CAMP: Chapter 142

After realizing the essence of GH’s lineup, everyone looked at Three full of sympathy. Under this lineup with its own teleportation system, it didn’t matter if they were always paying attention to the movements of the GH players. They still couldn’t know where these people would appear in the next moment. Perhaps one second they would be killing soldiers in the bottom lane. Then the next second, they would teleport directly to the upper half of the map. This was almost impossible to prevent.

Among them, the most troublesome thing was undoubtedly the big teleportation of the time guardian. It didn’t matter if it was a disadvantageous situation. He just needed to pick the right time to move forward and all of the GH members would be in place in minutes.

The game progressed minute by minute and Chen Yushen’s jungler’s rhythm was surprisingly good. He seemed to know the actions of the opposite jungler. Several consecutive counters was enough to make the opponent complain incessantly.

Under such pressure, the game progressed to 20 minutes and Three’s rhythm inevitably became chaotic. After pushing down one of Three’s bottom towers, Jing Yuanzhou and Bi Yaohua changed lanes again and Jing Yuanzhou went back to the top lane. He had something in his heart today and he played more decisively than ever. In the blink of an eye, he killed the side-laner twice in succession and was unstoppable.

“Titans is playing so hard! Fans might’ve said before that Titans has finally recovered his own style of play in GH but I have the illusion that he is particularly fierce today. It feels like…” Commentator A paused as he tried to find an appropriate description. “It feels like he is in a hurry to finish the match and go home for dinner.”

“After all, the opponent they are facing is Three so they probably want to avoid a long night.” Commentator B smiled and glanced at the current economy of both sides. “But at this point… Wuhoo and Come should be almost there, right?”

Commentator A naturally knew what his partner was talking about and nodded. “Yes, they are almost there.”

Wuhoo and Come could be defined as the ceiling of the bottom lane combination. It wasn’t just due to their absolute tacit cooperation and superb operating skills. The most important key was that they had something completely different from ordinary bottom lane combinations. It was the ability to drive the entire game.

Everyone knew that the shooter was the absolute output C position in the team and the early performance was very critical for subsequent team battles. Therefore, most players in this position would focus on how to develop themselves actively.

For teams like Three who used the shooter as the core, almost all the junglers heroes were just tool people. In the early stages, he often gave up the resources of his jungler area to Wuhoo alone.

In terms of economic benefits, Wuhoo didn’t seem different from other shooters. However, he enjoyed a lot of economic benefits like this and he and Come tended to expand their activity area to the extreme as much as possible.

At this point in the game, one tower on both sides had been destroyed. Combined with GH’s unprecedented erratic rhythm, Three’s ace combination finally started to roam around as well.

Chen Yushen was raising his economy in the jungle. He was about to take the elemental mob and go to the middle lane to gank when without warning, Come’s figure appeared in his vision. His heart jumped and he wanted to retreat, but he was already slowed down.

Wuhoo had the bonus of a red buff on his body and his arrows shot again and again into Chen Yushen’s body. His precise positioning avoided the two skills that tried to counterattack. Then he used flash and once again narrowed the distance between the two. In this way, a head was taken away without mercy.

[Three.Wuhoo has killed GH.Abyss!]

Jian Ye noticed the situation in the jungle and regretted it.” “I wasn’t thoughtful enough. I didn’t arrange any vision there, so I couldn’t teleport over to support.”

“No, it was my problem. It’s fine.’ Chen Yushen frowned as he looked at the two figures who headed into the mist again. Then he gave the middle lane a signal. “Gloy, be careful. They should be passing by you.”


Gu Luo was circling the opposite mid-laner at this time and his position was a bit deep. Even so, he didn’t rush back. He fought fiercely while turning around at the limit.

Two seconds later, the damage mark on Three’s mid-laner finally exploded and took away the last of his health. Gu Luo, who turned around in advance, happened to run into the duo rushing out of the grass. He reacted very quickly. He used a short displacement and after avoiding the control skills in a thrilling manner, his figure returned underneath the tower.

Gu Luo saw the two figures leaving and sighed with relief. “They came too fast.”

“Wuhoo’s rhythm doesn’t lose to any jungler.” Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the situation on the map and gave a signal to the bottom lane. “I will do something. You push this wave of soldiers through.”

Bi Yaohua and Jian Ye replied from the bottom lane, “No problem!”

The thing Jing Yuanzhou said he would do was to drive straight forward with his soldiers. He had already arranged his vision in advance to the side. In front of him, Three’s side-laner was being pushed hard and complaining while Wuhoo and Come could be seen passing through the grass in tandem.

The target was obvious. Jing Yuanzhou saw this but there was no panic. His hands didn’t stop. He pushed the opponent back to the tower with a full set of skills before slowly retreating. He moved around a corner and entered the grass by the side of the lane. The moment his figure plunged into the grass, Come’s voice was heard from the voice channel. “Directly control him!”

Three’s side-laner didn’t hesitate after hearing the words. He used his skill to directly hit the figure who just entered the grass. However, there wasn’t the knock-up effect he imagined.

It was obvious that such a short time wasn’t enough to complete the casting to return to the city. Yet as Wuhoo and Come rushed out together, Jing Yuanzhou didn’t face the siege of the three people. Only empty grass was seen.

Wuhoo was stunned for a moment. Then he saw the figure on the bottom road that had met up with his teammates. He opened his mouth and couldn’t hold back. “F*k, it is teleportation again?”

Come could tell they had been set up again. He sighed helplessly and gave a reminder. “Civilized language, pay attention to your image.”’

Wuhoo used a few skills to clear away the soldiers desperately hitting at the defense tower. “I know.”

The second tower on the bottom road clearly wasn’t able to hold up. The three members had to choose to go to their high ground to defend. However, at this time, the four people on the middle and bottom lanes gathered together as one directly. On the other side, the resurrected Chen Yushen quickly cleared a line of soldiers before rushing to meet his teammates.

Commentator A could see their intention instantly. “Forcing a team battle! GH is preparing to fight the abyss king!”

“Will Three find out? Vision!  Three set a ward by the river and GH was seen when they passed by! Three should’ve found GH’s intentions and are also starting to rush over!” Commentator B became more and more excited and almost got up from his chair. “Let’s see which team will win this team buff!”

In such a tense atmosphere, the audience couldn’t help holding their breaths. Everyone knew that the team buff at this time was very important. However, they didn’t see the fierce team battle that they expected.

On the large screen, they could see that the GH team led by Jing Yuanzhou only touched the abyss king’s body twice. The next second, there was a surging ripple and a blue light effect lit up the support Jian Ye to the side, instantly enveloping it. It had to be said that this skill effect was really very familiar.

So this was… teleportation?! Jian Ye teleported to the top lane and lightly placed his big skill. Then the familiar huge vortex appeared on the map again. By the time Three arrived, all that was left for them was an empty canyon and the quiet abyss king.

All the members of GH had already gathered on the top lane. Based on this momentum, they could push directly to the high ground in minutes.

Three considered sending some people back to defend while letting the rest take the opportunity to beat the king. However, even if two of the GH team’s teleports had entered their cooldown time, Gu Luo still hadn’t used his. In this game, Gu Luo had developed very well. If he appeared via teleportation and unleashed a series of explosive skills while they were fighting the boss…

There were only five people in the team. Facing the need to defend against the GH’s team pressure, they could only have two people stay behind with the boss at most. This obviously wasn’t enough to deal with such a situation.

After weighing it up, Three didn’t take the risk and chose to return to defend. The barrage was going crazy.

[Why do I feel like… Three is being completely played by GH?]

[The main reason is that this lineup is too much of a bug. A full map teleportation flow? F*k, what is in Coach Lin’s mind?]

[Is there a solution to this? How do you play this?]

[Indeed, the tacit understanding between Come and Wuhoo or how good they are in a team battle doesn’t matter. If GH doesn’t face them head on then they won’t be able to fight at all!]

[I think that Three’s biggest mistake was not banning the time guardian in the BP.]

[Hehe, who can’t do things afterwards? Who would’ve guessed that GH would play this way when selecting heroes before?]

[To be honest, what’s the use of a hero ban? Can we directly ban the coach when playing against GH in the future?]

[Hahaha, does the person in front want me to laugh to death so they can inherit my account?]

[I have one thing to say. After watching so many of the Go Home team’s matches, I feel like Coach Lin is the biggest bug on the field.]

In this game, Three was indeed forced to the edge of the cliff. This set of tactics appeared suddenly. Without any preparation, Three failed to come up with a strategy to deal with it. After clashing and chasing time and time again, the fairly stable economic gap between the two sides in the early stages gradually widened.

In the last team battle, GH used their tactical system to the extreme. Jing Yuanzhou directly teleported to the center of Three and cut their battle formation to pieces.

The announcement of kills rang out one after another. By the time it returned to calm again, only Jing Yuanzhou was left with the line of soldiers to push up to the high ground.

Four for five was definitely a very tragic battle but it was also… the only 5V5 head on collision in the game. However, Three’s rhythm had long been disrupted and it was hard for them to endure it.

The picture on the big screen paused on the moment when the crystal was destroyed. GH had won the first game of the finals!

Proofreader: Nao

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