CAMP: Chapter 147

The game interface loaded. The audience couldn’t recover for a long time as they watched GH make their initial purchases and go out of the high grounds. The lineup system that GH took was unreasonable in itself but this was no longer the key. Now all the attention was on the back of the camera.

The void sword Philm. It was a rare pure output hero rarely seen on the top lane. It wasn’t suitable for playing the jungler so in the current version of the game where there was a strong need for the side-laner to act as a front row tank, it often sat on the bench. The attendance rate in the professional league was even more pitiful.

However, it wasn’t as if Jing Yuanzhou had never used Philm. On the contrary, it was a nightmare for many people. The memory of the past was too far away now but people who had experienced that era always remembered that there was once a young man who held a sword in his hand to stir up a bloody storm in the league the first time he stepped foot in it.

It was just that Jing Yuanzhou had changed his playing style. With the passage of time, all the opponents only remembered that they must ban the death wanderer and judgment titan for the demon king side-laner. They all forgot the violent hero who once made teams nervous.

Even though the BP session had ended for a long time, Commentator A still sounded vaguely excited. “Philm! I didn’t expect to see Titans take out Philm in this lifetime! So is Titans ready to play pure output in this game?”

Commentator B added, “Once I saw that the elemental wizard had been taken for the middle lane, I felt that GH must’ve made a new adjustment in this deciding game. Now it seems to be the case… although Titans’ Philm was indeed the god of the game back then, the version has changed so many times. It also hasn’t been used much. Will there be any problems suddenly taking it out?”

Commentator A was very optimistic. “I believe TItans has his own ideas if he took it out in this game. Let’s wait and see!”

At this moment, the ones more excited were Jing Yuanzhou’s old fans. They couldn’t hold back the boiling atmosphere.

“Ahh, this is a really a f*king lifetime series!”

“Titans’ Philm, I can die in the finals without any regret.”

“I can still remember when the national service players all followed his example of Philm…”

“Damn, I still remembered when my hot-blooded self went to play Philm in the game and ended up dying straight as a super ghost!”

“It isn’t an exaggeration to say that GH has completely awakened the sleeping lion that is Titans!”

“It can’t be said that GH awakened him. It is clearly Coach Lin who woke him up, okay?”

“Hahaha, is everyone a parents love fan? Sister, you can speak a bit more.”

The camera director obviously knew the public’s mind very well. From the beginning of the game, the camera always followed Jing Yuanzhou. Presumably, it was the aftermath of the targeting of the bottom lane in the last game. This time, the two sides had a wave of explorations at the bottom half of the river.

The top lane appeared a lot calmer compared to the bloodbath on the bottom lane. They could see from the big screen that Jing Yuanzhou had started to devote himself to clear the soldiers the moment he arrived at the lane.

Three’s side-laner was probably shocked by the sudden selection of Philm. Along with the fact that he had been beaten to a dog by Jing Yuanzhou in the previous game with a tank hero, he didn’t dare make a move when faced with such an aggressive hero. At this time, he was just using his skills from far away to eat at the line of soldiers and it made people distressed.

Jing Yuanzhou seemed to have not noticed the tension of the opposite side-laner. He finished clearing the line one step ahead and then knocked out the river crab without anyone interfering. It was only then that he turned around and returned to the lane. Throughout the process, it was as if the Three side-laner was a transparent person.

The void sword Philm was a swordsman who had experienced many vicissitudes of life. His meticulous dress style gave him the grace of an ancient European noble as he moved about. Jing Yuanzhou’s operation made the empty canyon become more and more calm.

Three’s side-laner was cautious to the extreme. It wasn’t until after four or five waves of soldiers were cleared and he discovered that Jing Yuanzhou didn’t seem to have any intention of attacking that it made him slightly bolder.

After all, this method of using long ranged skills to kill the soldiers had too much impact on his economy. He secretly made up his mind to take one step forward. Yet before he could attack, a figure whizzed by.

All of Philm’s output would trigger its own passive acceleration effect after a hit. Jing Yuanzhou’s position was relatively back but this time, a river crab just happened to refresh. He used the help of an ordinary attack and decisively connected it with a displacement to completely narrow the distance.

Three’s side-laner felt his heart jump. Before he had time to curse, he instinctively moved back. However, it was completely too late. The only control effect that Philm had was a deceleration. At a time when his own speed was increased, the deceleration was fatal for Three’s side-laner.

Three’s side-laner found he couldn’t run away. He could only bite the bullet and turn back to fight. However, Jing Yuanzhou didn’t leave him any chance to struggle. Three’s side-laner died under the gleaming blade. He could only return to the springs with regret.

[First Blood!]

Jing Yuanzhou scanned the mini-map after taking first blood and placed a signal at the canyon. “Abyss, come here and beat the vanguard first.”

Chen Yushen had just gone to the middle lane to help Gloy push the opposite mid-laner back under the tower. He immediately responded. “Received.”

The two of them quickly gathered. Three’s side-laner was dead and the middle lane had Gloy blocking it. Three was aware of GH’s motive but they didn’t have the power to rob the boss. They could only watch as GH won the first buff from the abyss vanguard. Meanwhile, the game had only been going on for eight minutes.

Commentator A praised it. “They killed the vanguard within 8 minutes. GH’s rhythm in this game is very beautiful!”

“It is really beautiful! In this game, GH is preparing to play with the top lane as the core and Titans is always someone who knows what he wants.” Commentator B continued. He couldn’t help glancing at the bottom lane. “The thing that surprised me is the two members of GH in the bottom lane. It’s normal for BB to have his teammates to help him. The unexpected thing is that he is able to stabilize the bottom lane with Gun alone.”

Commentator A nodded. “In fact, before this game, I have found that the cooperation between GH’s shooter and support positions has really improved.”

The commentators’ analysis was quite objective but if they could hear the conversation in GH’s voice channel, they would probably vomit out a mouthful of blood.

From the beginning of the game, Bi Yaohua had already foreseen his lonely and miserable self in the second half of the game. Therefore, he cherished the good times in the early stages when he had Jian Ye close to him.

In the process, he was more positive than ever. “Gun Gun, I’ve never felt that you are so gentle and lovely as you are today. Follow me! Come a bit closer! Stick to my body! Yes yes, that’s it. Beautiful! Damn, sleeping in the same bed for so long wasn’t for nothing. I think that as long as you accompany me, I really have a 50:50 chance of beating Wuhoo!”

The referee heard these words and couldn’t help casting a startled glance in his direction. Were the relationships within GH so chaotic?

In contrast, Jian Ye was unmoved. He followed Bi Yaohua’s movements and carried out close protection. All his movements were completed in great detail while he complained with his mouth. “Don’t disgust me, okay! If it wasn’t arranged by the coach, do you think I would want to sleep with you? There are five minutes left. Hurry and develop or else you will die like a dog when there is no one to protect you! Don’t you know that the stability of this game depends on how long you can survive in the bottom lane?!”

Bi Yaohua felt sad when he heard there were only five minutes left. He lowered his head, glanced at his current equipment and swallowed a sob. “I know! After you leave, I’ll treat myself as a dog and try to absolutely live. As long as you are free, remember to come back and see me!”

The two people on the bottom lane were exchanging poor words when a kill notification popped up. Not long after the death of Three’s side-laner, he was once again killed under Jing Yuanzhou’s sword.

Jing Yuanzhou took another head and moved around the upper half of Three’s jungle without any worries. He also didn’t forget to give a thoughtful reminder. “Three minutes left.”


Bi Yaohua endured and endured but he finally couldn’t hold back. “F*k!”

Let’s not talk about who could win the championship tonight. Just looking at the difference in treatment of the shooters of both teams, wasn’t this too much?! He was the C position! What C position in other teams was treated like him?!

Proofreader: Nao

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BB is just too funny 🤣🤣🤣

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Daring to Dream
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He’s so good he even has anti fans on his own team 😄