CAMP: Chapter 145

Gu Luo had just completed a single kill and the director didn’t have time to move the camera away.

The two commentators on the stage were analyzing the kill just now. Then they saw the scene of the flashing in place and couldn’t help pausing. The whole scene was strangely quiet for a moment.

Commentator A wasn’t quite sure. “That… is it because Gloy just completed a single kill that he is celebrating?”

Commentator B couldn’t help joking, “Is this GH’s specific ritual? They sacrifice a flash after a big move?”

Commentator A laughed. “If it were BB then he would probably say that the opposite side is too weak so he let a flash go.”

GH’s voice channel couldn’t hear the outside commentators but Bi Yaohua’s words were surprisingly consistent after he heard that GU Luo had used a flash. “Don’t worry, little Gloy. It’s just a flash. You’ll be a good hero again after five minutes!”

Gu Luo let out a stifled breath through his nose and ignored this person. For the next five minutes, he played even more carefully.

Before they knew it, the game had been going on for 25 minutes. It was gradually approaching the middle stages and it became increasingly important to gain a greater advantage. Yet at this time, everyone could feel that GH, who had been desperately raising the pace, suddenly slowed down.

This slowdown was visible to the naked eye and the completely defensive lineup finally showed its advantage. There were all types of voices on the Internet.

[What is going on with GH? They were very fierce in the beginning. Why are they suddenly giving up?]

[Didn’t you see Wuhoo’s equipment? Who can stand it at this point in time?]

[However, they can’t just defend without attacking. How can they push up to the opposite high ground by defending all the time?]

[What’s the hurry? It isn’t the end of the game yet.]

[There’s no need to explain it. Gloy used a flash in place in the finals. Isn’t GH’s mentality clear?]

[What’s wrong with a flash in place? Can you win if you flash in place?]

[I’m laughing to death. I think this wave can be cut into the TOP 10.]

[Titans’ current economy is the highest in the game but he hasn’t played in a team battle. Does he only know the lane and is planning to die in lane?]

[What’s wrong with staying in the lane? Does it get in your way? How many times has he killed in the top lane? Can’t you see how many people in Three are restrained? You should bring your brain when watching the game.]

[Still, equipment like Titans… isn’t it more effective in a team battle than staying on the lane?]

[The GH team is just too afraid to face Three. Is it hard to admit this?]

[Oh my god, it’s annoying! I’m going to fall asleep!]

[Hahaha, do you remember the match with PAY? GH are old rhythm masters!]

The audience was used to the fast pace at the beginning and it was understandable that they couldn’t adjust to this mode that seemed to be accommodating the elderly. In fact, Three’s voice channel wasn’t as methodical as they appeared on the field. The atmosphere was heavier than ever.

“It has been too long! We can’t waste any more time on them!” Three’s mid-laner managed to control himself not to glance at the side. “We have to find a chance to press them while we still have the advantage or Wuhoo, you will…”

He gritted his teeth and swallowed down the later words.

Compared to his teammates, Wuhoo’s tone made it seem like it didn’t matter. “What’s the urgency? The more anxious you are, the more you will fall for GH’s methods. We have played so many games. It isn’t bad for the finals to last for a while.”

He spoke casually but his teammates became more emotional when they heard it. Regarding Wuhoo’s hand injury, the others beside Come had just found out about it a few days ago. It was also because Wuhoo had to put ointment on it that it was revealed. Otherwise, he probably would’ve fought the finals alone without a word, just like previous games.

Wuhoo was very understated when he introduced the injury but the others knew that he wouldn’t have exposed the plaster so obviously unless he was really hurt to a certain degree. So before the start of the match, Three had made up their minds. In order not to bring a greater burden to Wuhoo, they had to win the match as soon as possible.

However, they never thought that GH would bring out an unorthodox lineup in the first game and in the second game, they fell into this overly dragged out situation. They were anxious to end the game but Wuhoo was right. This was the time when it was important to settle down. In addition, Come hadn’t said much from beginning to finish. Their captain, who should be feeling more urgent than anyone, was calmer than anyone at this moment.

Wuhoo felt the change in the team atmosphere as he stared at the computer screen. From start to finish, all his operations had remained at their most extreme state. As time went by, the efficacy of the ointment had faded. He could feel the tingling that was like pins and needles start to seep out from his bone marrow bit by bit. However, the expression on his face was as calm as ever.

The shooter was the only position that relied on ordinary attacks to ensure continuous output and it had a high demand. It made them need to perform several times more operations than other roles in every game. It was precisely due to this long-term high intensity and high load environment that shooters became the group with the largest probability of an injury occurring in the professional league.

At 21 years old, he was at the peak of his career. Wuhoo naturally knew that there was no need to gamble on his future for a game. However, once he stepped onto the field, his strong desire to win outweighed everything.

In this game, Wuhoo had taken the star officer Ramel. Out of all the shooter heroes, it was undoubtedly the one that required the highest operations. He was the one who suggested it in the first place.

In this game, GH’s pure defense system made it more difficult to kill them. This made him need to maintain his own operations for longer periods of time during each team battle. As the game time passed, the collisions between both sides became more and more frequent.

Three still needed to find a way to break this game. GH still didn’t show the intention to actively attack but they made Three clearly feel the increasing pressure in the process of each attempt to force a team battle.

The main source of the pressure was Jing Yuanzhou. There was a team battle for the buff from the canyon boss. The two sides constantly faced each other. Jing Yuanzhou, who was already fully equipped, opened the team battle strongly and directly cut out three people from Three. He used a flash to avoid a barrage of skills and officially started the slaughter.

On the other side, Wuhoo was protected behind Come. The elegant movements and intensive output completely maximized his damage value.

However, by this point in the game, Jian Ye and Chen Yushen already had anti-injury armor on their bodies and Jing Yuanzhou’s damage was even higher after triggering the return health effect of his equipment.

Three’s mid-laner was killed first and there was only one C position remaining. Even Wuhoo’s output seemed powerless. There was no denying that Three’s teamwork was the best in the professional league but there were times when even the best couldn’t match the shamelessness of the opponent’s lineup. A tank lineup like this didn’t give people any chance to show anything.

There was a wave of destruction and Chen Yushen won the abyss king’s team buff. GH worked hard until now and it finally ushered in an outbreak.

Wuhoo stared at the computer screen in front of him and under the tingling pain, he finally couldn’t help reaching out and rubbing his wrist. This scene happened to be transmitted to the big screen through the camera. The entire venue fell silent.

“It is cruel but this is probably e-sports…” Commentator A’s tone was a bit moved. “It can only be said that GH’s lineup is too tough! GH used their tight defense to survive Three’s strongest stage. Three failed to open up the situation ahead of time and now… I’m afraid it will be more difficult.”

“How to say it… it might’ve been better if Klo could’ve developed in the early stages but unfortunately, he was suppressed so heavily by Gloy that he can’t do much damage now.” Commentator B glanced toward GH’s zone with a complicated expression.

He still remembered how young he thought this new team was when he saw them during the first days of the autumn competition. Before he knew it, they had grown to this point. Compared with other teams in the league, there was no team like GH where there wasn’t a clear weakness in position.

Commentator B withdrew his gaze. “The deadliest thing is that there is almost no solution for Titans…”

In the entire game, deaths occurred most frequently on the top lane. Before the game, no one thought that Jing Yuanzhou could actually play such a fierce slaughter effect with a pure tank top-lane hero.

Unknowingly, he had already killed seven people. The number of assists might be very small but it was absolutely amazing that he could play this record in the finals. He just needed one more kill to become a super god. Everyone knew what a super god meant in the grand final. The league’s top side-laner demon king showed his brilliance in today’s game.

The positions of the attackers and defenders had been completely switched. In the face of GH with the team buff, Three had to enter defensive mode after being resurrected. However, during this defensive period, GH was even more vicious than before. They relied on the buffs on their body and their thick skins to withstand the damage of the defense tower and push straight forward. It was quite unreasonable and a forced demolition.

Wuhoo definitely maximized his output but the front row of GH had too high of a defense. In addition, Jian Ye kept using his healing skills and Wuhoo received news of his teammates’ deaths before he could even kill.

There were three tank heroes who were an iron wall. Bi Yaohua had a perfect output environment.

[Double kill!]

The moment this system broadcast was heard, Three’s jungler appeared in the rear. Before he could get close to Bi Yaohua, another person popped out from the side.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Gu Luo had pulled back after taking some damage and had waited there for a long time. Now he stopped in front of Three’s jungler and used his remaining half health to die with his opponent.

On the other side, Come was killed in a successful effort to protect Wuhoo. Later, Chen Yushen and Jian Ye died together under Wuhoo’s arrow. Seeing that Wuhoo was about to retreat after finishing the kill, Jing Yuanzhou used flash to narrow the distance and completely cut off Three’s last hope.

Before he died, Wuhoo turned around and fired his skill. Throughout the game, he played to the best of his ability as always. It was just that maintaining this hand speed with a plaster on his hand inevitably seemed a bit too cruel.

The female voice of the system rang out one after another.

[GH.Titans killed Three.Wuhoo!]

[Super god!]

[Three.Wuhoo killed GH.Titans!]

The game lasted for 52 minutes and Three’s base crystal was destroyed again.

2:0! The GH team won the match point of the finals with an absolutely strong performance!

Wuhoo took his eyes away from the word ‘defeat’ on the computer screen and gently pressed down on his slightly shaking left hand. He turned around and happened to meet Come’s gaze. He licked his somewhat dry lips and his voice was as heartless as usual. “Hey, what are you doing? There is no time to feel sorry. We have to go and get ready for the next game!”

Proofreader: Nao

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