CAMP: Chapter 144

This short episode ended. Many of the audience members were still screaming as Lin Yan’s figure left the camera. The members of GH were used to this type of thing between the two people. They heard Jing Yuanzhou’s words and were only stunned for a moment. They saw that the game finished loading and completely placed their focus on it.

It was the commentators on the stage who were stunned for a long time. It was only when the players of both sides rushed out of the high ground on the big screen that they continued to discuss the content that had just been interrupted.

“It seems that Coach Lin isn’t in a good condition. I hope he can have a good rest when he goes back.” Commentator A cleared his throat and brought the topic back to the point. “Cough, let’s get back to business. The lineup that the GH team took out in this game… how do I say it? It feels like they are ready to drag it out to the late game.”

Commentator B repeatedly looked between the lineups of the two sides and his expression was inevitably complicated. “Indeed, it isn’t very good for Three to play.”

GH’s lineup this time was obviously much more conventional than the previous one. However, this type of convention was just at a certain level. The top lane and support had two big tank heroes, not to mention that the middle, jungler and shooter also had regular half-tank type heroes. GH’s intention of tanking the other side was very obvious. This arrangement was definitely a bit unfriendly for Three, a team with a shooter as the core.

Even so, the commentators only dared to use the words ‘not very good to play’ to describe it. In other words, it didn’t necessarily mean ‘can’t be played.’

GH obviously wasn’t the first to use a whole tank lineup against Three. In the past, the teams might not have gone to the extremes of using semi-defensive heroes for their mid-laner and shooter but their strategy was largely based on trying to stall to the late game. So after observing Three’s previous matches, it could be found that they had their own response to dealing with this type of tactic.

Each side had its own calculations. No one would know the specific result until the end.

At the beginning of the second game, GH clearly didn’t hide their intentions. It was a regular opening. They bumped into each other a bit before going back to their respective zones. It was at this time that the audience watching finally felt that something was wrong.

According to reason, GH needed to use their lineup to drag things out. How could they be as stable as possible during the early collisions? Unexpectedly, they were even more aggressive than the previous game.

Just five minutes into the game, the first drop of blood broke out in Three’s jungle area. Chen Yushen completed killing the jungler and didn’t rush to evacuate. He went around a bend to avoid the vision and started to go straight down to the bottom lane. He glanced at the situation on the map and gave a signal. “Be prepared.”

Bi Yaohua had been somewhat stimulated since he discovered his own weakness. His power burst out. From the beginning until now, all his operations had been almost to the extreme. Therefore, his current economic situation despite facing the demon king combination of Wuhoo and Come was 5:5.

At this time, he glanced at the two people who were fighting the river crabs and he smiled arrogantly. “F*k them!”

Chen Yushen told him, “I’m here.”

Immediately, a figure came out from behind the wall. Wuhoo had just taken a step forward to take away the health of the crab. Such an angle seemed unavoidable but he still reacted to the extreme. There was almost no hesitation as he used a flash to instantly open the distance.

At the same time, a skill light effect flashed around Come and a silence fell at Chen Yushen’s feet. The follow-up chase operation was completely interrupted.

On the other side, Jian Ye’s level 2 skill predicted ahead of time and accurately hit Wuhoo’s flash landing place, fixing him in place. Bi Yaohua’s output never stopped. He directly ignored Come and in the blink of an eye, Wuhoo had lost half of his health.

During this confrontation, Wuhoo was set in place but he didn’t forget to output. Come was next to him and he was very safe. For a time, both sides released their damage to the extreme. After a complete skills exchange, there was no kill or an anti-kill miracle.

Wuhoo safely retreated to the defense tower under Come’s protection. He might have looked miserable due to GH reducing most of his health but in this gank, GH couldn’t gain an advantage. Comparing before and after, the advantage gained from the first blood seemed to have leveled out again due to this ‘failure.’

Chen Yushen’s tone was calm when he withdrew. “I’ll come back for the next wave.”

The fierce confrontation was played in the live broadcast room and it caused a wave of heated discussions.

[GH is a bit anxious. This is the same time and it is the same as the last game. They are too anxious and as a result, they didn’t get any benefits.]

[Mostly, they are too concerned about Three. This has restrained them.]

[It is said that this lineup is to target Three. Why do I feel like Three is the nemesis of this tank lineup?]

[It is true that Wuhoo is a tank killer.]

[I’m so anxious. Why waste so much time on the bottom lane? Go catch others! Three’s notoriously weak mid-laner is good!]

[I admire GH. After all, those who want to take Three’s bottom lane as the breakthrough point are true warriors.]

[Hahaha, to be honest, I haven’t seen anyone take advantage of Three’s bottom lane.]

In the lounge, Lin Yan lay on the sofa and watched the live broadcast of the game while holding the blanket. His eyes were narrowed slightly in a slightly sleepy and lazy manner. He saw Chen Yushen retreating on the screen and gave a low laugh.

Luo Mo had been protecting him by the side. He heard this and hurriedly looked up. “Boss, what’s wrong?”

Lin Yan didn’t rush to answer. His eyes were still on the TV screen. He gently rubbed his pained temples and said in a low voice, “It’s starting.”

Luo Mo looked blank when he heard this. “What has started?”

Lin Yan slowly closed his eyes and started to recuperate. “The pressure on Three has started.”

It was as if he was doing precisely the opposite of the barrage content. Since the failed gank, Chen Yushen didn’t retreat at all and spent the whole time on the bottom lane.

Bi Yaohua played with an unprecedented fierceness in this game and there was his increased tacit understanding with Jian Ye. He had the support of the jungler and repeatedly pressed forward. He might’ve never completed the kill but there was the trend of pressing back the opposite side.

The three people were extremely determined to push to the next tower.

In this game, all the heroes that GH took had thick skin. It was the same for Bi Yaohua’s shooter and he directly selected physical defense for his second piece of equipment. Under this energy of hitting without retreating, the rhythm of Three’s jungler was affected. He had to ensure Wuhoo’s development so he was forced to put his focus on the bottom lane as well.

The three against two in the bottom lane became three against three, but this didn’t last long. There was the addition of Gu Luo and it once again before four again three. In the end, Three’s mid-laner was forced to join this chaotic situation.

It wasn’t just the audience. Even the two commentators looked a bit confused.

“Uh… did I miss something? Does the first tower in the bottom lane carry some type of heartthrob attribute that makes the two teams actively want to push it down?” Commentator A couldn’t help counting the number of times. “So far, there have already been four or five waves of this group battle. Isn’t this the highest record in this autumn competition?”

“What does this game feel like to me?” Commentator B was amazed. “It is like these two teams are either in a team battle or on the way to a team battle.”

Commentator A gave a reminder. “It isn’t all like this. You see, the two people in the top lane are quiet.”

Commentator B glanced at the current kill statistics and couldn’t help laughing. “Is Titans the only one who is quiet? This group of people has fought so hard in the bottom lane but they haven’t got as many heads as he has alone. If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have found that his economy is currently the highest on the field with three kills. If they don’t take care of Titans then I’m afraid he will really be uncontrollable.”

“If Titans is so easy to manage then would he be called Titans? Now that GH is pushing down the bottom lane so fiercely, they must first ensure Wuhoo’s development.” Commentator A glanced at the current economic situation. “However, it seems they will be released soon. It can only be said to be worth of Wuhoo. It is amazing that he can maintain such development under such frequent interference! Now his lightning bow is coming out. If GH continues pressing like this then Three will counterattack soon!”

The commentators analyzed it very well. At almost the same time, Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard in GH’s voice channel. “That’s it, this is enough.”

Bi Yaohua slowly sighed. After the last wave of confrontation, he retreated. He returned to the city while looking at the other defense tower. “What type of monster is Wuhoo? We pressed so hard but why do I feel like their defense tower hasn’t lost any health?”

Jian Ye was also deeply tired. “Abyss, I can understand how you felt when you played PAY. I don’t want to run into Three again. It’s too torturous!”

Chen Yushen headed back to his jungle area and didn’t reply. He merely gave a reminder. “I won’t come later.”

Jian Ye nodded. “Yes, I understand.”

The early pressure was a specific tactic. The main purpose was to contain the other players on Three’s side while letting Jing Yuanzhou develop. Now the goal had been achieved and it wasn’t easy to continue this gank method that came at the expense of their economy.

Wuhoo’s basic equipment was about to take shape. If they continued to rush forward in this way, they probably wouldn’t be able to affect the opponent’s rhythm and they were just sending their heads. It was well known how terrifying Wuhoo would be once equipped. He no longer needed the support of his teammates once he entered the strong stage. Thus, it made no sense to keep pressing forward.

Bi Yaohua naturally understood these principles. The support of his teammates during the previous period had given him a good development in this round. Add in the half-tank outfits and his survivability was at the max.

He bought new equipment from the base and started to talk to the lane. “Little AA, don’t worry. Brother Trash Talk will take it easy. In any case, after entering the protracted battle mode, it is just a matter of seeing who can withstand the loneliness and hold their urine.”

Gu Luo had just completed a solo kill in the middle lane and was preparing to return to the city when he heard this simple and rough description. The word ‘urine’ hadn’t been completed when his hand shook without warning and he flashed in place.

Gu Luo looked at his summoner skill that was entering the cooldown and cried without tears. “…Brother Trash Talk, please say less words.”

Proofreader: Nao

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