

It feels a bit bitter to win against Three with Wuhoo’s injury but something like this do happen a lot. Congrats GH!

1 year ago

Wuhoo built different 😮‍💨 but Titans is a monster on a mission.

kdj fan
kdj fan
3 months ago

it seems like theyve been playing against/winning strong teams w injured players lately
PAY – DeMen
Three – Wuhoo