CAMP: Chapter 141

The first game of the finals officially began. It might be a BO5 format but a victory in the opening game had a great influence on the morale of the next game. The two sides had just started the game and already did some tests near the river. It was just that this time, neither of the teams took a big early lineup. They couldn’t get much of an advantage so they went back to the lane.

Jian Ye first helped Gu Luo clear some soldiers in the middle lane before assisting Chen Yushen to safely eat the mobs in the upper half of the map. Then he went directly to the bottom lane to protect Bi Yaohua.

Commentator A noticed the situation and was a bit surprised. “Gun isn’t ready to be with Chen Yushen today? It seems that GH has absorbed the lessons of the regular season to some extent and finally realized the importance of protecting the shooter. I know that the pressure when facing Wuhoo is a bit big but I hope BB can be stable in this game.”

“But… Wuhoo and Come’s lineup isn’t so easy to deal with.” Commentator B was looking at the situation on the bottom lane when he suddenly noticed the figure that was taking a detour and he raised his voice. “Huh? Abyss is going to give up the opportunity to clear the field and is going straight for a gank! The timing is quite beautiful. Three obviously haven’t found him.”

On the big screen, it could be seen that Chen Yushen had already circumvented the grass to the river. According to normal circumstances, the jungler should be clearing their own monsters at this time. Due to this, Come hadn’t paid attention to placing vision clearing items in this position in advance.

Chen Yushen’s eyes fell on the position of the opponents and they became sharper. “Go!”

Jian Ye used a skill the moment he received the signal and sent Wuhoo flying straight to that spot. At the same time, Chen Yushen’s figure appeared.

Come’s reaction was quick. The moment Wuhoo was knocked into the air, he placed a shield on Wuhoo to absorb some of the skills.Then he took two steps back to block Chen Yushen’s skill route, consuming this displacement.

Chen Yushen didn’t hesitate. He connected two skills and directly aimed at Come’s body. He used this to shorten the distance and aimed at Wuhoo not far away. Wuhoo had already received damage from Bi Yaohua without a short period of time. Now he didn’t wait for Chen Yushen to get closer and didn’t hesitate to use his flash.

Jian Ye had been waiting for this displacement and used a non directional skill straight at the landing point. The moment this skill hit Wuhoo, the first drop of blood would burst out…

Just then, a light shone from the shooter who just landed. A short acceleration skill combined with incomparable positioning allowed him to avoid this deadly skill. It just brushed by him.

Come retreated the moment a deceleration skill was placed on Chen Yushen. At the same time, he set a summoner’s weakening skill on Chen Yushen. After making sure there was no ability to follow, he retired to the defense tower with his shooter in peace.

It was a perfect gank but it was quietly resolved under the excellent cooperation between the two people.

Chen Yushen could only head back into his jungle area. However, this time he failed to get a life smoothly. This meant he had missed a lot of his development time in the early stages. On the contrary, he suffered a lot of losses.

The short confrontation contained too much detailed information. The audience was stunned and it took them a long time to react. The barrage scrolled frantically.

[Wuhoo deserves to be the league’s number one shooter. His positioning is absolutely perfect.]

[I always felt like Abyss has grown a lot in terms of rhythm after playing with PAY.]

[Wuhoo and Come, there really is no one who can go against this ace combination!]

[In this type of situation, they can still escape death. I don’t know what to say except 666.]

[They are the only team with two demon kings. Do you think Three is a vegetarian?]

[In fact, I’ve felt it since the spring competition. Three is really the champions this year!]

[But… I heard some news before. I hope it is fake.]

[In the regular season, GH’s bottom lane often collapsed. Do they want to try and save a bit of face this time?]

[As we all know, every team that targets the bottom lane combination of Three… Haha, I think the Go Home team has kicked over a steel plate.]

[That gank looked so fierce but there hasn’t been a single blood yet???]

Just as everyone was talking about this, a kill message suddenly filled the screen.

[First Blood!]

The female voice rang out and the director quickly cut the camera to the top lane. On the screen, a figure was leisurely killing soldiers while a fresh corpse lay at his feet. He was extremely calm as if the killing just now had nothing to do with him.

Not far away, they could see Three’s jungler retreated back to his own jungle area. The bottom lane was so fierce that no one noticed the top for a while. It was only through the playback that they learned Three’s jungler intended to gank and the side-lane player went up to start a wave. As a result, Jing Yuanzhou was indeed hooked. The most embarrassing thing was that before Three’s side-laner could wait for his jungler to arrive, he was directly solo killed.

Meanwhile, Jing Yuanzhou still had a large amount of health and mana left after this collision. This amount of health meant that if Three’s jungler continued to appear,  it was a situation of a 1v1 and he would probably give away another head. He wasn’t reconciled but he could only give up.

Commentator A exclaimed, “Titans is still stable! There is such a side lane player and GH’s top road is as stable as ever.”

“GH’s top lane is stable and Three’s bottom lane is the same. In the end, it depends on which trump card can take the team to the final victory.”  Commentator B laughed before he suddenly wanted to do something. “It just so happens that the game has just begun. How about predicting which team will have the last laugh?”

“Live predicting the results, are you pitting me?” Commentator A said so but after thinking about it, he still replied with a smile, “I think Three is good. The loser will buy a late meal tonight!”

He was originally just playing casually so Commentator B naturally didn’t have any opinions. “No problem. Then I will go for GH!”

Jing Yuanzhou took this blood and the momentum of the entire GH team rose. Gu Luo soon opened up an advantage in the middle lane. On the bottom lane, Bi Yaohua and Jian Ye were still in the resisting pressure stage but Chen Yushen’s gank harassment meant they were still steadily developing in the short time.

Three couldn’t gain an advantage for a long time and could only aim at the canyon boss. The abyss vanguard in its larvae form had just refreshed and Three’s mid-laner madly threw out many skills, decreasing Gu Luo’s small health bar by half. After watching Gu Luo return to the city, Three’s mid-laner reminded in the voice channel, “Gloy has gone back. Let’s aim for the boss!”

The jungler took the lead to attack the monster first. The side-laner was showing his acting skills and dragging Jing Yuanzhou around as much as possible. Under their early planning, the support Come had already arrived at the scene ahead of time after returning to the city not long ago. The boss in larvae form could be killed very quickly.

The first group would soon harvest the buff when a huge teleportation vortex suddenly appeared at the foot of the abyss vanguard. At a glance, it seemed to sweep away all the figures.

Three’s jungler realized what was happening and almost cursed on the spot. “When did Gun come here?”

On GH’s side, Jian Ye had paid attention when he saw Come going back to the city. He found that Three really wanted to steal the boss and was pleased. He immediately cheered on the voice channel, “Brothers, come on!”

In this game, he wasn’t using a healing hero but the time guardian. In an ordinary passerby game, it was often considered a cute support hero but it was the only hero with a group teleport skill. One figure after another appeared from the teleportation vortex and the originally quiet canyon instantly became lively.

However, this excitement clearly wasn’t what Three wanted. Currently, Wuhoo was still at the bottom lane. Three had almost no chance of winning 4V5 against GH.

The abyss vanguard was finally snatched by Chen Yushen and then he died under the big move of Three’s mid-laner. The moment the boss was won, the buff flashed on the other GH members. After Gu Luo arrived through teleportation, he aimed directly at Three’s mid-laner and killed him on the spot. Jing Yuanzhou forced back the opposite side-laner, drove straight through and cut off the retreat of the jungler, completing the kill.

Come had to evacuate alone. In this wave, one life was exchanged for two and there was the acquisition of the group buff. Anyone who looked at it could see that GH had gained a lot of benefits in this battle.

Commentator A said, “Gun’s teleportation is almost perfect! If he didn’t discover their intentions in advance, the impact of this boss being killed would definitely be huge.”

Commentator B glanced at the situation of the bottom lane. “However, now everyone in GH is on the top lane. It should be too late for BB to rush back, right? There is already a lot of pressure on the bottom lane. If Wuhoo manages to push one tower then I’m afraid that GH’s bottom lane will collapse again in this game… eh?”

There was a sudden pause as Commentator B discovered a new situation. Then his voice rose again. “Teleport! Titans has used teleport! GH has been teleported directly to the bottom lane!”

First, Jian Ye’s time guardian teleported everyone to the top lane. After the group battle, Jian Ye used his own teleportation skill and went directly to the bottom lane to guard the defense tower.

Meanwhile, the other GH players on the top lane pushed down the defense tower and headed straight to the second tower. This allowed people to finally realize the essence of GH’s lineup—a full map teleportation flow!

In this game, the entire GH team was simply flying around the map!

Proofreader: Nao

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