CAMP: Chapter 146

Once everyone in GH returned to the lounge, Luo Mo stood up from the chair he was sitting on and made a ‘shh’ gesture at them. This was when everyone noticed the figure on the sofa. Lin Yan was just going to close his eyes for a short time but he unknowingly had fallen asleep.

Jing Yuanzhou lightened his footsteps and walked to the table. He picked up the thermos on the table and weighed it. He found that the warm water inside had been drunk so he lifted it up and walked to the door. He called over a staff member and asked in a whisper, “Is there anywhere else with a water dispenser?”

The staff member couldn’t help glancing toward the lounge in a somewhat puzzled manner. “There is… but is the one inside the lounge finished?”

“It isn’t finished. It’s just that the sound of the pouring water is too loud and I’m afraid it will wake someone up.” Jing Yuanzhou explained briefly and succinctly. He lowered his eyes and showed a decent smile. “Could I trouble you to take me to another one?”

The staff member was a girl. She wasn’t a fan of GH but she still blushed at such a smile. “It’s no trouble, no trouble. Come with me!”

Jing Yuanzhou said thanks again. He looked back at Gu Luo who was poking his head out. “Do you guys need any water? I’ll bring some back for you.”

Gu Luo sensibly waved his hand. “No need. Captain, it is important for you to take care of the coach. Don’t worry, we’ll be very quiet.”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded and followed the staff member. The intermission was very short. By the time he returned to the lounge, it was half over. At a glance, several people sat in a row quietly. The entire room seemed like they could hear a needle drop.

Jing Yuanzhou walked in, gently closed the door and set the thermos back down on the table. Every movement seemed methodical.

However, Luo Mo next to him couldn’t sit still. He crept over and pulled Jing Yuanzhou to the side. He lowered his voice and asked. “What should we do? The break is almost over… shouldn’t we wake up the boss first?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes skimmed to the side and landed on Lin Yan on the couch.”No need.” He noticed Luo Mo’s demeanor where he started and stopped talking and smiled. “Don’t worry. He will wake up.”

He knew Lin Yan too well. As long as this man’s mind still remembered the game, his body’s instincts would have a sense of time even in such a state.

Luo Mo heard this with a blank expression. “?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t explain anything. He didn’t take back his gaze that was still resting on that figure. It was under such a gaze that the man sleeping on the sofa slowly opened his eyes as if he sensed it.

He had just woken up and Lin Yan’s mind couldn’t help being blank for a moment. Then he lifted his blanket and abruptly sat up like he remembered something. The action was so strong that he inevitably got some hypoglycemia when he sat up. His body shook a bit before he gradually understood the surrounding environment.

Lin Yan frowned and reached up to rub his sore temples. His first sentence was, “Did you win?”

Jing Yuanzhou replied, “We won.”

The result was expected but after hearing the exact answer, Lin Yan slowly said, “That’s good.”

Then he reached out and touched the notebook next to him. “Is it the intermission? How many minutes are left? I accidentally fell asleep just now. Who will tell me briefly about the situation? It’s match point now so I have to…”

His voice was hoarse.  It made the mood of the players listening to it even more complicated.

In fact, everyone’s hearts had accumulated different emotions when watching Wuhoo’s persistence on the field. At this time, they saw their coach’s devotion and it was inevitable that something would be deeply touched. They felt overwhelmed.

Lin Yan hadn’t finished his words when he felt his vision dim.

Jing Yuanzhou had come to his side and quietly interjected a sentence. “It’s finished. We are the champions.”

The obviously unexpected information caused Lin Yan to freeze when he heard it. It took him a long time for him to look up. “It’s over? Really? No way. I’ve been sleeping that long?”

“It’s false. I’m lying to you.” Jing Yuanzhou sighed helplessly and reached out to touch Lin Yan’s forehead. “When have you been so easy to cheat?”

He had recovered a bit after the nap but the heat still showed no signs of abating. It was obviously hard for him to concentrate in this state, let alone get involved in a high intensity mental game. In a normal state, there was no way the shrewd Lin Yan could be deceived by his bad words just now.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t seem to feel the resentful gaze. He reached out and pulled the notebook from Lin Yan’s hand, slowly closing it. “However, soon you will be able to hear me telling you this true statement.”

He was clearly distressed to death but he had too much understanding of Lin Yan’s character. Jing Yuanzhou could only use a tone of discussion while lightening it so it was more like coaxing. “None of the teaching assistants have come today but listen to me for me. Let Manager Luo go to the BP session later. You stay here and rest well, okay?”

Lin Yan looked at Jing Yuanzhou.

The tone and demeanor made him soften his heart but there was still some hesitation. “But…”

Jing Yuanzhou’s finger stroked Lin Yan’s dry lips and blocked the following words. “Now you can just tell me, do you trust me?”

Before Lin Yan could speak, the players next to him stood up and asked in unison, “Coach, can you trust us?!”

It came one after another and caused Lin Yan to choke on his refusal.

The surroundings were silent. Finally, he gave a low laugh. “Of course, I believe in you.”

Lin Yan didn’t look at the others anymore. He yawned deeply and lay back down. A hoarse voice floated in the lounge. “However, there is only one chance. You must not play the fourth game and leave me the chance to go on the field again.”

Jing Yuanzhou carefully covered him with the velvet blanket. “Absolutely not.”


The time to rest passed quickly. The camera passed over GH’s zone and everyone saw a strange figure behind the players.

Commentator A opened his mouth. “What’s going on here? GH actually changed coaches? It seems that Coach Lin is really in bad shape!”

Commentator B continued. “However, this is already GH’s decisive game. I don’t know if Coach Lin’s absence will affect GH’s performance.”

“Based on what I see, the players of GH have very firm expressions. Coach Lin isn’t present but it doesn’t seem to have affected their mood.” Commentator A scanned the picture on the big screen and thought about it. “In fact, GH has the momentum from the second game. At this time, morale might be the key rather than tactics.”

“Indeed. I think a lot of people are very concerned about Wuhoo’s hand injury. Judging from the currently broadcasted footage, Wuhoo’s state seems very good.” Commentator B added. “I can only hope that Three’s players can try to turn things around as much as possible. 2:0 is already a tough battle for Three!”

Under the active mobilization of the commentators, the scene was completely filled with the cheers of the two opposing sides. The atmosphere in the venue was mobilized to the highest point. Meanwhile, the players of both sides were making their final preparations.

Luo Mo was standing in this position for the first time and he was somewhat nervous. He quickly looked at Lin Yan’s notes. “That… so are we going to use the third plan in this game? However, the lineup of the last game should’ve been decided by the boss on the spot. So it seems that the second game hasn’t been used yet?”

“Don’t consider too much, Manager Luo.” Jing Yuanzhou adjusted the position of his headset. In such a situation, he didn’t show any anxiety. “You were called up here because the league rules state that someone must take the coaching position. In the BP session, I have to trouble you to stand quietly at the back and just be a good mascot.”

Luo Mo, “???”


“To be honest, Manager Luo’s serious and stiff appearance doesn’t fit that of a mascot.” Bi Yaohua couldn’t hold back from complaining. Then out of consideration of Luo Mo, he added, “Still, I can barely accept it.”

Jian Ye moved his wrists. “So have you all thought about the heroes you want to take? You choose first and I’ll make up for your weakness. Still, I’m a bit excited at the thought of winning the championship soon. If my hands shake later and I grab your head then don’t blame me.”

Bi Yaohua laughed. “Gun Gun, you don’t have to worry about robbing it! If my heads can be grabbed by a support like you then I don’t need to play the shooter. How about you be the C position of the whole team?”

“Don’t be poor. Playing well is the most important thing.” Gu Luo repeatedly took deep breaths and adjusted his state. “I won’t play a stabbing hero. I’ll get a group control mage to create an output environment for you. We should also pay attention to cooperation!”

Chen Yushen nodded. “I’ll take the assassin then. Leave Wuhoo to me.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze passed over the opposite Three and his tone was gentle. “There was no chance in the first two games. This time, Three will try their best to force a team battle. There isn’t the coach’s tactical support. The rest relies purely on our own strength. In a word, this game will be more difficult than the previous ones. You should all be ready for it.”

“Still, even if it is hard, we must take this final victory. I believe everyone is well aware of how many questions we have received since the creation of the team. It has been suggested that if GH loses Coach Lin’s unexpected tactics, what else is left? Now it’s time for us to prove ourselves.”

At this point, Jing Yuanzhou paused slightly. “Just play with confidence in this game. For the sake of Coach Lin and for ourselves, tell the league with absolute strength that we are qualified to reach the top.”

Everyone was slightly stunned when they heard this. Then they felt the blood in their bodies boiling. “Just rush and finish it. F*k them!”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded. He saw that the momentum had been mobilized enough and finally said something that made everyone’s hearts tighten. “There’s nothing else to say. Consider the lineup. I will play pure output in this game.”

The GH members, “!!!”

Bi Yaohua mobilized all his strength before crying out, “Don’t care about me. I… will try my best to live on my own!”

Soon, the BP process officially began.

It was very quiet in the lounge. It was the first time Lin Yan had seen the BP process outside GH’s zone. He saw one hero after another being locked and he couldn’t help lowering his head, his mouth curved up silently.

He had been trying his best to provide the strongest support for the whole team. It was at this moment that he discovered the GH he had founded had grown into such a reassuring team. It turned out that inadvertently, they had grown enough for him to depend on.

Proofreader: Nao

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