CAMP: Chapter 143

The audience cheered as everyone in GH took off their headphones and walked to the backstage. The atmosphere of the lounge was much colder compared to the lively atmosphere outside.

The moment Jing Yuanzhou walked in, he saw Lin Yan lying on the sofa while holding a thermos. He had clearly found a more comfortable position. He was covered with the pink velvet blanket and didn’t look like he had much improvement. There was a hint of redness in his eyes from the fever.

He looked over and was in a sluggish trance for a moment. Then he managed to smile. “Everyone played well.”

His voice was much lower and hoarser than before.

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help frowning. “Should I pour you some hot water again?”

Lin Yan didn’t want to move. Even the game on the field just now failed to mobilize his emotions. He lay there with no strength. He just hummed and obediently handed over the thermos.

The cameraman who was filming the footage happened to follow them in with his camera raised. He filmed this interaction without missing anything. Luo Mo stood beside him. He inadvertently looked around and reacted instantly. He politely invited the staff member outside. “Sorry, we are going to discuss tactics. Can I trouble you to go out first?”

Soon, only the members of GH were left in the lounge. The rest time was very short. It was a time to drink water, adjust their emotions, and go to the bathroom without any delays.

Lin Yan took the thermos that was filled with hot water again and took a sip. The moment he looked up, he found that Jing Yuanzhou had opened the packet of cold medicine. He took out two capsules and handed them over, “You can’t endure it like this. You have to take the medicine.”

Lin Yan frowned. “I’ve drunk the other medicine.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s attitude was very tough at this time. He directly placed the medicine into Lin Yan’s hand. “The effect of traditional Chinese medicine is too slow. If you don’t want me to be distracted on the field then you should be obedient.”

Lin Yan wasn’t a person who was easily threatened. Jing Yuanzhou’s words were both irritating and embarrassing but they accurately grasped at his weakness. His gaze flicked over the man in front of him. Finally, the corners of his mouth lowered and he took it with a reluctant expression.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t know why but such an action fell into his eyes and inexplicably gave off a sense of grievance. The visual effect was like a crit hit. It felt like a hand gently scratching at his heart. This almost made Jing Yuanzhou unable to control the serious expression on his face.

The door of the lounge was suddenly pushed open. Jian Ye’s voice was heard one step faster than when he entered. “Guess who I just met in the bathroom?”

Lin Yan glanced over and didn’t speak. He wasn’t very happy after taking the medicine and there was a languid expression of no interest on his face. Jing Yuanzhou really couldn’t help it this time. He reached out to rub Lin Yan’s head and felt the other person’s angry avoidance. Then a smile finally appeared in his eyes. How should he put it? A certain big coach was really bad-tempered after his illness. He was cute and childish.

Next to them, Gu Luo cooperatively asked Jian Ye, “Who is it?”

Jian Ye exclaimed. “I met Wuhoo!”

Bi Yaohua had just drunk a mouthful of water and almost sprayed it out. “Cough… how rare is this? We are playing Three today. Of course, Wuhoo will be present!”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jian Ye suddenly paused here and looked around in a circle. “I didn’t notice it before in the opposite side’s zone but this time I saw it… he put some wound cream on his hand. I was a bit taken aback.”

Bi Yaohua’s movement with the mineral water bottle stopped. “Wound cream? Is Wuhoo hurt?”

His words fell and there was a moment of silence around them.

“We are all professional players. It’s normal to have some type of ailment.” Jing Yuanzhou lightly broke the atmosphere. “In particular, the shooter position requires more skills than other positions. So it isn’t surprising that the load on their hands is naturally greater.”

Bi Yaohua had a complicated expression. “Wuhoo had a hand injury while in the last game, I was…”

Gu Luo comforted him. “Brother Trash Talk, we are all opponents. We should go all out on the field. It isn’t your fault.”

Jian Ye said, “Kindness to the opponent is the greatest cruelty to yourself. There is no need to feel burdened.”

“How can you not blame me? How can I not feel burdened?” Bi Yaohua put the mineral water bottle on the table and said, “I never thought that I would be abused by a man with a hand injury on the field. I don’t even deserve to be called weak, right?!”

The GH members who were preparing to comfort him, “???”

Bi Yaohua felt more uncomfortable. “It would be better if Wuhoo were in his best state. The result was that he was playing with an injury and still hit me like that in lane. The more I think about it, the more I feel like I am trash. Some words really don’t need to be said by sunspots. Now I feel like I really am weak. I’m not worthy of standing in the finals. I should go home and eat sh*t!”

Chen Yushen murmured, “…You don’t have to scold yourself so hard.”

The others were relieved after finding out that Bi Yaohua wasn’t feeling sympathy because of Wuhoo’s hurt hand. It might be ruthless but the game really wasn’t suitable for excessive compassion. As for the Trash Talk King’s hobby of scolding themselves, they just had to listen and there was no need to worry too much.

Jing Yuanzhou took back his gaze when he noticed Lin Yan’s thoughtful eyes. “Do you have an idea?”

“I feel a bit sorry but it really isn’t my style if I don’t target my opponent’s weakness after finding it.” Lin Yan was a bit confused but he looked back to the game process and more or less became aware of it. He lowered his eyes and let out a low laugh. “Three should want to end today’s match quickly… I’m very sorry but I  can only make it more uncomfortable for them.”

The number of illnesses experienced by professional players had never been minor. The field had always been brutal. No matter the reason, the end result was the real deal. There were no excuses. E-sports never needed any sympathy. In the final analysis, the strong ate the weak. The winner was the king.

The intermission time ended and the players from both teams entered again. From the big screen, they could see Lin Yan almost half leaning against Jing Yuanzhou. He held that arm tightly before walking up GH’s zone. Such a scene fell into the eyes of the audience and there was a burst of discussion.

Commentator A’s tone was surprised. “This… I said before that Coach Lin’s condition doesn’t seem quite right. Now it seems that he is really sick?”

Just then, the camera director gave a close up on Wuhoo of Three. Although some people had caught a few blurry shots during the game earlier, the moment the plastered hand clearly appeared in the middle of the screen, there was even more of an uproar in Three’s fan camp.Some people’s eyes turned red.

Commentator B felt this type of atmosphere and his mood was complicated. “What is the situation of Wuhoo’s hand? It seems that Three hasn’t disclosed any information beforehand. Perhaps it isn’t too serious?”

He said that but the specifics weren’t revealed. It was only the players themselves and the club who knew if it was serious or not. The director retracted the shot and skimmed the camera over the players on both sides. It could be seen that the faces of all the players were completely grim.

The barrage in the live broadcast room was so much that it almost completely covered the interface.

[What is going on here? In the finals, both teams have a casualty?]

[Coach Lin isn’t playing. Surely the impact on GH isn’t as great as Wuhoo on Three, right?]

[Isn’t it just a few wound ointments? Why make such a fuss? My mother sticks a few pieces on her waist every day!]

[Every medicine has side effects. Don’t you know this? Who will really stick it on unless it is serious?]

[What’s wrong with Coach Lin? No wonder why I think that Captain Jing’s spirit is a bit strong today. Is it because the coach is sick?]

[His spirit really isn’t good. The coach needs to do this type of mental work. Won’t a fever affect the tactical layout?]

[I’m so distressed for Wuhoo. He stuck so many plasters on his hand. Isn’t his hand really painful?]

[This is the last match of the autumn competition. What’s going on? Is it necessary to be so tragic?]

Soon, the BP process officially began. Lin Yan was so dizzy that the BP process was carried out very slowly compared to the previous calm. Several times, he almost got stuck making a choice. He held onto the back of the gaming chair and barely steadied his wobbly form. His heavy breathing entered the headset and became the only nose in the voice channel.

No one spoke throughout the whole BP process. Even Bi Yaohua didn’t say a word, strictly abiding by the coach’s arrangements. The two sides completed the hero selection and the lineup of the second game was gradually displayed in front of them.

The commentators compared the situation on both sides and took in a slight breath. “GH’s side… is completely ready to target Wuhoo to the end!”

Before the next analysis could be carried out, his voice was completely swallowed up by the screams in the venue. Originally, Lin Yan was preparing to leave after finishing the BP link. AS a result, his center of gravity wasn’t stable. He stumbled and was quickly caught by Jing Yuanzhou.

In public, he crashed heavily into the man’s familiar embrace. The camera happened to just cut to this scene and the entire thing was shown on the big screen. At this moment, the picture was still. Lin Yan’s entire body was buried in Jing Yuanzhou’s chest. At a glance, it was ambiguous.

The screams became even worse.

Lin Yan was dizzy and felt even more dizzy after falling. Before he had time to react to what was happening, he was shocked by the screams from the audience. He looked up and happened to meet Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze.

The man’s eyes were deep. His voice was completely lost in the screams and the words spoken could only be discerned through the shape of his lips. “Go back and get some rest. Don’t worry about the field and just leave it to me.”

Proofreader: Nao

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